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December 31, 1983
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PLANP i4iiihil'i s " 0 UN I i " y -U vl~ t imll.,Vi~ P.Si;ll~ , L I I 1). )1ill"il., il. I il~l ~ I T(~Li~ S P . 16 - I ( 4 "'t 9 ,, ') I/ ? ~ - Z;,., , v i-,~ 'I . ~ ~ ~, I C -; I I - ~ .1 -U,:5 1 " - M Hessen, C. Iucrease of blood flow through the skin by isolated heating of the spinal cord in unanesthetized dogs. PLUFGM ARCHIV FUR GESAME FMIOLOGIE. Vol 297, 1967~ Pp 35-52 *NASA TT F-15,009 Jessen, Increase of blood flow throughthe skin by isolated heating of the svinal cord in unanesthetized dogs, PLUFGERi ARCHIV FUR GFSAMTE LHYSIOLOGIE, Vol 297, 1967, pp 53-70 *NASA TT F 11,998 Gas 6 -P"O-P,Osecj, S I;o vy, T y 0 31 1-973, PP 76 - 78. Y 73 PIIIITF, No. 4, 1973, pp.18-24 and 25-32. *71 -Ift - AN EXACT SOLUTION Of- THE NAVIER-STOKLS ~OUATI ONS FOR A CHEMICALLY RLACHNG GAS KRONROD9 V.v SH LANGUAGE-RU CGUNTRY-UR PMfFj #41 19731 49-56 it FSTC-HT-i-3-UU31-75 04 MOM 1) STIWYNY9 MQUAIM PROIZVWIUL'tW*.n nmsuwvyw towussom tty: toll krutISWAU ausTo-moymn u0mmutguly OKAMSIONn USIUMI, by 6,,C,* Nal"aw 3) PMVWICUSKIY DATOUK UROVNYA KRIGMYU4 Z14010STAT 5-Y Pleass rablish and include reprodwtions, 4acupeat *AY aot be cut or Ikutilated Please provide JPRC/AD hoc with S copl6s i'mumtic Jet kiedical Apparatuses, by A. S. Porellmdor, V. G. UradelskiY, 32 PP- hu6blki , b1c, 5 .U-_ IrWoLq- LIQd , i';oscow, 1971- Jli~s 58 97 iipr 73 L.A. I Pion-.Lifl Ftletlmollic~ --.p6 l'od"A"." ~Zjl ~, p I ~ I ~ (--, 0 1, 1 F; n ( 1 i c !" 1 s c 1.) 3 S E- S I I o n t, o n c.~.,, r, L n o, o ri o ra i c ('ond*,I--ionL,, .~,, p P - '01~,Tl--:1)Al ?,-' !~ ),. I 7777-77,795" T)r,c, 7,1f ao: k4V2222 26 A J1.1. IrM ~Jlly is -1.0,C]7 o Culldc-~~starldinfl of awl evt,n hostility o 7 copl'--o I China In tlic-, USISR. t P -L"d ~(' da h- lochen,- v SSO.R t -z v--azhdebnost' k narc.-.1monu kitayu. A not. publish cxljjrl~a pills, rxle Fridland,,.V.M. Sitil Combinations,and their Genesis. PochvennXe Kombinatsiy i ikh genezis. lzda- telstvo "Nauka," Moscow, 1972. 215pp. *NTIS TT 73-52024 MANAKOV. K. N. //POCHVENNYE REZHIMY NA POLYARNOM SEVERE// --/--/1969, V----, N---- Water elution of inorganic matter in the northern taign forests of the kola peninsula pp 104-117 NASA TT F 15981## iiT glinge, H. Podsot formation in the tropics. POCHVOVEDENIE, No 5, 1971, pp 21-29 NTC 73-13244-02C NLL RTS 7645 RUSSIAN CSO: 8044/1158A 18 December 1974 Unsigned 6?p //POCHVOZASHCIIITNAYA SISTEMA ZEMLEDELIYA// --/--/1.973 V ---- ) N----, pp 0175 & Title Pa Tselinograd Soil-Protective System of Farming Special Type B Do Not Publish Single spaced draft intensification biscussed as the Lain 'Trend in the Development of '~~,-riculture, by R. borisanko, u 11 pp. RU661L, per, :6namenqi,,i 1,eninlzma. idev, 1~c 4, 1,eb 1973, pp J 12hS 56818 APr 73 W Ichonko, N. Grain Production Seen as Key Problem. 10 pp POD ZNJUMANE21 LEMINIZ , Kiev, 11 June 1973, PP 17-21. JFRS 59835 Progress in Chemical industry Discussed. 7 pp POD ZWO&I LENINIZ1,1A, Mloscow, No 16, Aug 1973, 7- 0. p jpRs 60930 Kulikov, Ya. Ferrous Metal Production in the Ukraine Must be Improved. 7 pp POD ZNAMBER LENINIZMA, Kiev, 20 Oct 1973, pp 47-50- JPM 60955 Starchenko, 'it. Nlays for Increasing Capital Investments Effective- ness in Construction Described. 9 Pp POD ZNAM.-l' U,1 L L-%11014A, Kiev , NTO 17, 1973, PP 2?-31. JM 61266 Mitin Discusses Struggle Against Reliljbn Today. 10 'Op POD ZI%ANII,'\I&,! LUUNIZ1,1A, Iaev, Dee 1973, pp 31-35- 7PP,S 61262 - Kirichenko, N. Crimean Agro-Indutrial As5ociations Disollssed. 7 pp POD NAMENEI LENINIMA, Kiev, Wo 2. Fob 1974, PP 21-23- JPR5 61653 Snitko, 0. Ubiquitous Semiconductors. 5 pp I POD ZNAMEN&I LENINMAA, Kiev, No 17, SePt 1973, pp 64-66. jpRs 61684 Link, M. M. Training of Cosmonauts PODMVKA KOBMWVTOV b0 pp *NASA TT F-15~267 V), VOL 3p Part lp IUIW wM. OGNOW COW$ UEKr O',jj" T 1, //POD;qEC,,'--.iK D040I)CY PLUTOITU// - 0/- -/ - - - - "j- -- - I E- - - - 7 l%-,anu:"l for Ph,,toon Leaders , 5,11"21 p~, - 11, - . I it () () (" )' 0 1,") U 7 ~' , Ald-,IF~ TC1fIT-2 3-,-542-72 Irl RUSSIAN CSO: 8344/0291 12 August 1974 The Underwater Oceanological Laboratory "Chernomor-2" P.A. Borovikov, V.P. Brovko, A.M. Podrazhanskiy, G.A. Stefanov and V.S. Yastrebov Moscow, Podvodnaya Okeanologicheskaya Laboratoriya "Chernomor2" individual preprint, 1971 15 pages. Special type B Do not publish Single spaced draft plus one YGvSeyGv, V. I. Design and Pre-Reactor Testing of Control Units of the BN-350 Reactor. 7 pp PWIMIjCIIAYU5IiCHIYE MATMALY I STERZ12U RIMUIJROVAN~YA BYSTRY10i REAKTOROV, Dimitrovgrad, 4-8 June 1973- jpm 59863 Golltsev, V. P. The Behavior of llare-Earth-Based Absorbing Materials Under Irradiation. 7 pp FMIOSHCHAYWHCHIYE MATERIALY I STERZBNI RMIJLIROVANIYA BYSTRYKH REAKTOROV, Dimitrovgrad, 4-8 June 1973- JM 59863 Votinov, S. III. The Behavior of B0,1-i-60 Reactor Control and 5afety Rods During Their Operation. 9 PP POGLOSHCIJAYUSEChIYE MATEMALY I STERMI RE)GULIRGUNIYA BYISTRYKH REAKTOROV. Dimitrovgrad, 4-8 June, 1973- JPRS 59863 Kuznetsov, S. A. Control Rods for Fast Reactors 'Ath Sodiinn Coolants. 9 pp MIL03HCHAYUSHCHYE IQTLIRMY I STERMNI PTg,TTLIROVANIYA BYSTIZYI(H RFAUOROV, Dindtrovgrad, 4-8 June 1 73- JPM 59863 Bayramashvili, I. A. Structure and Properties of Ver-j Pure Boron Carbide. 10 PP POGLOSHCHCHAYUSHCBIYE MUERIALY I STERZHNI RMULI BYSTRYKH REAKTOROV, Dimitrovgrad, 4-8 June, 1973- jPF.'j y),v%, I.Itveyev I V. 1. Basic Problems in the Designing of Absorbing Rods of rast Ibwer Reactors. 10 pp POGLOSHUAYUSECEIYE MATERTALY I STERZMII MULIROVAIIIYA BYSTRYKH RUKTOROV, Diirdtrovgrad, 4-8 June, 1973- JPR5 59863 Gol'tsov' V. P. Lffectiveness of SUZ (Control and Safety Rods) of Fast Reactors and Means of Increasing It. 12 pp POGLOSHCHAYUSHCHIYE MATERI&Y I STERZE11 RMULIROW11IYA BYSTRYEH RMUOROV, Dimitrovgrad, 4-8 June, 1973- JPRS 59863 Gol'tsrm, V* PS Boron Carbide Properties and 3ehavior Under lrradiation. 21 PP FT,LoscHcHAyusHciaYL,' MAT~,RIALY I 3TERZIR41 RDOUROVANIYA BYSTRYKII BYUOROVI Dimitrov-,rad'4-8 June 19?3- JPR5 59863 Klimov, V. D. Tests of Samples of Absorbing Eaements of Fast Pmrer Reactors in the BR-5 Reactor. 2-1 pp POGLOSHCHCHATMECRIYE MATERIALY I STERNUM RMULIROVAIII -U. BIOSTRYKH LFANTOROVt Dirdtrovgrad, 4-8 June 1~73- JM9 59863 1'edorov, Ye. K. ,,,leather and the Harvest. r0 pp -1 FWODA I UROZHAY, Leningrad, 197), pp 3-56. jpRs 63111 Nikolayev, V.P. Investigation of Remote Automatic Temperature Gradient Measurements. POGRANIC1,114YY SLOY ATMOSFERY, Order of the Red- Banner of Labor Institute of Applied Geophysics Proceedings, No. 10~, Gidrometeoizdat Press, 1967, Moscow. FSTC 23 1422 72 Roy, Ylaurice Quandary Over Anti-Inflationary Policy. 8 pp LE POINT, Paris, 5 Nov 1973, pp 52-54. JPRS Mb J Ministr, Z. Stereology and Mercury Porosimetry. POKROKY PRASKOVL MLT., 1971, No.3, pp.3-17. BISI 11068 Dudrova, E. Contrib"tion to the Knowledge of the Rclationship Between Stren~,th Limit and Porosity of Pressed Pisces From Sponge Iron Powders POKROICY MUM,, MET.2 1071, (3), pp 25-38 DISI 10432 i,lodrv, S. Studv of Pore Shape in Sintered IroFi. POKROKY PRASKOVE METALURGIE, 1971, No.3, pp,39- 716. bISI 10433 Salek, A. Influence of reduction annealing the Iron spon ge made from unsorted scales on the properties of compapts before and after sintering. POKROKY PRASKOVE MET.,,1972, No. 1 pp-1-8. ;B M-1 1 =6 Salak, A. Influence of Ruduction Annealing -the Iron Spon ge k"iiade froin Unsorted Scales on the Properties of Compacts Before and After Sintering. FOKRKY PRASKOVL HUI% , 1972, No.1, pp. 3-10. BISI 1126G Salak t A. Influence of Scale Particle Size on the Pro- perties of Iron Sponge Powder Reduced from it. POKROKY PRASKOVE MET$-) 1972, No.1, pp.11-18. 91SI 11297 Gatlay, M. L. Flight of aircraft with patrial. 167 pp. POLET SAMOLETA 6 NEPOLNOY I NESIMMETRICHNOY TYAGO 1970 NASA TT P ?34-P3 Pr Ppl,,)"Y, Ivan r I e n c 0 8 Sh o t, i c om n s 1-1 s s 0 ,I (,A 6,1111 v Oc. Ce 11 s e le Potarkiii, V. , anti 1. Kulakov 19V MAnagenent of fi~ll p,rocessing ships neoft triprovement Polismiain pmvda, April 13, Mummn5ki 2. In Russian. 11, i .ratial. by JPRS. lept. 19'J3, 'p., proceased. Aveil. PTS us Tmixl, 60017, prifae $) . kilil. all ~,Oari Utah, D.C. 1973 1~3d PluMit-19 bY superiors O&US05 Problems in fish proetesing Follarnala V'Pavda. April P, ",urm-n3v; P In Russim. TMnzl. by j7TS, 1973, 5p., Proomed. Avail, for IITTS as jPRS Tmnsl. 60017. price $3-oo. Avail. on 11,onn Vash. . D.u. Agency: Library of Congress C. qh 0 Y/ 7 P.O. LB75-1234 Call 4Tl / I i-t, ~7 J- Title of Article: La Politica Mexicana Sobre Trabajador Migratorios Hacia Los Estadas Unidos. Author: Romeo Flores Caballero t eL 1"rj 1~21 SourcL: f Instructions: Translation should include all labels, graphs, & explanatory material which are included in the article. 1:0: SPANISH CSO: 8048/1152 11 December 197-D National Directorate of Information and IntelligCluce Folicia de Jiontevideo Direc. 11a1. de Infome Iutell(f,encia, October 1973 Special type B DD not publish Translator's draft plus one COPY. SPANISH cso. 8o48/1521 2o Feb. 1974 National Directorate of Information and Intelligence. Policia, de Montevideo Direc. Hat, de Infc Departamento Nro. 4, Informe Mansual, Dee Spec type B Do not publish Single Spaced draft plus one VUGA, D. Evaluation of Acute Atypical Broncho-Pneumonia of Alcoholics POLICLINICO-SEZIONE PRACTICA, VOL. 73, pp. 1812- 1817, 1966 NTC 73-10380-06E March 73 Volkova, 0. B. 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Govtt agenicies only; Copyright information; Other reqaest for this dociunent must be referred to FTD. The contents of this document are nuspectea to sub5eet to copyright protec- tion, Reiner, G. Af, Problems in coloring plastias. Part I POLIPLASTI,, Vol 21, No 69, 1963, pp 7-13 ATS 1575-1J Reiner, G. M. Problems in coloring plwtics. Part 2 POLIPLASTI, Vol 11, No 70, 1963, pp 11-15 ATS 1576-IJ Veronest, P.D. The Phenomena of Plate Out. ' POLIPLASTI, 1970, Vol. 18, NO. 154, pp.12-16. UISI 9-499 General Torres Talks About, Bolivip's Problem, by ATrdlear n. Romero, 6 pp. SPANISH) np, Plan, Sntingof Chile, 19 Apr 1973, P 20. RPS 59046 May 73 cso-. 8148/2689 w 25 June 1973 Cmpora-Life and Erdle in Chile. Santiago, Chile, Liffi, pp 6-7, 29 Ifarch 1,973. Special type B Do not publish Translator's draft Ijus one copy Uncl (RFP-Trans--122) Research on ccbalt--beryllium alloys. Venturello, G.; Burdese, A. (BOLOGNA UNIV. (ITALY): 'POLITECNICO DI TORINO (ITALY)). Translated for Dow Chemical U.S.A., RocRy Flats Div., from Italian. CONF 510901-1. 12p. Dep. NTIS. From 5. National Congrees of the Italian Association of Metallurgy; Venice, Italy (16 Sep 1951). 11F metallurgy; translations MN-25 P NSA REVISED March 19, 1975 0 kidryushchenko., F. X, COPro8ion of copper in borof'Lum-Cde Solutions. VESTNIk KHARKov. --or,.rTEXHNICRESKrY INSTITuT No 40 197o, pp ;30-32 NTC ?3-13370-11F Dzhmahev, Boris ?rospects for Bulgarian Atonic power Viewed, 5 n-0. PO~I'TICIIESKA AGITATSIYA, Sofia, NO 18, 36P '73, n -5 5Z7-75-. JPRS 60897 Jan 74 Marinov, Marin Construction Program for 1974 Outlined, 9 pp. POLITICBESKA AGITATSIYA, 3ofia, ~,To 1, Jan 74, ,D-o 17-24, 46~1~9. JPRS 61352 Mar 71L "tam ., . - 0 v , , ta mo Imnortanco of Inter-,ration 11~!jth USSR Stressed, 6 T)I), POLT'I.'ICII:-~-)KA AGIq'A7STY(i, Sofia, '-To 5 Nar 74, - 7 . I t . 1,)n 3 777- ,Tz)[is 61897 Jill ',_~ Iflizov, "Alcolay Bulgarians ftild Their Names, 9 -op. POLITICITES11 PROSVE,?A, Sofiao .1-10 7, Jul 73, PT) bo-M. ,TPRs 59988 Oct 73 Vasileva, Tsvet~i Ri.qht-'~.Tlngr Revisionism and Maoism, 13 PT). POLI'PjCHI,,'ST~'A PHOSVETA, 3ofin, Vol 8, jjo 8, '7T Auf7 -n-n 7-77- JDRS 60279 Nov 73 Dimitrov, Dlmitiw Problems ir. Party Propaganda Discussed, d pp. POLITICH!';SEA ~OSW,111A, Sofia, Dec 73, p-,) 3-12. E JPR3 6ilull. Mar 74- 'X,'ishev, ~Ifasil ~,'W~urc -!)Pvolonrientl of, Outlined, 1-2 'r)T) . POLITTCHI~:Tl~k 1-1 ~iLOSVIE'7A , Sofia, Fleb '71~, Pp 3-11. ITPPIT71529 - AnT, 7~j Peovs1d, TIad Development of Material - 'll.echnical 13a.sis Roviewed, 8 np. POLITICEMU PROSVOPA, 5ofia, Feb 711., PP 35-46. 777RS-7-177-~ Apr 711,- Vil-Irinylo,", I 3 of i~onal. cc)(jo .,xanjno( _!~ lit. 17-1 TT T~~ 7 S o fi a , 7)_~, pp 91- 99. rpotic)"o -=OEM 1) C (TI1711 al~ pp. -T T? ~',T I' T-T J, Alt M T-)