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0, A, Allakhverdiyev Corrosive nature of certain media in the production of petroteum additives. 6 pp. RUSSINI, Azqrbmjdzhanskcjje I'leftyanoLe Kho;kjayatVo rib 1, 1971, pp 36-38 A.fR1FTD-HT-23-89?-72 two 72 /t/ /~j Of Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels in Sea Water at Higher Temperatures, by G. A. Allakhverdiyev. RUSSIAN, per, Azerbaydzanskoye Neftyanoye Khozyaystvo No 8, 1970, pp 47-48. NAVY/NISC-3340 Oct 72 \N~), ~,u 0~1 'Inw.ces in '~~&Ust 20~pl=m, 0 by b. m"Vordswo 19 pi). v IIW~~Iki# por,, ~~AQ# I~Oscow, Lio 1,5o 19-71# P,O 20.31* J ZIE~ 54734 Jan 72 twil 91 kaft tob n b. RL Lo~-kk4e a A~f~~J W, ~, S.R. .I rbw ftr ?i in L;srr,,,Ur ;.ut Nllo AzT 0 L. L ab lo, Avicti ons of i:inanw AllIalchve-rdyan, 14 pp. P 21-,-3` cou 13 i~~ i~ L L intorrational lzcon : con A.Pr msic taumdal Ivablow Wt m-1915 mscusar-ov by. V" A* AU*kbvbrdyme 14 ppe i'.lW6Ullq pert ionva , v "'r4o"am, 'Nov IVA" -Y-p , moft PP 3-14- ji- AA - IIIL~ im-0 IJJ~0 Effects of the Nonlinearity of the Index of Refraction on the WaDion Dynamies of Semiconductor Lasers, by Re Go Allakhverdyan. RUSSIAN9 par# Akadem&Xg j&uk SOOR.. Institut 11mikip 1971. NTO 72-10099-20H Apr 72 AzerbmdMan Official Stresses Need for Up-Th- Date Vocational Training,, by To Go -IllakIrrerdi- yev, 6 pp. HUSSIA'as np.. yah1m 25 Apr 1,067, P. 2. JPFS 41507 7- 6 L 0 USSR Soc -67 Aug 333,261 Imarbaijan an tim Eve of' t,'I* Arti-r-th A.,mi-vor- sary of the cz4ot (Atobor I svolntAcm. ~Qalchvsrdlwal 9 rpo per, jamva-M I ic" I- ~! 7) Jan 63 3V.453 ir-,~astrial 'Development in Small Cities an-i Toms, by ;',. AUaldivordov, () pp. AU3SIll), o 31, !kW.. !996, A 37&,()5 00on oct (~il'l 312,025 "W,44 ANION .4 , k amlob-on iw 4m ,q11 msp~ soft Dw 70 lwport by ky"OST.Aarl Isimn by 1. t4PO 'p~Ayt ,.Con ~, PAw Al*khver~~-fAN Oxn*mt UUOMI &Mode Wftes" avblfiw MocussWo, br D. Aj~ Olgchvft*". 14 ;9- Rulums pwo AM&-Mo hw4oro %,o U, Im, pp 26-36. a ms 5"53 Jim 73 samomt lxpwiqwo and iveopwto MsouaW* tW D* A.. . I ~ ppo * Mt .1.41 0 No "1.0-900-5 pp 546a JPBS 52398 0d-1, C, MSR MAW 71 ti ft~ole A"Wilptlon 5ow Zattep Vol 13, -11'j (RU K t-robleia of 1)ru..7 Addiction Diumussed, by Allan, 7 nn. " I .-AITISIT Or, ji- - u - 7 1.1 a Y72, TFRS 56249 g 11~,Pol!,' co~)012rv"~;Orl Lan~L ~o .0 2. , Ju n 72 cooperation Botween Soeial Deriocralt'lle and Commist Youtbo Vy Allab, 'I pp,~ DAIIISIT, np, Tjmd-o Poll:, Copettiagen, Arr 71 n 5.V51k 71 3. Allonia RnUutlm of NotaUle Bbfttbe for Cabl" ad Tabol" bw voul" in Rio rnquwoy current. II nmas Pori Com I& da"s Vol 24# 1970 pp 2ZI-M~ W ;2-120-13H' sept 72 ~Zuraisod 07 ~4ttma Ail*.-Ijim .4,58 -,,g. /I- -,-- 4(ORNL-U--2CiIO) ~ELEMjOSTATIC SPEC FROM E-, TERS, PART 11. jAjjarcj,,P; Carette, J.-D. toTransiated b~ R. Gregg Mansfield (Oak Ridge National Lab., Tenn.), from 1b(' it). J.Phvs.;49; 2132-7(1971). 20131). 24L)cp. NTIS. 26instnui-mitation; translations ,,aMN--37 2,1) \SA 0 1"Unding 02 Will Imnistrion for U 19?0 fm*Qrw$ by imb=md al-WythU 5 pp. &M-61k;v np* i1mmm Cairo# 9 ~-Oy 10,699 v 3. i~con Jul 69 3,%pSC4 oil 'Eureel fLeIrriVrRtion sot Yor Use ill ~iha of -I"juefied GaSOS, py per Ans V- roetir"G. GB 17/. :.58 67 ion t%y Jul ;.;Y j V Age of Ob 87/,6r87 wd Coubmts of 1~ fibs Brp Bas and Has bxft In the bmar SdI From Mwe &vugW Bwk IF the Soviet Ima 16 Mlmdons, by C. J. Alegre. 20 pp. PONCHO rpts hoe, ft DMSA, Amdzo -Afly 1971. NASt, TT I&IM Jan 72 Effects of Incidence and Bluntness on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Flat Plate in a Strong Interaction Regime, by J. Allegre FRENCH, per. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Meudont Laboratolre d'AeFoRtTeir- mique, Report No. 11Yzz4-),,j?70, pp 1-48. APL/JHU-T-2590 IN!,) r 7 2 Recent Trends in Coumisto Socialist Activity Notedt by Joeu.A.11amtd, 7 pp. FRENCH, part La. Comminifilelt, 'Arf-goy Nov 721 p 4. jp-Rs 57881 ja n 73 'Aydrogen Permeation and 2mbrittlemaut of Titonium and Its Alloys, by L. R. Allawind, at al. !NIM,Q, rpt, Valduc Proceedings on Hatalut ieqt 1067, pp 242-27). *BISt 8241 ~] c i -,'la t Hay 7-0 R. ALLEMANN Dimensioning of Electric With Particular Reference ELEKTRIZITAETSVERWERTUNG, pp 185-189, 1971. NTC 73-10255-13A Central Heating Systems to Daytime Boost. Vol 46, No 7, Mar 73 AeUcle in Genmn Indeperulent biatI4 AmLyzes Simo-Sor-det Vlplltjp by Raclwd Ve Mon., 5 pp. GM-08 S~p At A PPO 132-1,36- JP-rcl "1 3505 Poll 6(, vk, CUL , -~, - Allende Pmsexits Platform of lieawuros for Countering Upposition, by Salvador Allende, 19 pp. 5FAMSE. np. LA ~A~iq 11, Snatiagor ? feb 19730 pp 20-21, &ES 5M3 blar 73 .- -So ~u .aAc--'(- ~~ i I ~.) I ~ I (,q Allende Cites-'h~ortancs of Dishing Indiwtry in Yeeting Food Needs, by Salvador Mends, 10 pp. SPANISH, np, ja_&&qtM* Santiagot 8 Feb 19-173, P 12. JPRS 58403 I:Iar 73 fVc, jc,)k", A-he 11~ ~ ~:-- Text of President Mendess Speeeh at VaUenar, by Salvador Allende. 17 PP- SPANISH, np, Santiego, 19 Feb 1973g pp 19 149 JFRS 58421 kAr 73 L .0. L L All RqpwU ti jktioul an Swam sitmtim*- by SawAm AUMWI*o PIP* SMUS4 apt I& awtiagoo 26 oat Ignip p n. &w 72 . 4~LeA)de AllwAs r"ndmo PSA .SWriftest, Work, of AnW F"O"o, pftpl*e, kw Proddmt Alowot 5 fv* SFAWHs np# I& Sot&4o* n S* 1972& p 4* JFW 5M8 Clot 72 Aumde rope" 4a mouWs Fropawt prospectso SPAWR* nPvjLM"j, SoUws,. 26,Jdr 19721, pp 144so -. ~ I II I JFRS 3ft jog 72 President Denies Rationing. Dictatorial Ten- dencioag by Salvador Allendos Femwido lAmis C., 6 pp. GOVERMW USE ONIZ SPANISH, np, Merq~~oy Santiqo, 18 Jan 19739 p 25, JPRS/L 4413 Feb 73 C- Analb s4s yo*U as Ess*AiAa to PoolvUwary Pmme bV ftlvador AUQW*# 19 pps SPAnSHO Apo I& Mer, SOU&90* 14 July 1972a pp 6, 8, am 5040 Aug ?2 AUOWS ~rjtjcjzoa Top Govm=t I-ftdorv ior i~orfomwcos by ~dvmlor Allom!vlt 20 IV* ** 13 ott im, pp 64t 54416 0v. ?I -- ~AZ-VAe- Memde urg" lain AwAfth c6*pw*tlm, by ~~Slvador Aluxle, 3 pp* ~ikkilsbs npe kaatffims _,~Mtideov udleir 3 Sept 1971,p p 4. jpi~ 4*14 I (4t, a -a, lv(Widwt Allantm lamehm Utomy Ldve. b~ CdW..or AUWao 8 pos '!Lp , 11T , j Lou ZMtu~ I WX.l to po$ 11, Aus Isylls p Z., 0 j A.8o cet 71 `~Sc-&T,4 Allende -,Pmu in %IAllft on "A -Amlm Urm*-) by 114ave-or luele-40 u PPO tip". !A Roam :W&Ursol 22 pp 4,p 6q, - JAUC, Ir7l v 54140 ctat ?i V\\m,~&-- AUaKis P,-ew "rkers to !=roan eroduativityc by iraWant alodso 9 ppo ,~mdsgo Dpo IAjA4m# ~~ 41 Chile* 31 -14Y 109A 0 p Is# 53530 Aug A ifedded -apmm an lomda i~fdrp- at Lautins bv uavador Mandm, 15 pp. SRAU'.4 rips, I&Agm. swAiagol CMIs. 30 ~ar 19A. JFM 53IC4 xv A " 4, S# v 14 L L Text *f =ends ~ipesch at 1--adicia 4.-cnvtmtlmi, by 11AITOdor Mendeo 9 ppq ~a V lrnal~'~;Ili, APO 10"lile ft, tvugos 31 Jlav 1971* p Z, Mande atimmaeft lAftlat NawsmMls F~mvmdbilitys by Alvador Mwdso 10 M,. siwash, Apt kaj~m. ssnuAv* 10 Apr Iml pp 50 8, JPBS 53V40 imo ?I 4\ 1 1 ()j ~\ ~~\ J~ I .1 AU*Wo ;~pmb on ~(K~st I*Ay 3ath Mavormi7,p by Sslvadw kUwde4, 6 pp, Me I&JAO-S, SMUS90, Cbaa, 21 APV 19710 p 70 4 ns 53143 ch. Mwr 71 i , kroddent Spoaks to OIIwFvodudM Cow-runity, by Solvador Allande* 14 -pp. si,ASISLI, up* j&-N&cftga* Santtwo Mlo, 3 ~~r ITA 0 p 2. j PIIZ~5 Z74 Apr 71 C- a~( z~ a-k~~ u, AUmde Speed t0 COPYW salv*dor AUmdeo 13 pps VkAsh't nps Wlilftm-fs IMO pp 90-13, JM 52643 LA-CUUO Pol ~Ar 71 WOVOrso bY ~anuago# Ctdlep 3 Feb lk-)a-6~~,Cd4l,~S-. Al."Mde 'Polka of NW ;~OdAY Ot W*-'- p by Salvador All(adeo p',O, SPAIWO., Ims, p 33330 5ilt.~gv5~1~ K-~~4,, LA-CUU Fa Fab 71 A.Ualde Ermaks t0 icOU0310 Co~-,Jaa4 M. by Lavador MaIdat 8 pp* ",w*j4jC Odle* 23 A~TT 7-03 1 RL 563 June 9 Proddant Mande Aross" YjmAbso obUgAlons In the Aw CAUO by s4voidor Alondes 7 1w. WOPA!QH# aps kAgcl~oA, Santlagop Udlea 30 tor 19710 p 9. J."flZ 534?9 JUIY 71, - - -------- - OLLa.,7a~-, ~"Wfjnt AUmde Telle Ci*duatim Nvoicimw Thdr RupmdUUtw7ij L7 W"MAMt alm--dow 5 ppt j#M* ZWAIAlPQ# CUles 30 Ar,-. SP'VZJo Apo kaM: Igat p N J2fs 53479 Jay q, ALL-m-do Z~,.Dodks at MiDi Collicil ;Yading by ~Alfvw-:Tor --almdo, 6 po, Moodu ;,*I H" 70 I I T I -\ & C~- all~-;Lllvll 1) Ifects of baking and Tra:j L J I . . ~ in, t, w t~CsUuul Ga3 ~pcctra, by 1). A.11enden, i,cr. Le Videv Vol "I, ,,uy-Awe N66, ;)i,, 198-201, ~ik)A IT F-IU40-54 ,, t USE R4,11 sci-pilivs, ,,-iar 67 32U.628 4W,395 r "'he ToclulolocY of Our Pear servicar Ncots, tilo 'RP1111irenanto Of 'Iadem- Vlars,, by Allonstuin, rPt, PILC-l Tachnik Unp-gror Pucimartir.-On ""ientr -0 rl-htGPrICht Don Anforda-m '"on lcrle~!00. From lautartoc- Juno ?I I TM a-W~-246, 72 on the Problej, (J Persistine Lxtra- :,Iotor Sick- L~fccts aftel: Shurt Ten Adl.-linistration of Psychotropic Dru;~s, by '.;. L. Allert, I th, Uk,'YA, Pioc lutern wagr ~~curuj.,sychupharw, iiLsl,.ijjv.tojj 1960. 1y 595-591) (1907) . ATS-1542-(J jl~72 Air-wTorted (Pnomatic) SphWiCal Barjug for PilDtgge Simlatitm In Space, by Jacq uess Alliet, FREN01, rpt, European_ Spue Pit b! Symposium .a. Sth XUakflo WOSt Gepuw Jul 19-220, 1965 Pl)* Sci/Acrospace Aug 66 40 goo /Wl 10V lvo,. 7C A,4 .-Con Votarmination of V4crotracn content of Copper, Zinc, and Arsenic in 'llitric and llydrochloric Acids by the Neutron Acti- vat6on Analysis, by Z. Ulina, 9 pp. POLISH, per, Chem,a Anali!iySzzr~a, 9, I-Kal pp. 203-211. - *CF571 VZ 70-55103 Arp 70 On the Kore 'Siftleient Uso of Ail" Ivio !~X65, r,p- 29-32. J 1" 34U5 u 0 lc;,.Ii pqoc~,O~,b nmd, 1~~Ocessns n-r tT.Plitlutton, by H. Alliot-,, !6 Tn. usr, any FEMM; Doe '10 Th)II-d-ssion of Solid Particles by 1whe Comilbustion of Linid IFmI Oil. Hot Water Central iLoailln,,~, by aiiot FRONCHO Iror, Revue de-111natitut Lt_angais du Ebtmlo ei &LiW;ns des Combustibles 11(lidde-S. Vol 20, 19650 '.-3P 1755-17,02 1 -1(X2-13-k ITTC 71 max 72 Of Contribution to ITI--casurevient of the 1;xpu- sure Producc4 by Photon !-nis5ion iq c a I,alt-6u, by A. Allisy. FIWEINU~, per, ~Ictvologica, Vol 5, ~".o 2, pp AL r.'.ef: 5828.4F (121,'O'il) Sci-tiucl ~,Ci '*ar 69 577,-265 ,~bmoulfl ioq)loitAt:ior. of (;",;A antes (atedo bV Ltmmn AUIm, 5 j)pq ALA-liM.40 nris zopi j Pomllit Tirana. 26 Lbe 19690 PT. Jkiis IM70 LL-~4storn i:Ur Pff Ocon 1-.-eb 70 09 m 4 rJ 09 L L