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December 31, 1983
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MNRCS Manifesto Looks to Better Future, 21 pp. INFO TCHAD, Fort Lamy, 18 SeD 73, pp 1-5. 19 Sep 737, pp 1-3; 20 Sep 73, PP 14-18; 21 Se-a 73, pp 4-7; 22-23 Sep 73, pp 2-4. ,TPRS 60459 Nov 73 Parliamentarian Talks of Tour, NGABA Affair, 7 pp. INFO TCHAD, NIDjamena, 21 Jan 74, pp 9-16. JPRS 61353 Mar 74 Unified Computer System (Ryad) Described, 5 PP. INFORMACIO -- ELEKTRONIla, Budapest, No 2, 1973, p 1:23-125. JTRS 425 Sep 73 Palfi, Adorjan Information, Statistics on Hungarian Computer Courses Presented, 11 pp. INFORMA,CIo -- ELEKTRONIYA, Budapest, No 2, 1973, pp 135-13d. JPR3 59625 Sep 73 Gaeoh, 4r. 7~ ~.. -~ - 11 Azvami,o .yj 14-Feb-74 Uncl (SLAC-Trans-160) Functioning and operations of the I.S.R. fast-valve control system. Rochat, Ph.; Delfosse, J. (European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva (Switzerland)). Translated from French Information Bulletin No-. 12, July 31, 1973 Oct 1973. d-p.- _Dep_-_NTrr_P"_0r.' particle accelerators; translations 20G MN-26 P NSA ~wvlm- ~, F. (1,,rof . ) Technology of Inhibition of Sprouting of Potatoes by Means of Radiation 82 pp Iliaformation et Wcumentation", Eurisotop 1971 68 pp 'VE -7436 , C/1PR -73 j -~~,Ovs to Protect. -a lis t. and Soci 10 Ronr. ,, 1P, 0 J, -12. J,p Rp GDR Prosectors to Protect Socialist Law and Property, 10 pp. INFORMATIONEN, Bonn, No 10, May 74, pp 10-12. JPRS b243b Oct 74 802b 268' W GMM MO.* 11 April 1973 SF information on forthcoming tenth world festival of youths and students. Wiesbaden, Informationsdienst, 13 March 1973? pp 1-6. Ad Hoe Special type B Do not pubish original plus one Very rough draft ok 141tropoitskii, V.I. 1970 Now findingo on the feeding of spfteriido (IjUvp damiye o pitanit oferiid) Informotsiomwi.-W110tent, (5), Irmt. blologli mutrenAlkh , vod. Akad. Nauk 56~R* 5 -34. In.Ruesian. Tranal. for NTT,, 8p. . proceased. A"11. NLL 80 RTs 6501. Anil. on Loan - RPS, Waah, , D.C. Original Arlicle Checkedl. LIZAhlts, V.Eh. 1971 Or. the Investigation of ourrenta in the reservoirs or Karelia (Ob iealadovanli teohemii v vodoemakh Narelli) . L,~LuXletenl, (9),.jnst. b1ologii vrutknnikh InformatsioraV 4od, Akaa'. Nauk SSSR: 0-61. in Russian. Transl. for NLL, 4p., prooeased. Avall. NLL as RTs 696o. , Avail. an Loam - N"S, Wash., D.C. Original Articlo Cliackodw Monakov. A.V. . and T. 1. Pagaahovs. 1971 - Prollminary data on nutrition of Cyoloml y1ginug (Ooyspoda, dyalopoida) (Predvaritalnyye dannyye o pitanil gLolopj Vialnus (Copepoda. Cyclopoida) Informa s.ionrwy by%Metan, (10), Aked. Nauk 8SM 40-42, .T'fi'R 'ian. TrQnal. by Tranal. Bur., Fgn. lAng. Div., Dept. of See. of State of Canada, for Dept. of Environ., MC areat TAkes Diolimnology bab., Darlington, Ont., 1973, as Traml. Serits No. 2702, 7P., typosaript. Avail. on Loan - IRVS, Wash., D.C. Original Article CheckedK FSTC-HT-23-2368-72 INFORMATSIONNY1 BYULLETEN. SOVETSKOY ANTARKTICHESKOY EKSPEDITSII ALSO SEE BYULLETEN' SOVETSKOY ANTARKTICHESKOY EKSPEDITSII Podolyan, LA Certain Changes of the Function of the Adrenal Cortex in Polar Residents of the Antarctic 6ff Expeditions INFORMATSIONNYI BYULLETENISOVETSKOY ANTARKTICIESKOY USPEDITS11, No 74, 1969, pp--ITO--l03 OACSI-K-4857 Fetrov.,- I. CT. ~nvestiga tipns Conducted by the Sixteenth Soviet Antarctic bcpedition. 12 pp INFOPMATSIONNYY BIULLETIN' SOUTSKOY ANTARK- TICHESKOY EKSMITSII, Leningrad, No 87, 1973, pp 5-13. jpRs-62oig Dubrovin, Lo- I. Scientific Stations in Antarctica (1972)- 5 PP'- INFORMATSIONICY BYLUff EN' SOVIUSKOY JVJTARK- TICbMKOY EKSPEDITS11, Leningrad, No 879 1.973,. pp.2.1-24. ipas 62m9 Voskresensldy, A* 1. Investigation of the Southern Hemisphere Atmos- phore by Means of Constant-Level Baloons, 8.PP INFOWTSIONNYY 5YUILETINI -SOVETSKOY ANTARK-: 'TICHESKOY EKSPEDITSII, Leningrad, No 87,.1973, PP 29-34. jPRs 6zoig RUSSIAN See attached sh et C�6:1 6~"MO4 16 April 19T4 Leningrad, Informatsionnyy ByuU*tenl Sovetakoy Antarkticheskoy Eicspeditsii No 87., 11 Feb 1973 Please publish and include reproductions. Suggested title - "Selected translations from Bulletin of the Soviet Antarctic Expedition" Please provide J.PRC/Ad Hoe irith copy of report Antirc-tic Expedition, 11 by earch lnst~itutej- 13p L. 1. Dubrovich a2ad A. T. ,ch 1--ristitute, pp 21-24 ~n Rcmisrbere by Mleans of and ~~ E. P. Lyss-kcv, Arctic 9-34 y MI/ M. Schneider (GDIII)-'~ GOVERNISNT USE ONLY Krustynysh, Ya. E. Information Bulletin. Aew Automatic Channel Mtch- ing Telegraph Stations. 13 PP INFORMTSIONNY1 IISTOK. NOME AVTODIATICHFSKIYE4 TELEGRAFNYYE 5TANTSII K010MATSH KANALOV, hloscow, 1971, PP 1-15. JPRS/L 5o6o RUSSIAN CSO: 8344/0525 19 Sep'74'. je Inforwtion bulletin. New automatic channel svitching telegraph stations) by Ya. E. Kxustynysh, M. Ye. Yeliseyeva~ et &I. Moscov, informatsionnyy listok, Novrje avtomatich- eskiye telearafairye stantsii koimutataii kanalov 1971, PP 1-15. Please publish as a GUO report. PROSPECTS FOR THE-USE OF AIPBPRNE-DIGITIAL COMPWE~ 13 COMPLEXLY AUTOMATED'ADAPTr#, SYSTEMS OF A-IRQRAFT CONTROLS TERYAYEV., Y ED; -ISHAMIKOV, Bmi UR: INFORkATSIONNYYE-MATERnLY. AKADEMIYA NAUK SSSR. NAUCHM SOVET PO KOMPLEKSNOY PROBfOME "KIBEENETIKA",; ADAPTIMYE SYSTM (MOSCOW), NO. 6, 1972, pp. ig-29 7P ME L'N I K OV, - V. //INFORMATSIONNOYE MObELIROVANIYE, V KLIN- IGIESKOY MEDITSINE// Information Model-Building in Clinical Medicine, pp 1-13j, *ACSI-K-5116## UNKNOWN //INFORME NACIONAL PRESENTADO A LA VII REUNION DE LA COMISION GRAVIMETRICA INTERNACTIONAL// ---/--/.1974, V----, N---- Argentine national report presented to the.VII meeting of the international gravity comission Paris, 2,6 September 1974. p~'~5 DMAAC## wvi- ~.OV3 i 1; :,~ ~, T _4_q_ ST.:- ,2 C, I Problems in DeveloDment of Information Science Industry Analyzed, by R. Kulesza, 12 pp. POLISH, per, Informatyka, Warsaw, No 1, Jan 73, PD- 4-8. JPRS 58939 Mov 71 Pawlak, Tomasz Development of Computer Design Outlined1 14 pp. INFORDLkTYKA, Warsaw, No 3, Mar 73., PP 11-18. RS M71 Sep 73 Praozek, Krzysztof Uniform System of Electronic Digital Computers, 7 pp. INFORMATYFA, Warsaw, No 4y Apr 73, pp 1-4. M3 7UT Jul 73 Kamburelis, Thanasis R-30 Computer Described, 10 pp. INFORMATYKA, Warsaw, No 5, May 73, pp 1-4. JPRS 55724 sep 73 Wipiews1d) Jerzy Automation of Data Processing in Production Systems Analyzed, 7 PP. INPOMATYla, Warsaw, No 5, May 73, pp 5-7. JPRS 59709 SOP 73 Mora-Elwro computer service System Described, 6 pp. INFORMA.TYla, WS-rSaW., No 5, DjaY 73, pp 29-30. JPRS 59769- Sep 73 Kulesza, Roman Prospects of Computer Development outlined, 6 pp. INFORMATYKA, Warsaw, No 7, J~11 73, pp 5-7. Mg 616W Oct 73 Training Requirements Reported, 5 pp. INFORMATYII~ Warsaw, "NRS 60047- for Uniform System No 7, Jul 73, PP 30-31- Oct 73 qobaniec, Jacenty Hardware of Uniform System of Digital Computers Described, 32 Dp. INFORMATYKA, Warsaw, Aug 73, pp 2-16. ,TPRS 60361 Nov 73 ne-pacz, Wiadyslaw software of Uniform System of Digital Comput Described, 6 np. INFORMAT17A, ~,Iarsaw, Aug 73, pp 16-19. R---R'7r ITP Is Nov 73 Targowski, Andrzej Development of InformatIon Science outlined. 10 pp 10FORUTYKA, Warsaw, NO 91 SePt 1973, PP6-9- JPRS 60751 Pele, Janusz GOVERNM USE ONLY Uniform Digital Computer System Hardware Described. 36 pp INFORWYKA, Warsaw, Sept 1973, PP 15-28. JPRSTL-47'73 Chelstowski, Tadeusz Uniform Digital Computer System Hardware Described, 1~0 pp. INFORMATYKA, Warsaw, No 10, Oct 73, pp 11-20. JPRS b1267 mar 74 T T 7 7 P 7 of Dif-3011sird 1.0 j7" T' I ~.) ~ ' ()) 1. :L J f.1 ~)mTK~l'u-ifini-111F. of 0, ~23 %, I !-.or T)e s c r 1-b e, d 1 '7 ,TV-, T fl SPANISH CSO: 02099/72 W 16 marcii im sF Unequalled source of energy (oil.), by Romulo Betancourt. Caracas, Informe Especial, Vol. 40, No. 41 26 Feb. 19T2. Please publish in TOLA/GUO and provide JMC/AdHoe with an advance copy and the source. IMPORTANU OF BLAST SIMULATION FOR MILITARY S HFt-lFR TFCAINULOGY HIANTUL H H LANGUAGE-GE COUNTRY.-GW INFRASTRUKTURSTAO KULN APKIL 1972 3RD INTERNA TIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON MILITAR FSTC-HT-23-0375-74 Greco, G. Evaluation techniques of gaseous diffusion in porous so- lids. IffGMNERTA CHIMICA ITALIA9 Vol 8, Vo 10, Oct 19722 pp 225-231. C. E. Trans 6232 Di Pa Zo., L. Leakage of gaseous fission products from fuel atements in a reactor. INGEGNERIA NUCLEARE Vol 11, No 516,0 10 Sept 1970, pp, 35-43 C. E. trans 6304 OFFICIAL USE ONLY Schach, W. Deflection of a free f Md jet at a flat panel. 39 pp. ING.-ARCH. Vot 5, 1934, pp 245-265 NASA TT F 15151 J. G. EdlerVonBoht The behavior of paratleZ air jet8. 34 pp. INC-ARCH VoZ 11, 1940, pp 295-314 NASA V 14,653 apr 73 Schoenauer, W. A differential method for solving the boundary layer equation for steady laminer incompressable flow. INGENMM-ARCHIV, Vol 33, 1964, PP 173-189. 14TC 73-11394-20D VON. J. C. //INGENIEUR ARCHIV GESELLSCHAFT FUER ANGEWANDTE MATHEMATIK UND MECHANIK// --/--/1963, V0032, N ---- unknown pp 187-190 NASA TT F 15989## I ~31 1) ag c s Jaeg,u(,-,, 1-1 miozcch The Eloctvic E.,i!-:-i;)c and 1-il-s Gone2aLonot. IRC'iBT.!IB-UI33 IZ, LIAUT011013ILE JyjEly 1.0'(1, pp 26.1-306. FSTC-JU-23-2360--f2 A t,,,; BEAUDtqUiNt i LANGUAGE-FR COUNTRY-Fk AIR CUSHION VEHICLE DEVELOPLO BY FRENCH AIR C USHIGN VEHILLL LLUb 6. i", J,.J. .,.II,/ P /-, .1. 4 - - -- ,~, c;" INGENILURS UE LIAUTOMUBILEt JAN 3l PP46-55 FSTC-HT-23-U196-74 Ioopez Alegret, P. Submaxine dwellings. IMERSION I CIENCIA, WFS on loan 10 pp No 3, 1971, Dec. pp 63-70 may 73 21-Jun-74 Uncl (BNWL-tr--118) Stability of the monoclinic modification of the sesquioxide of americium and europium. BERNDT, U.; TANAMAS, R.: MAIER, D.; KELLER, C. Translated by D. G. Russell from Inorg.- Nucl. Chem. Lett.; 10: 315-321(2974). 6p. Dep. NTIS 07B chemistry (inorganic); translations MN-4 P NSA Is Roy-Noel, J. Note on Unusual Behavior by Coptotermes Intermedius Silvestri in Relation to Their Dead INSECTES SOCIAUX, Vol 14, No 4, 1968, pp 349!-350 *NTIS-I'T--74-55036 . The Army Chief of Staff on the Current Situation DER INSPEKTEUR DES HEERES ZUR LAGE, pp 6-9 PSTC-HT- 23-1051-72 ....... ... ... ppi-, The sall* 11STITUT ARPMEOHNQUE DE SAM&M ASSO&ATTON PARIS) 8-ZO NOV$ 2972# ppl-ZJ AIRMYNHN23-1190-74 Distribution Zimlted to U. S. Gov't agencies only; Copyright Information; other request for thio ; d6ownent must be referred to FTD. The contenf6-~f this dooment are suapected to be subject to copyright protection. Hetet, J*' P-. Wind simulation in.a wind tunnel 18: pp INSTITUT AEROTECHNIQUE DE SAINT-CYR, ASSOCIA- Distribution limited to U. S. Gov't agencies only; Copyright p Information; Other request for this document must j, neferred to FTD. The contents for this document are suspected to be subject to copyright protection. Voroblyeva, V.V. et al Complexing Trivalent Americium, Curium, Californium, Promethium and Yttrium Ions with Dioxymethyl- Phosphonic Acid 9 pp INSTlTLR ATommH kswroRov im LENIN, 1973 AEC-tr.7474-73 uncl (AEC-tr--7406) Calculations of the lifetimes of prompt neutruns in a reactor bV the Monte Carlo method. Frank-Kamenetskil, A.D.; Yudkevich, M.S. (IBE-1-TUT ATOMNG-I ENERGII, MOSCGW (USSR)). Translation of report 0~-- 12p. Dep. NTIS. 18K reactor pbysics; translations MN-80 P NSA REVISED March 19, 1973 0 .1 V 'CIRM4. . 'encyl AC I 1 932012-134 '~i .11-75-7 18 Vobo 1975 TitL~i 'suklpar(-- chad.-mofft in fler :Arep W-R)--Containf!~nnt-) und lard dor 1'.enntnis) Author: j.P.Roacriantip 11.jordan, i%'. chlikarshi, ,ourcoi InqtItut fur Avgeiqandto YSUMUChIM', E Phyiik. Projeet ~:ulrleare AcIvarheit. June 1970 (1973) LanRuagei (.Qnian pp. 1-102 ln~,tructiorisi Type single space. All paste-up, paoinatc,~, camori ready integrated copy. 28-Nov-73 Uncl (UP-Trans-139) Individual means of protection during operation in ''hot" laboratories. GOROGINSKI, S.M.; SCHERBAKOL, V.L. (INST-ITU-T-BIDFIZIKI, MOSCOW (USSR)). Aug 1963. Transla~ted from report SM-125/26. (CONF-691008-19, SM-125126). 13p. Dep. NTIS $3.00. From Symposium on radiation safety problems In the design and operation of "hot" facilities; Saclay, France (13 Oct 1969). 06R health and safety; 14 methods and equipment; translations MN-41 P NSA REQ TR CHECK 12-02-74 TH83 PERFORATED TAPE READER LB-20-2 UMMOWN RU: INSTITUTUL DE CER.9-11T-AR-T Sl PROTF-STARI FENTRU TEHNICA DE #sALCIL (ENDLOSURE 4 Ilo IR 6 883 OIIT 73) 11973, pp. 1-2 REQ TE CHECK 12-02-74 T~83 PERFORATED TAPE READER LB-20-2 UNKNOWN RU: INSTITUTUL DE CER43TARI SI PROIESTARI PENTRU TEHNICA DE I&ALAL (ENDLOSURE 4 TO IR 6 883 0117 73) 11973, pp. 1-2 INSTITUTL FUk k~HEM15TRI OF PROPELLANTS AND EX PLUSIVF-S PAMPHLET TECHNLLOGY APPLI LANGUAGE-GE COUNTRY-GW INSTITUTE ~OR CHEMIE DLR TRE16- UNU EXPLUSIVL TUFEE DEP FkAUNHUFEk GLSELL FSTC-HT-23-165o-73 PROBLEMS IN THE AUTOMATIC PRODUCTION & PROCES SING OF PRIMARY EXPLOSIVES DEISENROTH E LANGUAGE-GE COUNTRY-GW INSTITUTE FUER CHEMIE DER TRIEB-UND EXPLOSIVS TOFFE KARLSRUHE7 WEST GER FSTC-HT-23-0117-75 Af,.c-novi ITP,'J~DA liq, bibrarl P-C-~-:O- SA-W?-74 951,9/1P17 90 June 1. Titlet OlYavaux Conce. mnt l'Aflatoxina J',,xtraitr, du D'Activite Laboratolre Authort des Co Om, .1973 1;-stractionot Famoo tn>o 3ingle space, paginate, intorratc ql text. pwita-up 1130 x mx cop~y# fin. UbTarl SA-W?-~~, 95110,/IP27 20 June 1, Titlet Itavaux Concermnt JAflatoAina l,.,(.tmits du Raypp( D'Activite labomtoire Authors---- I -01 Tee I Taintitnt-i iles (om* 1-0,73 irtt"Tate, tmt- For paste-up use xmx A HIGH VULTAGE PULSE GENERATUR ION, I. LANGUAGE-RO COUNTRY-RD INST. FILICA. ATOM., VOL. 221 NO. 31 BUCUREST , 1970, PP. 347-9 FSTC-HT-Z3-0099-74 ,cnoraltor UEM 7- DE SAINT Note on the "boom" generator of the French- German research institute at Saint Louis (HT-RHIN). 7 pp. INSTITUT FRANCO-ALL240D DE RECMMCHDS DE MNT-LOUIS, pp. 1-7- kIR/FTD/HC-7~3-oo44-73 Distribution liritited to U. S. Gov't agencies only Copyright information. Any other request must be referred to FTD may 73 Peter, A. Interaction of the Sonic Boom and a Water Surface. (Interaction du bang et d1une nappe d I eau). Fore,'go h 4*1- INSTITUr FRANCO-ATJ MAND DE RE RPRCRris, ST. LOTIS-t (FRANCE), REPORT 31/71, October 1971, 52 pages, NASA TT F 14)93.7 maY 73 DMAAC-TC-1915 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S.GOV'T AGENCIES ONLY OTHER REQUESTS FOR THIS DOEUMENT MUST BE REFERRED TO DMAURDLI, St. Louis AFS, Mo 63118 July 1973