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L:~ildt 01: ZU Li~-Lwtri;d U;3 u -K-L Vul u4, 62 44 Jo 1967, 4,134 water Polltalon. TreatLant of Ind-asti-lal Ufflucats; by lmdo Aatoine. EM, IM Luo do, 1 1.0 per, Eq Teohalq Wu. ---, 257~, D*pt TZD,,Xr 1110 ftW13 g~~)Jj, Oct 69 R. Antoine Use and study of stmin gauges attached by the "RokideF process. FMal., rpt, Emmtom_~E~rt, EuR 4214F C. E. trann 5b3bD may 72 lia'o jXr J. P. po"J", tW C A40vo u W* ~mw.. yer, J&Arwl do ~Wgqwj Vol 27, C03-102s AtC SC~,T-447-0%6' I,he J. Antolin b~; Tart,; lana lial triye-= pchuvx.-~a:~,e, u "Pafaa", Cav-rll- av"aft and Gamadly VQS-Lllyev.~cll, lj`b ~Md-e 1.35.7 -17TT.- JIL;R5 3352:1 Jan Lwduescmm of Swe lblocuLw Owes å tiff-A S=Itatlcm bv Fast Elwtiwe Ij, Iq lp Pntonj Vol 7v rio Ifir, 196% P-D 17-29 119-nPW 1= RTL TXI-W5 scl-Paja 8--pt 67 Horst Anton 336JI931 Sa - ROL" a* 6T ANTONACOPOULOS,N. Quality control of fresh and frozen fish. jber.I3undesforschAnst.Fisch.,H am burg pp.61-4 (1967) (NRC/C-8656) The Riemann-Hilbert Boundary Value Problem with Discontinuous lkp~ Conditions for Quasilinear laliPtie SYStems Of EquatiOnst by S. i4. Antoneav, V. 14. ilonahov- RUsSIAI;t part pok Ak Hauk 56SRg Vol 175s 14o 3o 1967, pp 511-513e Am Math Soc Vol 8, No 4. 1967 V, Nov 68 3540212 Band Theory of I*tals,,, by E. Antoncik. =CH. per, Ca Cas I~rs..q vol 18t lo,68t pp n&W. 4WIS TT 71-56060 A:7 . q r") , 'C C, r, " C i i~ July 73- Experimentai verification of t4te correlati6n of Octane .-,Iumljcr and 5ensitivity of a Fuel ~%;dth Its ~riock Characteristics, by E. Antonelli. ITALIA'~:, per, 1.ssociazone Tecitica -velll Automobile, Nov 10149, Fklels 3 2 3 19, Af-A- 0) Qbjwtive And Yd a of -Frmts in the Lwer Trop. ospMrs, by I. L. ArAmenkova, D. LA. Soneehl". 13 PP4 dralogUam, !~bvcow. Rmuis Pere - - ift hto 6# 19728 pp 32-410 JPTI's 568.31 Aug ?2 mi AK ov"A* )Ok* Ton e-se-u 4Z t7 I I Fd K.)l-.o-l~-1,l----l j4 70 ?Ilice systom 7)eucrtl 'y -on, 1,1.4 7! i inan t por cy, to J'an 7 2 '~,. \4,, by "Onisun*., 6 RMSU16, W's. ftookm vo 70 IM*' pp JPRS P041 Sept ?2 ,c cn-; ?"gross In MoObAdAtIon of. conotrwtion- installation WarkViotedv. by Oristian Antonescu'. 9 ppe ROMUN, per, Prohl"m ECOMMUS. Buoharestj Sep 721''PP.20 PRS 57702 Doe 72 ,Too Ap,)+Dnc,~c-u General Practitioner#* Task$ in Obstetrical-. Gynecological Care* by Ion Antonesou.. 5 pps ROXANUN,, npp Muneitorta Sanitar, Buebarest, 34 Nov 72 x , ix~"r7 ,TpRS 58466 Apr 73 -CiAic of a kiii -J-U t~ III -I oy. -o Li i ~'aza, i:o 5, I)G9, 141-147 4 4- 70 J Ad el , .3' ' 7 vl. 4- 2 bi~ Jul 70 AI b. i~ NTC' KI E V I C- '-I. A i% T U -J'G 10 VA.~;,,~ I Ga,,~ C~iromatujrapihic Determivittiun of. the VO'Latilo ~aLty Iicius Irescat in i-OlitetILS of tilci',U;~ieil. AAlli-ALE, Vol 12, p) 7T(; 73-IJ233--OC ar 73 ii A. Antontoll The Potential Role of IbmIsar Energy In tha Developwnt of Conventional Iran Haking, ITALIAN,, per,, MOMUMM Lt-s-lim Vol 6% No 2# 19171, pp 49-W Mr 72--60332-1 IF sept 72 for Opprations, by "lvD-n,-hoUo 01-~,In ~-,ntoescu and Dailtru Aic-l-andresma, P'n 'er, Vlatp '!~"Com-.--Acrl. ~Ol 5'p -a' ani a 69 37'?. 11177 ltfdrocUaric Acid Pickling, by L. Autolm,, ./ ~ , I) pcw. 71b Tubes Boulm NO 3., A'.,,r - (f ~ pp 35-39. BISI Wo ticiplat -- A%~; #p / 1 114116,11"''1-.1z" ilow-Tam lation wid Combustitz Of Mothow In the Absence and izl,tlw Prosenoo of Hyd=pn Bx=Adeo by S. Autmik FMCH# pw, k2009 ChAdOm Ag, Dan.C-09- AuuatlAo 19700 pp-28u---2m NTO 71-15U7.07C mar 72 lwgentina Sal'~tion Said to J'ewt tiith i eren by Jorfe Antmio, 3 pp. G(NDF,,lVT U3E. CKLY SP&IISfis Nre :-L~mora Buenos Aircas 4 Aar 1972. pp 14-15. jn-,s/L 4162 i I'AY 72 , nos Ma4e Vlhile Youthe Wallow in Drug mire, b7 Jose Antonio Mavin, 3 pp. SPANISH, per2 Vistazot Guayaquil, 28 Dee 7L pin 92, 9k-wl- j?Rs 549.59 Feb 72) val~;16 Ag~-va~,' loju.;,-, OY --- neacen" Iof sm kb~ll ~ Ows wriAlb the lkaltotl= ty FWt UWU=. I. p by Sont Axton. WW, pwjl Analm der nEe.U Vol 16p sort" 7p 196%, pp 174 *.A= Horst Anton Sci - pkmica Jul 67 Lmn i= ot the Priwtnlao of Ui;~ OwAmtut LO,r,wed ;kmWjmt Syat= in Tmvest-ant Con. -Aruct on$ by Aamin lrzvec~%y., 11 p, U GOVEROM ME c2M, I L '. P-67's 2 7"A 'gikv 1946. 229-231 GM 21A M - c ZI-V il I -,A lav gun Econ A!;g, 66, Q 0 ro ~\ . -~'\ rvtl ~ ~c) k' The Potential Role of Nuclear Energy in the Development of Conventional Iron Making, by Al Antonioli, ITALIAN, per. Met. Ital.., Vol 63, No 2, 1971, pp 49-60. BISI 9716 Mar 7 2 LIZ, z PYO, Sulfuration of Asphaltenes, by V. 1. AeLonishin, B. S. Grinenko, RUMM, per, Iz VUZ JTe9t i Caz, Val 8, 110 5, 19651 PP 4749- mA Tri,-66-lo317 V. -r- Sci-Chem Aug 66 3*472 .3 0-1., re W- 4, Hm 70 - 1. ---./- 11 f,~ ", / /0- '0111) ~ I I K) , I ---------- Nor* Ifficient'Uso'' of Vebteles Needed,, by Vicolee Antonlu. 7pp, XMIAM, npo ligtn Mmi4jca Bucharest, 20 November 1970,~ op 3, 4t JPM 52249 EEIRmania Econ Feb 71 =N, iv,, FEv .065, l)- 2- Ius"12 ago An " 1\1~- Nx - Z -,pUmUty ZXI-i~ P'll: Fab 73 1 1 TirAks Of klectAftl bftAv In Fruing C-Ivm# by As K* AntMM* 6 WUSSIA-4 FFF SOL Alma !J, .4 to 15rA# pp. JERS Z?O A, A Method of Determingng the Characteristics ot Single-Row Hydrostatic Gas Bearings, by A. M. Antonov, G. A. Turygin. RUSSIAN, per, llashinovediniya, No 6, 196), pp 98-102. FM Irk Special 341-70 Sci- Nov 70 5--!Ii-Dimilar sotut iom of wa, probu~s. of an Intansa Blast at a Plata In a 3u~)-2rsoiih~ 11mi, tri '~. i~,. *,ntonov, %:it al. 7 UUSIAN, il'--r, PriLrl pp lil-114. ..C.L 0.1 Coasirmr Industi7 Inmivr,-,d As, a Result of liew kfan&ks,,er=t System, by A. Antwov, ~ pp. MWTPII, np., RS~~a~taka -~a_ ~Kir ~,ap 114 O~!t 1965) p - 2. J-PPS 3i320 L7SSII, Econ lbi 65 a)2,214 atarial Incentives, by A. lintolloj, ;D-scwo Jan Lb",;, w- :.C, In,,! stv a 1. Develop ovi; lIq A. X,._ Antonov, 11 Russixi, nri, 1-'~ Feb 2. RES 2-)~,V( 11 Ss 'RN Eccal may 6,~ I"')YS llui -7=7. '~Jsuali;atiwm Gf 'Arimsiticli L-) i~vtndfry Layer on t4a UaZo-a of ii TuzbL;#.i by A, Yab 'I'viltranio tind A. Aittulasv,, ,j7t- -1~53 F7 Rours vltA Progm=md Blectmic um=lng, Y9 by A. H- Ant=wp 5 p1). .VSSIAN.. pwv VjsWk LjZptlvamELu~ ObLrM 110 3, 10, PP- 79'-&- JPM 355U A,IV, 4w~omotl USSR Set-Blectronics Jun 66 301o542 s4d.1'storgy tow (am."i I IV 70 t49-1 lql? C) kfIl Zwar 2z ztx '1--vowzo 01, I.Ty :zv6a.=: elf 4cc ccwitries Hold Symposium or, motri.(ids of Determinatimi. Isolation and Fractionation cf Nucleic Acids, by A.S. jajtaiwv,, lOpp. RUSSULN, per-2 v3poklix sovretemlay idolo"~ii' 'No 210 Vol 621 sopt-Oct 307-311, 59,616 g Feb 0' 318,926 lam ard rachtwo UY A* go ikVvvaKI.,y and A-P V* Autcows 7 we Malmo Pro fth I%-bo p l. 4143o, ,nip's 3~-41!) /P C, I'vo v A V, UX.11 ~IXL-WVLT may rroportiea of i-ydmloeical dlti=3 IM thO ~IDUth .<iC L=-ift~ MID A-k`~jp by i .10 -o Lvrlt Of Jav.-Il 14L.b-, tr za-,~5 i7l Acuovamts of the smiet Neat FZI ~1111y Industryo by Fe Antmwt 9 ppo Auz 1967p pp 4-5- ,rt lis b2762- USS91 Fcon Uat 67 "'42-S932 1: . 1. (A t,~ +, 0 t,~ 0 \/ Triggering and geurochenical Hechaniams of Temperature Regulation in Hyperoxias by 1. 1, Antonov. RUSSIANs part Dok Ak ITMMk SSSR.- Biol SOL-# Vol 199# No Ip July 1971, pp 245-247o CB Mar 72 \~\ 7 \--) I . I ~ ~~A 1: ~) V\ I ~ 1\1 A ffolf-Contw7 Of ftruggUg Cn the 50th Awl- TorOW7 of the japom" C=Wmist Ptrtys by K. D. Autwav n PP. , RM"t- .. ;::,:, '"Zo vostou, Ivascowl, jr-w a-N=m Pal - - NO 2t 1m# pp im-mo jm.-567m! .1 Avg 72 L , M , A tA c, r~ C> q Rate of Hetaboliam of Rat Brain and Liver Phospholipide in Histotoxic gypoxiag by Ls Mg Autonov, RUSSIAMv per# Dok Ak NaRk SUR, giogh2m Vol 200p No 5# October 1971s pp 1229-12~2% OB May 72 tnfluanca of Aeranalactomy on izate of cerebral and Iepatic Phospholipid Metaboliso Ln Plats During Oxygen Starvation, by L. 11. Antonov. MSAAN, parp Dok Ak N&uk-5s.QR, Biol Ski, Vol 13j, 110 1, May 1~163, pp 245-247. Jan 71 CSO: 01215/71 W L. V. Antonova, et al 10 Dec 70 sr Re-evaluation of the Fission Cross Sections of Uranium-235 and CaDture Cross Sections of Uranium,-230 on the Dazis of 4n Aaalysis of the Critical Parameters of the ZPR-III Critical Mass Facility. Neutron Spectroscopy JPRS 52290 Mar 7 3 ,.ffoct of ventuating, ~-Jtorcrl r'otatms Analym-do bry Ve Azitmovq Me A. ler-WaldtVan, 9 pp. 4;jSSIA!-,p pcT, ~MMW-ftrlivp lomrov "Onais 19WEI. pp 29o-3?. AUS -Alk bld=trj in ~Vwm adft I-bdoiYAWO by 14 AAtancr4# 3 ppe t AWS109 up* !-- -'01. 4 94.SAA- a - I-Sosc*w, 10 I'll, lyll 0 p 2. i H15 542% 11, / Cl. 14 r (At 71 Report an SOCCIA Congress or 1178MVIOgists., rayablatrists and. 'xl*=mwgacrns in Bulgar%p by If* Antawvs, 10 PD.* BUTAARUNt part 4!!M~I~pj EslkblA!EM,,i 110EMSIMMIMP, 3orla, Vol 11P T-10 Zji lvfz# *rP 15,571614 . JPHS 56974 Sep 72 Me Problem of Grades Eesults in a Better AcadeAc Conf2ict, by N. tantonav md 0. Matyatin., 5 pp- WSSIAN) nP, Prsv&,) 29 Oct 196% P- 3- JPM 33836 US-SI-14 Soc Jan 66 2950,36 ._~dk;, npt `Qaq ;.0 SCOW. 471i'll, A-Pj? tion Sugpetl*W Hov to FLUMce DeSip and -,f De"lopmnt OrsaintimS. by 0. AUtOnDVo 5 Dp. W3SIM3, nPo IrmMe 16 &r 1966.- P-3- JFNS 35544- USSR o. 4- /V j/, Lre= May 66 3002314 keopla's Control Authorities lmrrovo LfficloncYe by F. Antcamp 7 Pp. parg LAE21= Khozygyptyp Kazailj~atmvm!p AIM-Ata, j:0 Jul 1%,g# py jpits 4qu4 j c t 'P, Ayl+oylo\l (im Em Jun 70 A ~,tdod , "# 40WAN -;Ufts Of -7dat "at, aftArj# tv ~. 4A4wn*,u PDO -` , ". 0 VW, 0, , rf~qw% T-. -..,I I ,0 ; r ,t;~-I& , I ~ I I ijarkdo. j A me ll~N, 0%2 (7-. . -A!4, 74 5. RA) t 0 A) 0 V Impmem" in lmhwtt7 rft"w in 1971-1973* by 5# Antlmov* 7 t.** RLb;3M,p port gnqLiMp Torgavl N~o 70 3.9n. pp n.U, gM, fwemo I J10 53936 ,~~ 71 Progress and Plww for Further Developmnt of the Heat and D,-Ary Industry of the USSR., by S. Antmov., 9 pp. RUSSLO., np., EkonomicheeM Gazamtg, No 3, jan 1966j, PP- 7~8- JPW 34746 USSR Econ Apr 66 29B,239 Lid-ut3tr -jil MR Heatand DAU'-ladustry lrasks T Described, by 81 Antonovs 11 pp. IMUN P*rv, Higagava Ladusulve SSSR, No 11, 1970, pp 1-6, JPRS 52244 USSR/Icon Feb 71 Antcoov haors ).oW induAry Workc-ra, by pp* vp~ a n ,, war, per, pp Jan ?2 Present-Day Gyroscopic Instrumts and Prospects for their Futura Development,, by S. 1. Antonov. WSSIANO rpto 319telst urientatsii i 1,lavedeniYe Let-at-a"PaM Aelluratov, Pp 128-137, IRS A 'IT F.10$050 NAS Sci-Engr May 66 S. 'S. P N ~- 0 t~ 0 \1 Influence of Saturation With Water on the Mechanical Characteristics of Concrete and Modelling Materialsp by Be Be Antonov, RUSSIAN, pars Bak Ak Nank Sfiggo Chm Tachog Vol 2000 No 6t 19719 Pp 1392-1395. CB June 72 Pmapects for DovelWmt aZ Sconocic and Trade Falations between Dagarla and Ithe urated Ara ~P.J~c (UIRL ir", Tme":0 Autonovp 9 ppa RJUARM., per,, Vullalm No 10 J(,n !966, Vd. JIT'S, o n Apr 66 . V anz&7t&p.)~ I Labor ftfAy Cmfwmoe SqwfW*~ by V.-..AAawv*, - . -2., R eTsm Jos IMv, -p - .- 03 Jay ?2 ,v N Book on Lenin's Var and ~.`:Iutary Vimvs, by V. hntcna-~, ? ppm No 4, Apr 1972, pp IP5-220. Jl.~.7~; 56G,37 FAy 72 Cmad l1rckgm. Uor% at L-ening-ad Vilbrator 11 'Lant CritIcized aml Lvafondcd, by V. Actmy; and If* Valvatyulzov., WSSIA9, irp, I 22 Irad V. 35779- US 'j'u c Large-Prmel Reinforced Concrete Construction of Urban liouoing Pivjects Found 1`0311 Expedient, by V. Antonov, 5 pp. RUSSIAN, up, Vyshlca., 6 oct 1965, P, 3- JPFS 33878 USSR F-con Peb 66 295; 8104 P -1 1- 0~ 'upplyiu,7, OS--,~,d W 4"ites flotctt, by Vo -,'~ntmovx 5 np) kip~-.n haxy) tz~ I, w, U-Atiaa llo~WL-JL~, pz~o-lcctn fivl-m- L) 1)y 5 .Pv kjjLjUjfjN) n, Ll p a', "s Al 41