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December 31, 1983
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Granova, V.D. et al Discovery of Latitude Periodicity in the Sunspot Formation Zones ASTROINOMICHESKII TSIRKULIAR No 703, 1972, pp 1-2 *AFSC (6 Jul 73) July 1973 July 1973 Bratolyubovatsulukidze, L.S. et al A strong variable source of bard x-rays in the constellation Coma Berenices.. ASTRONOMICHESKIY TSIRKULYAR, 11~o.. 762,12 Mar.. 1973, pp.4-6. NRL Trans 1268 V. V. Cil tote ri,-it~,,Te of the 'J~hle lear i1 1:~,S'- or, TbI,KUL,IAR AIKAD. !,~AUK 66~"Z) 1972, P,) 4-b -ji Lebedincts, V. N. Drag and Heat Transfer coefficients of Metcor Bodies Part 1. Conlitions of weak Shiel(Ullry, .MTROITUMICIPESKII VESTITIK, v. 3, n. )1, 1960, pp. 223-229- 11-7C 73-215117-03B IFTIS 1-172-,32~37 Smirnov, V. A. Variation of a Meteor Spectrum during the Time of Flight - 'OTROII 40MICHESKII VE,2TNTIK, v. 3, n. 4, 1-969, pp. 230-235 NTC '73-2.1-557-031' NTIIS I-T72-32810 Brinbaro, V. A. . . I I Gontkovskad7a, V. T. . . . .1 . Popova, T.V. Khabibullin, S. T. 01 7.CiL~Sj. TT Zl' r C!l I~"lc 11 Of ]is OT Items, J. A,f,;ciic,v. Arwy/ Reds tone Flo. Ci L 1e: ia the Area of Ccometricat Optict3. ln~ruductioa Into Cie Lrror -~Iaor of ("'ptic-I lusu'vi-mat'-- 1'r-sed Oa dic Author: K. Schwarz~,;child ';ource: ~Utdwitua,;er dur 1(dnivjicIIIcIRI Ster,iwartlu iu Cdttln~rtin. Part pp. 3-31i L low -,o! i 41 L oil] Wolf, Holmut 41ROOMISWE NACHRIgITEN ZUV-ZLU 1~146 133-136 19S0 MITTEILUNGEN DES INSTITUTS FUR ANGEWANDTE GEODASIE Series A, P~bl. 15, 1954 1. Proposal for an Approved Adjustment of the European Triangulation Network 2. On the Adjustment of Some European Leveling Networks 3. On the Joining of Some Calculate.d Segments of a Geoidal Surface *NTIS-TT-74-55012 A Study of Co~onal Condensations by Means,, of their. X-UV line Spectrwu, by G. Chambe, .25. pp-.. ..-I ~ I ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, Vol 12, 1971,~ pp.210-218.~ NAVY/NRL-1265 COPYRIGHTED May 73 Duchesne, M. Study of the distortion of plates obtained with electronic camera. PARIS. OBSERVATOIRE, NOTES ES INFORMATIONS. ASTROPHYSIQUE, n. 7, p. 1-28, 1965.N 72-13371:-: NTC 73-11192-14B h1banials Ballnl?-u Addresses Cambodian Friend.7. shin Pleeting, 8 pp. ATI~, -,irana, 0900 GMT, 23 Apr 74. 'T'D T L'q l a, I ,TAil V11 Albanians Ridicule Soviet, U.S. Mideast Peace moves, 5 Pp. ATA, Tirana, 0900 GMT, 26 Oct ~3 PRS 60489 Nov 73 Theoretical Review Praises 10th GCY Congres s. Line, 5 PP. ATA, Tirana, 0904 GMT, 25 Sep 73. JPR3 60269 Oct 73 Deljana, Thoma Minister Describes Advances inliational Ed=a- tion, 6 np. ATA, Tirana, 0932 GMT, 26 Se~ 73 JPRS 60215 Oct 73 tZeri i Popullit, 9 -0-0. ATA, Tirana, JPRS 60396 Scores USSR on Chile..Sta.nd., .. . .'.. I Nov 73 Brezhnevis India Visit Seen Part of 'Hegemonis tic Plans?, 7 pp. ATA, Tirana, 0900 GMT, Dee 73. jpRs 60847 je. n 7) Ja n 74 Jan 74 Albanian Paner Scores U.S.-USSR im erialist p Intentions, 10 pp. ATA, Tirana, 0925 GMT, 10 Jan 74.. JPRs 61076 Feb 74 AlbRnia-n Pe-ner Reports on U.7, Session on RRvy Matlerials, 5 Tm - ATA, Timm, 0900 ("MIT 8 MaY ~7 RS 6 201 ~5 A -1~1_ Press Articles Hark Anniversary o f V.i o t ory Over 12.itler, 5 pp. A'r-A , Tirana, 0900 GMT, 9 MaY 74. ITH's 620)4.5 'A .ori i Pmmllit 3-1core". 'Dovic-IL-1 X~ r~ I O.L Labor )n .1 -1 . . ATA, Tirana, 00,00 ~'-NT, 6 Jun TP`i-S (:,?3-1,2 -~,,o n 7 ~ ,- C, C T at Tiaba.,d;0--~ Vazquez, Jose Molina, Rafael Iglesias C., Ciro Dmitriyev, V~ I. Agency% AnV/Redstone -7 L- MM No$ 971060100600*7016 F~ 7y Title: Rockets, the exciting story of an env ention Rockets for peaceful Purposes. Author: R. Hauschild and H. FuhrLng. Source: Athanaum - Verlag, Bonn pp 124-131-(1958)* Language; German AP001al Instructions; Hease translate. Edited draft only 77 ':-J DiD ni Sel) 73 Robert, A. H. GILLI. P. V. //ATI/VGB Conference on Progress in thermal power staton engineering, Milan// -404/1973~ V---- ~ N--~- Problems of heat transfer pressure drop and flow stability in boiler tubes subjected-to high thermal stress pp 34 C. E. Trans 6503 10/12 April 1973## Current State of Biological Productivity and Living Resources of the World Ocean and Prospects of their Exploitation. AtlantNIRO, 1970: pp.7-145, 230-238, 239-243 30pp. *NTIS TT 73-50026 ~j In 1. Fisheries Atlas of the Northwest African Shelf 2. Pelagic Fisheries I ATLAS RYBAGI-~l SZELFU AFIdX; -POLNOCNO-ZACIODNIEO- Vol. 1, 1971 ~137pp 2. POLOIVY PELAGlCZNE Vol 2,%.. 1973 :128.pp the two volumes under one cover *NTIS TT-73-54097 Kolokolov, V.P. Editor Studies in Atmospheric Electric*ty 137 pp . . .,'. I ATNIOSFERNOE ELEKTRICiESTVO, NTIS-TT-74-50008 Available Ly/Ser. Israel, H, ol Lie; f J~kA on 0' D-. cr-arle I I flle~ Clio' 171, Twenty Years of Chemical Waxfaxe For.ces, by Frantisek Knoupka, 5 PP. GOVE RRENT USE ONLY AT014 Vol 2 No 6, 1970~ pp 161-162. ~~FSTC/HT-23-109-72 Apr 73 Karel Hrdina New Night Combat Devices ATOM, No. 7, 1970, =-HT-23-894-72 NEW IkAINING EQUIPMENT IN THE ANTONIN LAPOTOC. KY MILITARY ACADEMY PUKANCIK9 A. LANGUAGE--CZ ....COUNTRY-CZ ATOMo NU. 119 1972s, PP. 341-2 FSTC-HT-23- 1284- 73 TWENTY YEARS OF THE VZS 040 Si-VCIK9 MILOS LANGUAGE- Z COUNTRY-CZ ATOM, 44v 1973, 97-99 F S TC -H T-2 3-0 03 6- 74 MI it 1' 1) F Aklf,40~r-l LANGUA(,~-U GOIJINTRY-GW Af(')Mo d5/197~9 1.56 1~7 HIGHER MILITARY OFFICER TECHNICAL SCHOOL CIHLARt ZDENEK LANGUAGE-CZ., COUNTRY-CZ ATOMi #81 19731 242-243 FSTC-HT-23-0464-74 THE ANTUNIN ZAPOTOCKY MILITARY KVASNICAv JOSEF LANGUAGE-CZ ATOMt NO. 109 1973v 306-07. FSTC-HT-23-0429-74 ... ..: ..m Neumajer, Vaclav .... GOVERNMT USE ONLY MILITARY GENERATORS VULAKt ZDENEK LANGUAGE-CZ: :.:..cbUNTRY-CZ...... ATUMt #1t 1974, 14-15. 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Reactor. Part I. I -. ATOMKERNENERGIE, Vol 18, pp 61-69,~1971. NTC 73-10281-181 . . Mar 73 H. HANKE Design and Optimization of a Fast Heat'Pipe T,hermionic Reactor. Part 11. ATOMKERNENERGIE, Vol 18, pp 143-150, 1971. NTC 73-10280-181 Mar 73 T, R. f ano UOY 072, RGT~ C, T l-,:7, l'x' I n Ie. c t lo~ 71, GERMAN CSO: 8320/2364 _k 28 June 1974, Impressions From wo Trips to china, by R. Wideroe Munich, Atomkernenergie, Vol 22,. No'2,-. Oct 1973, pp 75-76-- Special type B Do not publish Single spaced draft plus one . I - I - c'. I. . . .1 . - -.,. Sarkieov, A. A. Lui)akov, I.S. "Jall Penctrabilitv of "ietal Tubes for Helium. 'OUS-L.~1") , Vol. 1~ No. 3, pp.49-52, 1984. 'IT 74 53220 Tyufyakov, N. D. PANASYUK, V, S, //ATOMNAYA ENERGIYA/1 --/--/1972, V0033, N---- Issue 5 Design principles and possible application of accei-erators with a suprst.rong magnetic field produced by a detonation 13:p.p. Pp not given ARM/FSTC/HT-23-1.413-73##, June 73