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December 31, 1983
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Translated by Andrew Malysbeff (National Research Council of Ceinadat Ottawa) from Uch. Zap., Mosk. Cos. Pedagog. Inst.; Iff: 95 110(19152). ZIP. Dep. NTIS (U.S. Siles Only) $3.211. 06 biomed: translations MM-48 NP 143A ual Influencei. ana Trlibi~o- ut m th Corrosion of, in Water by 3 *A., WeAn et. a1:1 ucH.~, za.mow. oos. PEmmo-G. INST. iq,6g,$' p~ 210.213, G.B/DZFDRIC/Trans-3075-73 Feb 1973 DR-3o426 Procurement Executive, Ministry of Defence July 1973 Formation i4;the,.Cor,rqsi6a dnal'~ FrotectIOA 6f MetalSy by N.G. XjyUChn'k6V & V.t.:, Uchenij VCH.ZEP.14Wl'K.GOS.PEDEGOG. IKST,~19691 23-4-2Z pp I GB/DEFDRIC/Tran-3079-73 BR-30427 Procurement Executive, Ministry of Defence JUlY 1973 On the Mechanism of the Protective Aatioia,:of Benzotriazol~) by.C.A. Balezixi) B.G.-Zak e-t al LICH ZAP, MOSK. GOS. PEDEGOG INST, 1969) pp 262-.271. 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ZAPISIJ ll,*'~ijC-,~~~-0-18,~'iM~DO-IIZ'"OLtOIT.C T Irli-l"Pu"TOMIP bl-I 2Lzvux 1TOSTNUT GIGIYMT. SIHMI, M IT. 53-55 ----------- - ,//TSAGII,.UCHENYE ZAPISKI, 1// V06019 N0001t Research'onheatIransfer in,.Bpheinet and,thin cones in the hypersonic flow of a rare'fie4 gas, 9 pp pp 71-77, AIRMD-HT-23,1977-740 anr.Lzmi MOS-COW)~ NAUCH140-IS-S,4*DOVATEL' SXIY INSTITUT GIGIYENY.IM F*,F.'ERISMAXA7 SHUMII:m VIBRATSIYA, UL'TRAZVUKI//', Comparative hygenic noise and *ibration evaluation of power excavating shoevls in the sibayskiy and lebedinskiy pits, 11 pp pp 63-70, AIR/FTD-HT-23-1032-741~ LUA&MVA* U* X. //UCWYYN ZVTW kWCW. NAVW06ZSSL1WVA2TZ#SKrY 'i MSrZ2W GZCMZ ZM F. F.AWSMANA. SHUMj RFRORY Noise and vibration on hios-4qwd trutom. 9 pp, pp WNITSKAYA', A. V //UCHNEYYR ZAPISKX~IMOSCOW~ WXCHNO- ISUEDOVA ,TELISKIY INSTITUT,GIGIYENY~IM F.F. ERISMANA9 SHUM9.VIBRATSIYAI, U,L'T,RAZU.Kl,//.:. Regardingthe occupational patliolou of Fez'son Subjecied f0 the effect of high frequency noise in combination ,-,ith,other factors.during plasma spray coating of metals,-10 pp pp 78-85, AIR/rTD/HT-23-1034-74~@ IT'. iVi Changes ii-I he3xing of ~worhers wider a prolonged effect of noise -vdth standard paranteters 10 pp UCILMM-E ZAPj33KI 1,10SCUVI, ZcIST=- GTHUM, VMPMTSIYA~ (JLrT-=V.Url) D-M-23-10-36-74 .KUBLANOVA' P. S. //UCHrNYYE-,ZAPISKI'MOSCO-4:s~NAU.:CHN'O--'. ISSLEbOVATELISKMINSTITUT GIGIIW.I.IM'- r.F'.':'ERISMANA, SHUM VIBRATSIYA$ VltTRAZV.UK,// Occupational. hearing disorders (hardness.of hearing) in excava'tor (power shovel) operators in quarries,, 11 pp 100-107, AIR/FTD/HT-23-1037...74@@ -1 T Minayev, A. Netal Study of the Relationships Governing Shielding Through Radiative Heat Exchange. UCH. ZAP. Obl. Ped. In-t (Scientific Notes, Moscow Oblast), 1969, 172, 287-299. ARM/FSTC/HT--23-1972-72 ACSI K-2550 Mikollwevskiy* V. S. 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The effect of real properties of air on par%neters of flow nc~nr an elli- 'otic cone. AcrodynL10,111'C .. c1mi-n,cteristics of e1liptic cones lit .1-arge "Ingles, C, of attaCRI. 10 pf"s . UC!IEIMfL ZAPISKI TSAGI, Vol. 1, IT,-.) P, !()-10, pp 116-5p. .. . AIR-FTD-23-708-7'~, .. LARIN~A.-V /-/UCHE?IYYE'iAKsXI TSAGI --/--/l970,:VOO.OL~ N0003 Vortex formation in oblique flow around a. helicopter votor,10 pp pp 111-122, FSTC-HT-43-2365-72@@ Barinov, V. A Three dimensional boundarT layer in the vicinity of a critical line of a slipping wing during nonuniform suction. 10 pp. UCHENI'YE ZAPISKI TSAGI Vol. 3, Nr. 1, 1972, pp. 23-29 AIR/FTD-HT-23-611-73 Darinov, V. lq~ Calculation of the lardnar bowidar7 layer on slipping i-drig by the method of integral relationshius. 9 pp. UCHIMF ZA~ISKI TSAGI, Vol. 3 No. 5, 1972. pp. 9-15 AIR/FTO-HT-23-612-73 TOLSTYKH. 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REQ TR CHECK 17-OR-73 T289 UNKNOWN HALIK, ERICH GY: UFO - NACHRICHTEN, NO. 200, 10.73, APRIL pp. 134-139 /C I~y firIst Contact vith Friends froill Space3 PP Wq-ITACMICM.U7, a. 200~ Oct. 1973~ P. I IdPfff;RUZ~-74 Distribution limdted to U. S. Goblt agencies only; CopyriE;h-11- information; Other veqyiest for 'this document I'LlIlst be ref"erred to FTD, The contents of this doctnient are suspected -to be subject to copyright pro- .L L-ection. Dada, Idi Amin, kmin Tells Kampala Press Conference of His Mediation Efforts, 12 pp. uGANDA RADio, 21 Jun, 1730 GMT, JPRS 59457- Jul 73 Bruun, B. Trmtment of Hay Fever vitI3, an Alurdnim-Precipi-bated Pyridine Grasn Pollen Extract ("AIAM-ral Grass UO'S= FOR LWER, v. 329, 19671 PP- 374-876 FURC 7 3 - 9-060 1AUTROP, H, //UGESUIPT FOR IAEGER// The Dffectu of Prophylactic Mhooping-Cough Vaccination, An Attempt at an Dvaluation Based on the Eroerience in D,-~Mnaxk, I)P 735-741XIC 74-io664-06DM, owstme"s P. S. 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