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SUkVEY (.'IF METHODS OF LUGATING PEUPLE WHO ARE BURI~b ALIVE - UEVLLOPMENT OF A TR KICHTSCHElU ANT LANGUAGE-GE LOUNTRY-GW INS]ITUT FUR HOCHFkEQUENLTECHNIK ENCLOSURE 3 TO USOA0 GERMANY LF U-0180 FSTC-HT-Z3-16'lcu-73 J. Pokorny Non-Enzymatic Browning INSTITUT FUR LEBENSMITTELCHEDIIE PRAG FSTC-HT-23-283-72 Agency: NIM17S P.O. No.: NA-838-73 #309 Title: Food products. I?I*OCCSSC'd 111d refrigerated fruit i;id vcK,etables. Author: ~,Iational Institute for Technological and Standardization Research Soucce: Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Technologicas y Normalizacion, Santiago, Chile, Decree No. 67, Feb. 12P 1970, 10p. Language: Spanish. Agency: MrS 7 P.O. No. : NA-838-73 #307 Title: ClAilean langostinos. Coneral requirciacnts. Author: National Institute for Technological and Standardization Research Sourue: instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Technologicas y Normalizacion, Santiago, Chile, Decree No. 97, Feb. 28, 1969, 7p. Language: Spanish /J /W. lilre '~' "r, J Agency: NMFS el IN -~/13'~ F P.O. No.: NA-838-73 #308 7 ree. If Title-, Shrimp. General requiremmits. Author: National Inscitue for Technological and Standardization Research Source: Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Teclinologicas y 'Normalizacion, Santiago, Chile, Decree No. 97, Feb. 28, 1999, 7p. Language: Spanish _TIQ X- JILL or i'lle of Pe.-vforw:-cC~ CokeE, vlld ,Kozikowski, H. The problem of locating a series of crude oil source rocks in the outer Carpathian mountains and their foothills. INST. NAFT, Vol 22, No 5., 1972, pp 17-19 ATS RJ-6000 *NTIS-Tf-74-55011 David, F. Redox Potentials and Electronic Structure I - 3D, Q and 5D Transition Elements. INSTITUT DE PHYSIQUE NUCLEAIRE. DIVISION DE RADIOCHIMIE. 1971 NTC 73-10727-07E may 73 7-Jan-74 Uncl (ANL-Trans--947) Fission of medium and heavy nuclei induced by heavy tons, Ar and Kr- HANAPPE, F.; NGO, C.; PETER9 J.: TAMAIN, B. (PARIS-11 UNIV., 91 - ORSAY (FRANCE). INST. DE PHYSIQUE NUCLEAIRE). Nov 1973. Translation of SM--174/41. (CONP-730823--20). 27p. Dep. NTIS $3.50. From 3. symposium on physics and chemistry of fission; Rochester, New York, USA (13 Aug 1973). 20H physics (nuclear); translations MN-34c P NSA revision 20-Sep-74 Uncl (UCRL-7rans--1517) Study of the conditions required for the axial extraction of multi-charged Ions from a confined electron beam source. TUAN TOM-THAT. (PARIS-12 UNIV., 91 - ORSAY (FRANCE). INST. DE PHYSIQUE NUCLEAIRE). 1972. Translation by M. Martin of FRMC-TH- -388. 113p. Dep. NTIS $8.75. Thesis. 20G particle accelerators; translations MN-28 P NSA IOENCY: RV-0DAt BMW OF RADIOLOGICAL HEALTH 1? 952010394 P.o. M. in-PLD-94-73 21 May 1973 TITLEt rN~LyjCTIO*J' COILS AS D.-20GTORS MR FLIST 1=11 NO-PPE.-TEDRFER, W# 10THORs souRcEt ris",ITUT FUR PT2aU7HYS1K(1,TT,1C1TE1-T) I Nov. 1961 vp 1-24 TY-FIS SPAC.,~ 1 110 PAST:' TJF) TRA-1,13LATE, UPTIONS & KEY ~Itle-, Induction Coils as Detector for rast High Current Gas Discharges Uncl (SLA--73-143) Calculation bases for crowbar- and power-crowbar discharges. Oswald, B. ( LNSTITUT FUER PLASMAPHYSIK, G.M.B.H. GARCHING (WEST GERMANY)). f_r_in_s_1Tt_a-f'or Sandia Labs., Albuquerque, N. Mex., from report MPI--7 30p. Dep. NTIS. 20H physics (particle); translaticna MN-34 P NSA REVISED March 19, 1973 Danilov, A.D. Empirical Model of inert Composition of the At- mosphere at Altitudes of 130-200 KM. INSTITUT PRIKLADNOY GEOFIZIKI. NEKOTORYYE PRO- BLEMY AERONOMII, No. 16, 1971, pp.57-66. FTD-HT-23-800-73 J~ 5T-- RUSSIAN CSO! :8044/0976 25 November 1974 Unsigned PINSTITUT VYSOKIKH TEKPERATUR AKADEMII NAUK SSSR11 --/--/1974) V----) N ---- I pp 0003-0079 Moscow Most Important Results of 1973 Scientific Research Please publish and include all repros. Properties of the Soils of t1le Inundation Area of the Lower Course of the Velika Morava River, by V. Hikodijevic. INSTITUT ZA PROUCAVANJBI ZEKOSTAI 1962, PP 315-328. *TNTIS 71 7346o14 Feb 73 The Effect of Superphosphate on the Elimination of the Haxmful Influence of Mobile Aluminum, by V. Nikodiljevic. INST= ZA PROUCAVANJE ZEMLESTA, 1963, pp 62o-627. *NTIS TT 73-56019 Mar 73 The Effect of Liming on the Elimination of the Hamful. Influence of Mobile Aluminium, by V. Nikodijevic. INSTITUT ZA PROUCAVANJE ZEMLJISTA~ 1963, PP 7o4-799. *NTIS TT 73-56016 Ma-r 73 Hydromorphic Soils of Serbia, by N. Pav-1cevic. INSTITUT ZA PROUCAVADUE, ZmZISTA~ 1969, PP 3-43. *NTIS TT 73-56013 Feb 73 Soil Erosion on the Slopes of the Mountain of Kopaonik, by N. Pavicevic. INSTITUT ZA PROUCAVANJE ZEMLJISTAy 1969j pp 145-171. *NTIS TT 73-56012 Feb 73 Peaologic Cover of Porecka Reka Basin, by D. M. Tanasijevic. INSTITUT ZA FROUCAVANJE ZEMMSTAI 1971~ pp 1-66. *NTIS TT 73-56020 Mar 73 14-Jon-74 Uncl (ORML-tr--2765) Prof. Alfven on nuclear fusion; comments on an open letter. MERTON, A. (INSTITUT FUER REAKTORSICHERHEIT DER TECHNISCHEN UEBERWACHUNGS-VEREINE E.U., COLOGNE (F.R. GERMANY)). Apr 1972. Translation by M. Gerrard of IRS-S--6. 4p. Dep. NTIS $3.00. 18A fusion devices (thermonuclear); ZOI physics (plasma); translations MM-20 P USA 21-Jan-74 Uncl (ORNL-tr--2779) Undeveloped energy reserves for production of electrical power. Attempt at a realistic method of consideration. FRANZEN, L.F.; MERTON, A. ( lk$-UTU-T--FUER.-REAKTOR~-ICHERHEIT--DER--T~~ONISCHEN UEBERWACHUHGS-V_g_kE_INP E-V-, COLOGNF (F.R. GERMANY)). -- Translation bV R.G. Mansf feld of IRS-S-7. 23P. Dep. NTIS $3.Z5. 10B energy sources; 18A fusion devices (thermonuclear); translations RN-Z P NSA 26-Nov-73 Uncl (AEC-tr--7480) Brookhaven report (WASH--740): contents and significance. MERTON, A. (INSTITUT FUER REAKTORSICHERHEIT DER TECHNISCHEN UEBFRWACHUNGS-VEREINE E.V., COLOGNE (F.R. GERMANY)). 1973. Translation of IRS-S--9- Up. Dep. NTIS $3.00. 18E nuclear power plants; 181 reactor engineering; 181 reactor safety; translations MN-80 P NSA 26-Nov-73 Unci (AEC-tr--7480) Brookhaven report (WASH-740): contents and significance. MERTON, A. (INSTITUT FUER REAKTORSICHERHFIT DER TECHNISCHEN UEBERWACHUNGS-VEREINE E.V., COLOGNE (F.R. GERMANY)). 1973. Translation of IRS-S--9. 11p. Dep. NTIS $3.00. 18E nuclear power plants; 181 reactor engineering-, 181 reactor safety; translations MN-80 P NSA 14-Jan-74 Uncl (ORNL-tr--2765) Prof. AII'ven on nuclear fusion: comments on an open letter. MERTON, A. (INSTITUT FUR REAKTORSICHERHEIT DER TECHNISCHEN UEBERWACHUNGS-VEREINE E.U., CDLOGME (F-R- GERMANY)). Apr 197Z. Translation t>y M. Gerrard of IRS-S--6. 4p. Dep. NTIS $3.00. 18A fusion devices (thermonuclear); 201 physics (plasma), translation,., MN-20 P KISA 21-Jan-74 Uncl (ORNL-tr--2779) Undeveloped energy reserves for production of electrical power. Attempt at a realistic method of consideration. FRANZEN, L.P.; MERTON, A. ( IX~jj-TUT...FUER--REAK.T.QR-S-ICHERHEIT...DER.-TECH,NTSCH,EN UE3ERWACHUNGS-VERFINE E.V., COLOGNE (F.R. UERMANY)). S~4- On. Transi"a-it'l-o-n by R.G. Mansfield of IRS-S--7. 23p. Dep. NTIS $3.25. 10B energy sources: 18A fusion devices (thermonuclear); translations MN-Z P NSA 25-Apr-73 Unel (AEC-tr--7423) Systematic recording and evaluation of failures. FEHNDRICHI W.; FELDMANN, J.; FRANZEN, L.r.; STOLL, A. (TECHNISCHER UEBERWACHUNGS VEREIN E. V., COLOGNE (WEST GERMANY). INSTITUT rUER REAKTORSICHERHEIT). 1973. Translation a 4). p. Dep. NTIS $4.50. 181 reactor engineering; 181 reactor safety; 181. reactors pover; translations "N-80 P NSA 3C-May-74 ljl~cl (AEC-tr--7539) Scientific reports: siting of nijcl ear technical Ingta Ila t ions to prevent external i rt f I uence!; .Aircraft impact Intermediate report. PPITTLF~,. K.; GRUNEP, P.: SUEETTERLIN, L. (INSTITUT FUER 4EAKTCJP---'111H---.RHE1T DER TENNISCHEN UEBERWACHUNGS-VE.REINE F.V, KOELN (F.R. GERMANY)). Dec 1973. Translation of 1!~S-W--7. 24p. Dep. NTIS $4.25. !BE nuclear power plants; 131 reactor hazards; 181 rpactor safety; translationa MN-80 P HSA 4-Sep-74 Uncl (AEC-tr--7554) Fallure rate compilation. Scientific reports. BALFANZ, H.P. (INSTITUT FUER REAKTORSICIIERHEIT DER TECHNISCHEN UEBERWACHUNGS-VEREINE E.V., KOELN (P.R. GERMANY)). [nd]. Translation of IRS- W-8. 92p. Dep. NTIS $7.75. 13 engineering; translations MN-38 P NSA 0 Agensys Urban Mass Transpo A&* 9119/1752 DoT-AT-4017 22 may 1974 Titles Quatrs WMerientem do Praottan doe TCfInSMt$ Callectifs" Authovs- Sawass Institut$ do Recbemb#" Wansporte #2p 1973 Languages Prenth Instructiams Type single sWee NO PASIE-UP* Leave space, trartalate all C%ptionS, gnoi2lS3 Oo-Scat FS SW32 27 AU4, M-1W =102 4faq In POUC Authwl vokwo Z,.,- / 1 7.y somaw zwtu" do Retbutbe dos Traftsoafts LaRmogat Veemb 1-35 on mt1oll 3 DG*U spas tyw f*7 &U tamutift. kPPLIEG MAGNETUHYRUDYNAMICS VOL 10 MHD LAPER TV)k-NTAL JN51'ALLATIUN AHGAS 2 61'~'.AWATSCH T KOM LANGUAOE-GE COUNTRY-GW INSTITUTE FUEk TECHNISCHE PHYSIK SEP 1972 85 PAGES I ,)T(,-HT-2.3-0701-74 Two Particle Electrodisintegration of the lie3 Nucleus by 1. V. Kozlovskiy. PREPRINT ITF-72-24R, Inst Teoret Fiz Akad Nauk UkrSSR, 1972. NAVY/NRL-T-1266 June 73 - . .11 1 ~ , , . . ~ ., . .- ", - m. Yqo~o6hex.06' :V~ - M*; .1. Significant Research Results for 1971, Ili-h Temperature Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences 97 pp INSTITUT VYSOK'IKII TEMPERVrult~ AKADEMII NAUK SSSR HIE 11-MLITATY - - - - 1972 80 pp FSTC-HT-23-1016-73 also JITS 57658 113 pp Shumyatskiy, B. YR. ML , ;,gnetohyd-rodymmic generator for a embined magnetohydrodynmic electric power plant with a first-generation open cycle. 21 pgs. INSTITUT VYSOIUKH. TEEI~TERATUR, March 1973, PP 3-16. AIR-FTD-MT-24-713~-73 Dimov, G.I. An Investigation of a Pulsed Charge-Excha.nge Source of Negative Hydrogen Ions 25 pp AKADEMIIA NAUK SSSR. NOvosibirsk, Institute Iale-rnoiFiziki IIF-35-73 AEC/LA/tr-73-47 Micheli, Humberto et al Instituto Forestal Chile Informe Tecnico,, NoM, May 1966. *NTIS TT 74-55072 Feliu, Alejandro Reig INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE INVESTIOACIONES AGRO- NOMICAS CENTRO DE LAVANTE, Vol.19, No.IF,- Spain, 1970, pp.425-443. *NTIS TT 74-53020 AG",M: Natfoupl. Scfenc,~! Foundation 984-B/0335 P.O. 3o, 73-RP-0891 3 Flay 1973 TITLE; Inctituto Antartice - Chiteno, (i3olt-,tin De vifuclon No. 7, 1972.) LWGUAG"": Spanish (into *igliuh) ~',iwwinl Inotructiong Please translate paj3ea 23-31 and type ona (1) copy. EXPEDMI, - DUE BY IS Hty 1973. Fransisco Espanol Notes on Anobiidae. Instituto de Biologia ADlicada. Publicaciones Dec. pp.49-57, 1970. 9pp *NTIS-TT-73-55060 Apr 73 Fransisco Espanol Notes on Anobiidae. Instituto de Biologia Aplicada. Publicaciones, vol. 47, Dec. pp.97-110, i!ibV. 14pp. *NTIS-TT-73-55059 Apr 73 'U61,:ej oi 9843/0964 P, is oat. 1973 # U',7i+4Yj6 1. TIILI-,: ln6,illuiu L-&L kulijfu a LSI, vWL'I"p-Is Phaill LJA~) j,ij,iliu~", AW Lik j-JA.-tL Opp Please type single spqpe, 1 f,7c 1,ofrL~ernl-d l';'t4Jt and (productos 1' 0 3' 13', pt. As"eys USDAIDS "48118" P.0.ftt uWWOM-74 I My 1974 Titlo FortifiWied do AXuear ton Vitamin& a en Centro Americs y Pansmis Autbors Sources 121stituto do Nutrigioa do Centro Anatica y Panwe Lanaugel Spanish 1974# V-26# pp 44 Instnwtionst PIOUS translate fbw 06M to covert type Single specea NO MTG LTD leave spiscof tonslate a Iter SELECTIVE EFFECTS OF MONDAURICULAR STIMULATIO N ONEXTP.AFOVkAL VISUAL ACUITY , , -, ;:~ ~, /:".~ CL-C - -.,*,. '. 1.) ~; '. ~ i GiROTTI, G LANGUAGE-IT COUNTRY-IT INSTITUTU Ul PSICOLUGIA DELLIUNIVERSITA CATTU LICADI MILANU t PP255-Z66 FSTC-HT-23-0181-74 Explanation of Materials for Determining &Onomic ffficiency of Investment. 9. pp INSTRUXTSIYA PO OPREDELENIYU EKONOMICWKO EFF=1VNOSTI-KAPITAL'1NM MHENIY NA'ZHELEZN& OROZIWOM TRANSPORTE, bloscow, 1973, pp-16-22. JFM 62174 Instrument Methods in the Diagnosis of Car- diac & Vascular Defects, by A. B. Zorin, et al. INSTRUMENTALINYYE METODY DIAGNOSTIKI POROKOV SERDTSA I SOSUDOV, 1�12, 224pp. 2 ACSI K-3806 way 7 3 Evolution and Improvement of Tool Steels. 154 pp INSTRU41MALINYU, I PODS HIPN,'LKOVYYE STALI, Moscow, No 1, 1973, 13? pp. JPRS 629Z5 RUSSIAN CSO: 8344/0040 12 July 1074 Tool and Bearing Steels; Thematic Branch Collection No. 1, Edited by A.K. Petrov Moscow, InstrumentalIny-ye i Podshipnikovyye Stali; Tematigheskiv Otraslevoy Sbornik No. 1, 1973, pp 1-136 Please publish and provide JPRC/Ad Hoc with 12 copies of the report. Russia CSO: 8344/2178 w 23 April 1973 SP Devices and machines for solving celestiELL navigation problems, by B. I. Krasavtsev. Moscow) Instrwenty i met* morekhodnoy astronomil, 1972) pP d1-0) 67-bb. Special type B DD not publish Original plus one DRUET, CZE-SLAIV, //INSTYTUT BODOWNICTNA WODNEGO-POLSKIEJ AKADE141I NAUK W GDANSKU-ROZPRAIVY HYDROTECHNICZNE ZESZYT 30// --I--11972,V----,N ----, Army Fngineer Military Construction-Hydro-Technology, Art. #30, 76 pp, tfACSI-5073@@ CSO: 80,14/0733 is lNovembor 1974 Integral'nyye POluprovoclniko Mikroskh,,W V5-ore ?d Semicon duc tor ts ~,;TCIAL TYPE B SPACED DRAFT PLUS '.0,NE DO i~o'r CUT NOR MUTILATE :~~OX COPY Besov, 0. V. e-L al. integral Repres entat, ions of 1~~icticns and Wbedding, Theorem 1ITTEGRAVIPIE 'PREDSTAVIEMIYA RMYES11 I TEOml-,ff VL0"4J!E,- IU.YA I-Wli *J.FST 20 AuG 19,73 BONDING OF GLASS LAMINATES TO METALS KOBESi JAN LANGUAGE-CZ COUNTRY-CZ INTERMETALBOND 172. CONF. ON THE BONDING OF M ETALS,5TH. PP 62-75. 14 FSTC-HT-23-0655-74 Villain, J. measurement of wind and temperature in the ugper atmosphere 33 'p I TERNAL NOTES OF L RABLISSEMENT DIFTUDES ET vt KbUH, NO .5uu~ IV/15) 4,5PP NASA I'T F 14921 6-May-74 Uncl (UCRL-Trans--10701) Transiatlon,s of papers presented at the third panel on the peaceful uses of nuclear explosions organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency held In Vienna, Austria, 27--30 November 1972. (INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY, VIENNA (AUSTRIA)). 'jind).-'Translation of French, Russlant and SpanLsh papers. 241p. Dep. NTIS $7.60. meetings; 18C nuclear explosions; 18C plowshare; translations STD-35 P NSA May, L. E. //3 RD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON,METAL.... COR90SION// -4-41966, V---- 9 N---- comparative tests on stainless steels-for corrosion in atmosphere of air and water vapour pp 384-391 C.E. TRAM GS29##- 14-Feb-74 Uncl (BNWL-tr-103) Handling apparatus for sodium- cooled reactor Installations. Kirchner, G.,, Jansing, W. (J(Aternationale Ato.,nreaktorbau G m.b H. (INTERATOM), 13ens6~rg;CoIogne__(F._R. Germany)j: ;~anslated by E.R. Appleby from paper presented at Reactor meeting, Deutsches Atomforum, Bonn, GermanVj April 11 1971 27 Nov 1973. 19P. (CO.NF-710346-1). Dep. NTIS $3.00. methods and equipment; reactor engineering; reactors-power: translations 14, 181, 18L MN-79X p NSA is ;Tzili ~11; H. j-,uiunoiasca rTji.TDscl-fAu// --/--/1-073~V ---- ~ITTOOOI, inter frnmie for Vidloo SjF ~nals , pp 2-7,KTC 7,'j-lo48c-,)-rtBi,)co, *NIIETTDIJUTD~ D. /l/TWEITATIOITAIE EMKPRCfNILSC,!E VD010-7, N0003., An. Ilaptive Jntpafra,, Coder for Television Sigmils, pp 12-18,17C 7)i--I077?-17J-6t- SAKWA W //35 TH INTERNATIONAL FOUNDARY CONGRESS// -w-/10/19687 V--.--, N---- Production of granular chromium layers on iron castings pp not given *BISI 12599## SCHONESHOFER. M. //INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR PHYSICAL 'CHEMISTRY) --/--/1973,'VO05, N ----- 3- ., ,. Pulse radilytic investigation of S 06 radical as intermediate product of thiesuplhate- oxyda,tion.and tetrathionate reduction pp 375-386 C. E. TRANS 6522## I'j ~ W -R t!K - , 10 1;, T r7, K 1 '1173 7 ? , Tluroche, 19~d plankton 01,.,mc, brou,',IA aboull ',;1! dieferent life ~oijoitions M-KIC.M11)"en ir) und 7,61-,'ol-amen bel PIP-Ilk ~A~rja I'-ell, hrl-"Orf3erarcl~ (Inn"11 Lunl~eraohieciliche d'mbj 0 1 1) "ralla ~Mtw I ur. , ?gn. Tzn~;. Div. , ;Dept. of Sea. of 0~ fol, ~j'.'pt. Of Fiv.,tmn. Greut Lalpua 'c i t. 1. Alb. Ont. , 19'1,n, as Tran:11. , r a ~~D. 34T)., t,,pescript. Avait. on -Juan - .._~_'S, Waah., D,C, A Decade of Austrian Cooperation Ath the USSR. 5 PP. INTMATIONALE WIRTSCWT, Vienna, No 30, 27 July 1973. P 5. ins 6m3o Polish-Austrian Exchange of Goods, Effective 1 January 1974, 5 pp. INTERNATIONALE WIRTSCHAPT, Vienna, 3 Aug 73, pp 9-1-0. JPRS 60028 Oct 73 Austrian-Romanian Commodity Exchange Lists Publisbed, 13 PP. I NITERNATIONALE WIRTSCHAFT, Vienna, 17 Aug 73, pp 3, 4. JPRS 60314 Nov 73 Austrian-Bloc Trade, Economic GooDeration Reviewed, 10 p-n. INTERNATIONALE WIRTSCHAFT, Vienna, 8 Feb 74, p ITPRS 615 9 - - A-pr 74 G. von.Nieding Acute effects of 5 ppm N02 on the function of the ltmgs and circulation in healthy subjects. INIEWTIONALES ARCHIV FUM ARBBITREDIZIN. INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVES OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTHY Vol 27, p-p-23T-M, 197U NTC 72-lS262-06J my 73 NIEDING, G. VON The Pharmacological influence of Acute N02 Effect on the Function of the Lungs of Healthy Subjects and Patients with Chronic Bronchitits. INTERNATIONALES ARCHIV FUER ARBEITSMEDIZIN, vol. 29, pp. 55-63, 1971 NTC 73-10207-06E March 73