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December 31, 1983
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Draghici, Cr. Research of Drugs for Use in Veterinary Sector Discussed, 5 pp. REVISTA DE ZOOTEHNIE SI MEDICINA VETERINARA, Buchares Jun 737 Pp 56-59. JPRS 60063 on k T~ Olteanug G. s to Combat FarasitOs in 5heOPY ~,Tej,T T)I) Z() DIC 11 OTIT11 -c E-a r-a- s7-, -, 10 ITPRs 61843 ,Tun 711. ARABIC CGOS 0009172 v 2 Jdy Ign SF Mlopla Accusea Popt and Libya of Bombarding the rebels of Southem Sudan. Rmlutlons Vol- 57,9 FebruarY 1971- Special type B - 1b not publish - Trwolator's draft.. plus one copy. Cubillo, Antonio MPAIA,C Program Set Porth, 13 PP. REVOLUTION AYRICAINE,Algiers, 10-14 MaY 73~ pp 30-55. J?Rs 59383 Jul 73 Jl,'L:I- OfficiLld '."all- I,s of His Or!~,alajzation, by -0. 3issani, 7 op. 1)cr L , :~"OltltiOll Af ricaline, Alr * 4-10 Hay 73, , -lers, ,Ti,',i,j 5,9218 -- ,T~Irl 7'~ Monteiro, Oscar Struggle to A.dvance More Quickly in the Puture, 6 pp. REVOLUTION AFRICAINE, Algiers, 18-24 May 73, pp 27-31. JPRS 59383 Jul 73 Sihanouk Discusses His Plans for Cambodia, 8 pp. '~REVOLUTION AFRICAIITE~ Algiers, 8-14 J~in 73, pp M-22. JPRS 59672 Sep 73 Fanon., JO Liberation Movement Leader Discusses Unification of Two Movements, 6 pp. RE-VOLUTION AYRICAINE, Algiers, 114. Jun 73, pp 2U-26. JPRS 59489 Jul 73 Panon, Josie FLCS official Interviewed by Josie Fanon, 6 pp. REVOLUTION AFRICAINE, &1giers, 22-28 J~ln 73, pp 33-35. JPRS 59747 Sep 73 Fadel, Abdallah Interview With Minister of Youth and sports, 5 Pp- REVOLUTION URIC'AINE~ Algiers, 6-12 Jul 73, pp M ld~ 35a JPR3 59747 Sep 73 Tho, Nguyen Huu National Liberation Front Leader Discusses Current Situation. .6 pp IREVOLUMON AFRICAINE, Algiers, 7/13 Sept 1n3j pp F:27. jpRs 6o623 Arab Oil-Produoing Countries Improve Position. 5 pp MOLUTIM AFRICAINE, Algiers, 28 Sept-4 Oct 1973, PP 35-37. JPRS 60609 Isli, Mohamed Arezki Linked Energy-Divironmental. Probelms in Developing Countries, 7 pp REVOLLTION AFRICAINE. Algiers, 28 SePt-4 Oct 1973, PP 38-40. JM 60609 ExDert Sees Oil as Source of Strength, 1:1eakness, 9 pp. REVOLUTION AFRICAINE, Algiers, 12-18 Oct 73, pp 2d-32. JPRS 60545 No v 7 3 Two Arab Oil Ministers Explain 1,NbRrgo, 13 T)D f?P,VOL;ITTON A-PRICAPTE, Algiers, 7-13 Dee 73, np 19, 21-23, 7-377, 33, 34. TPRS 60910 Jan 74 Sissani, 0. R,lections Called Brilliant Success by Union Leader, 6 pp. REVOLUTION AFRICAINE, Algiers, 1-7 Peb '74, Dp b-12. jpRs 61501 Apr 74 "'ITT I TT Tr ? T' T," .-.1 n H. 4. organization of Health 5 pp. REVOLUTION ET TRAVAIL, 71 p 15. JPRS 59747 Services Described, Algiers, 30 Jun-13 Jul. Sop 73 Meradji, Mahmoud General Union of Algeriftn Workers 'National Secretary Interviewed, 11 pp. REVOLUTION ET TRAVAIL, Algiers, 28 Jul-10 Aug TV'op 0, 9# JPRS 60076 Oct 73 TJGTA Secretary Discusses Elections for Workers' Assemblies, 10 op. REVOLUTION ET TRAVAIL, Algiers, 26 Oct-8 Nov 73, p 1 -- JPRS 60884 Jan 74 COMPLETED SPECIAL CSO: 834412020 Resourceo for improving the memory, by L. I. Kupriyanovich 11 pp REZERVY ULUCHSHENIYA PAMYATI.. pp 123-12?; 228-130 1970 apr 73 Gorodetskiy, A. K. Results of the Remote Sounding of the Atmeophere and Ocean in the Infrared and Microwave Regions During the 13th Expedition of the Scientific Research Ship, "Aka-- demik Kurchatov." REZUL'TATY DISTANTISIONOGO ZONDIROVANIYA ATMESFERY I OKEANA V INFRAKRASNOM I MIKROVOLNOVOM DIAPAZONAKH V XIII REYSE NIS "AKADEMIK KURCHATOV", Feb. 12-17, 1973, 47 pp. PASA TT F 14,972 Yahotlev 11. A. Ot al. Result.c of,tho geologicO. phatbaraphs of REZULtTIM GEMOGICIMMOGO DFZI=OVAlMA rlos UTI-C -I=- KM SN.Dmov. . . ~ Acailemy Of sc,*I.i~nces IrSSR, 1,loscow, preprilit, 1973 ~ pp -9 -MITASA TT F 15,553 WESULTS O~ vvuKK GN rHLt~MOEMISSIUN CONVERSION KARi--fNIKOV, U. LANGUAGE-RU COUNTRY-UR kEZUL' fATY kAbUl PL, 1ERMA-MlISSIONNOMY PkEUBRA ZOVANIYU V i~;72 6000 IK 1 571 006Z 731 Id APKiL 1973 F 5 1 G - H f - ~ J -0 14 1- 74 T, J. 7 3' Short Report on the Dynamic Cannon Test Stand Developed on Contract by M-First Development Stage; Impulse Sender 8 pp MEINMETALLi AVIATEST, 12 Nov 1970 FSTC -Irr-23-892-71 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO US. COVT AGENCIES Leeker, J. Transonic Stability for Spin-Stabilized Projectiles, Especially for the F11-70 8 pp PHEINMETALL GmbH FSTC-HT-23-841-73 Schmitt, J. On the Use of Liquid PROpellants in Tube Weapons 8 pp WIEINMETALL Gnibll I;STC-I[T-23-835-73 FSTC-HT-23-843-73 Dechow, H. Techniaues in MioLoC.-raphic lRecording of the Pov,,der Gas 1131.1bble , 5 ~; iUMI-R-UTPALT, Grabll DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOVT AGENCIES Knoche, H.G. 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RHEOLOGICA ACTA, Vol 10, p. 215-224, 1971 TC-126oi may 73 MIR the Mihajlovic, Ida, and Vera Rajovakl 1960 The applioation of "Rotenone" for the exterminstion or the indigenous fish stook in watera where Intensive fish faming is to be introduoed (Primena "Rotenona" za i3kerenjivanje ribljo faune u Yodamn gde se undl intenstym 4azdovanjo) ~AtAr3tvo. 6, Zagreb. Tn Slovenian. 'imnal. by PPR for MY&M, Oot. 1973, 7P., typesorlpt. Avci I. on Loan - M*11,9, Wash.. D.C. 1~ C~Xlie U# D. On the pr"enoe of a pwth horwno in 4 dompod orwtaosan,, Lyemata Seticaudata RrSSO. RrORROA -SCZWZPXCA~ MMEWIMOS voz 2a.$ ;953,0 pp 95-1190. 73. 2296-06C Suomi, Luigi, and Pier Luigi Orioli 1962 Data an the strueture of Ili, Ou, Go, Pd, and Ln oompleXes with alpha-branched ealicylaldimine Rioeroa Saientifica,_1gi (45-646. in italian. Tranal. by AEC Oak Rldge Nat. TAb.. Oak Ridge, Tenn., 3p. , typescript. Avail, NTI~ as ORK,-tr-2542, Priao $3.00. Avail. on Loan - Wash., D.C. Orig[nal Article Checkedi, Pilloni, G, Coulometric determination with ammetric indication of tetramethyl ead and tetra- ethyllead with Br2 and Hg~ RICERCA SCIENTIFICA.' PARTE II. RENDICONTI, SEZIONE A; ABIOLOGICA, v, 4, n, 1$ p, 27-333 1964 TC-12768 may 73 f"Icatimly Aroclial 92B/0521 Req. 73-123 L".1 27 June 73 soatituziuni "aclef"file SH traa-s-3 iptL2CIA... '~-y; Grio, Aii~,clo, ot a'[. !'rim. La Ai,.,erca Scientifica, jqrjr,) 35, - Oc~ric 4-, pp. 369 to 373. Lafq,~,Uauc: Iv-dian M Please traiialaw and ty[),?. I co-vy o~jjy. Wee* Paste-up. Pic. I Itimly tirsilwal 9228/0522 Raq. 27 June 73 mvlonoi del. Upo.... -e'e.niont dl GootiMioylo ou cc, Grazlimi, 1:"auro, a al. T,,jcprca Auw) 37, no. 7. pp. 632 to 640. ge , Itali U-11 PIGOSC tTaUSILMO allll tYPi, I CfJ-I;Y (1--%1.Y- Type single Spacov Paste-lip. Agency: HEW/FDA 1~6 PLD #0259-74/Call No. 7 dt ~a 10~ Author: Gustav Fischer Verlag - Stuttgart Source: Richtlinien fur die Prufung chemischer Desinfektionsmittel j6tj~schw/t it"L'L, -1~4k, VO" C4,L,(, Language: German 0~~jzA-t v, e) ~A Ile 14) ell 0 Instructions: Please trans'!;J'a, and paste up when necesSb?.L! Bouvier, G. RIGERGHE DI ZOOLOGIA APPL. ALLA CACCIAOVol 4, 1962 pp 97-103 *NTIS-Yr-74-53131 Suxuki, ff. On the 444dratim matim of Pv"zv"*#, by autfur RrgAa4XU KUKYUSHO HOXOKV, VoZ 22, 194;1 pp 293497 we 73-12127-373 Cerroni, Umberto The Intellectual and the Problem of Transition to Socialism, 7 pp. RINASCITA, Rome, 1 Jun 73, pp 19, 20. ME 593 9 JU 73 Berlinq,uer, Enrico Imperialism and Coexistence in Light of Events in Chile, 7 pp. RINASCITA, Rome, 28 Sep 73, Pp 3, 4. 7TR-Y-6-0-3-23 Nov 73 Barlinguer, Enrico Need for Union of All Democratic Forces Discussed, 15 PP. RINASCITA, Rome, 5 Oct 73, pp 39 4. 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RINSIJO RYORI, Vol 20, 1972, pp 39-43 WC 73-13660-06A RINSHO HIFU HINYOKIKA SEE ALSO DERMAPOLOGICA ET UROLOGICA, JAPAN KANEDA, H. //RIIIMHO HOSWEN// --/--/1972,VO017~110001, PI) ao46-0051 Treatment of male breast cancer NTC 711-13663-o6E -1~ j0 Quadi,uple combination chemotheropy of acute ZeWcertria using Daunomjcin, Cytosine Arabinoside, 6-Mercaptopurine Riboside and Prednisolone. RINSHO KETS Vol 13, No 6, 1972, pp 951-957 NTC 73-14131-060 Agencys ~N)AJARS ""/009 P.o.vo, ?,-3219-ARS-73 26 Jwe 1973 Titlet Determbation of Charestol tn Serm Authorl x1tamara, Motaght liowcetIttisho Kagabie Vil.1, 1971 p 19-2S !ammagel japal-1890 Iftstructionst Please type Angle "ca. NO Paste-up . Leave space, translate all captlans. ~=AJI K. HIRUSHO SEiinTBYO// --/--/.I(972'VO002'Nooo5~ Toldtaichi Asthma, pp 543-549obTC 74-lo693-o6jw ISEIKAWA~ Y. //RII,iSHO TO IMU' YU// ')'('ljv0050,!IO0ll, pp 0140-0147 Factors which can be expected in the effects of mitormrcin C (1-242) in combination id-th cura,tive operation of frastric cancer im -(4-3-3664-o6r, ii 11 Al-Riseldh 1972 Kuwait seeks solf-suffialency in agriculture A!-Ricalahl Kwait, Feb. 6t 6,7- In Arabi(;, TMnsl. by JPRS, tAr. 1972, PP. 18-21 Ln 35P. "Transi, on ROQr Wat 110. 728 " 4v., proaesaed. Avail. NTIS ae JMS Tmnsl. No. 55425: price ~3.00. Avail. an "Loan - N,1F3, WUrh. , D.C. 192 OrIgInal Article CheckedIP-1- Konishi, Y. Simplified 12 GHz lov noise converter planar ciruit in the waveguide. RITTAI HEIMEN KAIRO WO MOCE]ITA KANIGATA 12 CTHz TEIZATMON KUOAAEA~:REPT. MWr-76 18-N-S-H -- USHIN GAKKAI MAnMffO--HA ITIMUN TIMM- Oct. 1.977~7-5ages. _I s ,7 *NASA TT F 7-1. Palley, Z. S. Problems of Dynamics and Dm-ability (Selected articles 65 pp RIZHSUY =T=UT MMMTROV GRAZIMMKOY AVIATSII. VopaOSY DIIWUKI I FROCHROSTI, nr. 229, 15972~ pp. ;-74 M/YTD-NT-24-660-73 Suvorova, E.R. Electrical Model of a Delta Wing. 7 PP. RIZHSKIY INSTITUT INZHENT-,ROV CaAZHDANSKOY A'VIATSII. VOPROSY ELBUROMODELIROVANIYA AVIAKOVSTRUKTSTY, Vol. 196, No. 1, 1971, pp. 30-35. AIR/FTD /PT-23-0263-73 REQ,TR CHECK 27-06-73 T924 THE MECHADFICS OF PROCESSES OF AIR SPRAYING AND DISPERSING OF GRANUAATED SUBSTANCES LOGACDI-IV'YU. G UR: RIZHSKIY INSTITUT INSHENEROV GRAZHDANSKOY AVIATSIl VYPUSK, VOL. 2!cl,, NO. 3, 10,71, 78 pages KOLOMYIETZ' N. G. SOSNIOVYII FILILISHCHIK// pp 0001-01~8 Fox-Coloured Sawfly (Distribution, Biology, Damm-fe, Natural Enemies, Control, *RTIEJ-H-75-5.0005 RUSSIAN cso: 8o44/0585 27 Sep 711 Review of the works of Ivan Petmovich Lytkin (Flaarlkov, UkSSR); Methods of synthesis of coinplex control syntems and methods of synthesis of organi- zational structures. 0 rob,9taldi_ ivaaa. petrovicha lytkina (Darlkov USSR): Metody sinteza slozhnykh sistem u~Tavlen-!~~-j, 12JEj 1 inezoux BlaTeze OrLanlzatsionrlLmi strimtkirl 19(.i$ Spec type A Do not ix'.1.1ii-Ai "Jable spaced arnft plus one copy. , *: 8 Oetol-'er 19'o-1. Ukrainian Official Describes Violations of IAbor Safety. 5 pp ROBITNYCHA HAMA, Kiev, 6 Oet 1973t p 2, MRS 60726 Uggla, Ii. Bog and Much Soils of the Gyttja Moorland at Gazwa 48 pp ROCZNIKI GLEBOZNAIICZE Vol 18, No 2, 1968 pp 369-414 NTIS-I'r-71-54055 Toma.szewski, J. A Classification Scheme for Polish Forest Soil! ROCZNIKI GLEBOZNAWCZE, Vol. 18, No. 2, 1968~ p.359-368. 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P ;JjjUj~, 1-~Oj ,,1IC7YCI~ SC..-,ia~ D 1,.*0110~',rafi i-IL" -L1 V01.136, Pulsk Ak-ad. 1~-Jauk, 1972, 86,pp BRONTSZ, H. //ROCZNIKI PANSTWOWEGO ZAKLADY HIGIENY// --/--/1958, V00095 N0001 Activity of Lipoxidase and of lipase in oleaginous seeds and oil cakes pp 29-40 NTIS TT 73-54084## K. Bogdanski Potassium content in Ilack currants. Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu Higieny. Vol. 14, pp.93-95, 1963. 3pp. *NTIS-TT-7-354047 may 73