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VOPMSY TEPLOFIZIKI YADERNYKH PAWOROV issue Zs pp 1524. FSTC-HT-23-2161-72 Didenko# K. I. Organizing the Interface of the hardware of Local Data Control System With the m.6ooo AsvTm Computer Complex* 9 pp RUBURX I SISTM MMIYA Moscow, No 5, 1973, PP 5-8 JM 59612 DIDENKO. V. P. //DOKLADY AKADE14II NAUK SSSR// --/01/1974, V0214, N0003 Regularizing certain incorrectly posed problems in technical cybernetics p-p 528-530 AIP## ~ . Ty, e~ ~ K) C k., ,rowive IV=ullc Pmasure Roaot= for Pro- tho Arst Goman Nudear amgy Research adpo by K. Rialmor ELMFWI,, par# K=twchn2g. Vol 59 Ifo 129 1963 pp 497-490 UTC 71-16317-21F mar 72 H. Diehl Comeenaing the Thme-Bo4 Problem in Qtmtum YbobarAcm. Part 1. Fundauntals. GEMNp perq Zoltschrift fuer PhYmiks Vol 162s 1961P pp 1-14 MC 72-60364-203 stpt 72 Diehl . H. G. TW ustem U02403401.5 JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY. Vol 3. pp 621-636. 1 M. Trans 6174 nay 73 Diehl. Renate Development of Chmioal Industry in 1971, 1972 Reported,, 5 pp. STATISTZSCHS MALSO East Berlin, Jal - 73v PP WTo479- im 600,26' Oet 73 Iden, Lo Reasons for Declino in 'Jari Ila's Hice Produc- tivity Discussed, 6 pp. c 71-11'T DATT, J!anoi, 18 Jul 73, p 2. 51931 ~1 C~,) 7 -, Dien, Phan Role of Party in Local Military Activities Streased, 8 pp. TAP CITI QUATT DOI "MAN DATT, Hanoi, !To 2, Fob 74, pp 3VOJI 51. im 1958 ,Tu 1 74 Dionalt o H. The W bib, ry in Ewrope and the intumtioal systm Of units (S.I.). GASVZWMM, No 10, p. 470-473, 3.973. WC 73*1W&14B mw 73 ap ?(.. r, liM~'lWip Vo I d , ''.lo 5 0 1917, 7-i Dianiene, M. at al Anisotropy of the Electrical ConOuctivity of. n-Type Germanium in Strong Electric Fields. . 4 TI.-, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp.431-5, 1966. RJ-5260 Lietuvos Fiz. Rinkinys, Lietuvos TSR Mosklu Akad., Lietuvos TSR Aukstosios Mokyklos. DIENNE. G. //BULLETIN -KIM- IFIQUE// -4-41969, V0082, M0001 Aspect of the problem of the dynamic behavior of protective relays and their current transformers pp 17-28 C. E. Trans 649904 20-Feb-74 Uncl (EURPNR--1113) U02--PuOz fuel rod bundle irradiation Mol-7A evaluation of the Investigation results on the irradiated fuels rods* Djj4STq W.; EHRLICH, K.; GOETZMANN, D.; HOFFMANN, H.; KLEYNAMP, H.; SCHAEFER, L.; SCHULZ, B.; ZIMMERMANN, H. (KERNFORSCHUNGSZENTRUM KARLSRUHE (F.R. GERMANY). INST. FUER MATERIAL- UND FESTKOERPERFORSCHUNG). Jun 1973. 142p. Dep. NTIS $9.25. Work performed under United States-Euratom Fast Reactor Exchange Program. radiation effects; 18J reactor fuels STD-79b P NSA DIorprtax, H. IftcIPItat** In hl&-awbm chradm steel. A_WW 70 w ~ , nlym !Mq Vol 41V No 20 M 19M PP 179-1W a. R. T"m Q" DrERKEOR. 11DEUTSCHE MRSCHUFag- UND WRSUCHUYSTALT FUR LUFT- UND R4UAYAHRT IjVSTITUT FAR FLUCRUIRIBIG11 --105119 740 V-~Sll-ftftp Dijital scrvosy8tem, 29 pp, Poport No, DLR-,',gtt.73-31,, ESRO TT-56,ORDER FROM VTIS## DIERLICUS U. 11DEUTSCHE FORMIUNX- UND VE&UCIISkYSTALT FUR LUFT- UND RAUMFATIRT IffSTITUT FUR FLUG&DIZIWII -103119740v--.*N---a Wffeota or tirw ahift on the diumal excretion 4 pattent of 17-hydroxyoorticoataraida,, 60 pp,, Report lhaw DLR-FB 73-S8,, ESRO TT-34,ORDER PROM NTIq## A ilochemical Investi,-?ation of -k,xj)erimont.rJ. Aller-,ic 1~ncophalomyelitis Under Theranv "itl) Antilymphocytic Serum, by jj,, Diossner, 7 O-J. GIPMATT, per' usychiatrie Je&G1-6-p,,1-6--und T-Tedizinische -Pa-ye-Fologial Leipzig, TTOOn, Vov 72, pp b4O-645. 179s 59171 ~Plrl 7~ I IIII is um lftxm'==WH "I-1lm#v---dwo6t, Ski ShIdam (T"W)s 7 - pp 56&%B, rwcnr43.Al73 MTXMn= LWM TO M WVf AMCMW MEHLITZ DIETER GE -f- INCREASE IN THE PERFORMANCE OF GUN TUBE WEAPO NS EXTERNAL AND TERMINAL BALLISTIC.- -~- .5 - ,, , J~ 1,4ij WEHRTECHNIK 3 1973 PP 95-99 FSTC-HT-23-0553-74 N-fL 11- 1 H~ Is"- 11 -r Dietrich, H. Hard magnetic materials for hysteresis .- motors and hysteresis clutches. ELEKTROTECHNISCHE ZEITSCHRIFT. AUSGABE A, v. 87, p. 665-673, 1966. NTC 73-11048-09C DTP,TRTCIT, HARRY //NFTTFR WEG// 22/11/1974,VO029,NO021, pp 0967-0970 Tmproved Cadre Preparation Urged 6 pp JPRS 63613 Dietzo F. Quantum chemical investigations of dye a&V*- ates. Part 11. Electron spectra of trimthin cyanine polymer models. -TkT MM*06. Vol. 28, 1972v p. 1403-1410 NTC 73-11576-079 Measurements of Skylight Polariza- tion at Dusk as Indicator of High Atmosphere Turbidity of Cosmic Origing by G. Dietse. GERXANq perp &,ajt&ahr1Xj fueZ KjjagZglgCjAj,'Vo1 15p 1961# pp 36-43 VTO 72-11593-04A June 72 U. Dietse Develo Packaging Notbods lax (Pawmging)p M=h 1971 8=8 we mmn% 1 =/ omsm--I ff M54-010 t poll= fm vwuw tr" qpdu W 71s.23668-c-O Dietzel, F. Favor as a cause of abortion. MEDIZINSSCHE KLINIK (Muenchen), pp.387-390, 1972. KHTI 11652 Dietzel, F. Can high maternal fever cause abnormalities in the child? GEBURTSHIM UND rRAUENHEIUUNDE, 31:pIO74- 1079, 1�71. NMTI 01653 1lietzel, Trarl f~,tatus of Polytechnic Instruction Discussed, 11) np. East Berlin, No 2, Feb 74, Pp 117- 11?. ITP~,:!' 61699 working cim stin Laos In Now Tsobnologya, by PLOW-Bilh, 6 ppe VMTAWSE, np, MbAn--D", Hamir 7 MY 73s p 4. JPRS 59268 Jun 73 DIOUt NgUYOn General Eduostion Study by Key Cadres in Dong La Township, 10 pp. HOC TAP, Hanoi, No 8, Aug 73, pp 68-75. JPR3 601LIZ Oet 73 DIEUDONNE, it., MESURES DE RAFALES SUR CONCORDEi ASSOCIATIOV'. AERONAUTIQUE ET ASTRONAUTIQUE DE FRANCE$ CObLOQUE D'AERODYNAMIQA. APPLIOUE94 10th LILLIEI FRANCE,// ll/--/1973, Measurements of gusts on.the cond6ade-in wind tunnels and inflight, NASA TT F 1583704 Nov 7-99~ mm, akka - A -ISL M"Ou" PoWdes C&Abb"m *Mm adta, 6 pp z w- sm- lkvmo 29 Oot 1973o pp 16o 179 JM 60M Dikova, Tatyana Certain Parent-Children Conflicts outlined, 5 ANTENIt SOfias 5 741 74# P 4- 7MITT3157 Nov 74 DiLeo, P Relationship between and plasma magnesium level during stress. SOCTETA T IANA DI RIOLOgIA SPERIMENTALE. BOLLEETITINO 1967, pp 850-862 V. 41'. Tc--TS-M' - 99-06S. N NTIS N72-17028. Dillon I M ouari Edouard Dillon Intemims kOrey Sakbam. 6 pp LIFUMS, Paris# 3-9 JePt 1973t PP 50-53- JPRS 60152 mollimtove RO A&r ProdwUve Effteiancy of Imr-IleU Kalk- hftes Admated, 7 pp VEMIK Umu6sm III-yum-STA, iftiogmdo No 5, Mar 1974p pp 11-16a im 62626 DIMebe, G. Us* at Chiek EWWr " Test in PantypMU mmondty st%wy, 8 ppe NICROBIOWOTA, MZMLOGU. spymiLOLOGUI, FwVftt WPI%~ 73P PP 193-201- am rogg Ont 73 EffecU Olt the Owbon Om*mt =d the Tormum Otk the RmaysWuntion Of mw St"I Strip AmmeW In 4 CmAkwo Ramot by W. d MM WT. ITAL. 1910, No 10, pp 401-404. Bin lm April 73 Bugen DiW)oiu Rxperimstal Installation to Improvo tho Chancteristic of PlAus Lim Motors with NobIle Fields 11 wimpm CAO Val 19$ so So 1971t PP ITAk-L-1.0 .. YVIC4ff.23477-72 Diwheya-;,~rozdtnovs, Liliana 1968 Embryonic development or rainbow trout trom overripe rag Obbrionalno razvltis ryL &tgrovata P"st"rva (IL40_ irideus nibb.t ot prezrial khafvsrl Izve8tila na loologicheskiia institut s muzoY (A. B"Ikanoy, editor), L6. 13"Iga"ka Akademilo na Nauklte, Otdolenie sa biologiahnl nauki, Sufle, 188P.- 83-101. In Balgarlan. 77 7 3- y6e~() tAO Original Article Checked-NN Dimenyp Imrs Economic Questions of Increasing Production of Foods# 8 pp. MAGYAR TUDOMANY9 Budapestj Vol 19, No 7-6s F JUI-AUg 740 pp 401-410. jpRs 63269 Doe 74 Dimic, Obrad The Bullet Behaves Like a Top 7 pp [:STC-ii'l'-23-355-72 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOVT AGENCIES fAmitrov, Dimitur "Iroblems In Party Prol)aganda Discussed, 8 pp. ,C)TATICTIRS"A P7?0,13VF,,7A' Sofia, Doe 73, pp 3-1P. ()llult '11, 7~t .Xmttmo* G, Disitrov, Georgi Development of Bulgarian Army Outlineds 10 PP- ARMMKT PRT"'Gump sof ta, No 8, Aug 74, pp 21-29 rPRS M20 Nov 74 'Plans to Improve Livestock Production Outlined, by jVa4 T)imitr 15 PP r-c, TT,1 I ~ARTKNT., npp Kooparativno Solo, sofia, 19 Apr ?3, p 2. .TPT~S 5-9147 01mitrovici, Franz Joint Re,7ional, Industrial Water Treatment Project Described, 9 pp. '~!Ag'IF,Mll',31'3CIlAFT-~4ASSERTC,CIMIK, Fast Berlin, Vol ~1, T-To 121 Doe 73, pp 427--426. JPRS 61205 TIS r 74 DiMITROV, SL. BU A TRAINING EXEkCISE FOR STUOENTS IN A TANK nN THE DEFENSE AKMEYSKI PREGLED NO.8 197et PP 17-2-0 FSTC-HT-23-1446-73 DIMKOVIC. R. //A'RKHIV ZA FARMATSIJU// --/--/1970, V0020, N0002 Susceptibility toward penicillin 14 -p P pp 131-138 AIR/TTD/HC-23-2700-74 ]DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO US-"'GOVERWIENT AGENCIES ONLY COPYRIGHT INFORMATION OTHER REQUEST FOR THIS DOCU14ENT MUST BE RErERRED TO FTD## Dbw 0 00 Itonge and Sdon GwAtime at Flmdt and Vogetabls yurksuo 9 pp T7vmlli I Y"Cow, 23 Aug 1973* P 3- JM U837 riwvt G. Siba-La Needs Control Aeian Froduoss 9 pp awl HDacow, 15 Mw 1974, p 3, 17 May 74, p 3. JP" Rs. 11-Oct-73 Uncl (LA-tr--73-47) Investigation of a pulsed charge exchange source of negative hydrogen Ions. DIMOV, G.I.; ,~OSLJAKDV, G.V. (AKADEMIYA 4AUX SSSF, -NOVOSIBIRSN. 1NSTITUT YADERNOi riZIKI). Aug 1973. Translated by A.D. Cernicek and T.D. Hayard from IIF--35-73. 26p. >p. 'TIS S3.50. ROI physics (plagma); translations MN-34 P ~SA 15-Aug-74 Uncl (BNL-tr--570) Formation of negative hydrogen and helium beams by charge exchange In sodium vapor. DIMPVJ' G.I.- ROSLYAKOV, G.V. (AN SSSR, NOVOSIBIRSK. INST. li~t'ERNOJ FIZIKI). [nd]. Translation by S.J. Amoretty of IYAF--75-73. 13p. Dep. NTIS $4.00. 20 Physics; translations KN-34 P NSA 0 15-Aug-74 Uncl (BNL-tr--668) 20-mA injector of H- ions. DIMOV, G.J..; ROSLYAKOV9 G.V. (AN SSSR, NOVOSIBIRSK. INST. YADERNOJ FIZIKI). [nd). Translation by S.J. Amoretty of IYAF--56-73. 7p. Dep. NTIS $4.00. 2OG particle accelerators; translations MN-28 P NSA 0 D111lov, "'Osta fagi,ing in Construction Works Criticized, 6 pp. i'AilTU!'l~ 'JUVOT, Sofia, Jan 74, pp 57-0- TIRI) 61403 .A. or '?I~ Dimov,s N. A. Observations from apace of night-sky brightnese from tiw Kosms-51 and Xosmm-213 satelZitev. 2: Re8utts ,rLd discussion. 40 pp IZV. XR.YIVK.- ASTROFIZ. OBS. Vot 45, 19721, pp 67-89 IWA TT F 15154 Dimovp P1. A, Observations from epace of night-sky brightnes8 from the Koemo8-51 aml Kosmoo-213 aatelliW. I.- Method and calibration of the meaeumvienta. 27 pp. Izv, KRYMSX, ASTROPrZ. PBS, Vol 450 1972,, pp 53-66 NASA TT F 25253 Agin's Search for Natural Gas on iarav Island Described, by Wiyt al -Din lrbvlil P 5 lrP - ARABIC, npt , Khartotua, 6 Apr 73, n !~-* TPRS 59195 ,Rin 73 muW al-bw 0,aUL Son Studies Tratituto to Conduot ros*mh on Iled sea r~vooumos, by Muhl &I-D.4n n*lllo 5 ppe APVTO np aktMj, 1(hartotm, 31 Ian 73, p 6. J-Rr-l 06 ' S'95~ql Apr 73 Dino&, Ion Shortcomings in MUNCA DE PARTID, Op 23-214 PRS 62324 Party Work Described, 7 pp. Bucharest, No 7j Apr 74, '11, TAnescu, F)telian Plans for Development of Meat and Dairy Industry, 6 pp. VIATA ECONOMIKA, Bucharest, 25 Jan 74, P 5. JPR� 61379 Apr 74 Dingher, Alexandru Data Transmission Through Telaeommunications organized, 18 pp. POSTA ST TELECOMUNICATH, Rucharest, Aug 73, Fp-401-40b. JPRS 61245 mar 74 toAmp'lows AmpfvmxtV by g xdw. W" pp ffu 74-10U36090 Dinh, Mai Van wN to Mechanize Farming: Give Electricity to Rural Areas, 6 pp. CONG TAC KE POACHp Hanoit No 35P Nov-Dec 73, pp 16-23. jpRs 61294 Mj; r 74 Dinh, Tran Dang Socialist Labor Team Construction Experience, 8 pp. HOC TAP, Hanoi, No 6, Jun 74, pp 41-47,, 57. JPRS 794 Nov 74 APr 73 21-Jan-74 Uncl (SLAC-Trans--158) Calculation of the current In an ionization chamber in a pulsed electromagnetic field and comparison with measurements. Application to radiation monitoring In electron storage rings. 21ALL& H.; TESCH, K. (DEUTSCHES ELEKTRONEN-SYNCHROTRON (DESY), 'qnBURG (F.R. GERMANY)). Oct 1973. Translation of DESY-73-22. 46p. Dep. NNS $4.50. 18D instrumentation; 20G pBrticle accelerators; translations MN-28 P NSA 16 DIOMIDOVSKIYo D. A. /AN.ETALLURGICHESKIKYE PECHI TSVETBOY PP 0701-0702 and also Chapter 10. 2nd Edition, revised, Metallurgioal Purnaceo for Nonferrous Applioationst 78 PP ARK-IFS TOM T- 23-1462-73 Diop, Papa AMOt Population Profile Shows Rural Faodus, Youthful makeup, 5 Pp. LB SOLEIL, Dakar, 7-8 Sep 74, PP 1, 3. M3 63-155 Nov 71t Diapp Papa Amt Koranic Stud*nts Speciallso in Agrioulture, 7 pp. ts SOLM Dakar,& I Oat 73v p 4. 7m 6009 'Rev 73 n ta Zmor pxtocoajulator -~r cl,,*nicrZ practice. A143.4LI 9.1 (yTTAV.!9bXJA A~' CLININ OCULDNTCA VoZ PO, 19701 Vi) ~`33-240 77 107:)" 06b I- L'. i 73 ,)ioilf, Para Govennontal rrico, llage Measures Aimed at Rcon=ie Rooovery, 5 pp, LF SOLEIL, :,xicar, 6 Awl, 73, P 3. 7RS 579 9 Di PaZo, L. Leakage of gaseous fission products f~,om fWl AUnvnts in a rewtor. INGEGMERIA NUCLEAIN .. Vot 11, No 516, 10 Sept 1970. pp 35-43 C, E,, trans 0304 V4, ~Vvna a Viermal gaveratin,; p,tmt :'or t.-'.,? determination of t;w npipwin,,; 2,,,.-.rrve ai,~ olrctr,*cr*l'ij i,~cacratiun and trana?v'r.,,rion sjotc,.7. 73 ~IIVJTINF ANIJUAT'T', A-5,",'OCIAZIOJWl, 70" 31-Mav-74 12 3 j Rt er i rg of I--p [In 2 fuc.. 1 f,)r irra-li3t ion expe ri ment s .;,,IPP7-'L, T. ; PoLLA :~ . ( ~ - RN'FJRSC;Rj N13S~ENI RUM K ACISRUdE ( F - R - RMA% y I N.-~ r"OE m4T LP I Ai-- UND TK DERPERI' 3R SCHUNG I ' '~ 7 p .t4TI.' V.3.50. cork perforp~,d under rJrLitcd '~Otes--Euratam Faqt ~,actor t. 3p Dislich, H. Preparation of multicomponent glasses with- out fluid melts. GLASTECHNISCHE BERICHTE, v. 44, p. 1-17, 1971. NTC 73-10835-11B ~J.~ I' , - ~,,, ~Lj~fiL IN ti L I IlL 1 0 1 b I, L: LA- ~- I ,L I i-iN')L HA~) A LKEADY bL'GUN 1\,k "' P F I 1"~ U PPL I' N L, -) '[ A'( /,J J6 !-. i') I Z P P 14-7 5 t ~, TI,. - vj i - 2 ., - 10 1 :- I --~ Distefano, A. Contribution to the study of the behavior of hematic uric acid in 230 diabetics. MINERVA MEDICA SICILIANA, v. 12, p. 1.59-163, 1967. NTC 73-11188-06E of the st"Aws ad fftpwuao a t sq 0 allud6wis Doe"I"Aft you"t tv q* I.- N*Iwf 10 ppo BOB"* PWO A ib"4 IOLA" illsew, No kv Apr 3. am ~ ~ pp Oq. 39M aw "