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December 31, 1983
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Italian CP Leader Explains Party Policies, 7 PP Lf'UNITA, Rome, 17 14ar 74, pp 1, 7. J'PRS 61774, Jun 71~ A ITAL " - ,1P.2kA . &.~~ C' , ~k The ComuuniAs of Catalonia, Rome) L'Uaita 20 March 1974 4pecial type B Do not publi sh Single spaced draft plus one cso: 8o28/1873 9 APril 1974 by Renzo Gianotti CP 3ecretary Goneral Berlim-rucr Affirlils pal,ty On,)Osit-,i.on to "Toverrimen~, 9 nn. LITP~TTTA, Rome, 23 Mar np 1, 6. JDRS 6T900 IT, 11 7! 1. POT's ',~erlin7uer cance of I-TorIfers , T~ I JT7TTA , F?orqe , 31 RRS 61900 Speal(s on Political SiRnifi- 5 p p . Yar A , PP 1, 17 - Ju I Vi. Vicario, Gui(Io Russell Tribunal Brazil, Jjrjjr.7uay, L'ITNITA, Rome, 3 77-p-r'74-, -n 17. JPR-, 6181~1 Condemns Chilean Junta, Bolivia, 8 pp. Apr 74, p 12; ).~ Apr 74, P 13; Ji i n 7) 1. Santoro, Carlo M. Gvishiani Interview on Soviet Scientific and technical Cooperation With Western Countries.- 6 pp L I UNM , Rome , 28 Vgty 74, P. 3. JPRS ~~430 I l3erlin;wer, ~~nrico Cp Sccrei;ary ~'Ienerpl,s Henort to CC and CCC on 3 Jn r e 1971 ~ ,31 " -) - -,~ . LIMITITA, -,tome, !). Jun '?)-L., zin 7-8. 7777 7 7 7 3 2 5 1 '711 lell f, - I . Left in Chile Issues I May Statement. 11 pp LIMUTA, Rome, 15 June 74, P 15- JFRS72-476 CP Issues Statement on Current Government Crisis 16 pp. LIUNITA, Rome, 23 Jun 74, pp 1, 7. JPRS (521~41 Oct 74 Now aw~00~qw go" 404046""M"MO CHAVEZ., C. R. flm UNIVFMAL// 19,11/1974,V----.N---. pp (1002-0004 'Carams Nanifestot Urges Wise Use of Petroleum, 3 pp JM 63663 Ileasures to be Tal'.en Against Student Vandalism discussed, 5 pp. SPANISH, r1l), -" . Cnre~ccts, ~ Fe!'i 1(17')' JPPS 58416 ',Iar 73 CCN Leaders Claim 1,1isunderstandings 5 pp EL UNIVERSAL, Caracas, 6 Mar 1974, p 1-15- im 61682 Chavez, C. R. Perez la Salvia Urges Early biationalization of Petroleum. 5 pp EL uNIVERS , Caracas, 8 Mar 1974, p 1-14. MRS 71Z- Venezuelan Oil Company Profits Zoom-in 1973. 6 pp EL UNIVERSAL, Caracas, 25 Mar 197P4,,.pp 1-11. JFKA b1889 Chavez, C. R. Agropet Submits Petroleum Nationalization Plan Details. 5 pp U UMIV&~;AL, Caracas, 30 Aug 74, see 1, p 10. j 3079 Industrialization to be Cornerstone of New Eco4wdc Strategy. 5 PP EL UNIVERSA, Caracas, 20 Sep 74, pp 1-16. JPRS 63203 IM KOWN //EL UNIVERSAL// l2/1Z/l974,V---!--,N----, pp 0002-0003 Stages of Petroleum Nationalization Process Analyzed 5 PP JPR5 63809 Unknmm Programming instructions. Central processing units, Jiyrstem of insLructiou. Part 1. 319 pp U li~ -'I AVTONATICITI-,~~!U'YE IUMMME VYCIIISILIT;.-,L'= `1~11SHIINY ?!UI-,AT,-lI+" iNSTRUKTHYA APO CHASTI I TSET MILIME, USTROYSTA. SISTEI"'L~ FSO. 170. .001 1, 1968 pp. I-Ml. AIR/ V'M-IIAT-2J~-1676-7 2, Author Unknown General-Purpose Automatic Digital Computer "Ural-14" Technical Description. 116 pp. UNIVERSAL'NYYE AVTO14ATICHESKIYE TSIFROVYYE VYCHISLITEMNYTE-M&SHINY "URAL-14" TEKHNICHESKOYE OPISANIYE PS0.170.008TO. SISTEMA KOMAND CHAST' 1 KNIGA 2, No. 2, 1968, pp. 1-67 AIR/FTD/ -24-1677-72 ---------------------- A. H. At-mospheric P-olTution and its Rel,-~tion t.',o the ~J 0,11, of lIr'llicleS, 'in the 0-~ '1~,cx~,w (CITY). DTSTITuTO DE U~7 IGENERRIA. YnJr3LICACjOT~jT]iol 227, Ic"(39, p, 1-17 YTc A. Introcaso South Iterican trmconthental gravimtric profile I --ilarallel 32 S, UnIversidand Nactomal de RomAo, Facultad de Ciencias E-anns e lnt~enicria, Escuela de InLenieria-GeoZrafaj 35-,?P, 19'10 or later. #DM,AAC --rc - if 3j- Apr 73 Bruser, P. A, - W. -d -) ell, IJITIVEIISTTAT CAROLO-14-TILIjTtt7jTj, ZU _T~-rJAMITSOMPEIG ZVM ERLP-TTGUNG DER WURDII EDES, DOI-dOR-11,11GRULUM DIESETITA =, 3 172, -Iop TINSA TT F-1.5,219 Maier H. G About the Binding of Volatile Aroma Constituefit& to Foods. 6 pp. Universitats-Institut fur Lebensmittelchemie, FSTC-HT-23-282-72- Nomelm".V. 0. The oxtmndty of the SuZer-Lagrotoo pritutipU in non-holonomia meahanioa. ."S2W,K aNrNGRAD. VE Or VOZ 16,j No 29,o 1961a pp 138-244 NTO ?3-21930-20K REQ TR CHECK 19-02-74 'T104 THE EFFECTS OF EMPIRICAL.PROGRAM REVISION AND PRESENTATION Q,F OBJECTIVES ON STUDENT PERFORMANTE TOURNEUR, Y g FR: UNIVERSITE DE LtETAT A MONS FACULTE DES SCIENCES PSYCHO-PEEDAGOGIQUES. APPLICATOON DtINDICES ET DE TEEZT STATISTIQUES A LIEVALUATION DE MITRISE, 7-9 APRIl 1973, 67 pages Educatio-,,.i Idxdster Discusses Reforms, 5 PP- Sansii, tip, Guayaquil, 6 11jar 1973, pp 1, 3. JPRS 58605 Apr 73 Movement Begun for Return to Constitutional Government. 5 pp EL WIVERSO, Quitop 3 July 1973, pp 1. 5. JP&9 59615 Birardi, Guisoppe The Possible Utilization of Orbital Space Stations for Cartographic and Geodetic Purposes L' UN I VERSO, 1971, No 4, pp 770-77o GI, U58, iNo 4. (DiA~-Topographic Center) RUSSIAN CSO: 8044/0791 22 October 1974 Appeal against Persecution by USSR Authori- ties of Bvangelist Christian Baptists. Unpublished Samizdat appeal. Special Type A Do not Publish Single spaced draft T/D I November 1974 or as soon thereafter as possible. Dickel, Friudrich Interior Minister Praises Workers Militia on 20th Anniversary, 6 Dn. UNSER BRANDSChUTZ11, East Berlin, Sep 73, TP 1 --3 - JPRs 60215 Oct 73 Vocational Training in the USSR, by Helmuth P012er, 5 pp. GF=I, per: Unsere Zeit. Duesseldorf, No 19, 11 &Y 1973 p 160 MRS 59249 June 73 Florakis, Kharilaos Communist Part7 Leader Scores Junta, 5 pp. UNSERE ZEIT, Duesseldorf, 27 Jul 73, p 6. in, S 59967- Oct 73 West German CP States Its Energy Policy Demands, 7 PD. UNSERE HIT, Duesseldorf, 18 Dee 73, p 5. JPRS -61079 "Feb 7)1 West German Communist Editorialist Attacks Chinese Communists, 5 pp. IMSE'RE ZEIT, Duesseldorf, 10 Jan 74, p 4. 7T;R-S-;75i;- Mpr 74 Stuetz, Hannes DKP Functionary Attacks Solzhenitgyn and His Latest Book, 5 Pp. TJNS'R,RP3 ZEIT, Luesseldorf, 19 Jan 74, p 7. JPRS . Mar 74 Herbert Miest Speech at Brussels Copference of ItTest Euronean CoTmunist Parties, 6 pp. UNSERE ZEIT, Duesseldorf, 29 Jan 74, p 4. JPRS 6137- 148 r 74 lienort, on SDeech by Herbert Dlids, Chairman of the 114est German C'P, 5 -,oo. TTNSF~R-F, ZEIT, Duesseldorf, 18 Peb 74, P 3. 7 fTs-TI77 Apr 74 Jung-, Nildas Planned I.Tew Bayer Factory Threatens to Pollute Lower Elbe, 6 pp. UNSERE ~!,EIT, Duesseldorf, 15 Feb 74, P 7. JPRS 6157T Ap r 71 ~ Ades, Herbert West German Constitutional Anniversary Speech by Herbert Miess 14 pp UNSME ZEIT. Duesseldorfl 25 Nay,19749 pp 10,-12, im 622T5-' Closing Speech at Seventh Conference of DIT I? Executive Body, 5 Pp. GERMAN, np, Unsere-Zeit, Duesseldorf, 16 Mar 73, p 5 ins 58~85 A-or 73 Schacht, Kurt Peking Supports the Enemies of Relaxation of Tension, 5 pp. UNSERE ZEIT, Duesseldorf, 27 Jul 73, p 16. JPRS 5967F 3ov 71 International 3olidRrity: A ~Ieapon in Fight Ar,ainst the Monopolies, 5 pp. MTS-,RE ZEIT, Duesseldorf, 28 MIar 74, P 4. .JPR.S (,T70-0- Jiil Ij -, ~ I'l, i o7' e mv, n n 1, L I 'r9 ~T "o mniversary I lebrates ,' of 1.969 Noscow lk"onrorence, T-7 0 11", )uosscldorf, Jun 74, p 7. JPR~ 62325 GERMAN 1 1-11 1) Problems with Training in the Bundeswehr; 2) Problems with Personnel 3) Leadership Problems of CSO: 8120/0103 17 July 1974 and Advanced Training Management; Senior Officers Bonn, Unterrichtung Durch Den Wehrbeauftragen, Jahresbericht 1978, March 3, 104, pp 19-29, 40-43 Special type B Do not publish Single spaced draft plus one Ageneys Transportation Dept. 072DII629 PS-40013 (Cf-9) 1 Ifty 1974 atiat Sondargutachten das Sachverstandigeirates "Zu dim r,asmattArtachaftlielm Auswitimngen der 01krIaWl Authort Scorcei Untmiehtung dumb die fluidaffreglerugg 19112.73 Languap~ee Germn PPI-16 Instructionst Please type double space Investigations on the Supply and Demand of Mineral Raw materials III. Aluminum UNTIERSUCHUNGEN UEBER ANGEBOT UND NACHFRAGE MINEPALISCRER RO11STOFFE II10 ALUMINUM Feb 1973. 270 pp *NTIS-TT-73-53055 HAHN~ ORTWIN UNTERSUCHUNGEN ZUM FESTIGKEITSVERRAL-TEN VON MATEALLKLEBUNGEN BEI SCHLAGBEANSPRUCHU.NG,// Studies on the strength of metal adhesive 5oints under impact, 107 pp I .pp 1-140, AIRIFTD/HC-23-1512-74 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOV'T AGENCIES ONLY$ COPYRIGHT INFORMATION OTHER REQUEST FOR THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE REFERRED TO FTD. Sci:nr,-a~ TiuElrnlh-lrz DL -OLOC T~g-gUCjr EA CHE D of on s fm, 1, 34) pe'ror. co-i Us n) "Pup, 1101"EMUCHUSM AN UINGSANGESTRORMS ECKV. -XM HnwisCHALLBERVICH. 1WS!rZTVT FUR STROMUNGSWCHAM DER. , 2wovismAw ormsirAT BRmsearrG. wram nlc MORTRAG "GWINSAW JAHRMAGUNG DER OGFT UND. DER DTRG'vo znvestigation of comers aligned with the free stream velocity in the hypersonio range,, 33 pps pp 1-33P AIRIFTD-RC-23-1140-74, 24-28 September 1973 1W INNSBRUM) VORTRAGSNUMER 73-114, COPYRrGHT INFORWION, US. GOVT AGENCIES ONLY, OTHER REQUEST MUST BE REFERRED TO MOO MAURERK, G. HUNTERSUMUNGEN 'UBER PATHOGENESE UND THERAPIE VON KOMBINATIONSSCHADEN// Studies of Pathogenesis and Therapy of Combination Injuries, b s' J.-h 4 97 SCHLOTTRANN, F, IIUNTMUCRVI16M DER ROLLNEWFUNG VON SCHLANKFN FLAEGUN, REPORT 02-1900411 Investigations of the rolling doping of alandor winge, 20 pp's ANASA TT F 150 72900 Rumer H. Urrbueru chungen Am Spelctrura Eines Report IPP-'IV/31 Jan 1972 -K-LASL Fluon-asserstoff-Lasers JiLly 11,173 A- - - 1 1. - .1 RUSSIAN -t-- CSO: 8344/0283 12 August 1974 z Control of the Biosynthesis of Microorganisms, Krasnoyarsk, Upravleniye Biosintezon Mikro- organizmov, IM-,T-,p 2, 338-36r- Special type B Do not publish Single spaced draft plus one Petrov, B. N. Orbital Stations and the Study of Earth From Space. 23 pp UFRAVLMYE V KOSMOSEt Moscow, Vol 1, 1972, pp 7-22. JPRS 59650 7-Nov-73 Unc I (,IPRS--60179) Cortrol in space. ( JO I NT PUBLICATIONS RESEARCH SERVICE, WASHIN1,MM, D.C. ('JSA)). 2 Oct 1973. Translated from Uprovle-t&yv v konmo-3c, vols. 1, 2. 39p. Dep. NTIS. 18E nucleat power plants; 21F nuclear propuloion; 181 reactor control; translations MN-80 NP NSA Selected articles frO111 V01s. I & 2 0 UKRANIA~L!', CSO: 8144/2031 7 May 1974 Administration of Science, by G.M. Dobrova Kiev, Upravlinnya Naukoyu, 1971, pp 111-124 Special Type B Do not publish Single spaced draft plus one Please repro all graphics Borodin, 7. T. Flight Control of Airplane and Helicopters 315 PP URRAVIMM POIZTOM BA1401ETOV I VERTOLr,,TOV$ 197P, PPV 1-238 AIR/FTD-W-A-318-73 Popel 14. 14. Book Describes Troop Control During Great Patriotic 15 pp UPROLUNHE VQY5M4I V GODY VELIKOY OM~,TVUNNQY L VOYWY, Loscow, '974, pp 1-7, 19-20, 30-32, 36. 54- 3-5. T9, 74-76, 89, 102-103, 116, 133-134,142-149, 176. JPRS 63052 Form a of up,~ivrrZto-io.STI I RLS I Y~3 q, ') 0. A'. tz jJ REQ TR CHECK, 17-09-73 T541 UNKR0'vRq MALINOVSKIY, B.N.~ AGRINSKIY, K:I-a: UR: UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEl,ff I MASHINY, NO. i, SEP-OCT 1972, pp. 6o-65 11r Y- - Yegipko~ V. M. Problems and basic stages in the designing of systems for automation of experiments 20 pp UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEMY I -,*: MASHINGY, nr. 1, 1972, pp. 71-78 AIR/FTD-MT- ;- 24-542-74 safonov, r. V. k1gorithmstage in formaZixed mliabiZity.doeigning of digi tal 00mutior Is pp UPRAWAYUSHCHMS 5182TAff I WHZNY. .nr. 1, ept or-oct;Ser 1972, -9 =11-0 I S Gr PP. ArRIFYD-BT-23-54&74 T544 REQ TR cHECK 17-09-73 UNKNOWN 1,T, ; ZAKHAROVI V.G. MASHINY, NA-Ljl,.,IoV, B - sISTEMY upRAVjiAYUSHCI11YE TJR- SEp-OCT 1972, PP., I, D. Superaonduct~ng memory devices t.2 pp UPRAWAYUSHCHIYE, SISTEMY I ACHINY, nr., 4, Septloct V.972, pp. 110-144 AIRI' FTD-HT-23-545- 74 S V. 1. Syxithesis of ,iLspIty s1rotems on the baais of a railli- UMMAYLTS119i'LlYll, IMEHY I IZD-VO WUMOVA MIKA Kiev, P~ - 1, SOD-Oct 1972, prp. U9-122 AE-1 ~TTD-_~,a-2 VAL #XOV., V. M. 11UPRAMAYUSHCRIYE SMEW I WHrNY11 V--!-* The contraZ computer "Stektronika K-20011 and the field of its uee, 15 ppo pp 123-128, Sept-)ct 1972j, AIRIFTD-MT-24-547-7409 Vinokurov, V. 0. Conplexes of.minicomputera and their oppUcation U pp UPRAVLYAYUSHC71IYE SISTEMT I AMSHINY, nr. ~., &pp - Oct. Z972., pp. U8432 ATRIFIV-1IT-23-548-74 Stavahikov,, A. 1. First conference on the optimm planning and control of the National EeonoT. 5 pp: VPRAWAY0,9CRIYE SISTEMY I AMSMINY, No 1, Sept-Oct., 1972 pp 134-135 AIRIFTD-HT-505-74 Control in aoiantific eyatenw, 6 pp. UPRAYLYAYUSHCRIYE SZSTRMY I MASHIAIY, Nd 1, Sep-Oct 1972, pp 136-139 ArRIFTD-HT-23-552-74 Smirnov, L. P. The design of organizationat stmotures in controZ. 6 pp UPRAMAYUSH0111YE SISTEMY I lAgHINY No 1, Sept-oct ,p 1972, pp 138-130 AIRIFPD-HT-23-553-74 LARIONOV. A. M. /NPRAWAYUSHCHIYE SISTEMIY I'MASHIV KIBERNETICHESKIY TS IENTRA UKRSSR (KIEVV/ -4-419739 V0001v N0002 tThe basic principles of the construction and, the technical economical characteristics of a unified computer system 30 pp pp 1-12 March-April 1973, AIR/FTD/MT-24-1164-74 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOV'T AGENCIES ONLY: COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: OTHER REQUEST FOR T THIS DOCOMENT MUST BE REFERRED TO FTD## Ilk REQ TR CHECK 31-01-74 TAO AUTOWED CHWK SYSTEM (A#HS) OF COMPUTING TECHNIQUE DIGITAL MODULI I GROBMAN, D.M.; SERGEYEV, B.G. UR: UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEMY I,MASHM. KIBERNETICHESKOGO TSENTRA UKRSSR (KIEV)~ NO. 1.1 1973, pp. 86-93 RF4Q'TR MCK FIRST STAGE OF ACS FORPIANT OF CEIIULOSE-~ PAPER INDUSTRY RUVINSKIYO A A UR'. UF~A~LYAYUSHCHITll SISTEMY I MISHINY. KIBERNETICHESKOGO XSENTRA UKRS.SR (KIEV)$ No. ii '973, pp. i17-J20 Z,7,- TR CHECK. T. .'MODERN OPTICAL AUTOMATA FOR READIN4%.PRINTEI) ANI HAND-PRINTED TEXTS VOZIYANOV4 A,F.; GIMELIFARB~ G.L~ UR: UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEMY I MASHINY. KIBERIqETICMKOGO TSENTRA UKRSSR (KIEV~ 1) 1973, pp. 121-141 All MVMWs L. YA. 110RAWAYOUNIN SUMPO I MASCNY-. XXJWJWICMYJY 2WWRA VWSR (MV)ll A *tu* of ow struoftm of oontml multipmassing wits 14 pps pp $9-94,.Mawh-AprCZ 2973p ArRIM-87-23-1166-74#0 UNKNOWIN '//UPRAVLYAYVSHCHIYE SISTEMY IMASHINY KIBERNETICHESKOGO ISENTRA USRSSR (KIEV),// -4-419731 v ---- qX000,1's A single computer system-the technical base for comtemporary management systems 5 pp pp 1-2, 142, AIR/FTDIHT-23-1611-74 May-June 1973@@ DSHKHUNTAN. V. L. //UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEMY I..MASfiINY KIBERNETICHESKOGO TSENTRA UXRSSR..(KIE.V)// --/--/1973., V--"-, N0003 The state and prospects for development of a- computer element base 10 pp pp 48-51 AIR/FTD/HT-23-1612-74 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOVT AOENCIES ONLY: COPYRIGHT INFORMATION OTHER REQUEST FOR THIS DO CUMENT MUST REFERRED TO FTD## LARIONOV. A. M. //UPRAVLYAYUSCCHIYE SISTEMIY I MASHINY KIBERNETICHESKOGO TSENTRA// --/--1973, V----, N0003 The baisc principles of constructuion and the technical economic characteristics of immediate access and long term storage of the unified computer system 30 pp pp 92-10SAIR/FTDIMT-24-1614.,74 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO US C-'.OVERNMENT AGENCIES ONLY COPYRIGHT INFORMATION OTHER REQUEST FOR THIS DOCUMENT MUST REFERRED TO FTD## LARIONOV. A. M. //UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTEMIY I MASHINY AIBERNETICHESKOGO TSENTRA// --/--/1973, V----, N0003 Technical and operating characteristics of the peripheral gear of models ofthe unified computersystem 52 pp pp 106-128 AIR/FTD/MT-24-1615-74 DISTIRBUTION LIMITED TO US GOVERNMENT AGENCIES CNLY COPYRIGHT INFORMATION OTHER REQUEST FOR. HIS DT"UMENT MUST REFERRED TO FTD## LARIONOV AA.; M //UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIYE SISTM I MASHINY KIBERNETICHESKOGO TSENTRA// --/--/1973, V----, N0003 The basic principles of the construcution of the system of software for the YeS EVM (SMO YeS) 26 pp pp 129-138 May-June 1973 AIR/FTD/MT-24-1616-74 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO US GOVER14ENT AGENCIES ONLY COPYRIGHT INFORMATION OTHER REQUEST FOR THIS DOCUMENT MUST RErrRRED TO FTDOO