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AppliCatioa of Pla$tiC CoatingS to lArge Articles, by 1. Ya. Allahttsg A, m. rwryavin, 7 pp. RMSIAN, per# Vastnik fUshinostMeML&A NO 10 19651, jsp-=47 Wpt of NAvy Tr 4607/01411 Tr 2058 A-A"t, -Y 2990704 I'iPplicution Of klastic coatill~~'s 1,C) IL-Irisc~ by I.Ya.-~'Lllshits, i-ll.Kory-viu pi~ .7 Russiall,pei~j Vtat . Mash i u, t ~niyLt No.1,Dp.48-,,-l.-9700064/1.5oou,i2i D,~-pt.of 1,Iavy/ONI 'rr 1,IC,.2(j53 Apr.19bu Ap, m"ods, UWd;;i;ilmdj by Wftmad 2-ayid tAlit 21 pp -*Abr&n ARAMIDS nPA Al pAlrot 19 Doc 72P 3; 17;"Ao or ,20 Dea,72, P V 4~720 p 3, JPRS 57999 Jan 73 t0 !-Ah,0At4Sd&niMl 'Illy-'OUa-6 Ofo7l!Vt(-~ Nil- 1, I.Amros Pi~o 2 G J 4)27-4 T-3 '01"0r Anbasrwl r tO .0 b~: C, TIM, not; rC3 22 U, (Z0- hoffident Operation EUmad for Econorde lar,,# by Alvaro C. Alsogaray, 6 ppe SPANISH, np, Ia Prensa Dams Aims, 12. Jan 1969, P 13- JPRS 47o442 LA-Argentina Eeon Feb 69 375039 -Zr i3 b The Separation of Very Fline Particles., by Ce Alto GMWI., pers Chevde~InRgje=-T22!m&O Vol 41, No 5/6) 1969P PP 345-346. CMB-5364 1 I June 71 ActivIties WC t-o K~jravcx.,, Potv&R!,,~ . fu ant*arprton, by Ceza Alt-, Ju,-ef '-~crpni. Ferenc Mocz -11:1 Utvan, ~.'ae~ouj !.r) pp. A) 14C *1.' IIA"; i 1 0k Vji ., -J. A xx I, 7k:"o, J~ _,3 75`1 -7~ ry Oct Jan 73 --------------------------------------------- Criticism of Arrod lams; Parsmel Lave 17 Arta" Altmdrano A., 5 pp. port AM waitoo 15 Jan 19690 p It* Hiz 470423 i, ob (~q 375e7,93 VI . IsTbe PubS~~ ,a the:,= J'14040AV . Carlos 0111111111~1. at SPAMSH,j. rip4, Zg*jftt SOUABO* 4 Aug 1972# pp 13-19t JFRS 36940 SOA 112 C40. Las, PL+xm;o.,#Aj a ftd&UA Lft#W &W,ftftg& wm cmumo br Clorlm AIUMnmoo 33 pp. Smmo npo ajiltat 30*ugoo, 19 Sept igno pp 4-50 OU 373ft Mm ?2 bocuust itru aftdoe spwb an 3Dth mlivim-aryo tw calos Alumimoo U PRO Spkilsii. np. 4 Mft. ~A~ OA16a 21 APr 19719 p 5. J il'lq, 53143 -- -7 A---~ I Ay 71 Actimal Wot Prorrawl w4am ilevolumm-orloul t7 GWloo Alt&IUMW# 13 r4j~ SMI-5,19 part BM UnAl 0 'kallmag*0 v Ang 19690 go 4-7. javi W19 poll 69 3 IT,; v 267 llndo!)M-Ront inoldlamry, AltaArmot 1113 IMP, i-, 1,T)t. Akmt~j~ 1? C.0 ob The '~nezi Struggle In 1,Ain 'Irleric.i.. by (Senat-lr) lr'~zlos :dtvlrimo~ 10 pp. SP.M.M-A, per, Pimto Fin-A, HO 31., 2a' hilf ~f Jum 1967. PCSI J-3511 TD 22')4049,067 ~)P- c 6r 346, WI o Arme Arurz-lo in -tin pp. 15-30 onA pi, -1-10,. ot 7he Armed Struggle In Latin Americap by Carl" Altwir=s Miami Pers. is UnIhAW512 2 fir;-edq4-L%tIM a StypLraw OD 31,, vor el posodor jV1 LNA hW of J=e 19b7- k4CS1 J-3501 ID 2204(*07 LA-chue VII Ror 67 At"taolins on Twohm BlMsod Ot-- LoU-imus I o I - t ~ a IV, I o,- i, b. y C o t Li A 3a n', 1'~)$ Aa~vo llatnWmkl;~ .3 kill 71, My Aw 72 CAI -1 TCA lAtbarah A*abpt*'NW Ob* n *mpt Heavy, ~Ro ibi ity by nib Shaboalah, a pp AMICs. np*~ tkAms Xba:~tom$ 28 Nov 72o pp 8 0 9"o 5806 Fab 73 H I Altuburg A 87dropn Bmd of Typ F-H ... 0; The Crystal StrgOtm Of OMAW-mr . =MN, per, Asta Qrvvwjj2Ivj"a, Vol Me 19,110 pp 19v-1 9% WX 72-13301 %MB Oet 72 it ~I.: ' , . , 4(ANL-Trans-910) SA HYDROGEN BOND OF TYPE F-H ... 0; THE, CRYSTAL STRUCTURE OF KIP1102(oll)]-Hp- G~Al' ~,enbb~~ ~.-fforst, Alootz, Dietrich. loTranBlated for Axgronne National Lab., Ill., from j5Act!j_QKygjAUogr. Sect. 13; 27-, 1982- 2186(lq7l). 209p. 24D--p. NTIS. 26crystallography; translations 120B ,OMN-34 29P NSA RvAr F#,Uuns--EwW EairMStGd, DY L43. S. AlteiiburMr. lm GovaUlimiT UM (XI MT =14AI,s Mr., ft'' 19W 11, 4'M-4721- i "MA Tooh,41c, I t 1. AMi/PuTC/HT-23-5!e-fX; ~,,q L TC- t~ 8,., PG E ~- aci/&!erf,, Go~.v /I iiov 68 354PO'-- ALTENPOHL, D. and BURGMANN, W. Considerations i the inter-relationship between grain size an(j rate of lieiti Z.Metallk. 59(5):364-9 (1968) (GB 160) AL'i ~NloliL,_D. and STEINEGGER, A. F. Effect of casting process and prior heat t reatment on the productio ZD of aluminimm alloys for forming. Revue Metalluroie, Paris. Nlem. scient. 65(6-8):579-90 (1968) (GB 160) 9-P. RL'ie(;L rield Sumy Operatiom in the Geanorphological Interpretation of Aerial Photographs Based an the lower Irtyah Region, by S. P. Allfter~, 83 pp. =lot zpt, MNLh-&f-tm Medod 2eMaEqj2SicheqkpW. Deshifrimmiya Aerofatommim1cov Ila r-Timre H171mrp. pr~ ~,, hlya, No 7s M19 F 143Z9-5, ACSI K-3193 NOV 72 Lo, -,f tM. 7-C In ~, P,~- r0( r of -lie zo! 1 1), rer.0 ?;%Wmatho)." Vol r zof:c4tivo uso OA, Liondola kleot by S. L. Alttorrmn, A. I, .'zimtaining 11 ppre lxjs~Lhas ror, -0909-To Oct 1%,9t rm. 13-1b, scl- beho, h4m, civ 6t ti-cir Jail ?o ~t' \N Coatrib~u ~ icm t.;teelvaking Aw Altqald$ GERIMNi, tor. 121-112v. mmases, K ,~Lcv t~ by T. and Rinetift of Koatz and TUysswforsdian -1 2, 9-0 4, 'j,, Vc 15700 pp LISI 9360 ,k~'on 71 &eRRRZ-l The FWWA A& - of April ISrA# by Urald Alth~Wo. ?We . As* - - Ett gg" d#9 MWHO PWO am nmeak"m Alm -n I .. gg-mgmt Paris* Jm Ims PP Off* im A39 Avg 72 Social CIw s anong the EW;a Pyg.LiLen of Ent '-5o Cermroon, by Gem-d UtWbeo 2G In, r, MWII, perICohiers ia'Etudem Mricgimm, Vol 53 130 4p 1965s PP- 561-%e- JFM 35a32 Mrica-Cal,erom soc lim 66 3,03P a33 Althans, W. Videot*lepbm at FRINHWE PRAM-, NTC-72-14708-17B NLL-9022.81 the Mannover Fair 1971. Vol 48. pp 863-869, 1971 Fab 73 Al thof , -W. Strength Properties oflondod Joints of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites. GERMANYr. WEST. DEUTSCHE VERSUCHSANSTAT HER LUFT-URD RAtMFAHRT. (Report MR45-71-31). )971. NTO-72-14052011-D Feb 73 Li , r4 L~ Lo ~ Strength Behavior of Matal Adhesive Bonds ilitll Glass-Ceramic Adhesives In the Temperature RPn[,!e From 20 to 6r&C, by W. Althof. -, West. Deutsche Forschungsans- GMMN, rpty G~enzny 0 talt fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt. Braunsqhweih~ Report DIFL-M-68-5171-97- NTC 72-14'256-liA On tho "12AS - I , -cn "o '4VI VIO lx~loalvo .~,'ftmtnnnn, by Research In the Field of Electric Vac= Switches for Heavy Cumate, by P. D. Althoff. GEMNp perg Mektrot-oaWmeche 9titoebrift A Vol 92p Sept 1971s pp 53"43 C,E. Tr-5852 sept 72 oull, Illy j MAO-11 -111-101, 'Ar L14U Lot I.J. 3131 0~ Ir Ili& Tenzile Steels in Luge Oycn Cut Equirzent, by H - Altinam. GM-MM, per, Braunkohle Wame EnerGiv, Vol 18, rm 1907-IT51-55. SEC /J /) .4 7- /77 Iq I Sci - jul 6'? 3.) 3 , 7 .: ~ 3 I- - - -- - - - - -www N i \- - C6 Im -trP~N uto "'-w v ~,. Mao,* ' '- *14 P* Al%miafVi v mo Pwo AdWjhj~ zml4,w. ',m 40 M. JEW 5%63 , Avg ?I Epit&,,u of CdSa In Subllxztim Uador Vacum, by L V. Al I tmn. WWDJ'., perip Izv AIISMA 22M aLtSELa&Y Vol 5~ No 5: 1W: pp ubu.-U71. 14IT/Lin TAb (Zj)-AZT-Q)-539-= Jan 70 320 c,i I,Iv-r;:A-i of V"I,:uu~- of Lite Auditorv of Lj~ Cond-'LtioiiL~ of Sustaillr.3"-~ \i'l -,,I -t.c a I C, to i , y a I t il 11 Fran- Lalhar Alj,),arn F,*=mv. 'Dimmsedt by FMZ-44tbar AltmiTri, pp* GOVY-R11117711T US'l-1-11 0,111Tly Der, ostauropa 7L*'"P'P XPR8111 332.5 J .'1 71 P Status anid Developmut. of the 4*thods of Xw Prefabricated Culvert Section Production In the GDR and Abroads by Ile Altmanns GERMANO port Ewstaffindustrial, No 4. April 1966,, pp WJ-1M. OACSI J-0334 IV 220403976-6 Iv ur/L con/(;,--; r~T!Wly Jill 66 ou, - burai sri~l Fm%~ft o~~, Type of cola ~.~ari-=^ =~i . A4 Artifiml Ageing on the Displawm=t oj: tim Treaw- .-lition Teq-.eraturv w.' the iloteb bapact Toro,-"Irless Camcm Z~t-xuctuzul ~Aeelsj, by G. Altrx-yer azal (ANIIA10, i=-* Arch. Elqer"~ 75r-*- rx 7, 'Jul 1.2; iwk - - r ~ am6bot r . ad *0?1 -. I -I . ~r4m. Ths Role or Fw,=SJ,)G COLUSi= in tjo Proms 0t F*Uatioa ft=u:zb- of Point 20ftcU In MSMMA.. by 1. V. Alftoialyo V. 1. Kargishkin. Rmimp rpts =10 Lga. WC Tr-2581 1. V. Alltavskiy !kd - Nacloar taao= may 6T Corrosion of Yttrium~ by R. M. Ll'tovsklyp D. S. Gorwij 87 Pp - RUSSIAN, bk~ Korrozionnye BvDistva itt=-.% i9691L TITIS Tr 70-50156 AEC-tr-7176 UC-25 July 71 Laipzig Exbibit Shows Improvemmts in GD.R's Wlidesa].e. Retail Opamtions, by rj. AlItshull 7 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Sovetskoa )l t Bkma Kooperats-iya. hoscov, No 10 Jan I q pp 46-50- J PRS 58592 Apr 73 A jot Alt Soviet CwIvrative 1XIOY, iv. po n x" Theory of Noulinaar Oscillativas in a Collisicaless Plasrau, by L. M. Alffshuls, V. 1* garplano IW551AN, per,, Zh Eksgerin i Toor Fix,- Vol XUX, No 2(8), 1965, pp 515-528. NASA 17 F-IOjOIS Ski-Elect 66 -xiLo-r,, AC, 6,, EDO, 25-229, J~TD 42L,"69 69 3'U'4- , 20 *jJb=UOD fttO 00 0 V)~ 17bi TVWWoeratOVp E. Al'tahaler Vol 160 RAV, 2.V~b B. 5121 L.v. AL'~sku-Lee Shock C(m action of Two-Mopment Paraffin-'Aulge-148n Vlllt,ureep by lu. F. Alalmeyev, L. V. Allltdiule.-2, ~) X),, ArAsms, per, gwm-&-" pp 1AND CM%PMCO ApIr lip shoa Cvq)mssim of Periclaw and i4uartz and ths Co"ition of the Aby3s&l Rutle Of the Earth, by Ls V, AlItSbulers WSSIAN. pare, Fit ZeNili No 10. 1965, pp 1-6. NA5A TI F-10,,101 Sci ~ Jun 66 L - q - 14 L , --t s ~ u, L e f;?- I-, A" 71 C*Utautum,ar, 00 Sobumstibla MAP in attustoma utrotut poommipm, POVOU MOMN cri fill Ush* 701 193P h LLL ek Avg 71 M, A, 8 L 0-6s k 4. L e, iL Interconnection Between Prooesses of CapMW 'Zvregnation and Diffudmial Extraction of Surface- Active Substances Frm Pm=s Mmteri&U. by M, A* Alttelmler. 3MUN,, per,, Dqk Ak Nwk MR No 6., reb IW1., vp 1395-1397. 4 Ohm Tech. Vol 196,, CB Jan 72 M. ,q . t4 4 L4 L e- , i:,~ ja 71 Some Problems in the Mathematical Description or the Hydrooracking Froceesp by S. A. Altshuler. RUSSIANt per, WaIRIYA j,TQkhgologU& Topliva I dault Vol 13P No 3t 19689 PP 14-16. NTC 72-10"8-07A Apr 72 a i t,~ ),u.-;L1 LL14P Li-r- a ~:t -e 2x . Tentativo Analysis of tho Ocean's Tidal Currents# by V, Me Altshultro IUSBIAI# port n~ UA-ulnuma an saki' InaUbt- Taft# Val 1009 1970# pp 58-70 NTC 72-11331-08C June 72 ~ew C9. 4-F kF Vibration Tests on a 150 i-tr a,,zbo.Gcwmtur.. ej ?I. Ye. Altsbuler. ImSiAN, per., Vol 16), W 5p 96% zT) 5-U& !AM Bef 9022.-03 0290) Iq V07 313 112insuglatiall Of LOW 'JuvoZinre ~113&;Jas oon talrim; t~"QO&P4W 3 and -,Grlm 3 i'vdtivo Ions, tj S. Alltabo-lar. WMIA: 141 rot, sb T"tU ~bkl Konformtsu- a- 1777-7 as 21 Jan CnIadation of tho Actial Adal lluctuations In 14rawle Analysis# by V. 1-1. AliTshulero RUSSIANII pore 1~4& GOsu&r8tveEm -.0,- - *0;4 gmaaLwskiv - - - Vol 870 196_9,. pp 96-1040 i50015176B Dopt of itavy ,iuo i)mie 386 Sai-W.'ar :;Ci Jan 69 37 2 ~ YQ- Iv L in "artain Cow.Afses of cadolinim, 1-,s T. Wj'34AN, per, -lb -T"iM. War )ftftla-m ]vvnl;4rif~otloa, L'i V'Ovion, wl (,;-r 7 1"ol U 3 7 -72 ~lhm. Is iAz3 capital ani tho krosont, by Ve Altuldlovo ~ rp, por, Kommicto Loscau, ;to 159 uct 1969, pp L16-118. JPAS 49320 D3e 6c,) '~~ V. \~ am. clal"Uso of cwnm* ofamw Oft",o by A, AIWM4~ 7 ppe Rawt Pat AWW* No 28t, 1046. July b . 19729 C. im A* Aft 72 pftuAfe Mid ftwotow W 4.0 adut bw 4 atm"* 2,A W# rIWAMOMMAJA . -RMAW* Pow 1*40wo fie is# . : W, 40 JPV.O ~ I A /.~) yvi,k-) W. 41 ftv 70 I -^ I liv Fqlpation o.~' State and %borw4rw.-u"c [JI.Cfxr. ~ -, Y ties o.- FVwn-21, by V. V. AltuaLri. Mug: :Mrp W-om".-Motilm., a0 I, 29~,,O, pp 79-33- IILL Bo2: g)9,1.~)F (WH Tkons Gci-ma~ oct 69 1w