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i,~s~khstan UIU "I"ap by U. Akhniodsafbi, 5 pp. R.U351AII, np, jp~lt Xa_4Apjj, f,oscmr. 16 Jan 19"tzo p 3. J i 14L 55247 Fcb 72 Wate Un&=urowd - r in cantra mul swumz u, ma m- sutomwv 5 vr )Q 65 ro!y-,)z;c4i -or Ater urall sni'.Cr~:f 11 J-110 Onos.~ ...or-ocl."l, -or"-ow. .0 1-1. c0ii 4'bickem-4inc,; the ~-Adftim- of ~aolzhtl by J-4 -4. 4t 1~,;&# tipsy. It, I " f1v _3 `5'r ~.ffoct Liz C~r 17 tic U oja~~ -:ji, t~lo AI: )-a-i'le y j. So in Hypothermia and Body R"ctivityj by Kh. A Akhmetbakoval 6 Pp- RUSSIANs per. Tdady S PJLO instituta Onkoiozii I Rad 31ooxii. Vol 7 vo - PAdi-ophilwat-vitellnostil ~ ACSI-K-2802 Sep 72 5 on tbi3 Poo"blUty of MUG the Aft a t* Imutlate the BM)May Imm oz tho At=wbms by IL S. AkbMLW. Ho p9 J~= 69 381350 at* ct -ft Vow D*Ouvi# bdum of Zi Xt AMmAw RUSSIANt Ifti homm"m 992m", I k2go" NO 4i IMt pp 31437 Irl-C 71-390481 mar 72 NA. 0. 4 ~' ~'rn cbs ~; ~') A IXfect of the Chemical CozpDsition of Uie Feed on the F ormtIon of GoIce Darinc Craddng oxi wi Alumim-Sil,icate Catalyst, '07 M. 11. Ak-Imtshina HUSSLUIt per, jj2fVMrexabotIm i,NDfkZIAr No 0, 1969e PP 10-13 ~Ijatt N-LC 7:L-16660-07A r 6u 7 --, N,P. A~&YyAc+-,~f-Vpt Late Quatamary and BDlocene Mud= TransSmalcm In the Lover Awr and Udyllklzl Baslus~, by N. P. Akhwtlyeva* RUMM., per.. D* Ak ft* SM, Ber sci -I Vol 200.0 NO 5 p 1971., W=1~1- AGI Oct 72 ~,etcrllildn,,; otrcsses I!y t!le; creep iiy 'Kij. - US I. T . t.U.slk, , per, Pril ladmaya ~~,Ot Vol 2, 196,0;, pp 9-15. FTI)-s- Ss I Apr 61~ . suo S. S. Akhrarkbodshaolm SwandaT A66tylated canulase Eatem. RUSSIANP Port Md" RANWAlkil Mr-nds Vol 159 No 2# 19718 pp %48 WX 72-13292-M sept 72 A.A. Akhrem et al, ECDYZONES--STER01D HORMONES OF INSECT STERCM-NIZ GORMONY NASEKOMM), "Nauk& i takhnika" Press, mately 160 pages. khysiologiml tAsla for the ~ stablish-mant of jIM* jorAoSteg by As Is Akbromoikot RO.,SlAk.,s, 1 11 ikce U 'Los SGS&nan Us - oldvykb LaaM4 Namil-ohdantif 01 1%5-0- M 1-314, CI'STI TT CiB-Y)37L 5an 69 3720568 --lose b Ity ~!LrO!nCYc-! . 5 -nay* -ar sy 61 Agricultirml !Astitutw Aport on by khtarav, 11 pp. i q a Pe 1-v ~ 01.6 AJ All".1, 01 LIP 73_7 Now AcadwAoiam and Ccrrewnwaviir;~, IV ?1. Akhta"v, 1) MIZARIAN. PW. L"atkostmanake -'ivka, '~O Jul. Sep 19617 v pp MIS U,e is-,a Amlu~; uf by pejr~ yp* Sci- -s.-ric I " , ~ T ,\-, , ~ \ " .'. - "~ ~~ -, "Orfect:lng ;4hOlGMIOA~.Aces for Goke, by A. M. A-khtyrchenko, A. G. DamIni1c. 12 PP* RIWIIN4, per. ~ Aida. ~, 972. pp 48-54. ~Osccw, Ap r 1, Jfl,,ij 36ift ~'Une 'J2 I ~ ~,~ ~~R Coke i'loducUonAnd C40sum.Um ;oWs Impma- note bv A, ii, AkbVrobmbg A-6 U. ztrwwdkw a ppo WLLUMI pore -- , ibfm-=* ~.'o 70 1971a pp .50-54. Vi6 501 ~Opt 71 on . yntiris !, bl,. '0V9 0 ~,Or, io-voo-v "lloso oil I sti,.-, s i,ov 6j, U. rw4lZ-Zade ropsri~l itsm,tilagm, on W oumaity of tm&Um crb kigh piwomms and toqwratww. 7 pp. IMIM's pop'. rxv,, VM - wft Qg& no 2.# 19 70,0 juty 72 Mae so-viat ~y por, Km 1.7~, 1965, ro. ,75--Ff, 333113 :E'cma Jan 'j-6 Az,erba6,rC%tgtn "Lioacer itoAmas fand 1, ia,,Atjoj. b.v 7 eb 69 Jay* "r-qRmln in by tk:;dTmdovAj 0 part, 4jhuvr,* ilk lo 12' 1.3- WON ~-oi- P;; anxi ta b V. M. Akhutin !.,,iZitary engineering psychology. 487 pp. VOYENNAYA INZRENERNAYA PSIKHOLOG-TYA, 19?0.. pp 1-398 AIPIFTD-HC-23-766-72 mar 73 MRS --Y. 7~~- a,4~~ ja 71 :Vt=-tic NOont-LVI ()Vcr V- per, ,5670 jui~i 6'.3 1:urt -'ribory 76 196% ia 0- Ye.. 4.,Akhutin Modioal and BioUigioal wb~s of Space Ftights, An Asdox to the Sovist.and,popoign Litorat=. RUSSUN, Wika-DioWichookilye Pivbtmy Koam,'ohaskikh i5uq pp. *WXA Tr F 14j,662 jan 73 zaasonic Vibration in Concrete Tedirolou-7, by 1. 1-1. Aldiverdov, Ml. A. Slialirio, 152 PP. MOSIAN, b1c, Ulltra2v*LO-rovoe Vibriromnie V jcj~hno L-o~j,,7 Batuona; !('69. ITTIS T-1 70-57261 XIa Jul 10 "1 p Argw4w IjArAl awbwAiW Fsaw InporUnt Tasks* b7 " AWMVdMo 5 P.Do Ewa fpga". y6ram. 23 ~#b 19A. p 2. N 0 per* JPPS 52350 Apr 71 C~ , -s,% 4". ud* *MOAWM 49 MOW, n4d" soft or now Isamu 30 ho An Im W TYT-Im Us Alk - Mineralogical Investigahion of the Reaction Rroducts of Calcium Ferrites and Aluminates, 1~y S.F. JVkihn, etov, RUSSIAN, per. Izv VUZ Chern Met., No 9, 1971, pp 20-24. BISI 9898 Nar72 e Refinements of the Kansas of the Earth and the Moon From Observations of the Notion of the Automatic Interplanetary Stations 'Venora-4o" "Yansra-5," *Vensra-6*" and 'Verera-70 as They Departed From Earth# by Ee Le Akizo RUSSIAN# per# agk Ak ffauk SSjAa �gv Phrop Vol 201 go 6p December 1971v pp 1303!13061p AIR Inst of Phys Vol 16# No 12p June 1972 July 72 A4 D:Aktunko Foaltures of 9"t Extrogtim in aosed SwAndary coalft system of cont6wo"o-casting Plants. Vol. 139 No. 31 1972, pp. 366-37. Fab 73 Ufoctof [Continuous-Casting) mold Wall Thickness on the Maximum Temperature Pf the Mold Working Surfacef by A. D. Akimenko,, lRusulm, per Izvestiya VUZ Chern. Met. Vol 13, No 7l 197or pp 163-166. UB 8260 llv~!Oasos oi '%,t -q3t, V7- ;,hom, so ~61 1(~* p 2, ar iy;-,o of Acrht by AUzi ~;umldj .11 ppe A--;~ ~ - - -* OZ th ()t.Y, 74~ "F;J r,: ~7-59077 'c'm 63 thIc 4 4il~ 3; 0-. OJP~~ . I Now nro Me"s AdvanlY Affett ROOCUI Fish Sdss,l tp, A. Aklmro 811N I loscow# 22, 1 1. RMSWv Up* 121600, 1 - I ki 114 Aug 29MO .JMS 57817 Dw 72 ~ at 10 p.04*44 An tbo 8"Aft M.& jm~ - - . OUVIA% tv A., 01, Aklow. ZMAO pws, Nk a go 06 own am. 101 193t so 1, MY 1970io,* 1*4100, CB 1; - G-. ~)e; m ov Mr 71 A - =, (4 t6 rr% 0 4 Incidenas of a $book Wave on a Blunt Body in a Supersonic Flow, by A. Io Akimov. RTJSSIAffj, perg Dok Ik NaHk UBE, joy Phygp Vol 200, No I# September 1971, pp 56-57. An Inst of Phys Vol 16, No 9# March 1972 Apr 72 -I.ructul:al :-~-,'Iccts and 'surface L:.c-Aals Irradiated by 10 ;,Ulses 'Crovi ~l U~sstar L~y i'l. 'atori lov, "'ic 2, Sonic iMechanis-Ils o-c tile Breakdown of 'letals by a Laser Bean, by A. 1. Ahimov liussilvN, per, rizika i KIdaiya Obrabotki '.1aterialov, NO 1, 1969, T)p 7-16. .N'AVY/APL/JHu-T-2671 Nov 7.1 C t 03' a I,:,- % r c : 1: 1) v t ra n v i- 4 F i 113 AI v a i, u c I r, 7 4 r.~ moon lam,,* Almon- Au iwm ell. 19kimov, The ROOM& VfftUYMM,of the Owmatration of Proiwtbn'Lu the ~ nft* Indutr3ro W B. 1. Akbw, must P"p &bmo -MIZO Vol 48j, VD60 19m, . PP 77-~ft- ft$ Of Oww" Ws Oct 72 So Ado PIANDWAOMWO %ft'"OT040abor of rat ootp* in, "w, TIOUM.Woftrt 14F be no AUUMI, ~ML vws, UM Wo - -40 .tA va us ob 121, 19?00 w &Z. ~fto of owww" IA" 6.Q. ~4klrooq MW TL Certain bidleas of &Onmie Eff loom-y ol' BW Tmvler:3 In the Harthem Buln, by B. M. AWAATj, BM-'SW# I*r.. Lvbaft zhpaw, so 30 19&6) pp 82-63. tDapt of btarior Flih and 'tlildllf,3 jarvlc~~ Bureau of Commarclal Fi,~harlo.-5 '~cl E -Ehr D21 6, 7 Polspboton lacbenism of Spectml L4wit:12atlw, by 1. A. AU=y A. V. Sbabllya. MMIU, per, M Usuab i Prik B~%-z i Kinmat Vol 13, No 5.", l9bbp pp 31)~365- sei-moth rqup Fab TO L. V. Akimov The investigation o." the efiect ol' cortain factoi,,,,, oi., the character! a tics of endurevice of heat-reeiatwit al'Zous used for the m(mufacture of t-urbino I,? RUOIAII, nwLrochnoatl materialov i .Ile elenentov. 1965, pp 22B-235 Al--,'1FTD-fIT-23-753-72 nod 7.1'.' :,Ijc 't Let th CaPitca LmsLroat4, Sovkhoz Aswts AtOlods bj R. Ahtwvq el rp. rcre SSE dMam ~v MLL~ 48770 Sort WooMmition ol.' the Oraeac Oubstauwa of the S(at In Mh Pmidal by V. A. Aldwv. W-,'OjIAN# 1w., Trab Vow Nauch looled Lwt Prud a4u 15 vol Z ISper a7p-p M-226. ULL Wf: 9M4-912 (U45) Oct 6.9 31) 5., 136' N - ..I,w .. a "am speew fatmv* Of m ~bdsm 13durtry# bly V. Is AkWait 18 Wo RMZWO imro AMANIAMM AWM illoitft, mm(ml, No 29 19729, ;pl-~- JFRS 36781 Aug 72 REQ TR CHECK 01-02-75 T105 THE ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY OF RAISING THE FLYING LIFE AND RELIABILITY OF GAS TURBINE ENGINES AKIMOV, V M; STARIK, D.E.; 1,10RIZOV, A A UR: BOOK, 1972, 168 pages FSL: 7961, NR., 2 NR A3217l NEED DOCUMENT AND ABSTRAUT llt,r,rovin,; uto utUizatim of ux Tlima psoets of the lJorthem Basin 1h:wllvZ lleetj, 'ty v, 1.11, lid AMIANP pwx XhOELa _2" !vol 42., uz 1A.- VP T3-7k? Lvpt of Wterlor 1,19h und WIldlife ECT., Uumu of Foreign I'llml-arles UISS11 Ema Oct 67 e~~ t.,La Seamza ~AWYUX ICT ~'O~ rl Awl. 1e, Observationuof the Reaction J75 MeV. by Yu. K. Akimov, 1 pp. RUSSIAN, rpt, JINR-pl-5398. AEC/CERIN-Tr-71-26 pi p Yields e+e-n At A. V. Vertogradov, Jan 72 Scintillation Cmmters in High EnerCW PlWsicz., by Vu. X. Akimov. RUSSIAN., bk.. 1965, 198 P_D. Acad=ic Preasp London MIL Sc j Fivs Jul 66 305.,5501 L nil Uil) Ar c-xceo tl-z' C IMItn'u, TAn -,er, 35' ,oatior Conalt-lons =1 i,-Ir i,ouutirn :un Odo=aj, by H# go Aklr-ovlc~a and L. lllrjlxm~iUlt SW L pv~ lzv. Pa WSR L llc~ 5, TILT, Rof 5~-'O W (7152,) A. Sci ita 63 17 Ce;halopods of the Seas of the U.S.S.R. by 1. 1. Akimushkin. Rmial bko 19651, 223 PP - Israel Program for Scientific Translational Jaruwa=. -~, , - -/1 1. Sci-BU4, jul 66 305,,509 Preparation of Cellulose Without Hot Alkaline Treatment With an Additional (Second) Haroerization for Production of Synthetic Fibers, by L. E. Akim. RUSSIAN# perg jakhnologichagkil Tastitut Leninfaad. Trudy# No Ov 1965,v pp 179-188 NTG 72-12372-11E July 72 jDeterrainatior, of space vc-mcio orwtu vai :,uninatically i~4vavurir~z 6yoterns, 1-:Isw:, et al. -U~~IAN, lpt, Ob Yel-Lov s Yornuslicliv 'lu Im ckxl, 7M-) T: I Studly (if t1w votilatioll o~ ;I(,%,: Alui-:1nur.~ Coil I -rj--t. "aterkly Y1111,111fly"i '~~;ssvv !-:i"uc'-,1 clev., C. "SeAr Nuuchw:)-Isslu~~ hist O,Mirary TruJ-P T7,V-.P.5 July v,i k art., tt-A-S, l!", So- AIX Vol IS, TT-65-63S97 FivId 6c A~shiju, G. T.~ Bakovskil, A~ I , SUBMICIR)QCOPIC 11-7RUCTURF, (11, TOXOPLASNIA 1. lnslitut~,-, ill GONDII. Tr. by Z. D. Knowles. 27 Aug 65, 10p, ,A(lk. 11,tlleA~i, Md. 6refs. INIII-R-i.1-65. Order from CF.,FI. SLA, or ETC: fIC,;1.10, as TT-65-63897 Trans. of Zoologiclwqkll ZhurnA (usia) -;4~ tit? 1)1391-4 IN4. ;i: T?IiC-l Li ~-Ylj --l"I'l. I)aVeloymmA or Fmw swat= in Japan (5): Fakusbim mmim POW statimo lb4o Mactric Pom- Comwo by Aldo Homims 22 Py. COVEMMT USE GULY JAPA=Ej per# Hlhm GonshIV2!21 Gakkaiehi, Tovol Vol lit rb7j,-I-W 10.,Lqp pp 30b t4b). MI/L 3109 soijima C=v Sept 69 39OP632 Akio Terai, ~.iji rswutura. USA;' ONLY per, Kwastsu Technical 'loport, vo I 14 juuo "39