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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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Ificario, Guido 11,ussell Tribunal Condemns Chilean Junta, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, 8 Pp. PITITITA, Rome, 3 Apr 74, p 12; 4 Apr 74, p 13; 777P-774, P 1.7. ,TPR~), 6161~1. J~m 7)1. Santoro, Carlo M. Gvishiani Interview on Soviet Scientific and Technical Cooperation dith Western Countriess 6 pp LIVEM, Rome, 28 Yay 74, P 3. T JP~E7~430 RerlincrIlep, Tl' . I I Fmrico e c r rY (" 6" '1 P, ra s p e, 0 Il Fort to cc and ccc 3 J,ine 1~74, 31 nn 72 Y). 5 Left in Chile Issues I 1,ay Statement. 11 pp LIMUTA, Rome, 15 J-Une 74, P 15. ~7=2476 Cp Issues Statement on Current Government Crisis 16 pp - L'UNITA, Rome, 23 Jun 74, pp 1, 7. JPRS 62L~41 Oct 74 "talk_ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CHAVEZ, C. R. //EL UNIVFMAL// 19/.11/1974.V----.N----. pp 0002-0004 'Caracas Nanifestol Urges Wiae Use of Potrole=9 5 pp 6-1&3 't.leasurcs to ~';-SCUSGcd' 5 SPANIS11, rip, jP110, 5~416 be Taken Against Student Vandalism pp. I " T' I - i'l C--Iracq, j jq73 'lar 7 3 CCN Leaders Claim Idsunderstanding. 5 pp EL UNIVERSAL, Caracas, 6 Mar 1974, P 1-15- jpR.s 61682 Chavez, C. R. Perez La Salvia Urges BoLrly NationalizatiOn Of Petroleum. 5 pp EL UNIVERSAL. Caracas, 8 Mar 1974, p 1-14. jpRs 61646 ,Venezuelan OilfCompany Profits Zoom in 1973. .6 pp .EL UNIVERSAL, Caracas, 25 Mar 1974, pp 1-11. JFKA C1889 Chavez, C. H. Agropet Liubmits Petroleum Nationalization Plan Details. 5 pp LL W~Jft~AL, Caracas, 30 Aug 74, Sec 1, p 10. Upu 63079 Industrialization to be Cornerstone of 1jew Economic Strategy. 5 pp EL UNIVERSAL, Caracas, 20 Sep 74, pp 1-16. 7PRS 632-03 1. UNUOWN //EL UNUMAL// l2/lZ/1974,V---"-,N----, I)P 0002-0003 Stages of Petroleum Natic,nalization Process Analyzed ' 5 pp jpRs 638o9 C uJon, j313Len- of -Ctions. S. Central -Inst, Processin,~ its. Part, 1. n Irv up 11~1",pj, rp R, IT 71" TIIIIII 0 t ANI u al, ills TRO-o jr, p 31 i -6AIII p AIrL"TD-l"IT-24-1 676-72 01 1, 196a Author Unknown General-Purpose Automatic Digital Computer "Ural-14" Technical Description. 116 pp. UNIVERSAL'NYYE AVTOMATICHESKIYE TSIFROVYYE VYCHISLITE,L'NYYE MASHINY "URAL-14" TEKHNICHESKOYE OPISANIYE PS0.170.008TO. SISTEMA KOMAND CHAST' 1 KNIGA 2, No. 2, 1968, pp. 1-67 AIR/FTD/ -24-1677-72 A. H. n1l'a Its Rel~.tion to tbe f"Ii.ow of Ve"hir-les in the! Of 11-11,3%ico IY'. T.-IRTMUDAT) NACIOINTAL. I-T,,sTrUTO DE LICACIOVITE."! 2n,7 1-17 A. Introcaso, South Arerican transcontinental gravimetric profile --narallel 32 S. Uriver,~, Naclonal de Rowlo3 Famltad de Ciencias E~'aCtv,S ru Ingenjeria, Escuela, de Thgenieria Geozrafap 35PP, iq'iO or later. OIXIMAC -'TC - It 3.3- Apr 73 Ze, - 7'0/ Z/" V 4. ~-t ouess -le)l, e e,(,22 11~'eve, MTTF,,Jr3ITPk CAROLO-WILUK1411TA ZTT BIWTN;,'CFlpJ3T-C, ZUR 'f,Rj~Tr TM F Ep ,,, POCUNG DE2 WBE ERMS, DOIATOR-FNG -IFILURS DISS TA TIOTT, Y~72, I)III pp q IfASA TT Maier H G. About the Bindin of Volatile Ar ma Constitu' 9 0 ents to Foods. 6 pp. Universitats-Institut fur Lebensmittelchemie... FSTC-HT-23-282-72 somselov, V. S. As extremity of the Ruler-Lagrange prindpZ*, in nops-hoZonotdo mohanior. YES7al LPZNOAD. LNIVEXIMO YOZ 16* No 29,0 2962, ;;,*) 138-244 NTO ?3-21930-20K REQ TR CHECK 19-02-74 TT04 THE EFFECTS OF M.T-Rl(,AL .?ROGRAM REVISION AND PRESENTATION OF OBJF~C'TMS ON STUDENT PERFORMANCE TOURNEUR, Y Y FR: UNIURSITE DE LIETAT A MONS FACULTE DES SCIENCES PSYCHO-PEDAGOGIqUES. APPLICATOON DIINDICES ET DE TEXT STATISTIQUES A LtEVALUATION DE MAITRISE, 7-9 APRII :1973, 67 pages Q7, Mucation kdmister Discusses Reforms, 5 pp. SPAOISHO np, 1,1_~nivorso, Guayaquil, 6 kar 1973, PP 1. 3. JFRS 586o5 Apr 73 Movement Begun for Return to Constitutional Goverment. 5 pp .EL MIVERSO' Quito, 3 July 1973, pp 1, 5. JPRS 39615 Birardi, Guiseppe The Possible Utilization of Orbital Space Stations for Cartographic and Geodetic Purposes I,'-UN-IV-I'I-IZSO, 1971, No 4, pi, 770-770 GI, U58, NO 4. (1)14A-Topographic Center) RUSSIAN CSO: 8044/0791 22 October 1974 Appeal against Persecution by USSR Authori- ties of Evangelist Christian Baptists. Unpublished Samizdat appeal. Special Type A Do not Publish Single spaced draft T/D 1 November 1974 or as soon thereafter as possible. Dickel, Friedrich Interior Minister praises Workers Militia on 20th Anniversary, 8 Dn. UNSER BRANDSCHUT71.1 East Berlin, Sep 73, . 1-3. JPRS 60215 Oct 73 Vocational Training in the USSR, by Helmuth Pelzer, 5 pp. GMMN, per Unsere Zelt, Duesseldorf, No 19, 11 May 1973: P 16- JIM 59249 June 73 Florakis, Kharilaos Commnist Party Leader Scores Junta, 5 pp. UNSERE '~,EIT, Duesseldorf, 27 Jul 73, p 6. JP-RS 599b7 Oct 73 Wost German CP 3tates Its Energy Policy Demands, 7 Dr. TTNSERE ZEIT, Duesseldorf, 18 Dec 73, p 5. JPRS b1077 F Pn 7) 1 West German Communist Editorialist Attacks Chinese Communists, 5 pp. UNSERE ZEIT, Duesseldorf, 10 Jan 74, P 4. 71R-S-777- MR r 711. Stuetz, Hannes DKP Functionary Attaolfs Solzhenitsyn and His Late3t Bool~, 5 pp. UNSERE ZEIT, Duesseldorf, 19 Jan 74, P 7. TP RS =797- t4ar 74 Herbert plies I of T,~JeSt EUr Speech t Brussels Conferen., '"S~7RE -UPIT opean CoMmunist Parties, 6 pp Tf ~S ~.9 Dvesse2dori% 29 jan 74, P 4: Ma r 74 iieT~ort on Sneach by Herbert Mi6s, Chairman of the West German CF, 5 po. UNS-RRE ZBIT, Duesseldorf, 18 Feb 74, P 3. 773-TT77 Apr 74 ,TunF-,, Nil~las Planned Tiew Bayer Factory Threatens to Pollute Lower -Elbe, 6 pp. UITSERF 7.EIT, Duesseldorf, 15 Feb 74, P 7. iplis 61579- A-or 7h. YALes, Herbert West German Constitutional Anniversary Speech by Herbert Plies. 14 pp UNSM ZUT, Duesseldorf, 28 May 1974, pp 10-12. iPRS 6227-7* Closing Speech ,.t Seventh Conference of DKP i" ,xecutive Pody, 5 pp. GERMAI-T, np, Unscre Zeit, Duesseldorfj 16 mar 73, p 5 JPTIS 58~85 A-or 73 Schacht, Kurt Peking Supports the Enemies of Relaxation of TOW021, 5 PP. UNSFRE Z-VIT, Duesseldorf, 27 Jul 73, P 16. JPRS 59b3r ~Iep 71 International 3olidarity: A llea-oon in Fight Arainst, the Monopolies, 5 pp. TJIT.1 1~ 'ZEUT, Duesseldorf, 28 Mlar 74, P 4. 7R.3- 61~,TO- ,Ti i I ';'I i 0,~u I- i c ,,, t, - r, 7'ermann TY-O Colobrates Anniversavy of 1969 Moscow renc P ,onf o IM. ~Jrp, Duessoldorf, 5 Jun 7)~, p 7. GERMAN C 1) Problems with Training in the Bundeswehr; 2) Probtems with Personnel 3) Leadership Problems of CSO: 8120/0103 17 July 1974 and Advanced Training Management; Senior Officers Bonn, Unterrichtung Durch Den Wehrbeauftragen, Jahresbericht 1973, March 3, 1974, PP 19-2-97 40-43 Special type B Do not publish Single spaced draft plus one Ago,icyt Transportation Dept, 9720/1629 PS-40013 (G-9) I May 1014 Titlaj Sondergutaften des Subverstaidigmates OZu don gma,amirtach,aftlichan Ausuirkangan dar Oftrise Author: Sources Untervichtung durch die rlundonegiemnj, 19112.73 Languagel Gemn PPI-16 Nstruetionst PINSO type double OpUe investigations on the Supply and Demand of Mineral Raw materials III. Aluminum UNTERSUCHUNGEN UEBER ANGEBOT UND NACHFRAGE MINERALISCHER ROUSTOFFE III, ALUMINUM Fab 1973. 270 pp *NTIS-17-73-53055 HAHN~ ORTWIN UNTERSUCHUNGUIUM FESITIGKEITSVERHALTEN V-ON MATEALLKLEBUNGEN BEI SCHL-AGBEANSPRUCHUNGS/I --/--/1972, V---- I N---- Studies on the strength of metal adhesive joints under impact, 107 pp pp 1-140, AIR/FTD/HC-23-1512-714 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOV'T AGENCIES ONLY, COPYRIGHT INFORMATION OTHER REQUEST FOR THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE REFERRED To rTD. 7j CTj', iT E '13 L G j'r] T J-11JER DIE ic P'2. oq~ VCHMEW. AN LAENGSANGESTROERM 90M, IM HYPSRSCHAUBERFICH. 1WSTZTLT PUR 5TIVIMGMCHANIX DER 2TCHNIMEN UNIMASITAT MUNSCHWEX, BERICMT ?3144 (VORTRAG NGEMUNSAW JAHMSTAMIC DRR OGFT UNDDER DLNGM~I -/-/10730 V----,jN0004s Investigation ol camera aligned with the free strear" velocity in the hypemonic range, 33 pp. pp 1-33* ArRIFTD-RC-23-1140-74, 24-28 September 1973 M INNSBRUCK) VORTRAGSNUMB 73414P COPYRIOT INFORWION. U.S. GOV'T AGENCIES MY, OTHER REQVEST IMIST BE REFERRED TO PM8 MAUREPSo G. HUNTERSUMUNGENMER PATHOGENESE UND RIBRAPIE VON KOMBINATIONSSCHADENfl. --/02/1974,V---- Studies of Pathogenesis and Therapy of Combination Injuries, 6, 5 P-jo 1-71 C I-K-X497?9e~O Ito SCHL02TMUNJO F, 1AWTEMUCHMEY DER. ROUDARMPFUNG VON SCffLANKKN PLAEGEZA REPORT N72-1900411 Investigations of the rolling daMing of elender wings, 20 pp, ONASA TT P 15j 7200~ Pmner H. Untersuchungen Ar, Speldrum Lines Fluonrasserstoff-Lasers Report IPP-IV/3-1 Jan 1972 *LASL July 1973 RUSSIAN CSO: 8344/0283 12 August 1974 Control of the Biosynthesis of Microorganisms, Krasnoyarsk, Upravleniye Biosintezon Mikro- organizmov, 1913, p 2, 338-361 Special type B Do not publish Single spaced draft plus one Petrov, B. N. Orbital Stations and the Study of Earth From Space, 23 PP 'UPRAVLENIYE V KOSMOSE, Moscow, Vol 1. 19721, PP 7-22. JPRS 59650 7-Nov-73 Uncl (,WS--60179) Control in space. (.joitIT PUBLICATIONS RESEARCH SERVICE, VASHINCTON, D.C. (USA)). 2 Oct 1973. Translated rrom Upr~,vleRiye v koimose, vols. 1, 2. 39p. Dep. NTIS. 18E nuclear power plants; 21F nuclear propulrion; 181 reactor control; translations MN-80 NP NSA Selected articles fr,)nl V01s. 1 4 2 0 UKRANIAN CSO: 8144/2031 7 May 1974 Administration of Science, by G.M. Dobrova Kiev, Upravlinnya Naukoyu, 1971, pp 111-124 Special Type B Do not publish Single spaced draft plus one Please repro all graphics Borodin, V. T. Flight Control of Airplane and Helicopters 315 PP UPRAVUNM POLETOM SAMOLETOV I vERTOTSTOL 1972, . pp. 1-238 AIR/ETD-1-Ir-24-318-73 11opel I, 2~. N. Book Describes Troop Control During Great Patriotic War. ,5 ~ pp UPRAVLLtlqIYE VOYSKP14I V GODY VEUKOY OTECLIZVENNOY VOINY, bloscow, 1974, PP 1-7, 19-20, 30-32, )6, 54- 557~, 74-76, 89, 102-103, 116, 133-134,142-149, jas 63052 -nrMnals"di, A. 11. 3. 01 systell"ll With Lirdtcd r J jF,,q,OjCjjj%10'3Tt cSISTEI-I G OGRAJ'-1102- REQ TR CHECK, 17-09-73 T541 UNKNOWN MALINOVSKIY, B.N.; AGRINSKIY, K:m: UR: UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEMY I MASHINY, NO. i, SEP-OCT 1972, pp. 60-65 Yegipko, V. M. Problems and basic steges in the desig#ng of systems for automation of experiments 20 pp UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SI.','M~Y I MASHINGYt nr. il L!I'/Z, pp. 71- AIR/FTD-MT- - 24-SCI-74 Safonovs I. Algorithm 8tage in formalixed reliability designing of' digital ocTuter ZV pp UPRAMYRUSHCHRE SrSTM I WHINY. nr, Sapt;;er-!Oct9sr r0lo pp. gr-lar ATRIFTD-HT-23-543-74 REQ TR CHECK 17-09-73 T544 UNKNOWN NAUMOV, B.N.; ZAKHAROV, V.G. UR: UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEW I MASHINTY, SEP-OCT 19721 pp. 104-109 f_t'~-U - ?,-, ~'L I/ fi)7_7~- 'I- Boymovich., 1, D. Superconducting memory det~ices Z2.pp . . . UPRAWAYUSHCHRE SISTEMY I &MS11 LNY, nr. Z, Septloct 19?2, pp. tb;-ZZ4 AIRI'M-11T43-545-74 Sawov, V. I. Synthesis oe d~zpley systems on the basis of a mini- coriputer 9pp T,rll,MVLYAYu3i'-,C,=,- I 1P.1,311 U IZD-VO NAm-.OVA Mrl.gdi Kiev, -,u'. 1, SCT-Oct 1972, Irp. 11c)-122 D - *1 L, - VAL PKOVo V, M. 11UMMAYUSHOPM SrSTEW Ir MAMNY11. -/-/-0 V-A-JNOOOIJ The control conputer "Slaktronika K-2000? and the f'41d Of ite uoe., 15 pps pp 123-128, SOPWat 1972, AIRIPTD-MT-24-547.~-7400 Vinolcurov, V. 0. Conplexes of admicopputem and their appUcation pp UPRAVLYAYUSHCIIIYE, 14,1115TEIMY I MASHINY, nr. 1, Sep - 'Oct. 72,, pp. 8-132 AIRIYO-1IT-23-546-74 Sfavehikov, A. 1. First conference on the optimum pt=ning and control of the MationaZ Economy, 5 pp UPWMAYUSHCHRE SXSTEMY X No 1., Sept-Oct, 1972 Fp 134-135 AIRIFTD-HT-505-74 Control in saientific systems. 6 pp. UPRAWAYUSHCHME SISTEMY I MASHINY,10 1, Sep-Oct 1972, pp 136-238 AIRIPTD-RT-23-552-74 Sm~rnov, L. P. ne design of orgemizational structures in control. 6 pp UPRAVLYAYUSHCIIIYE SISTEff I WHINY, No 1,, Sept-Oct 1972S pp 238-139 AIRIFTD-RT-23-553-74 LARIONOV. A. M. /IUPRAIILYAYUSHCHIYE StSTEMIYI MASHINY, KIBERNETICHMIY.TSENTRA UKRSSR:(KIEV)//- V0001, N0002 tT-he basic pr-inciples of the construction and., the technical economical cbaracteristics of a unified computer system. 30 pp pp 1-12 March-April 1973, AIR/FTD/MT-24-1164-74 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOV'T AGENCIES ONLYt COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: OTHER REQUEST FOR 7 THIS DOC'UMENT MUST BE REFERRED TO FTD## I T~4 kq TR CHECK 31-01 74 .0 AUTOMATED CHErK SYSTEM (AlH,S) OF COMPUTi~G TECHNIQUE DIGITAL MODULI GROMINj D.M.; SERGEYEV, B.G. UR: UPRAVLYAYUSHCHMI SISTEMY I'MSHINY. KIBERNETICHESKOGO TSEI.\:TRA UKRSSR (KIEV), No. ') 1973., pp. 86-97 RRQ'TR HHECK 31-0~-74 FIRST STAGE OF ACS FOR-PLANT OF CEiLULOSE-, PAPER INDUSTRY RUVINSKIYo A A UR: UP~AMAYUSHCHM, SISTEMY I MASHINY. KIBERNETICHESKOGO SSENTRA UKRSSR (KIEV).v No. 1.0 1973, pp. A7-i20 4_01.q4 2 MQ TR CHECK T MODERN OPTICAL AUTOMATA-FOR READI-IM-FRINTED ANt HAND-PRINTED TEXTS_ VOZIYANOV4 A.F.; GIMEWFARB,, G.L4 UR: IJPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEMY I WHINY. KIBEMETICHESKOGO TSENTRA UKRSSR (KIEV) 1"73, pp. 121-:141 NO. I ~Jl All 7 XAVW, L. YA. i'1WR4MrAY&V,ffCH=-SZ=)a Z WJIZRf. VNIN&TIamirtry., YOWRA UMOR emv)ll -)f-1197as A &N4 of ow strotwv of oontml muttipromosing uniti, 24 pp, pp 89-94,jMxvh-Apr!l 2073s AIRIFID~0-23.1266-7400 UNKNOWN //UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEMY I14ASHINY XIBERNMdHESXOGO TSENTRA U9RSSR WED,// -4-419739 V ---- 9NO003,11 single computer system-the technical base ior comtemporary management systems 5 pp yp 1-2, 142, AIRIFTDAHT-23-1611-74 Ilay-June 1973@@ DSHKHUNTAN. V L. 11UPRAVLYAYUSkHIYE SISTEMY .1. WHINY KIBERNETICHESKOGO TSENTRA UKRS.SR-(KIEV)// --/--/1973$ V----, N0003 The state an6 prospects for developm%'ent of a computer element base 10 pp pp 48-51 AIR/FTD/HT-23-1612-74 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOV'T AGENCIES ONLY: COPYRIGHT INFORMATION OTHER REQUEST FOR THIS DOCUMENT MUST RErERRED TO rTD## LARIONOV. A. M, //UPRAVLYAYUSCCHIYE SISTEMIY I MASHINY KIBERNETICHESKOGO TSENTRA// V----, N0003 The baisc principles of constructuion and the technical economic characteristics of immediate access and long term storage of the unified computer system 30 pp pp 92-10SAIR/FTDIMT-24-1614-74 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO US GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ONLY COPYRIGHT INFORMATION OTHER REQUEST FOR THIS DOCUMENT MUST REFERRED TO FTD## LARIONOV. A. M. //UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEMIY I MASHINY NIBERNETICHESKOGO TSENTRA// --/--/1973, V----j N0003 Technical and operating characteristics of the peripheral gear of models 6fthe unified compurtersystem 52 pp pp 106-128 AIR/FTD/MT-24-1615-74 DISTIRBUTION LIMITED TO US GOVERNMENT AGENCIES CNLY COPYRIGHT INFORMATION OTHER REQUEST FOR TITS DTXMENT MUST REFERRED TO FTD## LARIONOY-AA.-M. //UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEMY I MASHINY KIBERNETICHESKOGO TSENTRA// -4-41973, V----, N0003 The basic principles of the construcution of the system of software for the YeS EVM (SMO YeS) 26 pp pp 129-138 May-June 1973 AIR/FTD/MT-24-1616-74 DISTRIB9TION LIMITED TO US GOVERMENT AGENCIES ONLY COPYRIGHT INFORMATION OTHER REQUEST FOR THIS DOCUMENT MUST REFERRED TO FTD##