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vwit*4:UJ#I*t Holealas La Tuoi-Pho ton ji~ V. Attie"* Malmo W1.1, XINk $m, "M ate, Vol 191s go to *a 070S pp 103-106. JaK 70 PoUticia PAPO*t Frw by t;arlos Plfingor, 7 ~~ASIA It piw# vp 33-35. JITZ June EsUmAl Cat.WU Cmerasa, pN a' laj~ by Slobodf-~,n nail Mo-al-o 401 S"i-- '703 -, tnu 6u-')no 69 71- C, CY; AO;bn.; !,'c G7 (.rzdtis!:q ~.acidllty ~ cri,.'b~~l,s . np, fj -Iran Jan . t~ 1.1 litsbo S~, at'vooom volvotods (AIMU)s . I tw ftt*b AU*Ouo' S.Pp. V ftXffts~ APt, A~~ LjmdjRW AlOamo 9 j~w 11M. P 3,w im =5 'L~-AICQVU \X Eaft J\ isn ?I , \~A~ OC:W'mlet; IicaL;" Vol m, P-Qv Somo lipecial foatum of rmste-rato cecavoldtion ti the laot-horma ireatmwt &W Cortimazzi of 'artortsitic-Forritic 'k~qv 5twls, rT Alf.yorm L.. shavaNXIL-0. Rij~~V. ift JLW -aUk. I-erlya At pore DOOM o .ft 196711 PP 263-2665 "V Fe b iz, Laaa Cj 4 14 o; t 1:~ of the start reautim 92+02 Wdo 20H 4 fhe sff~ot Y" on Me tim sequenm 0- hydnVen wotbustion in the air. Xo 549,0 2972,0 pp 33-58 #apt 78 Tbo Time COurso of Comb"aon o ox u Wrogen In super- awde Air now, by 19hums AlprMseen, 46 pp. OMM, per,,. JUlgh' ZUWggLwo Vol 36, Mb 61 IgMs pp HASA TT r 13?1,9 S7~ Oct ?I Political Power for Popular Oi-granizations., by Abdel Munlim al-Ghazalyp 11 ppo ARABIC.. per,, a-Talitall, llay 1967., pp. 25-30o jpfs 41743 a VS-UAR Pol Aug 67 M 13 0 J--~n .jlavinos and ',;cvo1or,:,1cnt In lry "uh-ri, ~~iltan AW 'Ali, 3 ppq Ai;A`f1L:, oor, R Mira-, 27-29. lj~ '97t Ycon 67 13` 0 o a 1111 r A 1 i 1-wj, I f V - J- r,ur ~C,l 1, 7:1 LT 7 LitaratUT6 and Art DiaOilseed by Alia~, by Hamiz Allat 18 pplp AUANIAN per .1andorit TireaVI., Aug 72# pp 3-254p MS F7~h N. 170V 72 1~aTK-~y Llle-elc:rtl/ AJIA Diem**" Yovft Problems, by Rwiz Alias 15 PP. MOWN" Pert HLru 8. Pat"U.-I eo -Jnrnz~gt ..p Aus 71t pp 8-21"0 ., . . . . . TPM $V-.m Doe 71 r-lorphopbyr,iological Adaptatiom to Virlpezity in Viviparus , by 1. 0. AlWzinskaya. RUSSIAR, per, Zp~lo jr'6f-i pp i08-16m. gicheakiy Zhurnall Vol, 485 ITo 2~ - )-,) SUM TT 71-53119 1, Cl - 09 L i'9- k~' c " A:, ', e q ,I P, I:,;, 'T'anc 71 tMB~ijUVA- ZH kii DISTRA-PIOTIC)i CIF WAKM PRECIPHATI-N BY INTUNSI IY Al IN'T'.DWALS OVLP, THF USSR T~ UOY GL AV . G)EGF i I . ObS. , LI NCKAUt =z6t,, I,) 8-67 F,,)P-t,T-~13-111jo-7~ (14 1 ,/ j o a~exo 2*-A ON mloom. Md CC tbo Kotbln 68" ' B.Ot stilp an,,: Ur a. Augh. almoo Vwx ~ ow, I Vol 99P No 100. 19mt pp W;* KU "Aft Mw 72 Parsoml Searah. =active Way t~o Prevent 9=99ung #~" by Sonii tAli Dabbus, 6 pp.~. ARMOS npt 4kbbar' *I-Yauml Cairo, P,7 fty 729 p 6.p JPRS 57012 Sep 72 1uproving the Managemnt. Planning, Financing; and Orsanization, of State Agricultuml Fa=s, by 1. AI:Uri,, 5 pp. RWANIAN, perp Finste si Credit, 110 5) 1967- M RmwUan Pmes Survey No 709 6 sep 67 (CLk 342),374 EE-Rumnia Econ Oct 67 Planwd Irpxwements in Rumanian State Faiv. blaWezent,q by I Alfiri,, 12 pp. RMNIP14., per, Finanto sl Credit Vol 13., No* 5. May 1967., PP- 19-27- JPRS 41W4 BE-Rumania Econ Aug 67 333p4L,2 If j r J. G.. AUCH Maluteimmce W Modanioation of the Kethin 6811 Hot, Strip MIU. STAM UND EISEN. Vol 92, No 10, pp 456-459t 1972. BISI 10514 Mar 73 I ldlanessj~ TJvoa 04", Yoi:Vno by 'Paqer AIM". 6 ppt psz-,~, Tr~rdanlhlx, "ehim-P., 1-0 Apr 71, 19-22~ .T.Oris 53305 3p+ tt& 14 L; K k ,'ftn 71 AzarbaydaMn Tait, trba Develop=t VatlIM-a., by Be AUkbMYl 5 pp. Rolm* vP# - M". lb 35j, .Aug 196T# p. 22. JPHS Tian s= MN 67 343#963 ,Aaso Zww.-,a=Imr pyst4= with D=e Plasm., by S. G. Aliaorm. 9 pp. 1.0 EM31".; LOW# Sistem 0 Plot 1:)W~ 1-13- I;ov Pulsou-, Thormcaucluar Systcz,,.., witii a lvmw Plast.-.-a, by ~, G. Alikhanov ct al, 14 pp. ill, lnstitute of Nuclear Siberian bci~t. Acad. -6f -S-eiomwc~ OG'M AE.C.M.M-4 /-'7 'S Z, 3 im 68 4&Utlm Lnotabilitu e., a L=idw kla--~zv by G. AlMdrulm, A AUSUL-0 parl, a Vol 6-9 "Ok Jum 1967, pin 13)3-1301. .Lm "'at P,~Us 'Vol J29 ~fo 6, Dao ilob 63 349,40-5 co S,-,o 1C.-a c., r t C!L a ;a(pictic ~jr, Zilunnaj 36-41. c.'T ?J ; 1 al: 37~;:276 Six IlMon tlectron-Volt Llectrai Aawlerator. tv A, i. talkhantyang 28 pp. E&,, ~Oqcmo "io lie ov itUSSLUO port Pli 1963,v pp 1-16* jl-i6 zy?,316 Lloat L4iffx I~ob 69 )73 us Soma of the vori,abilltry of tu SL'a. , by .133. 1. parp 1~670 17f 5-1 "=044 ftwmdO -,*09*Mt Ufted 1. by T. Pliymv 6 pp, RUS51kit UP* YZ". sidmo 23 ~Ar 19710 p 2. jap.s 52983 i AY 71 1~ f, V, I I'ul lidunm Ulb First Tii,te- is tix ty A. A. AI.1-7~~U~q ,,-d&SIAl, rer bol, Al, 1%,~Llk VCA 1187. :~L 19690 14-0-110. 1 "tty 70 ?am at NO. as . r ~Mj / lAt I ~ ,I:&- - /)kz'' -- , iy- ~ 1111--e~ Ike 70 1'.xcorpts Fron Ratiz Alia's "o-port to Cb,i,,Ittoo on tho !'~Tmncipatlon of by Alin, ' pp. ull-It, 1~~ Jun IA!", nor, i~,eeL i Po-,) pp 5 ~17 Or "i A ni i ww 70 WAD"& Pal mw n ~"A, a i [,CA Eepoart of Polithm of Arbaniazi Worhers Partj- Central Cormudttee on E;Tvinaion 01' tile ROle o,-' Literature and Arts in Education of lolasses, ?oz-,iz Alla, 39 PP* ALDMIAN, np, Bashkirit, 23- Oct, 1) 2) 5) 6. JPRS 33004 M, -Allwiic SOC Dee 65 292,335 The i~fteev of Crikle W1 In the alrvillrU ami Ulf-, ~5 lip-to of Growth of Black Cea MuUet F1nC-jr1inZ-.j,, by 10 0. 4qjJ4krjujj;qmj., RTUL'o'-A parp Mnoe-Moz., ib 3., 1%6~ pp 16.1,j. *Dept of Interior Flu'll =A i~;Uuize Garvice Burezu of (~o=ruiQl k4-&-odea 6d-Rx !;Di Way 67 Orth~,ekn-.Wtc I-Ph!ises of giot&x~-. x," V-ntiia. C-ati-*s, isy. S. X. A-u,L,.7%,sUy, G. PP. SlweVrin, 10 P'p - FOSIPS, jw, KWv, V-)l !2, 1- PP 5T-9-5~> P-N-13`36,767 AUCIL m Ov ,7 -a T~uc "ho ba4~,~ of tv"I iol~e-A A~l Mario Alicata's Report to the Italian CP Central Com-Attee an the international 'Value of the XXIII CPSU Congress, by Tiario Nlicatn, 15 pp. ITAIJAN, np., L'Unita 29 Apr 1966., pp. 1) ;). JPIZ 35649 12-Raly Pol Jun 6,"' 301, W2 Earlo Allicatals Fw-ixxt to ti~.e lteliwi CZ, ,tral Cc, 'tee an tiie IntermUca-m.1 Jal-,e Ocm %., ci, Mull CVSU 11"Oncress) 10-jtml-a) rZALLAU1, np L?Uni -ta). The X1 Con,,ress of the Italian Coijimunist Party, by Mario Alicata. ITALIAN, np, L'Unita, 30 Jan 66, 3) 12. JPIIS: 34,816 WE-Italy 1101 Apr 66 ,,COD C/v Can Be Politically "Tfoctive~'jp by Yasser Ali, pp. GGV-vTN"fI!% "'Tr TRY,-, OTITTf por, 7L 3992) Africssis~,, ~)aris, "fo 5:'->, 7--7o' Jan 72 irc,..-ich iWlwray Nissicas in tho J, Alius Wv Y, wvaudo 's if 0 Jq a T41--l-Lo ipord, gavue '; p4 for Jiv4i 196to 27470 ., ~ K t61: " Urgent (~iestions Lbneeming Verdant amtings in the City of B" IV A. G. !Uev. RUSSIM, per, (khrana Priro& na Urale Vol 5, 1966., w 177-179. ITTO 71-14016-02D (pp 76-78) Feb 72 A B. AlLov Differem" Motbod for the Sobitlan of tbip Second awilolm-y" StO84-state FrObIm of the mwory Of MAltiCity., RMIAJF,, per# xat2mlw vot 10, No 60 1970" pp 14M-IA,9D M 72-IZI%1-20K sopt 72 (c. ) W/ a' 6 ~ - ~ Flahes as Mellorators; of Reservoirs, by D.S. A31ev. RUSSIAN, per, Prlroda, no. 3) 1965, .)p. 56-60. NTC 71-Ul82-08A August 71 7, In 0ow"I sys"m rw MWW POPj, by'r- N. AUW. xmwo :.v zoo Jon 73 -tj, -L), The Role of Rmnaway Eler-tT6s in the Devaloment of instobilities J;i Tokamak, by V. V. AlikaysV RUSSIAN, rpt, Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Enag IM-2206, 1972 *AK -Tr-111 Oct 72 _0 i)~). J~Ccturcs Lit 0~. t1le SIJI'Ll- schaul Of 21'eireticcl, Pilys`cs (-,-,'o o-.,a an ,L. ScJL Oc-'U- Do* ?2 Cuineass ?threat Loap Porvard- a Cnurbon Coiq or Chlm.~I,s, by Jos-Blaise Altma, 5 -PP. !3 p 21~-21S ,Tf,nvy, ~1,137 72 President Extols Advantitges of UhlUry StIts by'JOS-BlftisS AIJXR, 6 pp. GOVERNMENT USEony: FRENCH,, per, Toune #Lime, Paris) 16 Doe 720 PP PRS/L 4380 Jan 73 lv*wAwAd%.Dv"%r heath 'AAAert (Qmwomh'.. AUlk po r,,ovmww w am .Vwcx* 3 PAW isrio, pp MOL 3653 lob 71 ,R - la - WL i M Iq IZ~ Z~ Q a-~ lnfluence of T-molle Volodty on the Plasticity 6f Cold-Deformed (FOUWAng Hot RoUIM) Techil- cally x1bre I Ricke1q, by K., A. FTenVakov, R, BI AUmanova. 3-1 rp. R,=IANt per, LlWrAxe IWqaritellnoy Wfo Sk I.Wtauov 1 12. 19711, pp 54-61. ims 58097 Fab ?3 Acadadalan IntervimW on vurs by I. Anmrins 6 pp* Fa-~:uq port pp jkp~,;~ Jan p , F. P~ L, Y-vi o V Pxc&wtice md UtUixotift of Food AmV iu the BmWAlc Blocooomm of Two Nortbom Idea, by As Fe Allimo ow A"~ : pwp Nuk Vwk M Biol scilp v Odl IND 2,9 %zvb 197 1.9 IF OB Jin 72 Eifect of Cortan Uvirwineatul Factors an Filtration by Sphavriwi Curneum, by A, Fe Alimovs "SIA% per* Gidrdblol~t4ieskiy awmals Vol 111: 1,10 2s 1967$-pp 52094 *Dept of Interior Fish and i'Aldlifo Service bureau of Comaorcial Fisheries sci-Wl ;4ay ()7 WoChaniZation Oi AUXiliaty PrOCOSSOS in ~-r/ hine ConStruCtiono 4y A. P, Aliwv ot al, kwsA,AN, bk. Makhanizatsiya %Fspawgatolo Ukh Prats"Sov v bft"ht"Or. titroitelwavo, 1565s 17t)pp. UL it~ 39749 -Sci-Ba,,,r i -Jul 66 6~7,507 4(AEC-tr-7370) IRESONANCE PHENOMENA DUBl.','G AIULTIPIIOTON IONIZATION OF A XENON ATOM IN AN ELEC- TRIC FIELD E approximately 5 x 10T V/crn. $Aliniov, D. T.; Berezhetskaya, N. K.; Delone, G. A.; Delone, N. B. y(Akademiya Nauk SSSR, Moscow. Fizicheskii Institut). jeTrinslatod from report IINP-19085. 2071). 24Dep. NTIS. 2(physics; tnuislations 212U 28STD-34 29P NSA REVISED CARD to Ly6incter for Studying Ground-liater Evapom, tion, by H. All-mov. RUSSIAR, per Gidrotekh. Mehior, No, 7,.1.965,, pp 26-29 CSIPO/No . 7849 Sci - Aug 67 /"o'i M-335 Imravvimto Irdamw for 14.ealtmt 'k.ab!O lanto ty :~ho .5 .,Ay In7ot -tip U2. A L ALP~',,JV, ,-;. iJAL ~u UAMPING A kAVE PULSL WITH AN ELASIIC FLEMENT Of Si'IALL LENGH TRODY FrOUNZ. PULITEKh. INSI., VYI). '36 (AAlEM. I bc-t~, I IzQ-73, (in the limorAwm LWkOV% 8 ir AIMAI u ~L.IT IV* M-1w, Ak UOROOKM or4r4mucallm the inm in, a rourior sarl4a it Awticow frm = Amtmy lwdwmw On 7w 4 Lal to kwn*ows -1w S. A* AlJmw. I XMZWO ywr Bak AL jm* =us, lkw Nift Vol 1940 NO 10 19700 Am Vatb Soe Vol lls No 51, ovt-M 1970 R MW 71 the LaPlaft 0,PWSM# bY S, Av, AUMV., =80"N pev$ D*Ak W 8994.2 SW mat'he lot 193: 19.11, IOYO,# pp 9-12a Tho AS Math 806, Val 11# No 4, Jul-Amg 19N J C(. 9P~4,k" Jan 71 r-4=mtlm of Swies In M,, ~-ftons.* by S. A. ALlwv. WWIW per., Dok Ak I&& SUM, Vol lb 5v P" ~ 196% p Zo An lktb Soo Vol 9j, roo 5.# 196& G fj 1 /') 6 11 f-1-11 .--~ 'I/ 1.%r 69 376s4W V. 1. ALIHOV Rzoemission Flav Detection of Deformed Surfaces of Materials. DEFMCTOSKOPTYA. No 6, pp 50-53, 1971. NTC 73-10115-20L Mar 73 T11e, Dynamics of Some Indexes of Lipid Meta- bolism During Acute Hyperthern-da, by Ye. K. Alimova, 6 PP. RUSSIAN, per. Sacheriov Physiological Journal oftlie USSR, Vol 57, No 8, 1971, pp 1188--1191. i,,AV/STIC-Tran--3292-72 Nay 7 2 lc--ia~:; c-I .1 4. Z~,* -o- MR PAI .l. 34vt 70 Corrosion of Refractoriea Due,to an Excess of Slags by G. Alipraud*, ITALIAN, per. Met Ital.# Vol 62j. No Or 1970i pp 317-. BISI 9507 tlov 71 jenk W,wc, x9plo, pp J711. kigs The ~Mlmoction notma looecalar Multipliera and Trawnforzation Matrices of Reprosontationa or Uhitary Groups, by Z, I, AlIaMudma, IRVSSIAN Dolt Ak Ila*, 1 9 pors SISSR.- 2'20MBUB, Vol 1979 30 4. Apr 1971, pp 804-805. Am Inat of Pw Vol 16, 1-10 4v Oct 1971. ALISHOEV, V. R. and others. Application of pyrolysis gas chromatography to the stud), of the kinetics of cyclisat 0 of polysoprene rubber. Vysokomolk.Soedin. IOD(6):432-5 (1968) (NLL/58Z8..4F (M.13080)) stmLn 54-amtka, Op -,ku*s at M,~a 1"m "mtuvt; ftlw AoLrjxtpla iv G. 2. iAAW.?, ----------- ftimarile uqmis A$" OLO ftal"I "Utiovel compeambf lw Vo 16 Attf%mmo must We a a sea un. ftn c Ist 190s No #* fob 1970t re IMS-1367,. cl \1 4 L *i a ~ c, Oct 70