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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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On the Spectrophotometric Deteri-Anation oi'.0ulAx Dio.x-ide, and Si:Llfites idth Alkaline I'litrCgorusside BULGARSIU1 AIMENIM 1111 DAUUTE. DOMOY, V. 2-D'.9 10, In70, 12bl-1.2bb ,72 C 73-LL675-OTL 1 Mironov, Ivan Improvement in Regulation of Wages Urged, 7 wo. BULGARSKI PROFSUYTJ'-1I, Sofia, No 6, 1973, ~ ~-n2 -- 4. ---- jpRs 60369 !,Tov 73 BEGINNING BULLETINS ALL SPELLINGS 8/&ZZ-ZV/Ll/ ~~,Zj ----------------------------------------- --------- 01,I,MCZ, WIMAD HBIULETUTDTF 01MACYXITY, IlroTTFI-r=UCBfA// /--/,i973, VOOIO- NOOOOI GT-D-350 IfelioPotor turbeongine Ill. pp pp 10-12 FSTC-IIT-23-r~,o6-74 r, DISETRIDUTION ;JIMED TO U.S. GOV'T AGUICIES OITLYiP K. Zukowski The Biology of Gamasides in the Light of the Author's Observations on Pergamasus Brevi- cornis Berl. 1906/Parasitiformes, Mesostig- mate/. Ti-uletyn Instytutu Ocbrony Roslin. Institute of Hygiene, Warsaw, pp.125-131, 1962. 7pp. *NTIS-TT-73-511028 may 73 A. Pawlik Resistance of plowing in the of slice against the working body. 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ITALIAN, per, Boll Soc Ital Cmxi-iol Vol, l1,, No 2, 1964, pp 193"196* - IIEVI-Nm (Only on Loin) 2-3o-68 Sci-M4 Mur 63 350,739 Compouttion of Fatty Acids in the Blood Serum of ileait Patienta -with Caraiac Failure, by G. Cali.. et al. NALIAN, per,, Boll Sop Ital Cardiol Vol 110 No P-,. 1964.- PP 2TO-0-7'0 (Only on M3 2.29-68 Itiar 68 350,,738 Pr'r.1.0dic variltiori Of Uw lrlcan Bd.cic FJclfj at 500 Ijib OR Lhc Scalc and 'Meir Usc in j,:i~tcnccui Ran~-r Forrc--sUn~r, by B. Lccc---y T'T~,~LIAN, Bolittino dc-1-1a Societa 'Italiana di n"(%oroloj~ia, Vol V, No 1, -P 1) 1:41caLMi, Bui,cau Roesi,v V. L)" Sill DO, jBCiI FDOIDER,