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Bureaucratic Attacks on the Arts Denounced, by Ozran '"'Unec, 5 pp. 37,,R'90-CROATIAN, np, Studentski list, Zagreb, 20 Feb 73, P 5. - ,P- Rs 58649 hor 73 'l',a,r,-,reb Student- Paper Defends Self, Rehashes '-L'ocent Iiistory, 5 PP. S,'~.'1030-00A'2IATIT, np, Studontski List, ' r' ,~,agreb, 3 Anr 73, P 3. 539)L.O '.7ersistenco of Pl.~".-mloibatioii 'Explorod, by .'Viroslav Jile", 5 pp. 7 3, - ~11)1`0 -C "'OA T IA'T, np, 3tudentski List, ";A,-rob, 17 l'-Rj 73, P III.- ill)')LOS 50,'26 'Illii 7-3 I ,1, drymki, J. , and C. ~~,owski 1971 Mclogioul and toohnological aharaotoristic$ of Northuest Atiantic maoruridav (Riologicznn t tec)vwlQglqzna ctharakter~:;tyka nb Dulaw1kovatych z VRInoono-tachodmioso Atlantyl,:u) 3tludlo I 1latori&lv :'ir, Scrieu D, (5): 45. In Follob. Tables of Contents and Introduciions of 13 Mo- nographs. Studia i Materialy, Series A: No. 9, 1971; No.10, 1T7-2; Series B, No.25~ 1971; No.26, No.27 1972; Series C! No. 11, 1971; No.12, 1972; no.13 No. 14, 1972; Series D, no.6, 1972; Series E, No.21, 1972,- Technology Of Marine Organisms, by Z.E. Sirorski; and Fishing Industry Economics, by J. Wojewnik. i,NTIS-TT-73-54009 a! ."TUDIA -S -1~ OLYA I C iiclli FASSCICULLTro jo, Kelemen. F. et al A Method for the Measurement of Diffusion in Ccls -v .":-.ans of Radioactive IsotoDes. ACAD. REP. POPULARE ROMINE, STUDII CERCETARI FIZ. , VO'l. 14, 1.10. 5 , p -L~l P.593-8, 1953. A.T.S RU-1008 Akgolcv; ricatirtly truenal 9243/0983 74--31 k is oct. 1973 Tit.-to: "llborrimi npd. A a altor suhat.,Iat~l elili lacovaclai id V. -L,ruwzctl ':'ourcc, fyLud. Coreet. YdocU-:~. 11. 12, pp. D-26. fratruaions~ Type 6bil-le spi.-tro, paste-up, car-.era roa,.-iy copy. A~-Ilmlcy~ Picatimly t,,kT3C)wl 74-31 9243/0912 18 (tt. 1073 TILIG: Uitio-rarea partiala a -,,,,e:L Uostnict-ural-', in prezexttn Initibitor-flar me-tabolici Cerect. iliochi-.n. V. 12. Pp. 1-35-114 vstructions-. Type aiiwjf~ spqioe~ pisto-ulp, r-ndy 111catinny 9243/1074 74- 37 14 Nov. 1973 t., - a A-01 '-I A Alcor .... dw Z~~diu. atoJy. Cc~rcmt. Idathiii. Vol. 13, Ai:eacy; Ilicatiotty Arsenal 9243/0984 PIC.-I. 711-31 1 18 Oct. 1973 'i Itle, Toai de poulaill, calcill 61 timlio ill gue.;.1vile fruuolzr stirjulate electric. Irina Conoiu. Source. z:;tud. corcet, V. 14, pp, 1-7-22 gi ~1;,J s:~Zrc , ,,"I StO--U~ C LLmiy Artjoii4l 74- 1-) wtr tu a ooo 17 a n o it i 3-vic" cc, Chemical nature of Spiphyseal Antissxwl substm~ in the urine. STUDIX V CIRMARr DE INDOORNOWGIE,. Vol 82,6 NO 10710 pp hTc 73--14091-06P DAMN, F. 11STUDIX 51 ORG DE VIVOMOLOGIS11 --1--1l9?3j,V0024,,XOOOIj, Antigonadotmpio action of pineat oxtracts. pp 31-J8sNTC 74-10252-OOPOg T:Fj avou, D. Comparative eft4 of the elootricaZ osolMitione in positive and negative oolw= in a A 0. gZw df-8- Marge 18 pp STVDIX SI CERCETARI DR MICA. voZ. 22, Z070~, pp. 409- H0 AIRIFTD-80-234340-74 Grosu, D. Influence of electric and luminous phenomena of the anodic r--,ion on the electric osdillations in a D. C. glow discharge 59 PP STUDII SI CERCATARI DE MICA, vol. 22, to. 61 1970, pp_. 623-649 AIR11FTD-M-23-1339-74 Y ti E i-- 1. 1, C I i,. I C r, E Fk i A I I I-N 1, i (A) L ~ SLJ r I-) L A, 1~ C, W% G'. - ~. ( I ~,OLINTk Y-RU ',I t,,L [ IlICA, 13l VbL 25, NO --- - I- ~;, 174uliuI74 ,-, 1( -H 1-? 1- i4 NIIHATOIU, 1. HSTUDII S1 CERCETARI DE MECANICA AGRICOLA// --/--/l970,V0004,N0001 Contributions to the Study of Soil Pressure,and Tractive Power Components of the Crawler Tractor pp 23-33, *NTIS-TT-74-55083@@ ----------- CAPROIU, ST. USTUD11 S1 CERCETARI BE WCANICA AGRICOLAH --/--/1970,VO004,N00040 Theoretical Considerations Conceraing the Operating. by Vibrations of the Cultivators Working Members pp. 315-323, *NTIS-17-74-55081~@ TONIAl D. //STUDII SI CERETARI BE MECANICA AGRICOLA// --/--/l97ljVO005jNO0G2 Soil Preparation with Tooth Harrows, the Teeth Being Disposed on Bscillating Bars pp, 101-112, *NTIS-Tr-74-55078@~ ZANIFIR$ Glis, //STUDII SI URCETARI DE MECANICA AQRICOW/ --/--/l97ljVOOOSjNO003 Increasing of Wear Resistance of the Knoves of Bulldozers and Leveler Blades pp 257-264, *NTIS-TT-74-550820@- REQ TR CHECK 0:1~-74 TG29 THE SUPERSONIC WIND TUNNELVITH FOUR COMPRESSORS OF THE INSTITUTE OF APPLIED MECHANICS OF THE RUMKN:EAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES MARINESCU,, AL RU; STUDII SI CERCETARI DE MECRNICA APLICATA., VOL. 17; NO. 6, 1964, 4~~ Z;l //S"xx Sx CIRWAPJ DO WCANICA APUCATA rho suporemio Ofth f0im OATM#f .on of tho. Rmmicm aoadoq institute flor oplUd *Amiao domoripti,ma osporbantat r~"with,, 29 pp CWYRrGff ISFORAIVIN. rArAff2TD TO 'U.S. GOVfT AGRMMS ONLY. OfIRR IWQVRSf kvsr ff X&ROD TO M.68 LTBJNSOUJ, L. IISIVDrr Sr CIROYARr W AffCAMA AMMAN# SWerismia ftutUr of plows reatamouzaj, 4~140.trppid, hotorogmow strwturss,, pp 286-2600#ASA IT IF 160800" Ca,jal, N. Measles Vaccine Successfully Prepared and Administered, 11 nD. STUDII SI GERCZTARI DE VIRITSOLOGIE, Bucharest, 737-P-P--349-356. xPRs 61278 Mar 74 SCHOM~ H. //STUTTGART// --/--/1962. V0012, N----, The dynamic behavior of the ear in separating the sounds spectrum into frequency groups 12 pj pp 101-107, NASA TT F 127190# Vargas, C. P. Oil exploration ~aprqToza ("66108.1cal iltterl?re-ation af imngos p:rovided by the ERTS-1 a satellite SUB PROGIWA A EXPLOMCION FUTROLERA, 1973, PP, 3 ITASA TT F 15.,-~b5, Vordugo, Amoldo Martinez Political Leader Interviewed About Current Party Tactics. 8 pp SUCIMS, Mexico City, 7 July 19?3, pp 4.8. JM 59810 Leftist Groups Dominate Underground Universit7~ 6 pp. SUCESOSp Mexico City, 16 Jun 73, pp 6-12. V-0- ~ 481 Jul 73 Becarra, Armando Lopez Role of States in Presidential Snecession. 6 pp SUCESOS PARA TODOS, 1,11,axico City, 13 Jul 74, PP 20-23. JPRS 62818 VLADIMIROVi YU,,'A. //SUDEBNO-MEDITSINSIKAYA EKSPEIRTIZA,$// Biophysical determination of death' theoretical and.some experimenVl bases), 6 pp pp 10-14, FSTC-HT-23-22~5-72@@ liclova, A. V. EstiTnation of Barbituratc3 in the Blood and Urine of Living Humana SUDENO-MEDITSINSYLAYA EMPERTISA' v. 14, n. 1,071, pp. I-ITC 73-3-2791-0(1N ts LL RTS 706 Pechernikova, T* P. //SUDEBNO-MMISINBUTA FMP=IWI --/--/1973,V----.NOO%t pp 0043-0C47 Some Distinctiow of Oneet Md AYMADlics Of' Paranaoiao syndromes in Psychopatbies 5 PP im 63749 1 974242866 6 EVOMIlGic medical expert testimill 1AVVUuu crasheu3 V 4aAlill V, slid iikovaki I ~jource: om'obno-.j~'~edlitf~inskaia Vol. 17s7-12, Jan-l-lar 1971~ '"U"ian ,jpccial ln;~U=Liowst ~rani;lata into Lardirsh, provide library with a singLa cyped copy, YUDOVIN, B. S. ... //SUDOSTROYENIYE PUBLISHINC HOUSE// --/--/1964, V-----,.N ---- Marine combined plant with booster engines 46 PP 187-230 NAV/IIISC/TRAN-3585-74## Leningrad, Sudoora agle Sept 1965: PP 32-33 Please publishk PaMish tojether vith 8144/0B78 under "Use of TeWmical-BoonnWe Methods in Ship Desigft". Please provide JFRC/Ad Hoc vith copy of report. T/D: 3.9 Nov 1973 Dorin, V. S. Using Econowic-.Aathematlcal k'athods and Electronic Computers in Ship Designing. 0 19 pp bUT)OSTROY-BIKE, Leningrad, No 11, iiov 1967, PP 17- 27.--- jas 60532 Tqgankov, P610~ Gas Turbine Floating Power Station "Northern Lights" pp SUDOSTROYENLYE, Vol 59, No 80 1969t pp 3 5 FSTC-I,IT-23-2111-72 ACSI-K-2653 Kakyshov, A.V. Chromium-Manganese Steel Screw Propellers. SUDOSTROYENIYE, Leningrad, 1969, pp.7-12;_ . .: 43-72 and 1G_-110. NAV/NISC 3455 Structural Materials for Fabrication of Ship Reactors and Steam Generators, by P. A. Manko, 113 pp. SUDOSTROYENDAT, 1969, pp 31-52, 55-108, 167-179, 187-195, 20 10. NAVY/NISC-Tr-3385 Apr 73 REQ TR CHECK i7-go4-73 T531 INFLUENCE OF LOCAL RESISTANCES BEHIND OPERATING TURBINIE BLADES ON THEIR EFFECTIVENE SIS MOISEYEV; A.A.; TOPUNOV, A.M. UR: SUDOSTROYENIYE; MAY 1971, MAY, NO. 5, PP. 33-34 / 7. Application of the Method of Finite Elements to the Calculation of Ship Structures, by V. A. Postnov, 12 pp. SUDOSTROMIYE, No 6, 1971, pp 11-15. INAV/NISC-Tr-3420-73 April 73 SIPILIN. P. M //SUDOSTROYENiYE PUBLISHING HOUSE// -4-41M, V----,,N---- Processing of Bull steel 304pp pp not given NAMISC/TRAN-3664-74W Kuchult, A.T. 1972 A small refrigerated shrimp trawler (Malyt krevetoohnyi mor,ozil'tVi traular) Sudostrocnie, 62(4(413), Apr.: 5-6. ',n Rutreian. Trnnsl. by TPST for NMFS, Jan. 1973, 413., typescript, Avaii. on Loan - TTIMIZ, Wash.. D.C. -he HoSid, L. M. 1972 Analytis of the elftmenta of fishing vessels (AMIIZ elematov rybolomy1ch audov) Sudostroenie, 62(4(413), Apr.: 7-13, In Russian. Transi.. by IPST for MIMS, Feb. ~973, 13P., V]Pebarift- Avail, on 1,oan - I&IF3, Wash., D.C. kLO Original Article Checke6R.', SUDOSTROYENIYE, No 9, pp 3-7, 7-10, 10-17, 43-45, SS-56, 57-61, NAVY/NISC-3397 1972. 26-28, 28-30, 31-33, 34-360 66-69, 70 May 73 Belkin, S.I. Present Status and Prospects of Development of Tuna Fishing Fleet. SUDOSTROYENIYE~ No. 10, October 1972, pp.11-13 WAVNISC 34b7- Sudostroyeniye No 100 1972 pp 15-17, 27-28, 29-31, 32, 40-41#: 6S-66, 690 NAVY/NISC-3410 May 73 Danilov. I-V-, 4nd O.P. PUT10V 1972 Underwater research vehiole "Ovidon" (Podvodnyi apperat "avidon") Sudoetroenie, 62(11(420), Nov.z 12-13. In RU88iftn- Tranal. by Naval Intelligence Support Center, Mr. 1973, as 1113C Tmrjgl. No. 3422, PP- 7-11 in 54p. "AbBtfteta and Translations from Sudostroenie (Soviet ShipblaildIng), (11), 1972," 5P., processed. Avail. on T,oan - MOS, Wash., D.C. Driginol Article Chockedik, SUDOSTROYENIYE, pp 10-13, 25-28, NAVY/NISC-3434 No 12, 1972. 28-30, 31-32, 32-33, 34-35, 36-42. May 7 3 BELEN'KIY. L. M. /ibUDOSTROYENIY// --/--/1973~ V---- ~ N---- large deformations of ship structures 77 pp pp 68-79, 79-86, 103-115, 128-143, 171-176 NAY/Nj,5C/TnH.-",,;S80-74## SEDAKOV, L.P //SUDOSTROYENIYE// Prospects for Marine Power-Plant Developments, pp 24-28,NAWNISC/TRAN-3373-730 SUDOSTROYENIYE, No. 11 1973 Pp. 3-6 31-35 44-46 8-10 39-41 14-16 41-43 NISC 131-1,W-?3 SUDOSTROM-41YL, No. 2, 1973. I .L NAWN IS C/ ()Nf -'PP-30-39-711 Solected Articles RUSSLUT 1~t lw~o' CSO- 8344/2050 W /da/lr 11 April 1973 SP 1,.Detection of continuous spectrum noise sources In axial and centrifugal pumps, by Ya. A. Kim. 2-Statistical Investigation of Sensitive Elements of the Kurs gyrocompasses, by A.A. Potemkin. Leningrad, Sudostroyeniye, No. 2) Feb. 1973, pp 23-25, 4o-43- Ad Hoc Special type B DD not publish Ori'g,inal plus one RUSSIAN 0~01, , CSO,, 8344/2275 w 'If 1 MaY 1973 Sr, Inve~i!.igmtion of Noise Insulation Proper'.Aec of ship sLructures, by L.Y. Kubovikj A.V. Matsevieb et al Lenin,grad, Sudostroyniye, No. 3, March 1973, pp 14-15. Special type B ro not publish Ori,r.rinal translation plus one no. 6-10 Savitsidy. T;A:. Small Plate Regenerator for Marine. Gas Turbine' Plants. SUDOSTROYENIYE, No. 37 1~,735 ppAO-42. NAVINISC/( T-3-0-40-74 Chernenko, G.T. All-union Confere .nce on Strength Problems,of, Large Ships. SUDOSTROYENIYE, No. 3, 1973, p. 69, V / NI SC /I ON I -HT- 3 0 - 4 0 - 711 Khitrov 14. V. All-Union Scientific and Technical Conference on Ways of Improving. Presen-Day Steam Turbinas SUDOSTROYENIYE, No. 3, 1973~-p.70. I jr-N-I s CIII-HT-30-40-74= SUDOSTROYENIYE No. 4, 1973, October. selected ArH-cies NAV/NISC DNI-HT-30-41-74 Dla~chenko, L. P. Marine Floating Crane Building Analyzed, 8 pp SUDOSTROMM, Leningrad, No 4, Apr 1973, pp 3-9 JPRs 59386 VeUkosellskiy, No Do New Heavy-Duty noating Crane Described, J') w pp SuDosTRoYmM, L-eningrad, No 4, Apr 1973, pp 9-16, JPRS 59386 SUDOSTROYENIYE, No. 5, 1973, pp-3-6; 61-1f~ 18-20; 21-27; 35-36; 39--42; 48-51; 57-59; 59-61; 61-62; 63-65; 81-82. Selected Articles -t 14 1 S CION--f -/~ 1- 3 0 - L/,~ - 7 V Pegov, N. P. 12,500 Ton Repair Dock. 5 PP SUDOSTROIDIM, Leningrad, No 6, June 19?3. Pp 3-6. MRS 59848 -? ( kill "~Al') ~, C- /O/V 1 -11 --)- - .3 0 - (4 S - -1 Chuvikovskiy, V.S. Analysis of Ervors in Strength_Caloulations~ of Hull Structures. - SUDOSTROYENIYE, No.6, 1973, pp.12-14.. RAWNISCIONI-HT-30-43-74 Ogarkovy L.F. Trends in the Development of High-Power Electrohydraulic Steering Machines. SUDOSTROYENIYE, No.6, 1973, pp.15-20. INISC70NI -30-43-74 Gurevich, Kh. A. Investigating the Vibroacoustic Characteris- tics of a Single-Stage Impulse.Turbine. SUDOSTROYEMIYE, No.G, 1973, pp.23-24* 25-26.. NAWNISC/Ur-TT-30-43-74 Panov~ LSO Sea Water Distillation,. SUDOSTROVENIYEI N0460 1973t pp.27-28~ 29-32 IMNISCIN17-T-30-43-74 SUDOSTROYENIYE, No. 7, 19731) pp-3-13; 14-15; 23-25; 26-29; 29-32; 32-35-3 36-37 and 44-45. /-- -H T-30 - YL/--7 GAII YEGOROV, N.F. //SUDOSTROYENIYE// --/--/1973,V ---- 7N0008, Evaluation of the hydraulic resistance of mufflers in the design of air conditioning systems, pp 24-2SjNAV/NISC/ONI-HT-30-45-74@ RZHtBAYEV,.E.YE. //SUDOSTROYEKIYE// --/--/1973sV ---- IN0068, New electric feed pumps for auxiliary boileng pp 26-28,NAV/NISCtONI-HT-30-45.740 GARBER, YE. D. //SUDOSTROYENIYE// --/--/l973,V----,NOn_08, Performance optimization of marine power plants with controllable-pitch propellers for achieving high ship steering qualities, pp 3l-3S,NAV/NISC/ONI-HT-30-45-74@ IL'INSKIYj I.N. //SUDOSTROYENIYE// --/--/1973,1v ---- 9NO008, Instruments for detecting failures in cables, pp 41-42,NAVINISC/ONI-HT-30-45-74@ BIBIKOV, N.N //SUDOSTROYEiIYE// --/--/1973,V----,NO008, Corrosion protection of large-capa- city oil tankers, pp 44-46,NAV/NISC/ONI-HT-30-45-74@ tanks on LUTSENKO, V.T. //SUDOSTROYEKIYE// .. __/--/l973jV----,NOOO8, Dry-dock overhaul of moskva -- class ice- breakers, pp 4S-S0,NAV/NISC/ONI-HT-30-45-74@ SUDOSTROYI.-NIYE' No.9, 1q73, Selected Tnans. -C.-. -- ,~ i Ij Gridehin, B. F. Vew Caspian Seagoing Dredger Deseribedo 5 PP BUDOSTROYMYE, Leningrad, No 10, 00t 1973, pp 3-5. im 6o823 Rodionov, N. N. -Effect of Standards to Prevent Ocean Pollution in Supertanker Design, 8 pp. SUDOSTROYRNIYE, Leningrad, No 101 1973, pp 6 --9- - JPR3 61405 Apr 74 GRIDCHIN. B. F. //SUDOSTROYENIYE// --/--/1973, V----, noolo The first soviet seagoing suction dredge 50 left sovetskomu azerbaydzhanu pp 3-5 NAV/MISC/ONI/HT-30-40-75## YUDOVIN. B. S. //SUDOSTROYENIYE// --/--/1973, V----. hoolo. Conditions for the use of geared turbine on ships navigating in ice pp 22-26 NAV/NISC/ONI/HT-30-40-75## MAYZEL, S. S. //SUD06TROYENIYE// --/--/1973, V--- ~ N001Q I Impruving steam ;eparation in ship's boiler - pp 26-28 NAV/NISC/ONI/Ht-30-40-75##