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0. An *to ~ Itioat olormIter aftlerozeatm mimo. eoppe 00" .1 fm i~DLAMWR V* W, m. if, ZROO, pp. Z92498 ~ mw ?2-129&5-10F mftllw~ us InstaUstims tw treatmd omd rugmal of sludige, The rooval of mute vater realftm as a oftsure for tb#lr vmdms troahmout III 1 1 11 1 11r, Immi V. ( )50 n# 9y 1(~Mq pp. 421-439 mm "42%4_11'" z mouffmay jo me //AMM MM Z MWM xc=. -- v w "ins w wwww DQW/ v,wmwwsmr-9 ii;~Bzm"Alwwl lum or D"te" to proett", " 3"-591me 711-UM46M mmo IL we 73-UT164k i I. 4 MOGA, A. / /T r, I F ',TA,/ / --/06/1974,v----,IT----, PI) 0339-034? study of Prevalenoo of Chronic Diseases In Romania 10 pp XPRS 63741 41 Noga , Altra I Priorities In Romnian Medical Resoarch, 11 pp, EM SOC-TALISTA, Bucharest, No 7, Apr 74, PP 20-23, ,rRS 62135 up 74 9 V* ve Owdodcal and net&Uqplc avpwtry of the padl -d- ~-- ---"ItobwzIm amim In the modbam XUAK 'Ws MK sp.-- Ium mmy vol* 209# 0 it I AGI Mogarovskiy, V. V. Geochemical heterogeneity of intr~iaiv~- - , - ~ complexes in the Pamirs DOKLADY AKADLMII NAUK SSSR, EARTH SCIENCES V01-- 08 5 no. IS; 1971, pp. 1202-1204 AGI am,* 6. at a 1- 1 It as "NUft at adw ad oobo*U* som""mb maww"i -I I I - I-OdIft =u" go VOL , W. 9s, MR* 0 ", N rm"fm F imp To /tum-M am =W// ;;-1-A968vv--Aw'V* In Xth~U of Mud 2 himl t du an the DWV. apart 10* 11 - -016-i oanwo vp 145itec low ftst2evx A. %e. Bw d%U an ths -q$, 03 of ewbmifsrom ma xmmwtvw of t1w swim voax a3= w SMJNWW-111:1~lb Ifti. MR n0. 2# 19T3* 10. 432-433 mbgLlevetso V4, Toperi 0 1 a Attack Commnism 14th Ideological Sabotageo 7 pp jUJRUQgMA IbMA, AsWabado 4 Apr 19740 PP 2-3. JPRS 61839 fb$ Uvkin, L. r. MN*W fo &Pignimg am "otpv* oyUndrioal ohall wdw ommtrakd load 7 pp rJSrAWYANXIA PO 21OZZ ?Wrll ODOWMIK IJ?S,t pp. 2606-286 vol. Ps, AW?rZ6H?-8j-jj$.?4 Mogilev3kii, M. Temporal Hapetic, Fields Oscillations in Solar Spots Umbra. ASTRONOMIUMSKII TSIRKULIAR No 669j, 1972. pp 1-2 *AFSC (6 Jul 73) July 1973 wuantative ~>hort-Te.Tq-i j'orf-m -tin- o4, ~')rda r vlares, by 7 no- mco 77--l ank pcr. Aar 1973. pp )7-1+1, J I its 59000 a,ay 7~ 15-Jul-74 Uncl (FTD-MT--2'i-B0Z-74) Comparison of the point and space kinetics models In a uranium hydride reactor. CTIIKIFQ- A.T.; DIMESHI, Z.; KOLOSOV, B.I.; KRIVELEV, MOROZCV, S.A.; SATPARI, Z.; SEMENOV, G.F.; STEPANOV, AA.-, SHVETSOV, D.~. (GCS;JDARSTVENNYJ YGMITET 116 ISPOLIZ9VANIYU ATOMNOJ ENNERG11 SSSR, OBNINSK. FIZIKO- DiNERGETICHESKIJ INST.). IqCg. Translation of PEI-- 177. 5 1 P . 'i 1) 1 -3 1 JbI reactor enninecring; 18K reactor translations ~~_80 N P NEA comontW cc FoW lWat Usputes Givwo by 3 pp. RUSSIM, per, qAMb#4&"# k.09cows No 1. Jan 19730 pp V4-23. jaw 38753 Apr ?3 lowupH0 /M~mp=wlf "0 dow PVMTSMWO --w" &it&ft fw 24*006" Gaw Tm lip UAC. Z. tmm. 6WO VdLUM4 2. I I A III .4t AW"WAU ammoMm"m "kint ftun I -- - , ~ SAW OMWUMW Of Mbad po*Aft- ~~Ism6v~- mmmm"% Vag imp We 91t ft 4 .... I -- mmo-V MZRL~~ Nchr, Viggo. Mona 11~11cr, and Asbjo"rg 10 1973 Pat tissues In fish (Yettimv I fink) TZILII-St. ~manst. AV., Div., Dept. of of !~tAtv of for opi.. or Viiviron., xb., altfa , ! -3. . ns .31p., t.~Pescrtpt. Avull. On "(-'ac 1).". MOISANT, C. Fascloliasis in Equidae. Obaervationa in gorrandy, Trial Treatments with Rafoxanide IREXHIL DE fIEDr,.CIRF. nE Lf ECOLE WALFORT, vol. 168, pp. 443-450,1977 ITC. 73-M)5S-02E '~Iarcb 73 ==Ws N. A. zftam* I-AgTo.v.- 0 - MMWNWAAW9" mom of Z014"m oafti4low at lals ad None 60 Ica of hr"t maomvwo Vil 3621JW 7lllUW64Pljj Molseychik~ V*A*M* Concerning the Spatial Variability of Idniral Son Tempomture at Occurrenco Depth of Winter Crops' I'Mering NWea 1.5 pp MI-15gymmWSTYMAWA AORIWLITEOROLOG~CWKIKII FROGN2M , Laningmd~ 19719 pp 33-46. i JPRS 62944 Moiseyankoli N, Now Book &&min" SooitUst Property, 6 pp rfrwA)lffruulqrlrlE NAUXI, Moscow, No 7, 1974. pp M-114* ipm 62949 ?kdoeyeve Bo Do The Aperisme of Organising intensive cam in thO 146diml InOtituticas Of the Southwestern Railroad. 5 pp SOVETSKOLE ORLY22K-HWENITA. Moscow, No 3. 1974, pp 22-26. jpRs 62o17 m8eyev, No Future of the fUnet and bystems Analysis, 22 pp hAUKA X 41901. PAsccvw, No 4, 1974, pp 98-104. JIM 62336 Malseyeve No No The Program Approaoh to Admirdstration, 22 pp EKCNO I ORGANIZATSIYA I-TtOIZVOFBTVA. Novosibirsk, No 1, 1974, pp 24-43. JMS 62411 I M daeyeva, No L The Nobles of Time in Physics and Biology., 17 pp JJJMQ U&MI NEDITSINSKIKH SAUK SSSR. Moscow. No 50 1974~ PP M-94o JPM 62'623 Noissan,, lienri Investigations into Calcium and Its Compounds ANNALES DE CHIMIE ET DF. PHYSIQUE Vol 18, bOr 7, W 1899, pp 318-324 *AFCRL - 4 Dec Available at NTIS Moissan. Henri Mineralogical Chemistry - Preparation and Properties of Calcium Nitride ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES. comnES RENDUS. V51 127v 1998 pp 564-590 "AFSC (6 Jul 73) July 1973 Mc-Isuc, Constantin Intepdopendence and Sovereignty in !,,or'd I Economic Collaboration Discussed, 9 pp. ERA SOCIALISTA, Bucharest, No ;A', Doe '73, T~ 44-k7- TPRF) 611~29 Arr 74 Moisuc, C. Rcmanians Discuss Economic Growth of Socialist Countries, 9 pp. VIATA RCOTTOMICA, Bucharest, 25 Jan '71~, p 14; T"Feg 77, p T717 8 Peb 74, P 13. JTRS 61399 Ap r 74 Nloisue" C. Romanians Discuss i."conomlc Growth of Socialist Countries, 6 PP- IT ~"(ATA 7CTTON'cl-t~, Bi-wharest, 15 rob 71t, P 14. JIT3 OP-25 .kT)r '711. ivjovio, X sm"tiza"O" of of *nea pig Njoomvuw the mwow w*mw of the dig4otive ftwt "MNA X TMWA- OOL 9,t Mr. 2j, 1988,0 pp. ArRMV-MW FC-2&2213-74 thmugh I 178-179 Allokdad , Halim Portuguese 5aid to be on Dofensivas 10 pp 11 MOUDMUD, Algiers, 4v 59 SePt 1973- ans 6o293 - \. 1, ~ MokeysVp YU9 Go &Perimntal Investigation of a Model of a lVdra. Gas Ramjet ftinep 6 pp GIDROKEKWIKA, Kievp H* 24v 19?3., PP 73-77. JFRS 60785 1. (,. Vokhachev .1 thodu for the objectiva evaluation o~' the qualitu of ,V j tobacco. 41 L,2~& ~O ". 1971, pp 36-40 IPIV 73-10480-02A apr 73 Mokhnachav. M. I. The Feat of the Heroes of tftcada lAves in the Aebievements of the People. 10 PP UrIUSUYA RIKA, ,.Toscow, No 4, JUIY-Aua 1973, pp 19-28, JPRS 59908 I . II I ; 1,. . ~ I I Combuntion of Binary Systemc in Rarefied Air, by G. A. Mokbov~ 15 PP. rizim PmoDismsNym slsm,~ Vol 3, 1970. AII,NI/FSTC/HT-23-1842-72 I'vor '73 ~/.. fj T.) ut ~) 4f P 14 -, UJ)TA 300rotary General Interviewed, by 0jar Mokhtarls 5 PPO P1 HI, pert LAlgerlon on Eu"po, Algiers,, loi-31 aw 73s OP =; ms 5W Apr 73 Mokins Ve As Onanization of Coadruetion of Um Truck PUnt outlined. 8 pp mmsffmog STM&ISM Moacows No 3o, 19749. pp 4-6., JM 61935 Mckrousou, A. V, Reactions of Spinal Cord Intemeums of Delabyrinthectoidsed Cato Dwing Oscillation. Ij pp ACOMICIEWA 91"TA I Ay"MMM KQ MIKSMA, Vol 80 NO 3619749 pp 86-88. JPR~ 6853 Mokrov, L. Ukraine Fertilizer Output SpotliChted. 14 pp PA.~QCHAYA GAZkTA. Kiev, 24 Fob 74, p 2. JMS 63189 I 'Um"ov, L. //kABOCIJAIA GAUIA// 12/1-1/1974,V---,N---, p!) 0002 i-roduction Problems in oonbass ~;oal ~Anos i i,eviewed 12 PI) di-16 63706 ~'L,'L t, ~ I A N 1, Vr~w 1~ ") L I, WA L ~-,kj I 'A ML I A i GUur- 1, I) L Al UA i L k J L isA L J 1"IdL. u it '. - Molchanov, A. K. The Study of Characteristic and Limiting SIppe Angles in the South of the Buryatskaya A.S.S.R. METHODS OF GEOMORPHOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS. ALL-UNION COFERENCE ON GEOMORPHOLOGY AND NEOTMONICS OF SIBEERTA TN7-TPr_FAR EAST. MATERIAL5. 1967, Vol 1, pp 134-143 ' CMRO-Trans-10927 NTC 73-10772-08B may 73 lur&l Description of Spesohlike Signals (Useful Psychoacoustic Signs) con- cerning the Functional Model of the Mechanism of Segmentation of a Flowing Stream of Signals, by 1. P. Molchanov. RUSSUN, par# Igalrail of Speggh k1KRAID 10h Has 1971j pp 100-109 NTC 72-11340-06P June 72 MOLCIIANOV, G. G. //UINKNOWN// --/--/1972,V----,N----, Designing Process Parameter Transducers Using Fluidic Elements, 21 pp 14 pp, ARM/FSTC/Jrr-23-l642-73## 'iul,clit vlov, UVOYENNO-POLEVMA ITM11YA// --/--/1973,V ------ Mlilitary Field Tht-rar:,cutics, Ii. 0 901 OSJ4 74 *AC3l -K-5216 V# Melchomova V. Construction of the Rkykal-Axur Railmd. 5 pp MV p ftscows 25 Jul 74$, PP lo, 3, JM-62745 *Icbum 4 rue Promem of .5wef am in the Light of V. I. Lenin's Mlompbiml Ideas., 15 pp - WT, Mosecow, 14o 6, AD m _ r 1974, pp 103.114., a JPRS 62241 Foolchanaval No, Ss The Effects of Suporklgh Frequency llcatro=gnetic Fieldo (S&,-EIV) on the Body. 9 pp O-FOLEVAYA TERARIYA, Leningmd. 1973s pp 198- SYM- 206, jpRs 62942 .'!OlczY!,- ~'Oviows 1973 Mraillij,~,7, ~~avsaw, Pob Yr 6 P c) moldavian Grain Problemso '5 pp ;jovtjsMYA moLDAVIA, lishinev, 10 Apr 1974. p 2, JPM 622,67 Moleshnikov, B.I. Technological and Economic Appraisal of the Use of Multiaction Demulsifier. KORROZ. ZASHCH. NEFTEGAZOV. PROM., 1972, No.8, ~p.33-5 A.T.S. RO&GB 1014. A. Molicka Development of a method of beneficiation of Pena Colorado !,fexican Vagnetite Ore. PRACE. INST. HUTNICZYCH Vol 17., No 6, 1965, pp 3P3-398 BISI 5327 jan 67 o ~t ci 4~fl 4~ . lqolicka-Haniawetz, A. Use of mixed collectors in the flotation process. PRACE INSTYTUTOW HLT-INICZYCH, v. 9, p. 136-140, 1957. TC-12715. mbli% C. Att" to fmm"ftdo md Odmtotmatology. a FMCAZW DOW v x JBW OR APROMM at Ila zo Zo?zp pp ZZ-ze no 7&13364-088 Fernando Molina University vice rector explains resignation. 6 pp. GOVERNPS"NT USE ONLY EL MERCURIO. Santiaao, Chile, 20 Mar 1971, pp 36-37 8 may q9 71 I,olina, iienry labor Leader Discusses ",ultinational Companten. 6 pp AM.hLA, Santo imingo, 3 SePt 1973, PP 23-32. ipps 60182 Molina. Rafael Sugarcane Bagasse Potentialities Assessed. 12 pp AMI lAvana# Sop-Doc 73, pp 40-48. JFRS 62973 -- 0 t~ ~ I I I ov . I U. ;., . , itiltalllol,qjcal "15pects ot Pre fildi'Li. Uidj Llustics , t v,, II Ck (lallcer Taolc 0.1, Contents AZA'~;KTY VjAUN("jlUl i fLiIAL11 RAK& I )- or. *AC:)*i-t,--,134o Mollensohott, Elvira Reports on Meetings of Cultural organizations, 6 pp. NSUPS DFUTSCIIIAND, Fast Berlin, 26 SOP 74, P 1, TVRS 63294 Doo 7h Moller, Alfred WE HUGARTEN LINIGH SUDMERIKANISCHER MASEN, Vol 0. 1393, 14 2 pp *~NTT6-17-74-53151 /-/, 1-k-2 C, //C IQ Natural Gas-Fired Scrap Prebmters for Electric Ar." Fuminces, by 11. Wler. GAS Wm; in., 1971, Vol 20, no 4, pp 131-135. 10941 April 73 Moller, P. Rational Automatic Ultrasonic Testing of Tubes arid Rounds. BAENDER BLECHE ROIIHR, 1973, Vol.14, No.1, TP.16-2 . IBISI 11507 i Mcillers, K.11. Review of the Possible Growth of Containerised Transport in Metallurgical Works. STAHL EISEN, 1972, Vol. 92, Aug., pp.840-843. BISI 11578 galxw~, Z. Autmtio al#tida R"Vwtw for millmuttmmm dotar- m(aatun of co No asd JF. Q~MA ~ 1972, pp 704-008 I (a ZCBNIWlw ~S?~A M 73-2284947A NOLNARV J. //OCRRMA ROSTLIN/I ,--/--/1971,VO044,NO007, Vplyv faktovor Frostradia na Klicenie -- etc. ~P 203-210, *NTIS-IT-74-5509146 ,p MDWAR, J. ilocuRANA MTWNI/ -,-/--/1970,VO043,NO006# V'yskyt, Knocestracia Konidii a Priobeh -- etc. pp 207-2130 *NTIS-TT-74-550890t jwwXANOV# " Mol, . swww I ra PRrmwzv, SMFZX ffAMYJI ./.. /19 ?1,, V-0 1.0 .ffw lumber of stsaij $*Wn of a spe~rM 01th fisod4sd4 8 PP& op 5.5-SO.AMPM-M-23-2009-7400 Molochkavo So F* Iij CWULdals f4aw ftoles, 5 pp WA; LCONOMIcs-, MOM, Q I ~Nmwt NO 9 s Sept 19739 pp 7446- jpRs 6M87 The Exterior Gravitataonal Fjold alid the Figure of the Physical Survaco of the Earth, L,y_g,-A, GHUNI DBERGRIFFE DER GEODATISCHEN (;RAVIf.IFTRIL,, 1958 PART 1, Tp 148-172. DMAAC-TC-1884 GOVERNMENT USE ONLY liay 73 holodtBov, A. N. Apparatus for b)mamic Gas ~dxing for Carrying Out iXperiments at Reduced barometric Pressure* 4, pp losyacggs golmili ; AYMMUCHIZWA UMSIN 9 E"ccw~ Vol 89 ljo 40 19740 pp 70-72. JMS 63175 Molodtaavo Va latvlan SSR Interbramh BdAmce Discussed. 10 pp -Aurmiffli. r9UW Moscow, No 12, 1,973, 0 JPRS 61406 Moladtoov, Yu, Series Connection of Hydraulic Mechanisms. ~SUDOSTROYENIYE, No. 3, 1973, pp.26-29. RXV-7NIS 70-8f--ft-30-40-74 3-Apr-74 Unc I (ORNL-tr--?745) Civil defense of the USSR: antiradiatfon shelters In rural areas, Instructions for the population. MOLODYKH, V.I.; NIJ~ARONOV, A.A.; KOROTKEVICH, E.I.; KOSHELEV, P.A. (OAK RIDGE 14ATIONAL LAS., TENN. (LISA)). 1972. Translated by Joseph Lewin from Russian. 48p. Dep. NTIS $4.50. 18H fallout; 06R health and safety; 06Q protective equipment; translations MN-41 P NSA revision Kolokanov, Yu. K. et al An Approximation Method for Calculating the Basic Parameters of Multicomponent Fractiona- tion. KHRI. TEKHNOL. TOPL. MASEL, Vol.16, No.2, PP. 6-9, 1911: A.T.S RJ-5922 MIJLOTKOVA9 YE.v RU PROCESSES DURING STORAGE OF CHARGED SILVER-CA 0141UM (AG-CD) BATTERIES SB. RABOT PO KHIMICHESKIM ISTOCHNIK. TOKAj #6 9 L.IIIENERGIYA"v$71,108-17. FSTC-HT-23-0631-74 Malprov, No Po Fish.W Wustry Pisport. 6 pp AT" mulfim, mwov~ no ?g Jul ?4# pp 9-11o JM 63030 Sm..--A - awmal Todaft md lowu Aluviuss in A*w of cwhA mudiumv iv 1. F. H"Aj*,v 5 M -. in-lum- PON swam& I Nam* a to NO 9 M~ PO . . - Ame 73 MOMMOV, G. A, Orgwdution of Assembly Una FroduoUm of *cbinas WLth ChPU, 3 pp NrUAWTOA90 YA MMAUt.movesvp * Be Avg 74o pp 1-3o j.PM 63233 Nonakhov t K. X. WforentiAl Computer D%gnoftlal Used for systmIls Anal7ala of Blectria Activity ot the MM-a'aft an" Ot - ME, SSSRS MI 73 11 -AMONUft JW~ &M# I - I p mIl WIN 7 =~ FoRmob I// zjwl*ft3#vwdsl am. Itz of bavidwa too*. m"n of moodn" bm *Am BMW& ad ? "am$ vp IV05-imalam N. M., Monakhov Hype2,sonic gas flow around conical bodiee. IZV. VUZ. AVIATS. TEKH. No 1. 1966,, pp 3-13 Fe-pt of Ndvy AP-L7.-rHu T-2256 may 69 MONAKHOVA, M.A. .. I/DOKLADY AKADEMII SAUK SSSR,/,/ , - . --/1111973~ V0213, N0001, The Centromeric ring in the sex cells of chortbippus biguttules L. pp 205-208, CB~~ 16-Jul-73 uncl (NRC-TT--1624) Assimilation of protococcoid algae by cyclopes MONAJ~2~VA V .; SOPOK IN, YU. I. Translated from Lyuf-171'nst- Hiol. Vodokhran. Akad. Nduk SSSR; No. 3, 24-27(1959). 9p. Dep. NT!3 (U.S. Sales Only) $3.00. 06 blomed; translations MN-48 NP NSA 0 Morakov, A.V. 1967 Role of the extremities of 17Blanoida (Matooes, G Pepods) in movevient and in capturing prey (Roll lconechnostX Galanoids (crustacta, copepods) Y peradvizhanii i zakhvate .Pishohl) laomatnionnyi bi!illateA, (1), Inst. biologii mutrtnnikh vod,(Akad, NQUk 35SH1 31-34. In Russian. Tranel. by TmAl. Bur., F&n. Lang. Div., Dept. of Soo. of 3tato of Camda, for Dept. of Environ., FREC Oreat Lak03 laiolimolojW rab. , Mrlingtan, Ont. , 197), as Tmral. Series iio. 2658, 4p., typ"Oript. Avail. on Loan - W178, Wash. , D.O. 01ginol Article Chocked.#. X=dwrt A. V. I* aft ot. Ictowls ad Doetaft Sim the Tallas of C010014" Is tu JW" awwwob, .. - 287636 A. V. Monakov Cyalopidae population in the inshore zone of Rybinsk reservoir. TRUDY INST BIOL. VNUTRE,NNIKU VOD, No 17 (20), 1968, pp 33-40 Dept of Interior Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Branch of Foreign Fisheries june 69 16-Aug-73 Uncl (UCRL-Trans-10700) Characteristics of Kurile- Kamchatka earthquakes as observed from nearby stations during the period 195Z-1954. KONAKHOV, F.I.Z TARAKHANOV, R.Z. Translated from Izw. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Ser. Geofiz.; No. 5, 401-425(1955). 29p. Dep. NTIS $3.50. 6G geology; 08K seismic phenomena; translations MN-51 P NSA manwftv,o F. 1. maractudsum of EWUS - soodaus muvtbquakw as Oteav trm mutV Otatlow 6wift the Pftlod 19W 1954 go " Im.- a a& ow. Near... so. -3 (I.&IDS a. ka-U5 A]C/U=AM4WMO-73 Manastyrev, V. Dot-Discharging Cumt Plant in Movorosiymk Fined. 5 pp 1URRIMMULeAme Xuame 23 JdY 197% P 1- JPRS "M NNOWtIlddle 16 1. i Odbaut Stobw and .swommmimn BOMWLM ago Am= m as I I M amp "I.0 Mo DO- 6t 20006WP ZYMs W 137343M Tbummuty morovamt to Msetric Itive 0t owatrwuolk ma -0 Adimas WAAM4 W 0- T- *=dPWd7t 6 PP, Immmma 2 AW 73 Ibmkolborg a MuU CUVU Intorwim With n=mo Adster Jorge Causs Ime 6, pp lVaUs BUMAgoo 23 Jul ?4o pp 11-13a J M 62737 Mcmdon, A. The chemistry and stereochemistry of nairciclusins. VIRAIIEDRON LETTERS, 1972, pp 2085-2088, n. 21. NTC 73-12210-07C.