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ZAKAMYRDIN, I. A. //UCAEN, ZAPIS NAZAN, VETERIN INSTIT// V0107, N---- Toxicity of organophosphorous compounds to warm blooded animals 13 pp pp 166-173 ARM/FSTC/HT-23-337-74## Sorckin, G.P. Some Properties of Thin Films in the.Cu-Se. and Cu-Tc Systems. , UCH. ZAP. XISHINEVAK. GOS. UNIV, Vol.49, PP. 123-8, 1961. A.T.S RJ-4700 Fillmonov, T,#A. - 19 ,, '~ The age composition of cyclopz vicinuz feiaal" in :uly In the plankton of the aostav samok CVc1Qw3 vialmus if iyullskom plaWctcne kiortkovokogo U21WI*e "al)lski L'Ost"a'11. ',Osud. -Peuatm~- in5titut, -'?9-, 57-76. n RuBstan. Transl. for i~LL, 9p., proccased. Avail. u !?T,~ 7674. Avail. un ~Ioan - ]~*:-I-j D.C. ~' i~-Af'6'K-f Gasdynawics and heat transfer (selected articles) 41 pp. UCHENYYE ZAPISKI. No. 367. SERIYA MATEMATICHESKIKH NAUKA Issue 46. GAZODINMIIKA I TEPLOO&W, LENRIGRAD. UNIVERSITET. Collectton No 2., 19700 pp 55-81, 214-119 AIRIFTD-AIT-24-166742 ?Rcvj 73 Meier, V.A. et al AMK-T Transistorized Apparatus for.Logging I-lag netic Susceptibility. UCH. ZAP. LhNINGR. GOS. UNIV. SER. FIZ. GEOL. "F4AUK, No. 13003), pp.267-73, 1962, fi-~Y-.S RJ-5945 Yu. L, of I, .1ro"'Oll e "IrOUF yc LJCI I T-~ LS r I a 1) t y LL-'!lNCj,AD -- - . 1 0. SF 4 -- -45 MAUI,, 74 Polyakhova, Ye. No Detennination of perturbing moments of golax racUation pressure for the body,of revolution. UCMWE ZAPISKI IBUNGRADSKOGO GOSUDARSTVEWTOGO UMVEPMETA (Scierybific Papers of the Ierdngrad State Univeristy) No 363, Scriya Matematicheskilt Nauk (Mathematical Sciences Series) issue 48, Trudy Astronomichashoy, Gbservatoril (Transactions of the Astronomical Cbscrvat6ry) Vol 29, Leningrad "Leningrad- skogo UnIversitete" Press, 1973, PP 152-163. *NASA TT F 15,072 Tizoshkova, Ye. 1. Perturbationz of the nearly-circular orbit. 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Translated by Andrew maivsherf (National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa) fron Uch. Zap., Mosk. Gos. Ped&gog. Inst.; 186: 95 110(1962). 21p. Dep. NTIS (U.S. Sales Only) $3.Z',. 06 biomed-, translations MN-48 NP NSA G~,nik, A. G. fcoron u na' in U~Ij.,-Pn Pry5em or su emn ,rom M z-onfAflWed I effect AN se caus y r of general vibration 4 no UCHENYYE ZAPISFJ MOSCOW. NAUCHNO- ISSLEDOVATELf SKIY INSTITUT GIGIYENY, SHUA~ VTDRATSZYA t]L'TRAZVUK, 1968, pp. 46-48 AIRIFTP-HT-234028-74 RunVwitsev, G. I. Experlmenal atudy of the ej'fect of genaraZ vibration on certain metabotic processes 5 pp UCHEjVYYE ZAPTSKI MOSCOW. NAUCHNO-IS9LEDOVATELP SYJY INSTITLIT OIGMENY. SHUM. VIBRATSIYA. ULITRAZYVK Outf, pp. 4,9-bz AIRIrTD-HT-23-1029-74 On lo-he quostion of in the indices: in the Ivotoin ne'66boUrmn. of coftevel-,ce, worhars sifojectled to the effect of genera:L UCM, TI!rE, YFBIZE MSTITUT GICTI'MITY. 53-55 MOSCOW$1NAUC.HNO-ISSUDOVATELI.-.'~ MY SHUM ,INSTITUT GIGIYENY IN r. F..ERKSMANA VIBRATSIYA, UL'TRAZVUK.P//,. Comparative hygenic noise and *ibration evaluation of power excavating shoev1s in the sibayskiy and lebedinakiy pits, 11 Pp pp 63-70, AIR/rTD-HT-23-1032-749~ MAMA$ M. 1. //VMNM ZMXW MOSOM. NAUMO-ZSSLtWVA2WLSU7 IWTrUr "0=Y ZN F. F. RRISMINA RA VZMZZZA, UL lrR4Z VW1 Rau* OW vibmtion m hiA."od tmtom, 9 pps pp WNITSKAYA, A V. //UCHNEYYE IIAP iSKI KOSCOW,NAUCHNO' ISSLED.O.VATEL'SK,IY-.INSTITUT.GIGIY'ENY" IM F.F, ERISMANA,:SHUM, VIBFATSIYA-,.,Ul.'.TR~,Z.UK,//,~ 84-419680 V ---- tN---- - path logy f. pe'r,soni Regarding the occupational .0 0 su~jectea to the effect of high. frequency noise in combination with other factors during plasma spray coating of metals, 10 pp pp 78-85, AIR/FTD/HT-23-1034-74@@ . Changes in hearl~ng oJI woecers ander a prolonged effect of noise with standard pexcuneters 10 p p UCM ME ZAMla YMCal. I-ITISTITITT GIGPY MMI, Mrm, VITWITOrill, IVT&IZNM; lip. q2-90 .KUBIANOVA, //UCHr,NYYE.ZAPISKI MOSCOW NAUCHNO-;-~` ISSLEDOVATEL'SklY INSTITUT GIGIVERY IM r.r'.7 HISMANA, SHUM.VIBRATSIYA,: IlLfTIRAZ.VUK,// Oactipational hearing disorders (bardness.of. bearing) in excavator (power Ishovel) operators in quarries% 11 PP yp 100-107, AIR/FTD/fiT-23-1037-.7,4@@ "j; T PITA L , J.T Minayev, A. Netal Study of the Relationships Governing Shielding Through Radiative Heat Exchange. UCH. ZAP. Obl. Ped.-In-t (Scientific Notes, Moscow Oblast), 1M, 172, 287-295. ARM/FSTC/HT-23-1972-.72 ACSI K-2550 -Nikolmdevokiya V. S., Andomical-wrpholMicaZ and physiotogiwZ-biodhanioat prinaipUs of p4mt gav stability. UCYNNY-W ZAP.TSKr PERK. GOSUDAR6TVENHI UNIVERSIMI No 256, 2971,1 pp 5.53 MC 74-10297-02D likolmdemkiya V. S. Anatondsal-morphologioal and biolvioat ah,wacteristiaS of omorintal plants in rotation to their 1~yav tozeranos, UCHINYR WISIAZ a PERM. UNIVNRSZW.,p No-2000 29700 pp NTO 73-14689-OOD Wi~ovhnikovqo A. T. Now biophysical mthods for detirptining the gas to,Zemos of Plants. UMNYS ZAPZI,,'~Ar FERN. No 166,, MIS pp igy-Ma NTO 73-24602-OZD likoloyevakill, V. S.~ Light motabolism of aarbon-14 in ornorental plimts and its rozo in 9-a7 tourmoo, - VOMYS ZAPZS.Lra PERM. LWIVERS12" No 256, 2071j pp 55-92 NTO 73-1488&01'D Yateenko. If. M. Effoot of PW"noral and extrowt Int4rition: on -oom physiologiarl-biodwmicaZ dte~twrlotiw and gav toZormes ojl Zewn grasaes UCHRYE MUM FERN ;;IVERS=. No 258 FP ~159-176 ~==AWAZ=61 o NTC 7&145910-02D Bazzhin, A. P. 7J.'he effect of reql properties of nir on parmeters of floi-,T ncar nn ellh-ptlic cone. Aerodynamfc ch--racteristics of ellilDtic cones at large -ui' les Of 1.1,trLCII .10 -pf7 UCHEIrInKE 'ZAPISKI TSAGI, Vol 1, No P., 1070,PP ~6-52- ATR-TTD-23-708-7-~ LARIN, A..V.. //UCHENYYE ZMSKI TSAGI~// 1--/ 41970, V0001, M0003 ,Vortex.formation in oblique flow arounda helicopter votor,10 pp p 119-1223 FSTC-HT-23-2365-72@@ Barinov, V. /~- Three dimensional boundary layer in the vicinity of a critical line of a slippilIg jqjjjg dUring non-unifol,fil SUCLion. 10 pp. KIIENI'YE, ZAPISKI TAGI Vol. 3, Nr. 1, 1972, pp. 23-29 AIR/FTD-IIT-23-611-73 Barinov, V. /4' Calculation of the laminar boundary layer on a slipping ving by. the methocl of integral relationships. 9 pp. UCHEIM ZAPISKI YSAGI, Vol. 3 No. 5, 1972, pp. 9-15 AII,/FTD-flT-P,3-6l2-73 TOLSTYKH. A. I. //UCHENYE ZAPISKI TIAGI// --/--/1972, V0003, nOO06 Amethod of numerical solution of the navier stokes equations for a compressible gas pp 78-87 NASA TT F 15992## GINZBURG. YA. L. //UCHENYE ZAPISKI TSAGI/! 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IINVDDRAG AP VIWDRAKFXVDYALGSTS. DEMMING AF 1962.0# -1-11962S V.;" Report of the wind paur c&wrlftas, of 2962 32 pp 26 PP NASA 27 F Z544280,1 Wernher Von Braim warns ... and advanced propulsion concepts project outgrowth. 6 pp. UFO NACHRICHTEA No 2003 30 Apr 1973, p 1 AIR1'F-TD-HC-23-28?- 74 DISTRIBUTION LI141TED TO U.S. GOVT AGESCIES ONrY COPYRIGHT INFORMATION. OTHER REQUEST MUST BE REFERRED TO FTD. Moray, Henry Short review of "Radiation energy". 8 pp UFO - NACHRICHTEN, No 200, Apr 1973, pp 1-2 AIRIFTD-HC-23-290-74 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOWT AGENCIES ONLY. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION. OTHER REQUEST MUST BE REPERRED TO FTD. REQ TR CHECK 17-08-73 T289 UNKNOWN HALIK, ERICH GY: UFO - NACHRICHTEN, NO. 200, 19731 APRIL PP. 134-139 -d first Contact ~-,itli Fxiendz from Space 3 Pp UFO-RACIMICIUMT, =# '200~ Oct. 1973, P. I M717D-liC-23-28 -74 Distribution limited to U. S. Gob't acreliCieS ORlyl- Coy,-riglit lllformation~ Other for tlyls domment must be rdened to IND. The contents of this documient are siaspected to be subject to copyright pro- .L Uection. Dada, Idi Amin, Amin Tells Kmapala Press Conference of His Mediation Efforts, 12 p . UGANDA RADIO, 21 J~in~ 1730 GMTv *9 594dT- J PR Jul 73 Bruun, B. Treatment of Hay Pcvm~ vith an Alvninum-Precipitated PyricUne Grass, PoUcn Extract ("Allpyral Grass laxil) TJOIS= FOR LASGER, v. 129~ 1967~ PP. 874-876 WC 73-17 9-060 flUGESMUT FOR LAEGER//. --/--/ig6g,VO131,N ---- The Effect of Prophylactic X-1hooping-cowsh, Vaccination, An Attempt at an Evaluation Based on the Experience in Derimariz, PP 735-74151M 74-i.o664-o6we Christensen, P. E. Assessment of the.side Offsets of diphtheria-tetansm- ie vevoination after extensive mployment for a partuse 7 year period in Dowk, UGBSJWFr FOR UgGER, Ira Isis so ;7j 1969, pp 741-745 RTC 73-22226-060 UMMOT //UGES=, FOR LAr,,Gr,,R// --/--/1a6q,-;013.1,1T ----) Notes on h-ophylactic Whoopin-Cough Vaccination 0 and a Ne-,,,F Children's Vaccination Program. 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