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.The Wed Of. bPudti#s Oft fte ThOMI MUM Of a Shwt Ciradta& Gum*toro W 7. 1. Amtych*0 V. To Zmi+,,.,aobcbukq 7 py, RMTM. A,w VM No 8, 1970., P 7 m0f-b-1575-71 June 72 Wfact of lq=ities on tW zmzweloctllc mpartlea Gi, AMUOUWIC mter-0113.0 ixj L 1. MatyabuL-2 V. D. lalma. UMMLU~ per,, U%r FIZ lburml~ Vol 14, HO 1s 196DI VD151-157. NASA VT r-12.,392 Sci-P.bva Oct 69 Y)3,413 Telezmitric Apparatus for TransfomtiC, and Trwasmitting GeoplWsical Parmaeters into Bittary Code., by A. G. kfDla3uv at al. MJSSIX-i., per, K.21&, i FlribM d1yo losedo-vanIgu Fizicileskikil. Protsessov v Olmarle, 196b, I)P 1'(3-16). JMS 39M"! sci/&--th Sci Jar i OS IQ' 345A�~- Ts 4 No. e~ L me u motal, W j. Anaaj,~A. rwrej 6 vg, 1 M034. Two a aft Hm&b No 120 17 Apra 1970o AM tO~ M-N-23-1495-71 ANCEY, M. and others. Analysis of precipitates extract on replicas using a classical microanalyser, and a micro- analyser equipped with an electron microscope. Irsid.Re.phy.ap. 323-RT/CC (1968) (CSIRO/No. 101 C t I b Z 1! At wu I b1 o a~spital TA" EV 1~'Iltes and pmpartiuno 'A" 1~y A. Ancnif;!~dn VaIL~ Y-.~w -~arc; JMI:o, T M'-MAN, Sopt. %OtWI03.0,,dc4l Prdbla= of -I~tlcnal Folvcastl~g.l AncucNdn Imil RO Yarohovo pr) IAMIM), per; LMMVUBR~0=2d-s 51 X M 7he Djumics of rAbUr ECbG DOV01OP-leUt Oil CU~0 N"un ciouds,, by R. A. Anchuom. =SM, perp Obser, No 224's TrudIv Giall- XA, pp ACSI-J- m.- Ocl-Atamu Sci )at 69 IA915 im Tl I P- . I ,&=*as for 1-Widng Metal Coatim_-s Adbere to Polvican lfb%~tiow., by F. U. Aacl:or. NP patent I I mm, 25 2?3116- MV-W-103U-31Y Coi-Ilaterials Feb TO 144)1~643 Mort-Ianding Aiding Dowice vith Limited Group 1kipments by C. Anwna, J. Dover. FEMP rpt, 8th 200o International d-Aeronautique, Paris.. may 1967.. PP. 1-35. LL7152)-*-3W Aug 69 385053 ,- 1. ,- ,. I .~, BatUm Stn=bum in a ftw Bbxdm Tele=ts WL' tlz Cwtinautal Ebel 7 by lUdial Anctil. &T pp. FM#M., per, Jourma of the Fimm-lop Desearch Board of Car&U Vol 26, SO. 3) 190% PP WZjs D*t 02 72myr Bureau Gf co~rcial FI ries Office O'l FMVILM piaborlec A-32-ict On loan Yszs 73 I-n jJ6 C- 0~ Of -Or.'~Xrlj `~otod, ,'Iml-Itric 9 P!)* nor, Ta.,,t sa, TP .3 -n 72 fmadammo imt,yompoftv~.ft bduatim, ivvslwm i~ twulf *M%kw 23 pp* 4~ mm4j6-** part -, --& - sept Iml, 0 Bwft*oA* 4ppz XM5~ VP I t,- ~ , m~ 6tnlt-~at(L iom yob ?I Ai-vIU, Wpact Crushers and the Posoibility of 'their Utilization on tha Coal Industry, by J. Andel. c-OCII, per, 'Lbha Palival Vol 21 No 4-51 196j, Pp 102-106. *BISL '3372 /0/ .1 ~~Ci4lat June 70 Chelons. .10. The ProtonatiOD Constants of Several Chelons in Different Aqueous Salt 'IfeJia (NiClo,,, (01-) N(A K NO - )by G. Anderegg, 121 pp. GFRA\',\~' ' 'r, fl'clV* Ciiiin Acta, Vol 50, No 8, 1!)()7 ) PC I , pp 2333-1-3,10. AFC-Tr-7283 Dec 71 t9 - W - 4 A) de 0, S $down 1* C* * var 2w Air " 401~po 1 ~n-;j . ~ ) ~,- 0-,. 11 If' J~ " ilo: o ':IU-55;A Jan ;~-roductlon TL iolts for li--61 bY As At hnl-20rs* ppo rpt V It MA 1,*3* 47601 a ach Apr 3 7 033) 'Itt 13 1 :S, . . ...... lcc !~Grv "el-t-eagas--yatw'. 6c-elin. Ar Tlbaml Coramlat Concidm Dovoloments in !UX,,Gr74 by Mabel Anders, 9 UP* ~'.Iewr I altq~W7# per 1, !o - 1710=-A~j 7r*- 7 3PRI 53872 1 R OD 71 P. ANDERS Data on Electricity Demand of Department Stores and Supermarkets. ELEKTROWAERME INTERNATIONAL, Vol 29, pp 488-491, 1971. ffrC 73-10251-13A Mar 73 7 IN.-to NOW Materia Of the sva4tsh ztate by Co r,4 Anderm,, U ppo 1967j, PP 1-1-15- m"I La hJ4.67 rcon Jan 68 ~47,279 A mutropauta liauwq C~rstm for armtr-r ColxmbWj, W M. V, Anderou, 9p. M=0 per), ioA*.tokDwUv* TI&Md'al wa 66, DO 17,* 5 ScVC-Zy)) IV 3-7Z D7.A. LN 701-1-56 11T Fab ~7 liyortance of llretreatmants for tho foura- bility of Varim% Ruat Protective I'dut system,s, by luidor5cia HENUA. per, Forcho Lach, Vol 71, Jul jVf>5,, tip S54-546. *ULSL Ap r 66 4 f PN C~ e- P- C) N Abo Smush .4tuma ilailtvgm i;ev ,to-.14 by C. L. .44-Akesms 9 pro W"Zilit part !An* jakmqmn iido--40, 0 5, 10 -V 1967# pp 9-1Z. Du L-4 lllv~~ !,,.; Ew Seca Fob a. 349#64.~ 1ho Store Daelt i;ridge, bY Ce E* ki4orsvn, q6'~ 10 pp. W~Isil, liar, Vansk Lok ~ --- 0140ttv Tiden(le, ~'Ilo 20, pp 12-B, RA M 292-67 . ur f',Oojt Jul 07 331,775 WbIioq,&;vh!c stuly of, th, r--fcct of i-:arc "2-tal Aul(liti M01croon and PPIAlloti, Val 64, N 1967, Jiblioi,saphical Study ot .Addi ti 6 0'-'s PrOpertlus Fier, Rev. k~et 565t, -4--a"Ot ~ Lffect 64* Feb- 67 orecs AAing on a ~ *d rt-~c, -urln.,,,~ kn, (:vsms lk ;1~bDlTdll, Adtc,,,~ I.Prdll- rp j to an P-0 !:-CLr mr Vsftw awm,l *&*Xsomu OOVSHOW us ma RIM's Vat AISIMAOSOW~ 110 Vol 99t sov Two$ vp Ul,*Mv Air Defense Analysis, by Erik Albertoson, Bertil Anderoson, 23 PP* GOVEFUMV USE OnY SNEDISH, per, Artilleri Tidskrift, Vol 99, No 4., lro. A.TibVFSTC/HT-23-316-71 Bse~-:L P~dje , z S c, 0,,j Au g ra c i.4 o Id, Jan 1973 1 of Loi;cl~ icholon I'acticad U~Ilts In ~,Ios,a Ga..-,bat. by Andjollo, .14 p-~-" por. Vojpoj):- -ct !- ;", IJ 430( Av '46 1963 ~I&Zwkl ~izures on 30alth Lorvico laeeoveds by Lum-i Andjo3kovilop I~adjtlo Ules 15 ff. pp. ~4roffiio ZdravlLl~ Zblgradeq Jull 1969t r1p M:2-5-0- Apr-'- Lcon we &) 3990165 IX 1*0 i~vl I'lov 70 klji~'A N ii~ \,~~ Illr_ and Lwxk L=-t!tutiQwj by "=a NO 7--3p led 61";Z 333LZ .Ica E-UbL4.0 Ljoalttl llmwbig aW AstrlbuUon In 19679 bv Lusan AndJelkmice PacbUo Me,, It pp. SL-AW-MAMal rcril ;Arodno ,�rAvljo gmdoo Cat 19630 pp 342-346.7 JPFU 4?0550 .ar 69 Ti,o Effect of Certain Additives on the Coobustion olE Ammonium Aitratc, by Aadrcyov, A. P. Clazkova. kUS,'5IA,V, pur, Trudy KIiijAka-Tekh last, 4t~ 5S, il.~67, lip '314-321. -F 'ej. -roil Fucls ti) Olvalclans' Swieties Aamtamd Defense Rol.o. b,j Alimr-ijo Ar?-Solstio, 0 ro.., Yj Votrw9anAtote-ti I~rel,171ellla .a,, -CRUG.Wo port tol'-Mdel S'Opt 19,690 IT, 415-21V-67~' jrvi(s; Dee 69 R. lao StaUas an NothWe ror ftopering Impmes. Aft=ls per, IAW 20"s Vol Up No 8 0 1971 t pp 571 P4 YX 72-12"7-= *opt 72 ~)-, Lv,-,L ~-- Viscosity of the Slurry Produced in the Ammoniation of Phosphoric Acid Mixtures, by J. Ando. JAPANES39, per., Xogyo Aaga)~H Zagsbip Vol, 68, 1965, pp 2327-2331. NTO 72-10445-07A Apr 72 ANDO, K. Biochemical studies on the lipids of cultured fishes. Tokyo Sui san Daigaku Tokubeksu Kenkyu Hokoku (J. Tokyi Univ. Fish.') 54(2):61-98 (1968) (NIRC/C-7939) Apoication Production .1 A P A'j Ft-. 'in of Nlitclear vncrf~y for Iron Ily ". Ando, (lensliiryoku Knisyo, Vol e r 14, c 'a t ,!.,%r (,~) Vol 3 7 7 0 ZVI mat" I'" p 15 s TI-111.111 !~431109 'CO"? 77 Wild, Clona,L c~f,- Ur u-7. jje "s M_n., j Military H~using Being Investigated for Irregularities., by Vojisiav Andonovic, 6 pp. SERBO-CROATIAYp np, Front, Belgrade, 19 Tan 739 pp 6-7. JPR3 58337 Mftr 73 va"y ro". A& 114 Val lUl, 1% A%IOU4. "A all 6 Mw kot 6,1 C, ~A) , ~4~ Reorganization by Tibor Andor, HUNGARrAN, per, No 11, Nov 712 8 JPRS 5507- of Baniting System Discussed., 12 PPO Penzmi szemle , Budapest, PP 09.r.905. Feb 72 The !417pUcation and Awhorb,4~ of ilaraUe.1 4,44-11hUgm Stressm,* ~,y il. Palm and UF per. Lip Bsutelc=k=4:Lv- 4N0 263-315. 'A 2 kr 70 The Invarse Short-UP3 Foult-ResuLts of 'feats in Y" 1) tha System and 6n Models, by -~). Andra. G011^01, per, 3rZ-A. Vol S.), ~W6 1968, lip 37-;-331. C.9. Trans 5336 sci-'Uach ~Ij 1'. Jul 7i F~ VQ, D-r~ A Lack of True ~-olitical 0-ppoffitim Decried, by Antonio Andrade, 5 PP, 6i-AN~B, per, &celsiorl tlwdco City, 26 -'-eb 19?2, pp 1-A, 11-As 151-A. J,-,L,Ls 5570" Apr r2 C. M. Andrade Serological Investiptions on the Antigenic Relationship of Tomoplasma, Sarcosporidia and C=Idia BER=R. UND WFIXIMER TMRAV=CHB WOGOWUUFr "S 84, 19711, pp 61-W- NrC-72-14583-06M FEB 1973 iur.~iad In ..;Wtheastam :Dmeall, 'by on ct 67 A vtthod oi .5clactivo Irrudiatim by Internal Wazs by J, Aadrado C, Silva (~ LoOako FRL`NQ1,, per,, J. PhIs. ~Paris 01 26# No .3, 196~0 pp 97A-103A, W.W8 6 &C N'11-tr-1372 Jun 66 501,149 W~ ha on 70 SALMD, iw~~t 31 Doe 19?0. m/L 3655 Li-Cab* Fab 71 preoi4ent CC Dlz&'%tWdcti= um tbe (tZw4a&tj= of AMUUM -UaQV# bir Tuqpuo 4c Aul"&V lup omnmumc IVA; 0 cr=l-r-0-2 e 71) 67 At-ldw4buw in P41 (4t " Use of WNW* laid4gainst Infootions In full.-Tern aad Fromature ffewborn Intantat by 2. N. V. Indradt, SPINDIp per# glaUffill 81g dg JANsirgs Val 77# 1970p pp iS47-1862. 120 72-11069-"0 May 72 Exc.,.tation of Bound Atomic States by a Sudden Chanee Of Central Field Resulting from beta Decay, 1)), It. Iiergen Andrae, 29 pp. 'ERMAN, per, Z. Phys, No 21S, 1968, pp 279-30 AHC/NRC-TT-I4SS Aug 71 C a n n i:%'of L"rinking 'later, by i'.% Aadrac. 4'.!(" per, jahruno, Vol 12, %o 4, ~IAN u 6 9-46u. 96 Vol 17, 3kily 'file :Volutioll of til(- arsal". PactIs %:),broach zu I~uropcm security"by cliarles Alidl:iLsp I') Au.,.Ust 1966 P t 0 6 WAX" Abaw9titm q"Ahvevic 61tul4j OZ maml LdnoolAtIm 0t L%qaum (11) carbomtep a=-Ax!TAkf,p Der$ gwa-rLW-A -k0- ik., 1xill "XI't w a"oll nt 54-63 Construction work on Ucchoslovakia's ftrst Atomic Power Plant Described, by -Stofan Andrasovsky, IIhj p, MIX!%, per, Inzenyrake stavby, Vol 14, t~'o 11. Nov 19663, pp G'-.,LY JPRS GUO Sci-;4zele,ur Sci-Tech Feb 67 ~.Lltlt~ ~inl:jtown, .6y !-~. anorituo 111,11-2-I.Clil, o,,or, acadewle dp-,,,, s.'cience:j-, ELri,:; Scrie C. a, vv.1 2G6, A7---ril 19E:3, ro,-). 124,30-1202. G, Andre Defence and Maintenance Progrwo for the Pericles H101holet Exchange.- FR=H# per# Comataltig ot Elect 32,, 1971.9 pp 10-19 NO 72-12825-17B sept 72 irradiation Lrbritt1cf-4ont of ~'ickel. Muc;-janical Pro~erties ill II-Xtenziorl an"i Creep Vastn,, by J. P. rpt, Fragilite ct i-Iffect O~i L'Irradiation 1v CcIl c~que .-l-'etaijur- _,ic, 1967, 199-215. f E7C 'Fe 9 Cellular Physiology: A Culture of Histicocytary Cells of the Pulmonary Alveoli: Cytochemical Analysis of the Secretion and Infrastructures, by J/ Thowas, Vilain Andre, 11 pp. F11-INUI, por, CoMt Road, Ser D., 271, No 22, 1970,, pp 2011-2014. AECAF-Tr-65 Jan 72