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Of of Pcsncl.craliL~ Vi-COL1.7 r c"or, lzv international (-,lic~ndcal !, C~ (:, Illo! r I - , , ~ Jurl~~ 7 3 ~,, ~ w. - A4 P~, A M OV Eddy-Current Looses Acoompanying the Discharge of a Hultilayer Coil# by Yue Tue Abramove RUSSIAN# par# Dok Ak HaUX fi8jj, &I Physox Vol 201# No 2# November 1971p pp 342-3449 An Inst of Phys Vol 16j, No 11,. May 1972 May 72 AMWO Wit ,Ant ANOWO so 12# mV, ON WSIR 3, 'A."t s t1r, -I . im ?3 ~.9, 48ZAMIOVA Radiation Generated During Rapid Deformation and Rupture of Metals, by K* B. Abramova. RUSSIAN per Rok Ak HARk WA& 32y We, Vol 201: No 61, Deoember 1971, pp 1322-1325. Am Inat of Phys Vol 169 No 120 June 1972 July 72 'r, iv, i9 of iTi. jK? 74mbu3mt jet&* t4v 1924 I" Uftt se Admauss of Solid patiquo or "Itup " 0* $two" ot 4 wrwuat. (we Jet* 67 0- IS,, AINSOMW6. WSSXO# F*O, D* Ak jkWast Tot 1"' no so, rob 1910t 0 IM-1mo Anaka.14stitsto at Apies Vol I$$ no 2,0 M% w0 -1-Aln"_6 sap 70 of AZ Experimeatai and Theoretical Study of U Su:%cisonic .-,all Jet ir, a Supersonic ~Iuke i~luw, u), G. N'. Abraouvich 12"V. ]MEKIIANIKA ZWD I 6A*ZA, 4, 1972, 2S-32 APL/Jl I U-T-2 730 Al,;: Ti ja Gas-Shield~:.,Cl Goidautonlatic Welainq of coppar Coppor-.I~a.,~ed rdloys. witii a constuna~~I,~ h,"loctrone, by V. P' POP OFrICIAu" US:, Q~ivl RUSSIAN, per, 0 .1 1 Sudostroyaniyc, 'o pp Jan G9 373,244 Zia Distribution of Irong "chriganose, Coppar and ,,&-.or Uewnts in Davonimi Carbonate Rocks of the .1,:vxmtaut Central Kyzyl Kime by Ye* L, Abramovicho RUSSJAJ# per, Dok Ak OaWc SS�& Vol 186, '1-i0 40 ig6gt pp ~28~ ~31. AGI JUwO ~1/1/- /; / ~/Z;l ~ ~' tzo Ln"ern'll M.,-V nil' fluid. mzpal-rk-r omwlco Xturm=b=* U."Yo, Ax7 Att4W,-ANUO.. Of OMW R64fttlQf4 FfM CYILXlft=l Souves In, HQIW 4ltL*Aad Malft4p TV L A. AbrMo 0. & V"erbp A. K. GoWatAl., lb. E. wup U I*. zowle pots labli" Im zlqsta Fb Tab Ul*t sw*# I;o 50 I. Abrwm 336o5e5 AUS xcit,!ti~ VIv izv. 'khtil , ou U;t. z C. --.- I W-1 LC,: L-, I 1- 0 Gawa Ray ZlccitatOU of Nuclear Ismers, L-y 1. A. Abram. 12 pp. flUSSR140 part Latv AM ziwt Alaw Vestis Piz Tekh 2inat Sex, No 1, 1968, pp 19-27. .kg~;-VML-Trans-IA~2 ScL-Ilucl Sci flov 7~u Attenuatlon of Gomm Hadlation from Cylindrical Sources In Hollow Cylindrical 'Shielding, by I.A. Abram. RUSSIO, per, AN TALt SSR. Fdga Izveati . Serlya RzIcheakikh I Tekhapheellkh Nauk,, no. 3.0 1965, PP- 26-34. ORIU-TR-3-578 M TI-10986-18F August 71 um Esm soft 70 n. :L6 6. coil ar ( I.. ~,, ,\,) -VA N \~ , 1~- , , ~, 3j,,C,,tjekjr.o :.Ahod suo'c'ec'es irl _'ietollian by Lid. Abjla,LSOn, 6 TIP# hr gtiy pp, J S 3 5 !-:ay ~12, Principles of Dezi gDJ n Information Courerters That Operate :In a System of Resicb,al Mzsses., by I. T. Abransm., L. Ya. Lapkin., and 0. V. flosikov. 13 PP * RUSSIM, per., Ai 333R. S=g12Le OtdolMlye. Avto,ratr No 2, 1969, PP 3-10. AIRMD/NT.24-11-71 Sept 71 1?0,;Msa ti a)Gp CW3-TLl, LacbUSAU0 ALTanvm, V, Lbrofw=,-,j to 4# AWU -nLl JENS 43290 J ul 6 .'utuiv 'mido in 4.'owtru&.ioa of cooibtlic -%n by :;b=woi. ,-o Ul$ 'Jif PI) CA,-W5. 17, !silAt:,.rj I-litclear Al-x--Dtscv A 'CMNI, I lip, cz,- K. *ba)4m~4fj -Struature of tho CoLMound AmkI in tho Pb=-i of a Thin F~r s by Gv Abrm4y,-m,, r(au"SIL-1, per,, Polc Ah UaWc Fis'Mi". Sav P;I.YIst Vol 1()6, NO 5a Fob 1971 s VP 1051p*1055, Ata Tnst o4-" PIVs %'Gl 16, JO 2, Pur, 1971 8OPt 71 c u ty'a 0 3 0 n ~N JUK V5 I jul t"A (.'OnCO,3'LG '01' SO~ p .L.- P par, YE. A. ABIWWAN Methad of Studying the Effect of Rarified Gas Current on the Creep of Metals, by Ye, A. Abramyan RUSSIAN, per, Fiziko-Khim Mekh Mat, Vol 8. No 1,, 1972,1 pp 96-98. HB 88S7 Nov 72 e. A . 4 be A rn ~ 19 F~ HOgaVO1t Energy-Concentrating Device, by So At Abranyan,41Y. RUSSIAN# per# Dok _kk---Nauk jBAR- Gel Phraft Vol 2018, No I' November 1971, pp 56-59, An last of Pb;8 Vol 16, No lie May 1972 Yes 4--f-R(OIr May 72 ft" I. IAPt ~ 'IV III* A* AFAWO-t: *NNW# Tot 192o tm*. W~74-77. TbW AS Iftt 99 1690 lot is* so 4t ftf 1070 e A fte 70 All The :,,,mlturp, ef Mol-rieMexreture Creep 'In PvcLT.,.,ictn!-j- PottLis and A-'IWs* by L. 1. Tvanov, Ye. Ao Abrm-ycun, I,7pp a 14sim, pert Struan"Mrs i Srwstva I*Wli-cho*91, Oater.' d1w, 1967. 71 -s!rmitsi Ina ci 21 Some Specific Energy Features of Adsorption on the Phase Interface of Immiscible Liquidep by As A. Abramzon* RUSSIAN, per# Ko1jo1dnYi_jhurng1p Vol 30, 19680 pp 1+75-479. ITC 72-10581-07D Apr 72 it- At Ptetem-diiing tl~c on -'r, a Ectucrogenecut- LiquiO b~, A-A Abram-on., N,A, Kocnn JIUSSIA1,;7 pcr 7,1n, -,nLid. K~dn'.-- Vol. 9 ~ pp GB 1L.~'/LCL/,20V/j Aur, -337- 143', ., - , , - -trc~ i,,i,4 W. 2p 9-14, Comrgence and Xega Sjuam &ror &Umation in Solution of ParUmlar Bomdary-Value Prob- Ims for ELUptica Rmations by the Straight- Idne Methods ~7 V. N. Abrashia- 5 pp- MSSW., pers Dold, Alcad, NaWc Belorusak. M Vol 11., 110 B., 1967P pp 670-672o NASA TT-F-11452 JU31Y 71 iteduction of rire-Clay Wricks (Isamu" per, Arob. xisoMo V61 op alol 8708 in Fo-C Meltzo 41, No 5, 19709, erosion Resistance of Ittrium (~ddo Aabi-lized Urconim Dioxddc, by i~'. 1. Abraytis. '~. G. "or(-ion, 5 p1). RIU261k-4~, pier. (~L~a Canala G--~neratprq, iioscow, 1969, pp 63-6?. JsT6 539~9 6-jel)t 71 Investigation of Zirconiiav-.i oioxioc i.'rosion in i ,:i,,.h-Tenj)erature 6as, Flow of Cob;6U's- tion Products, by ;". 1. Abraytis, 6. RUSSIA-4, per, A;J' UkrSS'it. Inst Vrovlui;~, Prochaosti. Termioprocimo;st `!atcrialov 1V67, 47-0-476. AIR/11 TID/NT-23-U7.-68 t C-0," C ~at Ai,,r CiO .50" comparative Hydrochemical 0-baracteristics of Cooling Fonda of Large Themal Power Staions in the Ukrainal by S. 1, Abr=Skaya. IWSSLAN, per, Gidrqbio~qgichaakiy 2hurnal, Vol 5, No Is 19G), pp 33-42. Dept of Interior 110FF I Wr !'~-37-Blarch 1970-No 118 On Loan .1 5 , T . f,4 Oci-June 7J I.. Ar-Awtwm" GWLW .. .pd tot ?o AgKctiLtural- ~ALy. by e'n ~brcut 16 A:)r U-InTIS tv, aM. Colm,%ian CP and Liberal Revolutionaries Unite in Various Departmentsy by Pedro Antonio Abril) 06 PP GOVEMN USE 01"lly SPAITUSH, np,, Voz Prelet-aria, lul ~-tv P. 3. J-PRS GUO li24 U-Colornbia Pol Apr 66 2 1~3, 3 3 --3 cul,~)euiua c1, and ld.wmi Unite lu Varlaue De,;art.- iits, lu Pedro pultotdri Aljvil~ 6 pip. SPAI-IrSil, 3- c-lj.,-, u24 w-wo Lq)rova.,wntv r2amed for iardowe Anspmuit by Abrooldn, 3 ppo .RU~61AN, perp ;nab,* oft-4-no i~'* of 19?l ii-i%S 54534 Lec 71 SO mr, Dept of &"Vy m*," I-A, 4(SC-,'F--722479) 5PRECIPITATION OF HEFRACTOM CARBON ON CAR13ON FIBERS. jUvosinic )v, B. V,; Kondratova, L, S.; Cherm,kh, It. A. loTranslated for Sluldia Labs., Alhuquurcju(~, N. Mcx., froill 15~ons tr, Alater. Osil. Grafita; Nu, 3, 90-5(1967). 2091). 2,,Dep. NITIS, 26niaterials; translations 2711 1 NSA 28AIN-25 29P Measurement and Correction of the Magnetic 1:ield of the A. F. loffe Physico-Technical Institute (Order of Lenin) I GeV Synchro-Cyclotron. Part 11. Correcting the Position of the Mediw-, Surface, by N. K. Abrosimov, 11 pp. RUSSIAN, rpt, F-11-130, Akad Nauk SSSR, Leningrad Fiziko-Tekh Institut. AEC/CERN-Tr-71-15 Aug 71 Reduci.mG tho Radiation Gond&tivit-y of Germ.1--miii-n ns Result of Ionic Bombardment mid tho Posaibility of its Practical Utilizations 5 pp. RUSSIAN, rpt, AnintX,,td,, Po7dte1;!,-qi1cho.,,1ti,.v Inatitut. Trndy 19G?, pp 121-123, Sept 71 Tr-l c "'s 'Ar'v~ 6~, 1.11tit, Lisvv Vol S4-.- *AST 714(,'-j Raoult's, of Experimmittl Verification of the Radnr Method or IMUCMUM Hail Centers$ by 1-1 ". T. Abs-bayev. MUM,, per,, Tn~ VY20kno-Orncr-O GCOP-AzicLwlio Distitill"b 1.70 14~ 3M2 pp Dept of Nwry APLIJIM Oct 70 1"~V J Intrinsic .--]vjuatiow~ for straiqi-it 'n'c!aou o-l' constOnt SOctiO.11, T-'AU~73 thc~ 4, A. Vertical Shear and rorces into Account, ',)y E. i~bsi, l5k PP. FRILIZCI~I' Aimalkis ell'InstitCut lloci.4nlzji,~~ du ratiii,.ont eE-des IWT , ric 22 9 , JaTF196*17 149 - 167 *CFzjll,l TT 70--58153 Ct A/'lath .-ay T) The Applicatim of Eleetzmde Co,.,jutors to Stractuml Staelworlc-,,;odm ~:4thomtAoal Ideas# by L, AWo, .truct .1 kK61.-Cils pfft im.0 1"Mitmob Val 30 , -Aov Ao 40 IW.)t pp 19-24. *i,b'l 5713 Inister uscuvavs~ iouvwv a aw.,. by i-ail ra-An Abu al-lizate" np, &I~-"ullqb, --airo, I Aor outic-ag ,.Ta-n 72 I A6 Atu-cd-ft~c~ S Klyad Optimistic About Arab Leaguo, by Sabrl Abuwal-Mjd.. 10 ppq, ARABICs mps al-Msawwar, Cairo,, 23 Dee 72.. Pp 2-5 * - VRS 58224 F Ob 73 lq4A- eA I -e~wi rn 6 60 Cd -/V"A The Black Septembw~ Storr., by lAbd-al-Mrin Abu al-ITaor, 9 pp. . - ARABICAnpo aWaharo Beiruto Supplement,, 5 gov 72, PP7 ~- JPRS 57803 Jkn 73 An 73 .. it, ib, vaWww rl~ JF~ A, c0, Ab~~Ov AAOMUC Ylkola TOU ToUp*ph Cbsmel Sidtob, ing 5Uticno tW A* Go Abvgov* 8* No blebevAly* 31 Russia* Per# L*"~k Howov. No 10# 04 IW2# pp.250* ims 58004 i= 73 !, pi-Beguator with uon-famw lutaj;r~at,a,. Action by Yu. Oo Ait-ug " 1) J W, !-is Pis UWXP.U.. per,, Priborostroenift, R'D 32~ I~k6, pp 12-14. "ePt 0 f MI-PUM T-22937 cet