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Premilitw-j lh-aininf3 1,~Ast Be Intensiftea., by P. Andreyev, 5 PP* mssm"T., Y-'P; Sov Gltiy Patriot, 27 Apr 1966Y l?. 3. JPRS 35731 USSR lui - Jun bAD 301,953 1 , ~= * b ~~ . 7 f ~, 27' I-rq - TVI I - a , ~ , 6 1 ~~' 14, il I -,hel -5~- I im it P'. %4, A t,,,) (10- e ~ e V woWA cantatner Ilest IStatus i*Aomdo bY E, V. Andm)vovt ',,,* Yaw E*~~# 17 pp. CA ivwakit port 4"'."mrn-Vat La*T,,mdt No ?t auly 1?718 pp ~~, ji-lis Y~wa 1116pt ?Il Y L-V t; I Co, a ~i"' tc url Ln r4 OL IS, -,-rol-.ted) E~AL cy S. L An&nev Motrio om&w"vity of h4b-d~ity Xmm ptanx. 5 PF RWISZWA AN M- No MOM &=M ZrAm"i I)WlKtkt ftsGd. vacromw Fisin. xifi*otAwndrdd&wvwu r JVTUO pp ago-gal AnVffMNI&I2P2-?j Jan 73 Blectric Traps in Stll~ Plants from Pests.-by S*V, RUSSIAN, per. Vsesonznyy skiv Institut Zashchity Ra on Protection of Andreyev, 15 pp. NaUChno-Issledova 2, .LY/Uf PP 4a ACSI-K-0890 Jan 72 Csl,ltral ~AbOratorios 4vImngo ixm . rionce, -by 5 T.;P. ILWORIII perf4Ve tunwiltlial-stle-V Shillmlx .0,-cw, -ID lot 96,30 Wow V; C11 ~- e_ -j e fob C 9 3739&~~,) Agricultuml. pert 6c~ V. !-4jAZY tin" "J., lin" J."! IIJ -of vola and AArj level tims nv) Tact-Ors ~vbich Ditta-alne Course and wtcaw or ~~ar, by V. Andreyov. 10 W. ,,~WUANO AM 197it pp ~90'. 33m o, S 2 Q( 2 Ur- 171 I fl t, te ,rct ic Econmdc Beform at Power and Electrical Engi- neerIM Enterprims.. by V. Amdreyev, 8 pp. RMLO., W.- So"twdye Pmf f;Mgj go 14, July 196T., pp 3-7. JPW 43M3 kj ~~, USSR Econ Nov 67 344., m v, ALsevaret--mm of t:jt- -ov" HL 175-,L-f~;- 7, -~,L.771-7; V, A, Andmyev Thermt awhangs apparatm for visa= liquide. 214 pp 2VL.OOBMNYYS APPAWY DLYA VwAZXM ZWUDK 1971,6 pp 1-252 AWPZD-HC-23-734-72 app 73 connr,pnm w: Dirfmaw Sdmu tac Swood arA "TaW Bounbrj-b*W PrDblem .far Ejuptic Eqtmtiom, b5r V. B. Aw.Uvjov. par, ~h Va~:W-- Mat I Nat M-..., Val 2)) ,1a 6, p-3 IM~1231. .L Dept 01' Iia-pj,&PL1JW T-2296 Oct 6-) ;',1)3, 321 (I The Detemination of the Coefficients in ths Lageadre Polynomial ih*ausioa of the Gravitational PotentLal 6f tba Garth, by V, De Andreyav, ~3 rp. IIUSSIANp perp Prik Hat i Met-rhp Vol 33, No 4p 1969S IV 7k.9-732, -,- , 1,MSA IT P-12,765 Sci-Phys Jul V i~~asis of' the Aidel of-, an Ideal '11atial (Accolemi-Icter) in the Thcor~ of Incrtial by 1'. D. Vidreycv, 1\11. A. Narusnilwv. 21 rr. !ff-SIAN,~,,cr, Izvestiya X-i SSSR. :0 C)s 1969, pp 15-Z5. AIR/17171-` T-24-303-70 apr 71 '.Lllleory of Inertial :,;avigation, Aided i3y V. D. Andreev RUSsWIN, bk, Teoriya Inertsial'aoi ~~avi- qatsii; 1,orrektirEe:i-~rjo Sisteray, 1967 CFS,--.PI TT 69-55027 22 r-564 Dec 397,450 s flm'1~10, an the ol u t i Or o Awlm c7aipotantial 4`urfaco -'rimn --r Um o=-~ of a per# ,,r z Uil ~nya .~-ttomtil:a V::~ xii' -OZ ~o 2., 1)p ka W Controlling die motion of an Lbject by -71 X-ewtanowter Readings, by V. D. Andreyev, 1. V. Nevelhilav. WISSIAN, rers Imbese!UZ zhurnal Mcka;dta TvordcgQ Tcla, No Zj 1966p pp WD Au~, 67 326,379 ''Influence of Gaswon:.the,Welding-up of Cavit-1 Los Durinq~ Rolling I ~by V.. 1.,Anfteev, RUSSIAN, per. Isvestima Vus Chern., Met., Vol 13, No 6, pp 67-70. H8 8237 j C) ControUUig tho .1-5otlan of wi Gbjwt by a4wton- motor Raadin&el bV V* Do ArArqW & I, Vo RovoehnoVs V PP& us"'wo Enchumnivy ~~hgm!as i-14 wlika- 2 IAlo Zo 1966j, pp 3-10. PIOOO?42U--V FTD---,-!9.Z4 156-67 64 14 27- v;;) 7J A Lix p- j r."$" ti I; tk~ f" ":,or rc.-m-~, ... rv, v \J, P , ~\ V.~ C~ 9- e ~ C, q AMIPU or KUWWUM ft"MM fm bd4mgdw mtMocale amobwe to a W*ld ""a v w T.. P. Auk*Wo U W. an m In= I X* 40 i9m Ipp 40.5b. MA"W*45-15W-72 M 73 SP-46 Pile Driving, ~Y' V.P. Andreyev, 7 pp. A-11USSIA1111, per. Stroitel'nYve Dorozhnyye Mashiny, flo 7, 1971, pp~- :~CSI-K-2256 ~FSTC-HT-23-1701-72 .,June 72 t,egistration of the Kinatics of Enzp,-& imac. tlions by a flio-FraquPancy Mothadst by V. S, And=ycv, V. 1. Ruseaturto inskii Biokhimichnji !~WSIAMp par,, UkEU Zhurnal, Vol XXXVII, No bg 19b5# pp 920-921~. 4ay 67 326,941 q.v. Ao~,P-ejev amommom"aw 00 othal #Mau= ftr w for zdwlosum ad ftdft waft orhms" by Mwwdvo am Ot *UtbBUC 1* 60 MMWfAUs, W V- V- M*Mwo w Vp ~-7* AW"A"M-79 M 73 V,\J, ANjef~ev OVW& Ump ft4t# ad FMSMW OntoO in VO aMSW Of PAVMLt4W Of I - - daft. v To Vo AN&Ws Nw # pert D* a 9ML 9ia Ws Vol 196, HO 2#,Ja IMV Sp MXP*W. C3 SWt 71 ,-,P Temperature Relaxation of a Highly Rarified Gasp by Vw Tv Andreev. RUSSIAN, per# DaAawkft rialchavi JhMnaj., Vol 16, 1971# pp 721-733 NTO 72-11795-20M June 72 Ilierml Relaxation of Strongly llarified Gas,, by V. V. Andreyev. RUSSIAN,, per., Ukrainskiy FiziclieskiZ Zhurnal, Vol 160 No S, 1971, *IJASA 'IT F 13784 - /') r S~14/11 P - Lli,~ aug 71 Tomparaturo Rol=ation of a IMS* Vanified Ono, by V. V. Androyov, 20 IVO PUSSIA110 port Me -=z z1h I Vol 161 No ~s Ilay 1971, pp 721-733, T-L r 13!?84 110V 71 XAWAX CWI- 026T/T3 W 2 Aug 72 BY shut St"IAW &aft ViaL Uft in the 4"Iet W64 by VI*Ujdv Aadwopv* not tafter ldmun*do Noe ft" tip 11 1* vat Pauu& NUAWS awt j&= =m CMI, To D. & A Auvot 1972. ussn BM cat 70 iNOW owsmt of ""U"" rib*# 4v to IV# yawmAlyal Ytu So Aadmyav* JA ppo He 6a 1170a RUSUM# pww IL)Wks,ft-l T*IgyLdWp LL .may ~U- \J. 4Naee~sv The Effaft of ~ auxtig" of Austodtio Stdmlm Steel an emod" Dotaimation at viviom 0 7V luo, Va, Aadmv RUSSUNI, pwo FA2lkw4Qdjdvh9Wmm fkkhwdkt WagdWays Vol 6o go 2v IMg pp 107-ID9 1= 7l-l-q7-e,-lV 1= 72 Ul. : O.wi ~ tll~,s ()I. -Ut3, vasiadlua, an6 1~.~ Ji 'I ') 4,~ I t 8 by G, -N i -.OSZ n3 t cu t i, ~barniA I..> 4 5mtov Maebine Tod FUA Weadr Destmibes Nw Oftpitt by Vo TAtqi Andra"vv 5 ppo RU=M, per# h1wagraiteV, rapew, 0 No 10, 1972o pp 42,~"q JPRS 57833 Ne 72 Tactical Training for AvJators Y~ejuires Constant Attention, by Yu. .'J.. Andreyev. FOP, USI..' ,)'-j'LY PUSSIA"'i, per, Morskoy Sboraik, ~~!o 2, 1~168, Aar 69 577,22S Ole O-A, ..'Ithe-'aUcs in "-.ocialof by 0 131-0% PPO port ~.R:Pl ea ul" xw 70 acat 2matment at Ru* suv4sth stecu Vith the um of EIWWCIL BentlIZ& w Yu. a. Anhows R. L ZemarOV3 1. H. UdLup V. 1. zd=wrt 0. V. v.Abdwma, UP. 0 A 0 157-W. mm 3Y!p -'V, scl Jul Ontinj Properties OfL 8,enuitizea Einahiom ucca in Photograpl-dc Reproduction Procosses by Yu. S. Andreev, B.A. ~17hasldov- RUSSIAN, per Zh mach pril-11 lbto;.Tr lKinm Vol - 10, 110 1~ Z5 PP 39 Aug 67 337-r-92 13. 4. A r"id, k'-~ ~--' (I o Toiarawc- '~ 5 -- llov To Underetand It, b:f ,I,,. OzerriVi-S, Fs. A. An&Wevrao 6 pp. 1=10, perg AvWslya i "-, r7l .-,Vl, 1,;' V A Mkid m *k Amons 3dou" Laim IF 0-~ A. 1-ble ok. Mms PWO Vol 2"Ve '.. ~. ,p Wc 71-luv~-Ihz ja 72 Z . R . # ttdje -e ~ e Ljg im ?I it 0~ t 11co,astic CbPa=terlsmics of Lkers in 'We ocean w! Data Q-& ~-"":.;,o WAII Dilect catewliz- obwnrallictx, buY I. P. AML-cieva., --,(; r41. MWIAN. Tpr ~lDria. Vul !"io 6, Cc Clc'l .-'X',.IA eart^, to the Roote Qf "ita 1- "0 by r.. i~- Vartcmtyan curl I. u. 11; -perp DOk Alt- U-110C Ur~. -1--a AT I In ct n is,--raz L. A. 4, Thermal Expansion Coof f icic nts and Elastic t-ioduli of Iron Silicides, by L. 11. Andreveva, 13 pp. I R USSIAN, per, IVUZ Chernaya 'victalluryiya, No 2, 1965, 111) 111-117. FTD-.',9l'-24-1427-71 Aul', 72 Numerical Solution of the Largo-Deflection Problem for the Corrugated Diaphragm, by L. Ye. Aadreyeva. iWSSIIAN, por, InVienernyy Zhunral. Mckh I'verdogo Tola, F,7-7i'ff ---ff - 7 5 1 - 68 1, . Y 0 . An ~. Y 0 N. 0 v "I Sci Apr 6191 37-:),t;14 The Effect of Complex Immnoantibioticatherany With The Use of S. Typhi Viantigen on the Bactericid&I Activity of the Blood Berum in Typhoid, by N. P. Andreevat 8 pp. WSSIAN~ per2 Dlikrob.- Zpidemiol. Im. ~ 19699 PP 35-40- Acsi j-9645 iD zw4ooWi r') . P -R f'3 c4 P- C ~I e- ") n May 71 N) - 'S - ~ A) J Je e ~ e- V tg I ift 71 To So Aab~M A DPIlm fcr AQdxg 1930totwbw, mmawp PWO T met! .1. tAt Mam -L-40uwml 1w . momm" U4 'o 19ps IN 224~-M' ww ftm me ;; C-12056 WC 72-6MAka Now 72 A00626*trla *18rdo rcr YAREMIM Vw loodsms !Yat ddl f Ws ardw frm Imc as M W-6 VAWW Now 72 o V. VP Athdrewt Mactumical Properties of Silicon ~ Spring Stmas .aft*r High Temperature Thermaw.-haniva TTeat- wnt In Production.CAMItions. STALI 1972, pp 748-750. BISI 10884 Feb 73 L o I loy:, o 44 t7 74' 1 Y a io 0 0 '1". C. z, I i 0.1 -iot-a-ro, of tho Asamlatcd 'Ath Variation in tl-m r,031tlOtl Or Calltl= T"YdM3"f61;-C-atCS I'll ~17dratlon livxdlonLaE~ f1roccasoo, by Ile. 7~, Andmycnra '70~ Mf -~'ol I.A. '.'o Aul, A)dP- P- e Studyin~; the 1--ffect of ~~Oise on tale or- -tanisn,.oy Ye. Ts. Andreyeva. )"US"SIM, paT, Gigiyena i Sanitariya, 1961.), pp 70-75. *Acsi J-6931 111 2204003401 julle 69 Ye. ro. Ar4n#V4-C4UMiM .. 1. 1. Noies od noiso-indumd sioko" RUSSTAFo bko Shm i shmwvoa botmt, 29720 304 pp. . 161MA 2T F 748 aw 72 . \~ aI- I I CA 11~ '. _. \-S ~\ a cL~k"' (),_j Electrophysiological and Biocheideal Studies ofthe Brain When Acted Upon by Varioys Par- ameters of Sound, by Ye.Ts. Andreyevagalanina, RUSSIPM, per. Gig Tr Prof Zabol, Vol 14, No 7, 1970~ pp 39-42. ACSI-K-1426 Effcct5 of on too rvzviist~,, Ye. -.c. rJuiyclll~ i T, - ?I AC!", Diversionists in the Ether, by A. Andreyevich. RUSSIX~, np, Sovetskaya Belorus5iya, I olarch 1967, p 3. JPRS Cso: DC-15161 J-1964fG7 USSR Pol Jun 67 326,155