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24-Jul-73 Unct (KFK-tr--426) Particle acceloration by electron radiation. KOLOMENSKII, A.A. Translated by Rosemarie Corssen from Symposium ueber kollekt(ve Beschleunigungsmethoden, Dubna? 27--30 September 1972. (CONF-720952--?). 14p. (In German). Dep. NTIS (U.S. Sates Only) $3.00. From Symposium on collective methods of acceleration; Dubna, USSR (27 Sep 197Z). 20G particle accelerators; translations MN-23 NP NSA WYGBERqs S. V, ' . . 11RHMPLODR- MITWOR", CHALMM TECHS UNIY~O -VSTt FOR THE STUDY OF SLEC, MACHIWERYJ GMBORG, SWDSN#yl 161011,1074,V ... Synchmnoue-fZoo generator,, s-M ffl~v NASA TT F 1544000 LEBEDEV,. L //SYNY GOLUBOY PLANETYJ/ Sons of the Blue Pl'anet 334 pp Book, NTIS-TT-72-52004, NASA-TT-F-728~0 H. Bi I lig Discussion and planning of a system for a television tranamitting satelZite. 21 pp. SYSTEMUSLEGUNG UND PLANUNG FUER 91YEN PERNSEHRUNDw F Oct 1972, 18 pp NASA TT F 14,660 apr 73 morand, A. The bimodal eyatem. 30 pp - LE SYSTEW BI-MODE, May 1973, 32 p NASA TT F 15056 Political Academy Teacher Discusses Debate on I-Torker Class, by Adam 'Hirth, 5 pn. FUNGARIAl'., Der, Szakszervezeti Szemle, BudaDost, I - Nlo 1, Jan-Har 73, Pp b7--7-,7-.-- JPRS 58624 Apr 73 o s i'nbancjr)~,, Tarluence of ?"vAle 1TIllons Rudanest, 'To 2, 197)1-, ~r 7-70, Froffl 1 rl J, if, Polish Computer Industry Surveyed, by Ferenc Gal, 7 -.oD - YRJI~IiGAKAI.7, ner, ~3zwiiitastochnika, Budwoest, ) -U-"71 110 3 , I 'I a r 7 3 ~ ', 'o - 7. -'-'- J.-IIIIIS 59111L -..;i-ay 73 Ryad Exhibition in Moscow Reported, 14 PP- SZAMITASTECHNIKA, Budapest, No 6, 1973, pp 1-4. JPRS 597~6 Sep 73 Kmety, Antal ODeration of R-20 SUMITASTECIRTIM, J'PRS 62SET Computer Demonstrated, 5 pp. Budapest, Apr-MaY 74, pp 1-2. No v 74 YEVDOKrt4OV, V. P. "SZHA?rYIYE DANNYK9 r TOMIXOST VOSSTMOVELINYA ANALOGOVYKff SIGNALOVet, Compression of data and accuracy of restoration of analog signals, 20 pp pp 21 NASA 7T F 1509108 Yevdo'kin, ov, V. P. Coi,aprestion of D&ta and the Aecuracy o? P16storation o-? knalog Signals SM,"OrLrE DAMMUT I TOCHMOST; SIGITALOV. MM Acadery of Sciences, In.stitite of Space Research, Nosco,,T, Peport Pr-1.36, 107,3, pp. 22 VTX.',A TT Cyranowicz,.X. Ceramic materials of high mechanical strength for high tension insulators. SZKLO I GERA Vol 13, 1962, pp 374-386 ORYL-Tr-2188 NTC 73-21835 Sura, MI. Experiments in the Production of SejeniurI-Ca- dmium Filters. SZKLO I CERAvi. ) Vol. 111) No. 1, pp. 1-4, 19 6 3. A.T.S PJ,-Itq-TT Sy1westrzak, mariuez Combzxtion and its control. 14 pp. SZKLO I CERAMIK4. Vot 20, No 2, 1969, pp 51-55 7--HC-23-37-73 IR FTD A DISTRIBUTION LI02TED TO U.S. GOVIT AGENCIES ONLY COPRYIGHT INFORMATION? OTHER REQUF5T MUST BE REFERRED TO FTD fC Aj c J. Tomanek The Influence of the Underwood and Undergrowt on the Interception of Precipitation in Mix- ed Forest. Szkola Glouna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego. War- saw, Zeszytz naukowe: Lesnictwo, vol. 7, 1965 pp.7-38. 32pp. *NTIS-TT-73-54040 may 73 Tusayncki, W. Effect of rational operation fo r the tank on the quat.ity of glass SZLKO I CERMIKA v. Z9, n. 2, t968., pp. 46-48 TITC 72-L3042-ILB Pakulska, Al. Problem of 6heet glaas drawing SZKLO I CERAMIKA V. 21., 1970, pp. 208-212 NTC 72-13036-ILB Party Gultural-Policy Group Scientists Anti-Marxist, 14 SZOCIOLOGLk, Budapest, No 1, JPRS 595W Calls Social PP- 1973, pp 45-55. Aug 73 Results of Poll Conducted Among Youth, 6 Dp. POLISH, per, Sztandar Mlodych, 1-larsaw, 30-31 Dee 72, 1 Tan 73, -0-P 17, 4, 5. JPRS 58754 Apr 73 IK'ATMcNT OF WASTL WAIER FROM THE 574 TANK WO i-,K')' iAT LtU~3ULN LANGUAGE-DU COUNTRY-NE TNU mLrAAL INSTITUAT 42 FST~-HT-23-0782-74 Paint and air pollution. T. N. 0. NIE UP~S j Vol 25, 1970, pp 37-42 3TC ?3-143ZO,5-06J G. H. van Kolmeschate Mercury in the environment -- techniques of analysis. TNO-NIEUWS, Vol 26, pp 415:-418, 1971 NTC 72-15269-06J mar 73 DE, JONG A. IT. T 11THO Infaml~oj: Da~y alml lilo'-~~Iltl, ? pp. aFor Detectloll alzrino, ICX LIDETED TO Us, GOVT AG12TCjE,',lC-~C GUMPUIEk AIDLU DESIGN OF ELECTRONIC GIRLUITRY T M H G 6RUUWEK LANWAGE-DU CUUNTkY-NE YNU NIEUwS M3 6 JUi~E 1972 PAGE 282-284 FS I L-HT-23- I ~ 5V- 13 PARLTmuz )1-11006 The Deter~- Q-01, and 0111-,Ienta'i 6Ohlo T wzj c 7:7 mi, ,BORST, C )P7 w". Fic 0 06, 720 - .- f ) - f , L ab (I c 0, coiq)ounds Th Ijjtj ~j, DISTRIDUTHO',;j LTIZIPBD TO GOV-2 "LC- J-16T."T TO TESTING AMMUNITION H J PASMAN LANGUAGE-DU COUNTRY-NL TNO NIEUWS JUNE 1972 NO 6 PP314-319 #6 F~)TC-HT-23-051)0-74 Mu Chen 1961 Chir,03 marine resources Ta Kung PuL, 14-ay 21, Peiping. In Chinose. Transi. by J?RS, San. 1962, pp, 41-44 in 143P, "Comunist China Digest to, 54," 4p., processed, Aisil. InTS as JPRES Tmrml. 11c- 11957, Price 0M. Avail. on Loan - NITS, Wash., D.C. Original Article CheckeO, Mu Chen 1961 The treasure In our lakes and rivers Ta Kung Pac~, June 4, Pelping. '.In Chinese. TranBi. by JNS, Jan. !962, PP. 3740 iri 143p. "Con=nist China Digest No. 54," 4p., proceaued. Avail. NTIS as JPRS Tran3l. No. 11,057, price $3.00. Avail. on Loan - 11111730, Waah., D.C. Original Article Checkejk Enviroranental Geology and Human Health, 8 pp. TA KUNG PAO, Hong Kong, 4 Jul 73, p 7. JPRS 6009r Oct 73 Liu Kluel-hua and Yuan Ching-tsal 1962 seaweed tranaplanted in rukien TB-kUrj8 PRO, Pekinj;, Dec. 20: 2. In Chinege. Transl. by JPM, Imar. ~1963, PP. 57-59 in 81p. "Traml. on Communist China's Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Materials No. 34," 3P., prooossed. Aveil. NTIS as JPRS Tranal. No. 18237, price $3.00. Avail. on Loan - NUS, Wash., D.C. Original Article Checked9Q.- Chiang Li-ran 196.-- utilizo the falwi paddy ricitis in winter to mice fish TQ Kun~ Fag, Polling, Dec. 29: 2. In Chinese. Tranal. by JPRS, Ileb. 1963, pp. 20-21 in 35p. "Tranal. on Comunlat China's Agr1oulture, Aninal HuSbandry and Materials No. 3(:" 2p., proacesod. Avail. NTIS ea JPRS Tmnsl. No. 17796, Price $3.00. Avail. on Loan - NP-TS, Wash., D.C. Original Article ChockejmK Chu Pao-wu 1971 IlMeland aqUatio pmducts ahvi developmebt Ta 1=4 Pao, Feb. 18, flong Kong: 3. In Chinese. Transl. by JrRS for DMFS, Apr. 1973, 6p. , typeoaript. Avail. on Loan - NDIF3, WaSh., D.C. hr- Hao-sheng, Chao Fu Tso-i Recounts Reasons for Abandoning Chiang, Joining Communists, 9 pp. TA KUNG PAO, Hong Kong, 12, 13, 14 Jul 73, P 1. JPRS 60014 Oct 73 Peking University Students Score Successes in Chemistry Research, 5 pp. TA-KUTNG PAO, Hong I~ong, 28 Oct 73, p 6. JPRS 61777 ,Tun 7k Acupuncture Anesthesia for Graniatomy. 5 pp TA KUNG PAO, Hong Kong, 19 Doe 1973, P 2, JPRS 6215Z 1, Plu Cancer Treatment Methods, Theories and Advances, V PID TA MG PAO, Hong Kong, 15 Jan 1974, p 6. JPRS 62152 Aepuncture Anesthesia and open-Heart Surgery. 5 p TA 6w PAO, Hong Kong, 19 Apr 1974, P 1. JPRS 7227-1 aatune of tlie Clie-mical inaustvy in Mainland China J")c pp TA LU META-IBRY211 19JITG IEH KAI WN IMIMTRY OF EMMOTTIC MTAIRS. RIEsPM LIC Or, ClID-A, 1070, PP,.. -D0-54, 01-LIG., i,7-1 -77 AIR/YID~IHC-23-260-71 Distralbution linitued 'b0 U. S. GovIt a-encies only; u Copyright Information; Other request for thi., clocuramb muot bc referred to FTD. The contents of this, "locallclit nx(, m:usPcaG('(T to be subject to COIDT.Cit"I", 7:04'. ect ion. Economic Ties Between USSR and Cyprus Reach Illew Heights, 5 PP. TA NEA, Nicosia, 30 Aug 73, p 5. ~TIIS-70125 Oct 73 EDBI~ Dreparem to Pleet Folitical Challenges, o pp. TA NEA, Nicosia, 19 Peb 74, Pp 3, 5. 7FR -3771 5 3 1 AT)r 74 7EDEK Position on Cyprus Related Matters, 17 PP. TA ITEA, ~-Ncosia, 21,Apr 711-, Pp 1, 3, 5; 25 Apr 77-,PP 3, 4. T JPRs 62061~ Alii-, 71L Amnesty Given Assyrians for 1933 Rebellion, 5 pp. ARABIC~ np, al-Talakhi, Baghdad, 10 Jan 73, p 6. JPRs 58398 i4ar 73 Dialects of 11-11orthern minorities Examined in Cultural Context, by Khoshaba Solaqa, 7 Pp. ARABIC, np, al-Ta'alihi, Baghdad, 24 Jan 73, p 6; 31 Jan 7-3,'D 6. JPRS 58411 Mar 73 !plinth Teacherst Union Conference Discusses Issues, by Hasaballah Yahya, 5 pp. ARABIC, nD, al-Talaldii, Baghdad, 7 Fob 73, P 3. ,mis 58832 .,kpr 73 'Prison Hefonn and Prisoner Psychology Discussed, 7 PD. ARABIC, n-o, al-Talakhi, Baghdad, 22 Feb 73, p 3. -jpR~s 58957 j.,jay 73 Geographic Distribution of Health Services Improving, 5 pp. AL-WAKHI~ Baghdad, 4 Jun 73, P 3. JPRS 5966~ Sep 73 al-Salidi, 'Ali al-Shaykh Husayn Ethnic Aspects of University Education, Planning Are Discussed, 7 PP AL-TAIAIMI, Baghdad, 23 Jun b, Pp 3, 7. 7RS 59694 Sep 73 Satdallah, Salih Kurdish Problem in Turkey Examined, 10 pp. AL-TAIAKHI, Baghdad, 3 Dec 73, p 2; 10 Dec - 73, pp 2,7. ,TPRS 61293 Mar V~ Last Decade's Cotton Statistics Are Subjected ~n analysis, 9 T)p. 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