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!to PmbILx,-, or Algeriftt',S I'tIttuv Line ilrokit~,C%Aon, '4,v lbtmw.~ed nwderralmzais 5 pp. 20 Fmca.. Per.. pp U-), r4on rt k4~ct Q Ar-40%14 . Aoft . 1%470 4 , lll-kwl~ A Vari;y=P,--rot ciDsoitator l,,.,vjn;, ~~i ~;irros aud Its Ust in ~.,p~!ctral Aralysi~-. I,xr A"Acrrazils NZv'~:Ck, j,or Arm,las dos Telecou?0unicatiwit;, Vol 2'." 3-4 , 1067 41-W, "Tc - !, ~) - 2 0 1'. A~i~t cl Autr.)watic i,!Pasure.,-.,.ent of Purt-Oxyjen of irl an 1:11%ast, 1"y Yu. l(USSIAN , per, 'mika, !o 71-1, 1967, pp 92. LIZ nl)-s-20V Jan 69 373,284 I----------I------- M 0 kp~, f) 1, .minister pro-loot* AWcuitumj sector in 1973-7.6 # by hoban-I Abdesslami, ~ 13 PP -- FRENCH, per# LfActia-na T=Jsj,~28 Doe 72, p 6. ,TpRs 5 132 '--- 'Pab 73 The Ralatimr-hip bAww Gravity saa acetro- macwti=o I-Yl 14. AbdjUldln. MSMU~ rw~ Vestnik AN K=MR~ Val ;,4.~ 196%, V-u IM/Lin rab (32)-AMT-Cv)-574-MX-T jan 401) j 322 7,0: fin m ~;Q- -,f4tG,7 7xzvia~ IIXI ;)A~ az o-ass m4isis cro -La nio 9n, all 037 Oj Ll'a iAltA 1143~1 VOL 1.;.02 to -I- 40RINL-ti-2580) 5CLUSTER STRUCTURE OF LIGHT NUCLEI ANTI) LONG-RANGE ALPHA PARTICLES. CAWD101T, 0. B,; Barashenkov, V, S. T(Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research, 5~iia (USSR)). laTra-nslated by F. Kerl,csz (Oak- Ridge National Lab., Tenn.), from report liJINR-P2-5939. 06p, 24Dcp. 26pllySiCS (nuclear); translations 272011 28NIN-34 3P NSA I 1 17 Ile, 13, t- Intranuclear Cascades in Light Nuclei, by 0. H, Abdinov. RUSSIAN, rpt, JINR-2-5991, 1971. -~--*AEC/ORNL-Tr-2563- 7111", Jan 72 Vith Ugbx NOC104 by. r4,, Bl* A*AUOV* 11 It. *~SIANv vptt JINW24=~ ABC;/OWI ai Nov 7il ~.arali .cotit~) r,,~,uvlwtion Q~a- 1~1 -, 1~ a~ k~~L- N Role of Ditolligentsia Discussoci, by I Bajran Abdiu, 11 pp. ALPWIZTAN~ por, Rm.r"ti a Partise, Tirana, Jan 72, T-)-n 57-()7.- ToRi,~ 555E'~Z~5 Apr 72 I . I lz~ . vmy~- sm fi"A" al'--~/j~ -,I,. - c-',, Jx~, &W *I ImWgg Swes and StablUty of Fast Re"Wg6 by R. M*n, j. M. Ch"mont, ot al, JA 17 pp. VMV4 rp. 9=585 AiE~W-IIV29 ~ s-c - fy- - 6:5 ~,- 3 54-Phys Ian 65 2T2,458 ABDOU, Al. A.-F. New species of levan-producing bacterl isolated from sugar-beets, Cor~rnebacterium beticola. Phytopath.Z. 66(2):146-67 (1969) (NZDIA) ~s ;, -M: 'Ito 0 3, ab r P.., -i?o 1 - 41r, 2,6 1 ca ti~rm 69 v 4 ~e- 1:. A-baei;s~,,-Lco) Paramagnetic Resonance of and Nickel (11r) In UgG S102 Glanx Hatrixv by Ere RUSSIANp per$ g2k-Ak Naak gUM&I Vol 2C2, No It Jan PP 103-105. CB Nickel (11) - 2AI 03 40 ro Abirasbitova. �ASHa_YbX& 19720 Aug 72 A'01; aohitOia j~t "pan 1 18 _0 'ay v Ctc", by A. i7 71, I A. Phdt& ALVJ~e%t ik" to'b" U.1bok ix, SCOU04.0 Res"roh h. og a -. ~ p- by Ai,,-Ab*mpudpv# 6 ppk, RUM"t. Bkonomiks I t ea No 6 . pw A! Taft # 19?2A pp 9:987 4M W?6 Oct, ?2 The Discontinuous Riemann-Hilbart Problem for Analytic Functions on a Riamm -Surfacep by R. 14. Ablulaev. RUSSM, per, Dok Ak hauk SSSR, Vol 1?2, Jo 4, 1967l pp 751-7540 Am Aath Soo voi 8, iio io 1967 L v Jov 68 370023 Twelve Thousaud Fedden of Wdy Iand Dis- covered at the Heart of the Desert, by Said Abdulghaui., 5 pp. APABIC; np al-Ahram 21 Jan 1966o P- 5- JPFS 34363' UAR Sci-Agric Far 66 2 96, 7~,',3 F. AbAlhafoz optiniiaation of the working cl=vzoteriatica of hydroatatic otiding bearings. 19 pp. MOM. ~Iaschivqnbautechnik, Vol PO.. No .3, 1971j, pp 141-145 AMIFID-HT-2"j-132442 jan 73 -AjL i~, I L i- L L Y I V I y t. iri T Ar, IC vgLue sww pokAtUifiss: Wt. SOVA PMPV pano AMKC* sot At COUV 22 Aug 100v p - S. ins SI-43s b cl'!'~ A k Rol On 10 ffb*UAA Fd cot 70 Distribution and Content of Certain Protein Sub- stanew In the Neurom of the Cortica Fmd of the Skin-Motor ArA3,vur of the Fabbitv by Me So AbdullakhoftWmo 5 pp. Rmla Zhurpal Ulbaldstana .. per, MaditsinakLy kistana NO- IOP PP, 54-56! JP~S 4200e 129. ~S A,4 Y,-,) USSR sci-mm Aug 67 333.,499 06-6 3 40M (A* ?o The 4pvWesin of Anblew fiditipmotional Addi- U"a Awed ork the aid" Alcohols d the &M SMiSGs bff Aq M. KUUOVI 0. A. 'bInaIOVa and A. 6. AbduUmvv pp. fwsmvuls, P72 Ed" AO 2S 19690 18-22, AnVinDha-9-78-71 SePt 71 F. M. ABDIJLLAYEV Development of a Mathematical Model of the Process of Pyrolysis in a Reactor with a Rising Stream of Heat Carrier, by F. M. Abdullayev. RUSSIAN, per, Khim Teklinol Topl Masel, Vol 15, No 3, 1970, pp 40-42. ATS/RJ-5709 ;Ater 'arairdiigg 'AiLtwtion oi -climiti-ile vm~~ers Uruod,p by C. Ab,,'UllgLyov* 6 PPO idUdkio nPo UV_qlgMr WOCOV, JUAO 1971* Jay 71 Q. 8 . PSa"L P~~e j Inversion of the Reactance of p-n Junctiones by Go B- Abdullmev. RUSSIAN, per, Rok Ak gailk-SSSH, Soy LhZyq Vol 200.. No 2v September 1971, pp 314-315. Am Inst of Phys Vol 16, No 9# March 1972 Apr 72 G. 8. L L Swi tching and Miewry Effect at the Contact Betwen a Cdln S4 Crystal and a Metal, by Q, B. Abdullae~. RUSSIAN, per, 1bk Ak Hauk SSS-R, Sov Phys, Vol 199, No 2, July 1971, pp 313-316. Am lust of P hys Vol 16, No 7. Jon 1972 Mar 72 The oe.Mumma at n*la Vt Saaaim,p t7 0* B+ Abduluov* Vo -Tol 790-0 701 M4 ~l 9 AS TMOt a 5'~ ViO. '-To A~lr .68 c~, LL Am 71 h*U* Haoath AebievemaAa in sitWzbm in the res" of Soviet Pww4y by Go M. Abdva3Ayn., ppa RU=Mi We rane mosewt No 12 23.-z9# JFRS =7 Fab 73 ortron zi.N~ctra in a Two-fter,~Ibm -1, 1 t I h h , 1b I ull P. o v ra 7A 10 'acl. 'ucl bc~ k/ Jan syntimais and lamuiptim 0.- Yboas'31 by it. Yu. AbduLlayew. MWIAlij pwo lzv Jummi LIME mt~ vol 4, 3o 10, 1966, pp UA3-1m4- ULT, Fab 7-9 i st z "i - .2 6 -L , fl- Trmlan ftrolsn'v Dawatio 'POlioles, b7 Wo AbdullayaV,. 5 pp. MMIRTAIT, ap, Xmsamliota r,,,,,bokjst=a, Tasw=t* 19 5ax 7r", ITPPIS 51000 T= 71 zyc,~ a',mt 4V: oxidation of S7-nthetic oils 'Irc-pared Fro-ra 11 Esters of ',,Ianlit Ac id, bj A. Abdullayovay, ips RUSSIAly per, A-uerbaydzhansI-,OIrO ~I.Cftytn.110-e 1110Z. yut~o, v;OT ~~To. ff7iru A Jun 7 1 Vug iness of Upper Jurassic Rocks Frci;i the Pruductive H8 zon of the Shaim Oil District i r1 , I;y k. A. Pbdullin. IIIUISCSIA,I~er, Ook- Ak Nauk SSSIZ, Vol 179, No 2, 1968, pp. 434-436. AGI Jm 69 373-373 cro- !~o ~Itltwl, I I ~Salfts Atta~,-.L Ow ~,Ott,,~n s.:V -a-tf Cp by .1 a ~jonjjDww ewMM Problem# A. 1. tiusainovs ~4 As Abcbm&tnov- SiussDu,je pert L4-, A iiMIc- Vol 173, ,io Is 1967s pp 22-2-5s tiol 8, ~iio 2. 1967 Ci Li 1w,ov 68 370*366 Local Industry In Uzbek SSTI to Rpand Production, by .4. Alylarakhmz~.. e3 pp* WISSIAN, per, 9,, Sept 1967, IV V J-PiS 43210 Peon NOV 144, 22 4 Or the Ljob=t*m of necbmAm wa tw rMot of ousm in AtbWWAQ=Wb an the Blard QMSL%Uti= sptwi '01 B. *ivorudvnlm) )a. upoveftuys p9 - 1 Vol al~., ~cx Huwaalo liar* 1,05., Dl) T,)-g~~4ta~dl a-ma -A.97 67 14 The European Eel In Amarbelfthwi Ubtars,, bj Yu. I. kbduxuAbmwvj Z. U. =4,=r. =Simi.. per'. V&=- R4-u~ll Vol Bo 4(51)p 19w' P.,L) T42-745. Lapt of IrAor BCP/O" A-33/1ka 69/41 On Zma Oaly inn TO z o FXfor-t of IYLffermt Rock liftactions Upon tho Acisorption of AsPhAtenes frm Petrolems of the Balftmy-S&mcbi-Roanhmk Depoidts, lu A. S. Abdilrashitovs et d - RUSSIAN$ per., lagglra Vysg= Uchebm4ch g2ligmu. 11oft J. Gaz. Vol 9s Ho 10j. 1966; pp 63-65. HTC 71-14451-08I Feb 72 U'Alizat ;,y -i-lill"S L% nr '\~. ~~k ~l -% 6\1 cooperation oftiL~.-Oentral Asia fted, by h. Abdumlywoove 13 pp. RIBSIAlle per# jpLgU&Sibira o !&~-& Mwlskk Auk-,�gSRj Serij,4- LbqhchestyMMLh Nauk, Novosibirsk. No n, 19?lv pp 23-30. JOS 55634 Apr ?2 5 - 1? 7 kA. -r - A i d(A. S S 19M *-6-0 \/ I On the Mapetic Field in Emission Knots of Flares, by I I L%. 1. Rodussamatov, I EMSIVINg pert So4edmye Dwme. Blullaten.t Eo 9,, 1971-p . pp 67-72. AFML Dec 7P lkh"V~Jovq 5 pp. ilior swam mw n 11. Y'Ibe OM SkYAOIAU Of by 16 Abe. to Ld=bop VoL 181 no* TP 197Ds 5OT-5TT* WX 71-2288T46A Jull 1~71 1 7 A I Z L ~ ~- Ef fect of 31mpe on the lhaT)G i,j~,~~Jbi]_ity in SlIeCt !et,-d Formingp by 1~. Abc. per* 21Lknawm Ken 01:!Iku, Vol 43, I;o 3, MA'37t :,,p NOV 71 Ion Adsorption Characteristics of Insoluble itmiroxides or Hydrated Oxides Containing Di- and Tri- Valent Metal AtmoB., by 11. Abe and T. Ito. JANIME, per., Nippon Kwalm Zssshi~ Vol 86~ V65s Pp 817-821. 14T0 71-13813-07D Feb 72 t',le Utilization of :".-onprotein t ,)Culld', iyl hlW, t5 All,c a i d per 'Voll", no. 1 9, 6 7 7 '~Cj on. tkae Thrust of "the Najv d-vaxOl in Kee,--- ,asaL 1 Ing timchorin.- in Strong ivind, by S. Abe, JAPPNESLO poro Lulletin of tho racuitz of Fisharie3 14a,"aia-ky- versit 22, T.,,.-ar 1997, -,,r, 113-120. *Dept of Interior Fisli a-ld ilildlife .,~",--lvica- UCF, im-cau of Foreign F-Isitaries Jul 67 (~11 the 'rest of bectional Oat= paintill", ill Na,,i,,asau.i ij`arbor - I., by S. Ab-oo S. Y"Ia, N~IANY~F;L,, per, Bulletin of the Faculty of Fisheries Oki ZVO ME 226k -,ar jo, 67, p 12q.. *Dopt of Interior Fish ad%rl ,dldlii~e 3CF, jurvau of Foreign ris;lcrics sci-~.,Odj Jul 0 The C~oice of Antibiotics, ly T. lbe, et al. JAPANEM Toho I&LkLa W .. per$ i Zasshi Vol 16., 1969,, lp 615-625- I N TC 71-14555-060 Feb 72 Inframd Aeaoctivity of somicondutwtorn --.-,Ith cont-tMously ilarj*711 kvIrity Profile@ by To Abog I* Idaldo JAkAZSi;q UVO Lktmuviv Vol. 3( )* i'0 70 L967p inp 51--?--5(-z. Ass is-154 'qci-I~hjq 517 3, .2 5? Fob 69 .mw rnfZumw of ~ t1w rmpoqhem on y2vund Ra-dio Com4wLeation at, Fmqumkiies Above 10 Tj'z. Reviw of th)a Cumnt State of the Arl*,, by V. Abel, A. SAnder. ppe VM11, bk,* Dautgahe Ilwulespost ParmaZdeteelmincheit AIRIMWT-23-814-71 PP* 171 Co-Efficients of Realstence of Fonted Coke Sha"s an HAssund on Model Bodles of Different Forms and Surface Conditions,, by 0. Abel. GO=, per, SteU Film., Vol k3j JEM IM, PP 1-10 - BISI 10784 jopi 73 ~e ca-a a* t( ~/T far im ?o CIO J- k I i taview of Argwftno i~qvdutAan# by Jorge AbaUrdo ~A=sw a pps part A.,ramma Dtmos tdres, 26z&t 19ils pp 20-22. J~F6/L 39~O Cl :40 vn~)~A,..CJ 04' A j~ ~n, IrAo ist .-Al'i"t". on:-z-, Jan 70 In Vitro ,f ty t;."P Uver, by A!r?,L,"r. lr~r L U. ti -a JI~7 ~fy I' ar r ty u! z ro oui.Aca, ~LI.Jea~ vol 1~ ,TL /V - A~ I A? b e- ~) oft 70 Unler tae Leaderuhip of IkLe Our Toxtile ladusti7 Alc ca tiie "i"rac%, by K'. Ateni- x0tily 0 ppe GEII-IM, per, 'D--utsc:-,e Textil-Tec"Inik, lizz) 4, Apr U-66, p- p. als 36ay- ..,Con Jan 7jo Elution and liensdai4ase ActIvity of Ta- bibitar-fiesietwt Stmim of the lnntwn,.,a A2 Viras,, by U. A. Abowva. MsIG,, per, ft- virus Vol 13s No 6, 10# pp T32-733. ow Irm C-39-69 AsuvoVA 3901 L#>Zr( ,~,dde l'brou ard Gi&vbe 'bvaueuta Esn:411,4-, LT=cldzi~;j, bj Do Aberg# 2W UZI, pu. Te%dsk-Tlelskrlu~t, l7eb 01) .br TO by Af rica-c%- 'C~ uT i41 ct (%",2 Nebulae and Galaxies by Giorgio Abetti, Margherita Hack. ITALUN p 3~ pp. Crowell Sai may 66 39D022 XN-\- Q~~ ~-, Information Dksplay~~ Discrete-Pmduction Automatic control systme by M. 1. Abwausa 1U. Av Golant. 6 ppe RUSSIMs per# IAbory i SWOM QMLI~. Mogcow..uo 7, 19?1. pp 1042- ja5 53a6 Fab 72