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Lout 106tm to tu Tmoove imot"tWAV 41410 at Malptic 1wimetLe" am Costm 14904"10 sw cor"ta "a trLe 1W A.:U,.AI*AoWkW* not"* a be 0101, lox lot Ifif TV* As test at lot ISO me 40 06-911970 L s Oct 10 (mt 70 t9- ~~q . ~Qt V A. Ya. AIek3(v:divv Somw probtv.,jc in 64e calculation of acvidmch pfmels close-packed conical shells and honallcorlbs W12. fizzers. 14 pp. :,I.USSI,,Ui,, Tru4 v86s0jjuznQy kMLermitsii 1)o teorii oboLocliek i Plastinov 7th, N2)ropetrovsk 1969, I?p 38-45 AIRIFTD-'IT-24-994 1733-71 ,qept 7'"' luestigatlon of InWAstle Problema by Reproduction of thL, Deformation Matory.. by As Yao Al&wxlrov& MWIMs per# rok A)s Maik SMO vol V)6I rf* 10 may 1969j, pp 5TM. Ze Am IwA of fte Vol 141,110 5t Mv 1969 Jan 6.9 K6039 Strcyi,,~tili stability Vibrations, Volmic 2, bN A. Ya. Alcksandrov, S. A. Anbartsurayan. 527 pp. P U "'S I A! 1)", 11-rochnost' Ustoychimost '~olobariiXa 1~'68 1-463 ar 71 '!o 0 0 n 0 U- U Ct Yz,~, (,~ C_- ~, t,~ The SDlvtion of Axisymetrieal md Outain Othw Space Problms in the Theory of Elauti- city tV Means of Analytical Functions) by As Yas Aleksmdrov. 30 pp. RUSSIAN., ryt, jdammational Symosim of Arpli- caum of the ry of FuACtiOng In 2MU~n Mechanics, TIM , 1963m PirilO&MLY-a -Toorli BaUgU v N*DEM -%lofta MU. Wchmika Twerdcao Tela. Tmctr- Simomiuma. 1965.2 PP 97-118 - AD./MAIB-24-15-71 Sept 71 of 44 :0 Y77, '77 iaftta Of ~~Yl.-;"isla w-Ith all ,~-Ptkw, kamavetzr.-, of aixl 22 PP& "Ara" -77- 1, LO Problems of Uncontrolled Rentals Discussed, by Alaksandur Aleksandrov, 6 np. ~lp Sof ia, 21~ Illan ?2, BULOARIAN, PqS-10-d T)P 1) 4.0 J-PBS 55733 Apr 72 'A0 9469M4 pwp ymoms No 13# Jul 19foo pp 22-ne , ins 5U60 Pr L e- V- S Ff p j4 Aleksandrov, B. L. Geochemical InvesUpticus In Deep-Well Drilling with Oil-Treated DriUlng Fluids. RAZVEDOCHWA GEOYIZIKA, No 43, pp 90-91, 1971. NTC-72-14914-08D Feb 73 StelAord 4WAMMU Al#m Soumm (83AS)s by D. H. AlWm-*wp A. V. Baluba4yt 1. B. B"*Dvltblp E. A. VaUMv D. K. Ztvr 2w- pp. MLUL,p r$,q MV/D. MAormtU~sl At=lo ZrJMV -%W=IWA 0--i StWdUCUMW or A WAS, 10-14 Octobw 1966. 119112WT Asc LA n-.6&80 B. M.,iijdrov 3.1600 Sal - ftelco Sop 6T VP (3 - 0 - 4 L e,, le s i4 tJJ k a V Toclulleal Developmnt at CoupAers WtlirP-,,,ip by B. V. Paeksandtw.. 9 pd. MSLAS.. porp Pr-&bQrv i r-iote-mr So 10, IX7, pp 9-u- JPI-S 4~555 Sci-Electronics and Ble c 0 U7, J'an 63 WIMI Too" ;-" 1.1,U A ibthoci for L~'stimating tho b'tl~saturation Aceo=. aM-ing 1--ormtion of tho Liquid Plwe in Cloudsl by E. L, Aleksa=ovt RUSSIA~i, per# DDk Ak, 11WIt SSSR, Vol i88t ilo 59 1969, pp O~Mltv-l- A61 July 70 wo so" 4071 Alek"Mrov, 0. A. The Influems of Sulfur Dioxide on the IMexes of the CatalytIc OzWtlon of MWhthalfte Into Phthallc AnbydvUA, KHIKICHESKAU MMLENNONST, Vol 47, No 5, pp 338-340, 1971. MTO-72-14884--07A Jon 73 G. 0. Alskmodroy OrptaMe ud NdmovUr Structum of a (R4 TL(C COD) PrMuc Of C02'ylutiOO br at2ltl= Cowin. RMUN,p pr,, 0-m1 ISCW*IMd Kumli, Val 120 No 4,p 1WIt pp 667-675 KC 72-12766-M npt 72 4110 N. Alek-sandrov i De t; welopment tvid opem-timg experienm ir't i gla3a fibre reinforced CZwt;zc insutatorn for ov"head trarta- r,rL,saion liner. Rus"1111AR, glektricheakie.Stantaii, 110 121, 1971S 1-17 53-58 - -Tivwx 2985 dac 72 23ffuct of flumidity an tha Vlasharvex Voltages oL Long Spark Gaps, by G. N. Aleksandrov. WSSIM4, per, Glekt Stantsix, iol 410, Wg pp 71-74. 31. Trans. 5367 sci-3,lec Dec 70 selecting the SuMmsim SrStem for 330 W wW 5CO kV 'I"ranamission Line Cmductors, by Go 1-1. Aldwmdms et a!* MSIAII., per) Sgd--t aSAd&i Vol A, Oct 1963~ ye 37-142. SDI Trans. 114851 feb 71 Peculiarities of the Development of the hlectric Breakdown of Air in Extremely Long Discharge Gaps, by G. 11. Aleksandrov, RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk MR, Vol 183, No 5, December 1968, pp 1048-1051. The Am Inst Phys. V61 13, No 12, June 1969 Aug 69 390,269 Asa 1, -I. ~ieo, 70 msN CaptW& of lAtuwy'JvATiAl& CrItIdW4, by 1~ aekmi&wk 6 pp~~ Rwsiut M! - I- - I II""A& Macaw# so 31#. 2', in Me p - im 56962 Sept 72 Importance of Cof=wnderls line 6~7 6 1 Apr 1972, i -55:225 L ~iq~q An ExWnsion of Goluzin-Warevis Variational Method to llultiplY-Connected Regions, by 1. A. Alekwxdrov, A. S. Sorokin. RUSSLkliq perp I)ok Ak 14uk SSSRI Vpl 175# No 6v 1967j pp 12o7-j2lrj. Am 8ath Soc Vol 8l No 4, 1967 _7_- ~ 4 , 12 ~- & /~ .-I P- C; ~" i'OV 68 354t241 -.#i). 6 , 6 --~ ~ / ~ Experimental Study on the Relative Specific Gravity of a Foamed Liquid Layer Upon Dual-Flow Trays# by I. A. Aleksandrov. RUSSIAHj per, Qi1johookaya Progyablennoot, 1966, pp 529-530. NTC 72-10704-07A Apr 72 I Z. R PLeksiq~44eo\/ MilitW bv;ine~ and Miemical Warfare Troopsl by I. F, Alekilandrov, 22 pp. RUM3, bks MM600k for Officers of the Reverm of Motor Fdfle and TO, MO. MR-m-7 PubliaMng eo moscows 19no AM/PSTC/HT-23-70-73 Doe 72 r~czmtion of Tut's I;nder il',,w "Iyatevi tmlyews !-,j ii, ~Asidrir ~3 J'.~~i-'ik"s pars j40 9 -."OM M(kt44f Thoory o-f by I. V. A leks a,,,i drov izu:~ S I Jui b k , 19 3 I)p 067~.251, AD 663 931 13 31-33,371 July U`j i 48 ~V 1 Ar~ The Ifffeet an the Utmn Or,,.;4nim of Pamchute AMUG fr"' On Aircran's by lvawv Alelw=lrov., per,* Koyew)-lNed Zhurwzl~ g.,- pp 2*57-2-(7- Wa J-2463 ID 2204020267 67 Oampatation of the Uastic Parameters of' Rocks Frm 22air YdnevelogLeal Omposition., by Ke Be Alekeandrove 27 ppe RUSEIMEI, per, lzv.- filmd. Hauk &SSA, Ser. Gml. No 2p 1966s pp 3-19o 11MA-M-F-131146 July 71 -Anal and Croea ati*Al r'rWUC+,A MOCUOSMit 4 L. Ale4f-smdm* 19 PP. i1 lAil. Jerf 1AMOMMOZO-MA., ~mccwt i.-~o 5t :,AW 1971v pq 12-22, J-00 0532 ~- . JV4 71 Injurj The mechanism of Gunshot Craniscesebral, by L.N. Aleksaudrovr Ye. A. Dyakin, et *I-.. 8 pp. RUSSIM, per. VestAik Xhiru!21i imeni I.I. Grekova,, VoX 164, 90 5, 1970, pp 31-85. ACSI-K-0234 Aug *7'1 , d ~. /j/ Sol-fttwisla sit'la t 1, e , Probleti of atioll in 71ptals and Alloys;, ~iy I.- Alcli.-'ant!rev. per, 12V %TZ Vizil'r.' Vol 1966 , p!) 33-4f).- rTD-S-364 ~,Iar 69 7 WWAO Ina-am jAhm. In lw)~,Ab.kammiftv R jow Im pp j Jdy 72 GL CMAIM 5AM-AMSOM IVA RAPUIMtnt* bV L. A.. AUkaxAmt, 00, - S. imov-0416ftn' u pp, RWX9100 Fare gagm lasim.1 HOUM# so 9$ 1972i PO 3-10# JM 57608 Doe ?2 Activ nd by Lt'. C,~]. 6 -,)er - 0 Ili i~5 1)12 ictanurgical Plma-'C's of the 5 ppe XMI-kis 'npp N:onof achm Jantlary 1955t 1) 3')* a;L ao RiIS 29197 -ar 65 -flat"d stan&md of avims ~ftr tam switt Momov, 1,70 21, riav 70* 5-17" IRs 5,24~ Apr 71 **-A&A N , Pr L e- ,-) s j4 a o v A,% 70 z uyis;" 4;~ AZ, DOO TO I 4 sot-M ja 70 k-~ - T- - ~~ ~ P-\