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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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On the Unsteady Flow of a V-*LBCDUD Fluid With External Forces, by A. A. Kiselev., 6 pp. RMIMp tbrice-mo perp Dok A Muh 6888 Vol C., No 5j. 195% p 8W Morris D Friedman X - /" J, $3.00 - Scientif Ic - Physics CTS 69/,Tun 55 ~ XI/y 70 ~ ~ Onthe Influence af Holes in the Crystal Lattice on the Electrical Resirtivity of Metals., by B. G.,.!~~azarev, W 0. H. Ovebarenko, 5 PP. RUSSIAN, mo per, Dok Ak Nauk WEIR, Vol Cp 1955) PP 875-878. AEC Tr 2313 -9,P C -r,,.. -a .3 9'0 Bei - Minerals/Metals ~,5 Alm. f- 55 SS-R, Vol 5. 87, lt~, b'o, TOV A' 2 2 7 ~Xl Tolrtol, N. A. THE ETABLE DIPOLE MONIENT OF N. PARTICLES IN WATER. 119621 7p. OrOe7- from K-H !,~R. 75 r F~-- I,.-.: Tratir. of Akad"emlyal N-auk ISS-SR. D,,*.lPJfyj 11955v V. 100, no. 1, P. 893-M. 1 DESCRIPTORS: *D"Poleftloments, *Gdlolds, Par- tiCle,' 4W&Ier. (C"Xndstry-physical, 17, V. na .!I) 62-100,16 ON THE PROBLEM OF THE INTERACTION ()F TWOJ 1, I-radkill, F'. QmMUM HELM, 1196214p, 3 refs. Ord,,n- froin OTS or SLA $I, It) 62 _106-P, Trous, of Alkoik-miyal Nlakikl SSSPc DOMildv, M-5S, v. 101), no. 5, p. ~97-900. FE"SCNITFORS: *Qlllllitlllll FMChalliC5, Tirtick-, *Nuclear r~acuons, %lvsotis, Nuckons, Operator., (Mai ll~--rlld E I c s). (' Pliy~ics akid NLICI-car Chvinistry, TT, V. Olfica of TOL6MICDI S-iC&S ;10. 0) The Diffusion o:C SB and SN in the Semiconductor SBZNj by B. I. Boltaks, 3 PP. mo per, RUSSIANI/Dok A -nauk SSSR C) 1955) -71 pp 901-903. Arx Tr 226o Sci - Physics FAthEmtical TheoxT rf the Synthe-sir. cf (1,1C) Teminral Contacts$ by Go N. pmrnrovs 7 pp. K hi 0 ,. A 4., F-- NT I , 0 Missm . part Do SSSR~ Vol C: U 5~ 1955? pp 909-932. Morris D. Fried-man $3-50 SeP 1955 UTS/= .4- lootope Lhehange Botueer, Elementary Sn',A)m ayi,! the StLIEm* of Amonium TKoay=atek TIUoLxea.,, ami --ScdIvu,, by I, G. P. ril pp " FMSIANp -dwi"--mo per; Dok AU Mmk SSSR, Vol C., Pois Z p 19$5., p 921-923. Set Tr Ctr RM)K:3, Scientific - Chemistry Maj 56 m/dex of cam?lex Fox=tioa in Sclutia-V ,)y the Method of Proton Refsom=a, by A. 1. ,AIMIAN; thrice-mo per., Dok Ak 1;%Wz 66Wj Val Cv ..955Y PP 933-936, Aro Tr 2463 Physics 56 Or,%/O-CX The Peaction Betveen Perabloric Acid and Sulfur Thioxide,v by A. A. Spryakov. RMIMy tbAce-mo per# Dok Ak Hauk SSSR),_ Vol C., NO 5# 1955P pp gn-M., -:--,"---"' -, -""' -1 -.1 - Assoc: Tech Sv PJ-530 $2-60 (.75) Sol - Chemistry f. 1161 %r7 Apr 1957 CIDE/dex S-125/60 ( I, I Y-3 I,) C93 The r.,i KIncticD of Exchange Under ))ynvinjc COnditi,Ons; by S, Rogdnskiy, 5 PP. RUSSIAN, POr, Dolk I& 1'7,~-Uk "a-MR, Vol C, 170 5, .1955, P,) 939-942. J-PERS 2501 Sci -- Chem 60 Petrov, A. D., Ponomareriko, V. A., Michfiarvan, L. L., and Suegova, A. D. 1 THE SYNTHESIS AND It DERIVATIVES OF ETHYL SIUNIE CHLORIDES. [ !964 M 8p (figoornitted) l0ref~~ IV Order from OTS, SL,,k, -, -ETC$ 1. 10 T-r-6;-i4gi~, Tranw. of Akadmiya Naui, ~SSR,_Doklady, 1955: v. 1(~Q no. 6, p. 1107-11W- V. A. P. (Chtmistry- -Organic, TT, v. It, no. 11) 0 If 1~IT,, 1~~ I, z S- I-. On Bastouegenous Activity Of the Factor Of Cancer Of T-actiferous Glands of ldce Following Presex-.'ation In the Desiccated State For Two Years by N.11.14~dvedev. RIUSSIM, per, Akademiya Muk SSSR Doklady, Vol C, 1955, PP 1009-10-11-7- - CSIRO cz-t. 62 Interference-Polarization LiGht Filter for K-Line of Ionized Calcium, by A. B. Gillvarg, G. I. Diatler, Ye. A. Pakarova, 6 IPP. OCLAOSS IF IED RLWIMT, pr, Doklady A~Ademii Naula SINUR, Vol T~'o. 6, 1.9551- PP 11 7-1 ATIC F-TS-9774/V Sci - phys Jun 59 The Effect of the Egg Sttzage Period On the Ratlo of the Sexes Amoag Chicken Progeny, by V. G. Ivanov, 3 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSGR, Vol C, No 5, 1955, Pp 1021-1023. Assoc Tech Sv 7hflMH Sci - Biology / N/ j Oct 57 The Use of 0-4 for the Stu~y of Difftrdon of Carbon in Steelp by P. L. Grulin, V. G. Kodogomvp F, A. Platonov, 5 pp. RUSSMI, thricc-mo pers DDk ilk Nauk SSSRI Vol Ct 19559 pp 1069-1072. ABC Tr 2261 &&Oki Sciontillic - MineraleMetale Nov 55 GTS/DEX Diffusion of Arsenic in Steel$ by hmft D. S. gazarnovehy, RMBIO, perp Dak Ak Nauk-BSBR, Vol C,, Wo 6j IM pp ~- ' Brutcher Tr 3518 a~~- 04? $1.90 scientific - Nin/metals hn 55 CTS ;,ew Data on the Transformation of Pearlite Into .`~.ustenitue,, in Plain Garbon Steel During Electric 7 at4ngs by Yu, A. Xocherzhinskiy, RUSSIAN,,Aper., Doh, Alt V-auk Sol-SR. Vol C, Vo 6., pp Brutcher Tr 3501hl $/, es* ,~-Iientif ic - Min/1"e-t-als Aug 55 CTS Oe. Ifalogen Compowids of by A. J~J'. I - *i~-.~C- . I.- ct -1 Y 6 f.P u 5 / 1.11 A)" p It, r, DOk jU,. NcLul~ OSS:,Ij Vol C) 19r5 3.G~~).-AIMML j! I CCT-338B Sci - Chem Dcc 59 T i 'Prm Dacompooition of kryl Diazouiim Fluoboratca as a Mathod of Obtaining Pue Borou Fluorid-a, lby 0. M. ftacheakov, V, No Moyseyevp Yu. A. Mbedev. RUBSLU* thrice-mo Irer, P 2ji_M_ 44~~_SSSR; Vol C) No 6p 1955, PY 1-103-1106- Scl lbs Lib Tr h118 Sci - Chem Jul 57 1. 1 ine I El :I by PP. 13STUIE', -pax-; DoklaJy Ali:;ad Nau.; ESSSE 1101 G, 1~5~: IV A I-. Sel ertical Distribution of 91croorapnisMG in the vil Wchatka Depreselm of th,* Pacific Ocean, y A. B. DrIes and V. 1. MrIusova, 10 pp. RUSSIAB, per,, Doklady AMd Hauk Wun, 'vol c, No 6, 1955P SLA IRC C2276 Sci Jul 58 T,'Qe~:Iin17 of Yarval cjjcoptQpj,,. R02-nticn to tA, 2 'Pla rat U,j Ib y Y. ISIII-Wra. U, C.T, RMSIAN, per, Dch Alt jjajLk, IT01 C, PP 110,1-1193.'---- - DSIR !Andiri3 Library Ur.;j,t MI*.;-; Sol Apr Dible of Contents Of the Periodical Dok Ak il-ilauk SSSR, Vol CI, No Is 1, '), 3, 11, 5 7 G, --, - j NK)rris D. FripdTan I , / Ig"? r-'i . /C "I,/), Solution of the Linearized Equations of Unsteady Viscous Incompressible Fluid Flow in a DoundeLl Regionp by A. A. Kloalev; 7 PP- MLAW., per, Wk., AN, SWRI, Vol CI, NO -1, 1955, pp 43-46. *3.50 lbrvin D, Prie&vin SeP 1955 01-8/M Theory ar a Molecular Generator and Povor Amplifier$ by N. G. Basov, A. M. Prokhorov, 5 pp, RU38M., thrice-mo per,, Dok Ak Nauk SSSRP Vol cis No I-P 19550 pp 4-7-T9---- e - ~ C, -~,l Morris D. Friedwn $-0.50 Scientific - Bugineering CTS 73/Oct 1955 447, rl Vjpgmetic Propertle5 of the E:xcitcu, by RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nnuk. S-MR, Vol CI, ro 1, .1a.55, - r IV U 7 Jill 59 A We PramUv, D-UTwdom Eqation of ro=Lo ?MouB In an Diterstalla luftuu, by M P. Terl*U*, 6 pp. RWSIWj Wice-so per$ D* Ak Vauk MR., Vol 010 19550 pp 59-62. AM MRL Tr 240(L) Sol - Nudear Fbyslos Doo 56 MB Existenee of a Deep-kvimg Surf=,, a? [Selamicl Foci on tb~- Ed~p of the Pacific Ocean,, by S. D. Kohem; 3 pp. RUBBIAN Dok AW Haukp Vol Cl.- go 1., 1955; pp 63-gCo.", Def Ral Ufo Svs ma mzdap T 200 R ~~ ~&y WO BrAeutific Geopbpics Air 56 Umplex Growths of Graphito Spherulites in Cazt Iron, by K.. P. Bunin ot al RM91AI, thrice mo perk ML Alt Naul. SSSR, Vol 101, I lo 3 J.., 2.955., prp 65-C-',7 Brutcher RIO 3623 $2.25 Scientific - Ma/m,-,tais 31, A Feb 56 CVS/dox X-11ew im.matiption or late stwe ar tile De- COMPOPMon of a OuWnturated ic(-Solid Solution cxr Emnium in com", tw A. H. Eliat~eatoyj 31 pp. RUSSIAN, tbxice-mo perp Dok Ak Xm* MM,, Vol_ Olt So It 19550 pp Set Mm Lib No 56/a68 set - phyelca ywgj-~ Composition of Beryllium Boridea,, by L. Ya. Marakovckiy. RUSSIM, per, Dok Ak Ikult SSM,, Vol C1. Ro 1, 1955) Py 97-980- ..- Brutchar Tr 4091 ck-,,~ 43-50 Sci - VA%;6t Sep 58 7a2,-r97 Active and Stable Palladium Catalyst for the Debydrogenation of Six-Membered Cyclanes, by N. 1. Bhuikin, Kb. M. Hinachev, M. A. Ryashentseval 6 pp. -fhvic.e-- =8810, 3-* no perl 1!~jk,4__IT2uk WSR; Vol CIp No 1, 1955s pp 107-109. 3 .2., 0 Sci Trans M Center RT-3M Sci - Chemistry The Inf luence of -'-Uhe Rate of Heating of Fuel !'art!,-lc5 on Their Thormal Decomposition, by A. P. lCashurichev, Z. F. Chukhanov. RUSSIAN, Dok A Hauk SSSR, Vol CI, 1955, PP 115-118. ' ' DSIR LLU M. 1958 Sci - Chom /16 '~ g.,?- P, oct 61, Remarks on the Chemical Adnorption Theory of F. F. Vollkewhteya., $xpm by Ya. Koutetskiyp 5 pp. RUSSIM, thrice-mo perj~Dok Ak Fauk SSGR Vol Clo No It 1955,p P Morris D Priednala $2.50 Scientific - Chemiatry CTS 69/jun 55 On the Yochanism of Self-Diffusion in Liquids and -its Singularity in Water., by 0. Yal Samoilov, 7 pp. RUSSIAW.. r.. D01t Ak Nauk SSW,, Vol C1. 1955.. pp 125-3298. AEC Tr 2159 Scientific - Physics Jun 55 CTS Ge?I-aaja of Glaticautte., by M. G. DyadchenhOr A- la- Rij,93U.N.. -pqr5 Dok Alt RaLuk SSSIlp V0.1 Clp Do IS 1955P P-L) 151-153, Sci - Niq,.,~c Jul 59 'Aw-- 'P-orosity of ll~,aynetite and (-garret of Diffem-nt M-nercitions,, by L, N6 OchixirO,.ovj A. S7, Flair, . I I ~ - - I ---- PTS,Mq, pax, li'xkKliacdiy ,w. Nam FRSIR, Vol 101., l7o le 1955 0 pp M- - ' Dapt of Iiavy I lim Tyans leb 1143 sci-~Altc-Tiahl AUr4 G 8 3G5,769 The Transfer of Chlorophyll in Plants, by V. 0. Kazaryan, E. S. AvmdzhYani 5 PP, RMSIAN,, per, Dok Ak Nauk 665R, Vol C11 1955o 99 131-183. - SIA Tr B-1321 Sci ildn 58 ~ ,-