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26-Nov-73 Uncl (BNWL-tr--90) Vascular regulation mechanisms on the testes. HUNDEIKER, M. Translated from Arch. Dermatol. Forsch.; 245: 229-244(1972). lap. Dep. NTIS $3.00. 06 blomed; translations MN-46 P NSA 0 Tcjep~ Mw--4o' 4u4et Re"tions improvement in Gerwab-s9dat Economic Noted* 4 Joseph FArU H=k, 5 pp. Gau'" I up# U- s Dmaeldorf, 1647 lejar 1973, P 280 JPRS 58705 Apr ?3 YA ~) (-~IA C~' YJ -- p ~"- on Earthquake, by Hung Chen-plng,, 6 pp. CMME or, Klo,,.homh Sh np Poking, 3 p No 5# N71p pp WV; 58JY JPRS 17 May 73 HUNG OVENG //JEN-MIN JIII-PjkO// 09/10/1974,V ----- N----, Brilliant Ideas, a Great Victoryt 9 pp SURVEY OF PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC 01: MINA PRESS, No 5727t 6 Nov 1974 Hung Chleng HUNG HSUAN //JEN-MIN JIH-PA0// 08/07/19741V ---- ON ----6 Criticism of "Stwiding in Awe of Thr'ee Things". 7 pp SURVEY OF PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA PRESS, #5674, 13 Aug 1974~0 HUNG KUANG-8ZU //1jU6G-CH,I// 01/07JI974,V----,NO007 Revolutionary Struggle Requires a Contingent of Marxist-7beorists, 6 pp SELECTIONS FROM PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA MAGAZINES, 9784, 29 July 197400 illki(" JJX~-~)'ZLI //i I I I// Cwi~~Icllr ~Jil t~lx T , ul ".. I "1) - , f -, -- ol'I'170,16-i"i F:~'J,',! I,," 'lir'k(:AZ,i;',11.-.~), Nc 796, 4 Nov 9 ccafero.~Icu aid "Pai 1111 o:,lo6LfC OF GITNA 1174 1HWG VU INE-N-MIN J111-PA0// 08/09/l974oV----,N ... 0 Creative-Norks of Literature and Art Must, Warmly - Eulogize the Great Cultural Revolution,, 7 pp SURVEY OF PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA PRESS,0 No 5709, 4 Oct 197404 HMG VTJ Ram //TAP SAN FOA HOC// ~/-/1974JO012tIT0003, Pp 0007-0011 jVI-Sep 1974 Production of Firebrick RIOM Doinestia RAW Materials rirged 5 pp JPRS 63740 IIUNG WEN-11SUER //KUANG-MING JIH-PA0// 07/08/1974vV----,N---, A Sone to Invoke the Soul of the Ghost of the Revisionist Line in Education, 8 pp SURVEY OF PEOPLE'S ITPUBLIC OF CHINA PRESS$ #5684, 28 Aug 1974#0 -Ci!l 1/] 0/1974 , V- - - - ;4istou !.vvc1,)Ps iii a J,dnifing il,'~~y, I~FPIAUIC OF 011'.iA 795, 29 Oct 1974 Hung Yuan Learn to observe problems with the law-of unity of opposites HUNG-CH'I,'.no. 4, April 1,1974s I.. pp7 Selections from People's Republic of China Magazines, no. 774., April 29, 1974 Leani and ~.4,5tor thO biilectics uf Gunicral and IuJividual Character, 7 pp. ~iW14%,'-0111, No 4, A:jr~l 1, A',j 75'. 3 L L L C'Tl-J7' :-~AlNliuNlb No 75i, 50 Api: 73 olay 73 G. Mmger mathematical methods of chart rectification. Nachrichten aus dem larten- una VomesLwMs 5. -5F, pp. 5-21; TW2. -DMOCC =TC-1927 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOVT AGENCIES ONLY. (MIER REQUESTS FOR THIS DOCUMENT ~IUST BE REFERRED TO D?,1AAC/RDLL St. Louis AFS, Mo. 63118 Apr 73 mmgewmgl H. C=muing a cmtactloss procedure for moaftoring. and mmmudng the effective gap betveen the impeller blades and the housing of tuthineo during opmtim. pp DWTSW ME LKIffAIM. JMTITUT M LUITSTBAREANTRIERV, 27 JUNE 1972 AIR/ D,-HC-23-0343-73 DISTRIMIOU LMMD TO U.S. GWIT AGMCIES MY; CWHIrRIT MUGHWIM; OTIMIR REQUEST FOR THM DM- tum MWT BE R M.RRM TO M. TBE C03T= OF TIM- DOCMM ARE SUSPECTED TO BB SU1WM TO COPMGHT PROTECTION. Euong., Nguyen Van Thirty Years of Development of Polish Soience, 7 Pp. HOC TAP, Hanois iio 6, Jun 74, ~p 72-78. . . .., ,T P RTTff 7 9 4 Nov 71~ Hupe, K. P. The univereal liquid chromatograph wdel Urc 1000. CHROMATOGRAPHIA, Vol. 59 19720 P. 44 - 39-07b Huper, P. etal Flow Mechanical and Reaction-Kinetic Phenomena During the Vacuum Treatment of Liquid Steel According to the Circulation Process. ARCH. EISENH., 1971, Nov., pp.761-767. BIST 16012-- ~.'. H*kda F. IIUPPERTZsP.17.. .. 11BANDER BLECHE ROHREII -1-11966,1VO007.,N0004,1 The msistmoo of thermal oicling of fempitic mid austenitio ateeZo (3) pp 11660#1 Huppmann,, 11. !,Wor dwagetto ate= turbines. DER MASMIANSCIIAPEly, VoZ 46, No 1. 19730 pp 1-0. C,,E. tromw 6296 HUKTf 11OR k~ i OUILUlj~6 6LUK PkINUIPLE IN CUN.)TAUCTIUN tiF F LAI COMAINERS MFAiNiP(JLi,LE SKLAUUVANI bALtNlt 4/1972v ROG I v PP 71~-42 al-Husani, Mahmud Solutions Presented to Limit Migration From Countryside to Cities, 14 pp. AL-',,)USl."7J-R, Arman, 23 Jun 73, PP 3$ 6. 717797'w0 ,an ?3 Husayn, llayya Living Conditions In Wadi PArabah Reported by Press Team, 22 pp. AL"RAII, Aman, 10 Apr 74, pp 6"7. 7M 62336 ,lop 71~ (~~j ~-' ~ i - ~-v t1 I Radio Jordan Structur"a and roblems Outlined, by Hap Husayn, 8 pp, ARARIC, np, al-Ralis A=n, I Mr 73~ p 6. TPRS 58957 7ay 73 7-Mar-74 Uncl (EURFNR--1125) MIGROS-2: a program written in FORTRAN for the calculation of microscopic group constants from nuclear data HUSCHU-.H.: KRIEG, B. (COMPS.). ( K-~RNFORSCHU?4GS~ENTTU-M-KA-R-L-5-ME ( F.R . GERMANY). INST. FUER NEUTRONENPHYSIK UND REAKTORTECHNIK). Jun 1973. 312p. (M-1764). Dep. NTIS (U.S. Sales Only) $17.75. Work performed under United States-Euratom Past Reactor Exchange Program. 09B computers; 18K reactor physics STD-79d NP NSA HUSEK, JOSEF //ST.qOJIRP,,.%ISKA VYROBA// --/--/1972)v ---- vN0020t pp 0001-00ogg K~ain Results in the Development of the Czechoslovak Forging Industry in the Yeara 1966 through 1970v Part 11, 18 pp ZI # ARM/FSTC/HT-23-0022-74 Ir i HvsKz7,N,H. G. 115"MIL U, EISEN11 2810211974,VO094SNOOOS,o Characterlatic data anti operating reoulto of continuouo hydrochloric acid pickZing Uno pp 169-275,Br.171 IP,453!,Itl Hussmann, W. Effect of small amounts of cold work and different aging conditions on the notched- bar impact strength of structural steels for general use. ARCHIV HER DAS EISENHUETTENWESEN, v. 43, p. 613-61-g-, 19-72. NTC 73-10918-11F I-Tuszar, Istvar) Planning official Speaks on Marxism, Scientific and "'oehnical Revolution, 111. prk, MAGYAR TMDOMPTY, Rudapest, TTO 10, Oct 73, T. 33-610- ,T-RS 60913 Tn Y 1 "711 Ifutter, U. A Wind Turbine with a 34 m Rotor-Diameter. DIFL-MITTMUN=p NO 8., 19680 pp W4.411 TMM~TT F 14,6T9 nay 73 w"a't UIrLab NO outwickbn v= our at .I I I moqgum in dfttmsbuw. :~~ W.I. pa - w-a.- vol 6,, No 7, OPP pp f-riu-s-cm "M 22 7-15.9050 I I , , it, I, , r1 '-~ i Parer Carrins "ribute to Carnbodian 'evolul.-,Ionary Amy, 6 -pp. Wk 7f '!',IT OT PATI)TO, 1030 -, 25 mar 74. 77 7! -, Jun 74 ivla Pj-,'OCA SS 16 FOIJOSTUFFS BY SHUCK F I I 1 1 fI i j 131 lit D 10 A 1 1) V o/ 13 PP VK6 ANo V - 3- i 7 M 9 NAM .. //TAP CITI -'MN DOI I-MN DAN// ;. --/09/19?k,V----tN00O9j pp 0028-0033 Ideological Work In Amy Not Simple Task 6pp JPRs 63528 it, %Aj. To Amalat iii the.-Research, InitAictiono, we stuo of the Lim outheliesistance Api"t1be U.S.16r.-Rational solvoton Tho~TTbrse Strateglo Re I I- .9 Orw, n tbe.Rovolulw tionary War In SouWVI*tnams: by I%y NgMeMs pp. VIETNANESES per$ TWn Hmnt Hanol* wo.11~112,9 Nov-boo 72P pp 33-3b* JPRS 58566 Apr 73 Puy, qguyen I?xpanding Cultivation of the oil Camellia Reemphasized, 19 pp. TTGPITRN CTRT XINIT TV, Hanoi, 'I'To 75o Sep-Oct 73, DD b2-72. JPRS 61329 ma r 7)~ A ITel-I Victory for the Democratic Movement in France, by Huy...,V,U, 5 pp. ,,rTRV,TAI-fESF,,O'~er, HOC TaP, Hanoij Ho 3) Mar 73, rn 85-89- wfPRS 59055 ,~ ia Y 7 3 Huysmaw, M. Considerations on.-t lie Optimum Utilization of Energy in an Intergrated,Steelworks. CIRCULARS D'INFORMATIO-TECHNIQUES, vol. 3. SISI 11635 livezda. Josef Handling of Materials in River Transshipment Centers pp, REVUE 72 t PRUNYSLU A, 00aiODU No 3, 1972, pp 48-.50., FSTC-HT-23-2099-72 ACSI-K-2679 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO US GOVT AGENCIES Ibm-chlon" am Nace Most be Won Thmqh a Resolute stMgle .. Against the Inarialists. n pp ,ftPyonowv, No 1, 15 Jan 1974t pp 69-64. I 63 Nan, Kim Militant Tasks for the Epoch-Making, Develop- merit of the Chemical Industry, 9 ppo MJLLOJA, Pyongyangt iio 6, 5 jun 73o Pp 47-51. 1 ITWM12 i,Tov 73 1-hAXV)i The Revolutionary organization Life and Revolutionization in the Korean Peoplets Rsvolutlo=7 Army,, by F-Vang Sung-byok,, 10 pp. KOREM, perip nuosas Pyongym*,, wo li, NOV 72 -17* 3OFtS ;A on 964 may 73 Fyon-chu, 0. For the Thoroughgoing Implementation of our Partyls Physical Training Policy, 8 pp. 7 ang, No 10 .11LOJA, TlyonV 1 5 Oct 73, P~ 43-47. TPRS 6172U VI I r ':` I ~ Hyong-chun, Chang our Partyts Revolutionary Literary and Artistic Tradition and Its Glorious Inheritance and Development, 12 pp. 7 .KULLOJAs Pyongyang, Uo 9, 5 SeP 73, PP 48-51, JPRS M48 Ma r 71 ~ Tlyong-sam, TCim Line of Unified and Detailed Planning and the People,s Economic Progress, 11 pp. KTTLLOJA, PyongTang, No 10s 5 Oct 73, pp 53-56. rcng 61720 17"1r 74 11y8packa, L. Contribution to thg study of hydrogen embrittZement in martensitic stmetwvs, WMI SCI. REV. MET Vol 69, No 5,, 1972,, pp 359-364 ATS 1593-FtT HYSPECKAv L.v 6 Cz USE OF THERMOMECHANICAL TREATMENT IN MANUFACT URING STRUCTURAL STEEL PLATES HUTNICKE LISTYY #4/1968t 261-265 FSTC-HT-23-0397-74 RyzLkv J""Iav Vegotable Proftation P2&no outlined,, 5 PI)o .SL AMIT.-M.A. NO 1-2t D90 72# , , AT.". VP Z75-e7b* , , JM 59377 JU1 73 I AVGI //I AVGI// 29/11/1974,V----'T1----' pp 0001 Malmrios Visit Significant to Leaders, Press 6 pp . . P! Rs 63635 R Iis pfu Cancer Treatummt Methods, Theories and,Advances, 7 pp TA XM PAO, Hong Kongo 15 Jan 1974t p 6. . ..I JPRS 62152 ianovici, Virmil I cientific Research in Geological Activity, S 11 7pp . PROGR-PSETir, ST11ITTI, Bucharest., Mar 73v PP 113- 6 TORS 59695 ~Iol) 73 24-Jul-74 Unci (AEC-tr--754fl, pp 188-191) Changes In the quantitative ratios of the protein fractions of ribosomes of the cotton plant in the normal state and after -f irradiation. IBRAIIMDV A.P.; RAKHMATOV, N.A. (Inst. of Biochemistry, Ta3fikent, USSR). 1974. Translated from Radiobiologiya; 14: No. 1, 147-149(1974). NSA Ibragimov, A.P. C-Terminal Amino Acid Sequences of Arginine Globulin of Cotton Seed VOKLADY AKADEMIA NAUK UZBEKSKOI SSR - . Vol 29, 19720 No 5. *NTIS-TT-74-53247 .-T, T- --( w)ov Methods for Interpolation of ENanctions and Some of Their Applications, by 1. 1. Ibragimov. MEMY IXTEMLYATSU IY I REIMTORYE M MDORIUAV 1971. *IPST MaY 73 Ibragimov, S.G. et al Nomograph For Determining The Viscosity Of Gas Under Reservoir Conditions. GAZOV. DELO" 1972, No.8, pp.3. A.T.S. ROM 1050 lbragimova. Z* 14. Scientists Interviewed on Role of &onomicso 24 pp - ~' 1..... DO Q - FkO_IUODST VA j Novosibirsk,-.,I : 2, 19f p PP 3-33. jpRs.62883 olq zo~ 'p ICHIKAWA, H. Effects of Isosorbide on Lowring intraocular Pressure CAWA RINSHO IIIO_, vol. 63, pp. 765-771, 1969 14TC 73-10011-Q~~5E 'March 73 Ichikawa H. et al A New Deoxidizing Technique of Liquid Steel by. Use of Aluminzkm. Pt. II -Deoxidation of Steel with Use of Aluminum Bvllets. TETSU TO ILAGANE, Vol. 59, 1973, N0.45 Lec. 107, EB 9172 le-Sep-73 uncl (AEC-tr--746-1) Columnar grain growth In center line heated UOZ pellet5. ICHIKAWA, M.; UCHIDA, M. (JAPAN ATjM1rC EliERGY RESEARCH 1NST.j TOKYO). 1973. Translation of J4ERI-Memo--4249. 22p. Dep. NTIS $3.25. 11F metallurgy; translations l"j-25 P VSA 0 ~ - H . To- ~ak Rw R I~ffects of TTandt Tim of Blectrons in a flir,h Frequency Probo, by Y, Ho lahokatfa FM TO, per. ica&Ae dog Scionmil Pwlsx 92=8 LOWMA, V01 256o 1963# pp 3434-3437 1= 71-15320-20C mr 72 IDELSON, E. Improvement in the 11-fethod of Xanthato Production. Conmiunication No. 3. Preparation of High-Grade Xanthates from Aqueous Alcoholic Alkali Solutions. .G.OSUDARSTUMM NTAUCENO-ISSLEDOVATELSKII INSTITUT TSVEr"Mul METALLOV. SBORNIK NAUCIUMM TRUDOV, Vol 16, PP 180-190, 1959. TC-126SI may 7 3 Idis v V. B. A Method of - Eatinting. the Ndesproofness of the kIlIde.BW sigma Detaotor Wer tM Coaditims of a sonaUtiumW Intw-fermace Field. 6 pp I"- Y ~ RR'& - W---v TREV -In vswoa M, SggOLT,---s2wj" Moscow, 1972# pp 230-237. JAS 62371 IDRISo YTISUP .1 1. . /AL-AMMM// 25/10/1974,v ---- PP 0003 also pp 7 Prime Minister Hijazi Discusses Background, Roonomic Policies 13 PP~ - JpRs 63519 le"'lova, 14.Va. 1970 Condition of gonado ot Oncorhmchug norlm ~Iulb. ) mmolts durin,g thoir do-.4istrear"i rilgration in IrbmeRlm rivero (Soato:;aPiyc ~,-onad u inclodl krasnoy v period yclo mlgratull lz ruk; v more) lzveatiia 'Nklioolreanal-ogo. nau,!~mo-isslcdovatv!lslcogo lnttituta r-,-,-bmogO h-,loziafSt!.-v L OkeAnogmrli (77NIRO) (IN. IrUzeviAter, u-tilef fditorl', 12, Patrapavlorsk- Famchatskli, 210p.: 14 -'[ I .In Russian. 'I'mm I - b,- Yrarm I. I'ur. , Fgm. bang. Div. , Dept. of Bee. of Statu of Canada, for Dept. of Fmvircn, iUBC Biol. Sts., 3t. Andra,~rs. as Tranul. Scrlea N'o, 262'(, 43P. typescript. Avai 1. on ~,oan Weigh. , 1). c. I j Ifflaender, G. Radiation Protection Laws and Regulations Desoribed, 12 pp.. 6 ff) KFIRNENERGIE, East Berlin r, Aug 74, pp 248-253. 7RS 63269 Doc 74 Tftodi, Constantin Industrial Proeessing of Agrieultural Produets 5 pp. AGRICUla-M, Buebarest, 9 Aug 73s PP 1, 10, MS 6UT55- Oct 73 On the Factors of Convergence of Walsh-Fourier Series, by.S. Iga 1. 1~L Proceedings Japan Academy, Tokyo, Vol 40, 1964, pp 250-252. NAVY/API,/JIIU-T-2695 June 73 Tolegilaa Ca, Ciro 0- aaamification of SWarome lArvesters In Cuba, 7 pp AMC= HaVa", Jan-Feb 740 pp 542. im 63035 Iglitsyn, M.I. et al Instrument for Contactless.Determination of the Life of Current Carr .era in Se'micohductors..'~ IZV. AKADO NAUX AZERB.:SSR, SER.. FIZ. -TEJ(HN I WT. 14AUK '1964, No.2, pp.81-4. A.M RJ-47116 Ignacz, P. New methods of Judging and improving the switching surge performance of outdoor insulators ELEKTROTECHNISCHE ZEITSCHRIFT A, Vol 91, No 7, pp 405- 409, 1970 C.E. Trans. 5798D may 73 Ignatiadi, AiI, at al Evaluation of tlwe.Abrasiveness.of Rock in the Drilling of Wells. IZV. VYSSII. UCIIEB. ZAVED., NUT GAZ Vol. 1S, No. 1~ pp.29:34, 1972 A.T.S RJ-5988 IgNtove Ae A* CoAined Statistical Processing of Indications of a Directional Gym and a Magnetic Compass, 7 PP j2pm VD.Z PBIRR~M==. Leningrad. -. No 79 1973., PP 76-51. JMS 60330 Ignatov, P. More Grain Elevators &d1t inFAzakhAm. 5 pp STRWELIMATA gAMs ymcowo 3 Apr 1974, p 2. JPRS 61B16