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I ck~ 10- 0 0 10 '4411C*Iop, a a kq a (); %0l. 1)106 ~L ... 106QI I Z Dotreppog N. Action of Ozone on the Cracking of Rubber TRIBUNE CEDEDEAU, Vol 18,, No 265,, 1965,, pp 594-595 *NTIS-TT-74-53115 DOMMMS S. F. //IZMTIYA AMMI NOX SSSRO MEMWW ZROMOTI I GAZA --/--/l973#V"wIw!~ On the Influenee of a lontinume Mmge in Fluid Density on Wme Generated by No" Surface Pressures., 9 pp. PP 55-62oClA-X-790399 Dotsenko, S.V. Spectra of random scalar anisotropic hydrophy- sical fields. MORSKIE GIDROFIZICHESKIE ISSLEDOVANIYA, No.3 (93), pp. 65-82 1�71. APL T-2772 Dot"Wof Va. No - tsWcx~~, ~~ Doublet. Piem Cabora IAMIS Fate Depends on Frelimo, 5 pp LIEXPMS, Farial 27 YAY-2 Juno 1974, pp 4&68. J,rRS 62277 Doumenc, A. Influence of the strength of harmonics on voltmeter readings. FRANCE, DIRECTION DES ETUDES ET RECHERCHES. BULLETIN. SERIES B, n. 4, p. 29-48, 1971. NTC 73-11042-09C 2-May-74 0 TIC I([JRNL-tr--2759) Anh element content of the I i ttoral and water plants of the Coor' hov storage reservoir. 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I/RADIOTEKNIKA I ELECTRINIKAI// --/09/1973w V0016, N0009 Investigation of the plasma paraWere of a stationary microwave discharge in'-helium inside a wavaguide English pp 1372-1373 Russian pp 1876 Dovzheraco, YU. X. Finitol Automaton Modeling In Problems-Do with Evaluation of Man, 9 Conditions 7, pp. VMNZK AKADENIX UDI"IMKZKH NAUK 333RO Has"W, ra 5. IWO. Pp 4TZ49. "" JM 59471 JU1 73 Dovzhenko, Yu. M. Sme Hilaulto of Automatic Prooeggftg of Spbygmogmms and Kinetooardlograms Recorded DuriM P=tlonul Loads on the GavdiovascuUr Systmi, 5 pp. VWTNIX AE!"Wl XEDIMMKIMI IAUK S33R. COW# NO !)v IV13a PP W-.53. ms 59471 -PAI 73 DoulbGkov, A. Form of ~Agos for Anal Outpirt Introduced in Kirgiz SSR. 5 pp LAUMillaKA 51-VbXQGQ KI&YAYMA, HOSCO14, No 8, 1973. pp 53-56. jan~s 6o.533 Dourillso It Tedmied CbeffIcient Xo6eU for Forecasting ImSY Conamotlan In laftstry ARM= m !MR PP. 43-531, Jan- 1962 1.I 6. A. Tram. M I. seral&U8,166 not' A Q 'wp-iov, Dafin oevolo-or.iont, 'Prosimts of Noe-ormus 1.IIutallvrf-,,y, 5 1?p - r,'.ITIVOT, Sofia, 30 I-JaY 73, pp 10- ill , 77 I ~~' 5?-654 a Dirabbes J. Note ia esmootim with the prove"d well bwift in t1w viciatty of Awtwdam. INfTrW YU M=M= 0 GU"=M.' 0 ourrv po o"Wo -AW WM as TF76-10547-M aay 73 Drabek, r. A Contribution to the Problem of Machinabili- ty and Cuttings Power. STROJIRENSTVI, 1972, 14o.10, pp.604-606. Isi 11065 - A. Draber-Monko Flies--Diptera - Casterophilidae. Polskie Towarzystwo Entomologiczne: Klucze U6-Uz-naczan-ia---O-w-a--dow, Poiski vol. 28, no. 75, Wir-saw, pp.!-57, 19 . 57pp. *NTIS-TT-73-54024 may 73 Drubikowska, Alicja K. Biolo~'.ical Function of Quirionas POSTEPY BIOUIDIII, Vol 15, No 1, 1969, pp 65-81 Panstwic dydawn. Nautowc, *NTIS-TF-74-54010 Drabina, J. A Tnuty-Thres Years of O&ratlon.of Blast Furnaces Using Ramed Carbon Lined Hearths HUTH. LISTT.p 1972, No. 4, pp 239-244 BISI 10S45 t)kAbKlNv L. RU lHt-K.MGoY.vA.'IlL ANALYA~) AND PARAMLTtk UPTIMIZA (ION Ui 'A SULAk [HLKMULLL-(,Tkl C PO YI IId L,LLIUILKHiNiKA, Nu. .3 L912 PP I5-Z3 Drachev, B. Problaw for PwWing Mritime law Conference Disouesod, 6 pp MOSM -Fla, Moscovo No 31, Mar 1974, pp 28w3j, RAS 62131 Draeger, its Soil Improvewnt Measures Envisaged for 1973, 10 pp , PRLDWikSCMPT, East Berlin, Apr 73, pp 149- J,5 3 - ' jpRs 59314 ,Tul 73 Dragan, N. et al Investigation into the Influence of Technolo- gical ractors upon the Mechanical Properties of Niobium-and-Nitrogen Hicroalloyed Struc'tu- ral Steels. METALURGIA, 1971, Vol.23, No.12~ pp.773-778, MRAUMp So . 11 . . /A W Onumm En. Z AVEMs St MONIM// I ifg/mAgnomo-, . 1. ~. loom &Sol" or Tdme ca an MtrrJoMo&Uy Aatlv*t44 Plvgp I .I IV pragaft, 0. Investigation Regarding Change in Mechanical . Properties of Cold-Drawn Carbon St6al tubes in., I an Ultrasonic Field. DIETALURGIA~ 1972, No.12, pp.812-014. MY- 1167T Dr-agan, 0. 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JPRS 61223 DRAPKINs B& mo at al,, //IZV VUZ CHERN Mv/ --/--11973t V----,Nooio rules govering the change in the sla'sti* properties of cast iron during thermal-Utigue., failure pp 135-Igy BISI 1209400 Pp-~Mu-~- Diroctive on CdMutation of Industrial Prices Discuse'ed, by 11almat Drahotat 6 pp. GMMNv pert Die Ifirtschaft, East Berlins, 7 Mar pp 15".Z. JPRS 519 Mr,7 73 lwanifovico 11111C caso of ',(osovo Party Momber Framed for Murder Reviowed, 7 pp. T-MEIM17. ITTPOIDIATITTE NOVIN13, Belgrade., 1-7-11-6b 7-I ~ p h ITPRS 615 Apr 74 V.T. Drasochkin Review of species in genus Beta. Bulletin of ApPlIed Botany, Genetics and g, Vol. 32, no.3, ow, pp.1- , 1959 *NTIS-TT-73-52013 May 73 DRAZIC 0 ATANAS Yu INVESTIGATION OF ELECTROCHEMICAL PROPERTIES 0 F FLUIDIZED BED ELECTRODES HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA 4/74 PP 705-709 lo~ FSTC-HI-23-0168-75 Drecin, Jozaef Preparation of 5th 17 pp. TARSADALMI SMILE, JPRS 624 7 Five-Year Plan Disaussed, Budapest, Jun 74, PP 18-31. Sap 74. Tvacin, Jozsof Socialist Economic Policy, Enterprise Manage- ment Examined, 10 pp. IPARGAMASAG, Budapest, Uo 1, Jan 74, pp 1-5. V I'S -6 1,797 --- .11in 7)t J-oz.sf~y Orr-ctn `)00110mic '01i07o TIGIn FOAtUvOO OA 1973 "'Ian Al f ntsoussed, by Jozoof Draoint U pps ITPIGARW79 Pori Tozv-Qzdam&g_t--sRjqLO# P:mdapostv I . ?To 2,p rob 73t p14) - -rn 58601 Apr 73 Ibbils I-later mrifiers for Romving Pathowasni H1ovwMPn1ww Pp= Watero by P. DrqC0110 5 pp. I wd- 14, -iiiii onromol, YWO zoltmobrut, ft d1sin, Egot WUn -Z-P-m3s, pp uo-ug. Ms 59318 " ft Jun 73 nroesen, Klaus Problems of (,,.Ollocttvo Agriculturo Asetissod, 5 PT) - b~ . I % ... I ALU~FIMETNJ,, 'Pranl~furt/I.Tain, 12 Jan T.-"777'-~ - ~TT, 'N~; 61179 Dreier, R, 0. Uztrcxtruetum of the dolts of AeWmtio Granuto"m Vilpfim RRVMAYZZAIA. Vol ~ 10 NO 4* 1970', pp 31-42 1170 Dreizins, R.S. Study of experimental re virus infection in cotton rats. Virological and immum-f luorescent research. 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JPR5 2159 DRESCHIlo 0. -//ZENTRALBLATT FUR CHIRURGIE// -/--/1969,V ---- MON, PP 0304-0314 Rhythm and SurgerF, 13 pp AOSI-K-5215 0 15-May-74 Uncl (CONF-700681--p pp 111-113) Cardiovascular effects from the intravenous administration of serotonin In man and the rate or Its excretion. DRESHVYANNIKOV, B.B.; POCHUKAEVA, L.1.; KIIARITONOV, V.V., SHCROKHOV, A.l. 1970. Translated from Materials of the first all union conference, pharmacology of antiradiation preparettlonsq 2- -5 June 1970, Moscow. From 1. all-union conference on pharmacology of antiradiaiion preparations; Moscow, USSR (2 Jun 1970). NSA Dreslarp W. A BU011fled wthod for 40termid"& the 60fficuat of diffusion of byftvM In solid metals zsrnMm Ft= i4TAUXMo Y. 63s n* h, 19M ps uRcto-Trats-iO65i 1VTC 73-il6go-ilr DRESVINA. S. V. //rI%XKA I TEKHNIKA NIZKOTEMPE,RATURNOY PLAZMY/14 Physics and technolqgy of low temperature plasma 4.02 pp pp 1-352 AIR/FTD/MT-24-171-74#0- Dronyandkov, A~ L'oficiencles Cause Delap in CortotrucUoni 6 pp A#PrDTAT-f.2:=IGW9QU Mokulut moscowi 90 -go-Fib-740 pp 4&50. JPM 62??4 Drevs, Yu. C. Pntropy as a measure of the effectiveness of a control aystem. 5 pp. TRUDY VSESOYUZNOYE SOVESHCHANIYE PO TEKIINICHESKOY DIAGNOSTIM, 1972, pp 67-69 ArRIFTD-II.T-P3-516-73 Drewes. E.J. Practical tests to indicate the formability of deep-drawing steels HOESCH BER9 FORSCHA ENTWICKLUNG UNSERE WERKE TV =,o. I, pp. 23-36 BISI 10381 June 73 ra-evinowaid, Tadeusz tPolityka, Comments on Cultural Development, a pp. POLITY11A , Varsaw, 15 SOP 73; Pp 1x 8-9. ,T?Rg 6 79 Nov 73 bm"t a. a" AL- a MONWIGn of .vowtu adtw Dre"rums, la, I. Records an OvsrLU Urban Indices of Eflective- ness of Dispensary Care of Internal Medicine Patients. 5 pp SGVEjSKOTLLDRAVQQXjWlMj)Zj Noacows No ll 19?49 pp 28-31,p JPRS 61554 Driatskiy# No Mo sio-6o wividual Fquipment for Oultiobannol Long-Didmes cmMadeations systowo 88 pp IMPRID UOTE 2R2LUMMJYE $10ZD MYA MONUK411-Nm SISM.D&INET 02 it MOSOOV9 JL~R*s PP 10040 HAS 62079 Driessens,-J. Intravenous injection epithelioma. Part V. subjected to res block--by SOCIRTE-iTL~ME-L-'r COMPIES IZENDVS~~-%9,54 560, v 1S7. NTC 73:12559-0014! of ground 'Suerin- in wistar'rats . trypan blue. im sps i:TLTALs- 1963, pp 559-. intraman Injectlon of &ound Gools Vitbollmoo- Pwt VIZ. In Wistar PAto SubJsvW to Us Tborlm Umdde 8 N Woulan * ]z sa n==. ow= mm m EM V. 160S 1913, nC 73425W-06E Drinberg, S. A. Solvent-free epoxy paints. LAW.KRASOCHNYE MATERIALY I IKH PRINENENIE, n. 4, p. 13-15, 1967. R. H. C. RC-253 DRITS, MA 41W RU NEw DEVELOPMENTS IN THE AREA OF UEFORMED MAGN ESIUM ALLOYS /6", /.j C'e, ,I I.Y. .,~ ", ~ Ii&1 11 .11; I KHIMIYA METALLICH. SPLAVDVF "NAURA"t Met 1973 , (Sb.) 158-166 FSTC-HY-23-0664-74 7 -7:1 DRITSI H* YE* //IZVZSTIYA VYSSHIKH UCHESNYI(Ji ZAVEMPf, .TSVENTNAYA METALLURGIVis/V -/19071 v ---- I N0041 The effect of addition &I alloying on tht properties of the,alloys of-the MG-LI-AL system 7 PP pp 120-124, ArR/FTD/IIC-23-1785-74## I Ii~ri, to ,!. Yo. A", "'lai pla.", luv~ alloya J'or, qporati*on at eZevatel-I I (t-("i poraturaj. 8 PP. :I;i!T,,flv"( 'L-,,TALLO 1.9711, pp 1d3-197 ,I ,ncl..? 73 Drits, M. Ye. The mechanical propertios of aZwninwn-lithium alloy. 10 pp. SPLAVY TSVETNYKH I&TALLOV., 19?1, pp 18?-192 AII?IFTD-IIT-23-155- 73 mcvj 73 Drits, %',. Ye. Superlight Structural Alloyaq 171 pp SVERKHUGUYE' joJi$TRVXT~1,0NNXY~~ -43AU, Moscm-To 1972, 175 Pp. JITS 59738 3C-May-74 J. 1 --fit i fic r e po r t 9 : i ing of jv '! r 'in c ; o n s o 1. re v P n t e x tr r, ii I I i r r t mi, ~i7 n t- T- n, v i i At er ep o r I N S T A' TUT FlU% D k T :,*-'!,'~ii~i!LI'Jt;~'~-VEF~T]INE 1; A r,,i n n f a t i on u f o tec. i r prww, r o1 et r. -i re n cI o r a z a r s ; 181 i: t y ; ~ r o ri -i I ir, '4' A