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6 Opecifics of the Omertic Effect of Intermediate- UwQr Neutrwe in the IrradisUan of Hamm Pwipberal Blood 4vVboqtts (In Vitro), by M. A. Axamleva. BMW,, per: Dok A NWA MR2 B101 13d., Vol 204., NO 5A June 1~ ~,pp~43-3245- CB Feb T3 Far Trow.-ophoric Pro"tim o2 Shat a,-A 1-bauri wsvw~ b7 V. Ya. Arserdn, V. V. Iv=v. EWSIA39 W. by VW, aBdio.1fliz, Vol 12, No 06) 3.969o pp 83P-x5. Dept o~ !Wrj WJW T-235u- soi-pbvs Jan TO Effect of the Extent and T~pe of C~rcll c Defonmtion on the Strength of Rayon Cordp by A. Go i~seyeriko. Rumims rpts 1968) PP 51-53. *Acsi j-yt*o6 *r,STC-IIT-23-619-7i aj ~~,athadls for Uatchiu~; Fur Seals,, 6y V, A. Arsenoyev. UWSIAN,, por,, Rybaw Khoz, No 10, pp 5U-52, bapto if Intorior Fish and Uldlife Service i~CF, lwW.,wau of F'Oraign Fisfieries 1"WlUil A u6 v 7 'i- Bi- ~Tr IV -S e- 1~.Ir. A rk s k A ld~ A A) iomodw i ram latvmiw*im of coo Turdnes Into kow System* by D. T. AnWdW=t C', -*'OYU* pp, Sept 71 N) - K - ~A Z S~ R S R Dats on the Epizootology, Diagnosis md Prophylaxis of Svimbladder Diseam of the carp, by H. M. Arshanitsa. WSSIAN, per, Vses?yuzny:L Hauchno-Issledavatelskii Institut Ozernogo i Rechnogo Fvbnogo KhoZyaiStVa. IzveWYB Vol 69, 19b9, PP 15-4b- TqTC 72-R41-06C Jan 73 C: , . '-T-)~I(- z u".A 'Velo", , ... )~ I- ; 'f rcmx co'llt by JraJ'Iwr~)~a v7-y S. Arsic The influence of Zinecliamyldithiocarbamate on the stability of mineral oil inhibited with 2.6 Dieterciarybutyl-P-Cresol. 10 pp. SERBO-CRDATIAN, Tehnika Podmazivanja i Primena Goriva~ Vol 9, No 4, 19~0-, pp 25-33 AIR/FTD-HC-23-612-72 Jan 73 L. A. Arts,~movich &5iemwrj report on controlled tliemonuctear vyntiinj-~'j. 15 pp. Russ-TA-71 Pptg Vhe 4th United Uatio?w conference on utilization ~f--q-tq-Mq-enerrjy foa, reacgful Purposer, (,'ereva,, SzyitzerZand,, September V-1j, 1971, .-r 1-14 AIRIFM-.~!T-24-2139-71 8ept 72 6. Pi. ArasLAt~cq ftlaospoavw of Beams"& V"lng Urly mloper JU&Ue V&Idqm Ve"dtlon of Mudum on tle SewM nooa-Maln Terrace of the Maie-per River, by lb. A. ArslanDvm RMIANp perp D* Ak Nw* SM, Bar Scl.a Vol 20op No 6., 1971., 19 l9r-l-M. AGI Oct 72 of Aiaotylb,:;,--~Ila L 4 ~j v. \i, A p- s L ii t\j o \/ ;Iivpwtios of MUc of Po3$diwtbysi1=ne on tho Surfaca of Water,, by V, V, Arslawv, RUSSIAN,, por, M ja HO SSSRj Lbjs 1960 . ELM I Vol 110 5w 19719 PP 1105-1107s CD Nov 71 covi~luctir 6traill (cage ,Q'Sistorj, ?rol-;ory '17 9 4 C "o-lentlUcal4r Plarred ~-bvomtoloc.,Ical ;,~.d to platicnq by pp. S"'KiMis pors "ona Vol 0 Z, c 37] LM, tc, by od. 2,105 AaalvSis Of, t,;!c Flay iolo.."ical Vol '17, 1,916b, "r!! 72-"be Tli, f)I tile o'C "I"'Ysiolow Ical nOS ~~It i'v:!414 tv -I ion Accordi;-?c to 'A. eve 7001 Va. Viul s"s, 17,f"If's 1,32 2 k ekv S k, 311~711 ill 7QV 777107-le 01"'o rl Funct~onal Organization of the ASferent Con- wetiow, of P-arkinje Cells in the Paamwdian Lobc of the Cerebellum, by Yu. 1. Aratimrsizii. 14USSIAN, per.. W. fa Sauk SSSR, Vol 17'7, 110 31 NOV 1967Y pp 732-735. CB .~\vg &3 -62, 35-D fiesAqvsk;~ Hur* ?I for cm Ausirr Vao .~,mdvoraory - -'.Y, 7 .7cli s L -i , , .-,: Orcani z -^,n.rr the Collection and Ancaysis ,)f lnfomat,-Oll About the ODerat-on of Bag-aeG ~'-Ti Usc and Det-emlinlinm t-lic Level. of In'rtlal Operating Life, by V. D. Archinov, "'. 101. lciselcv, I.p pp. RUOISIXII~ rp-lu-, Orgami,zatslya Sbora 0 -Rnbota Dvigatele v Dkspluatats! C)Dredel ca-'ye Ui-,)-,fn:,r,i Motoresursa. 1 G6 17- 7 !'Ar Influence of Activo Cases on the i3octro- physical Properties of the Surface of Silicon, by V. A. Arslam,)ekov, C,. V. S!Ar- RUSSIAti, rpt, Siupozium po Eldltronriym Protsessam na 401, OF R-S V, 19f,7, lip 1 2 6 2 2 - V. A. Arslambcl,ov AP r 6 571,577 V.D-- by v Ou~ Ell= on A* Anlaaeka-v, G. V. Smu=o Aked "- Nauk pw" A-ves-u- 'm r, f M-ammicbea matauiv. Vol ao 20 0 n 7.iOTO=-3,%7 famr-jr/w 324: 321 v 04:1 - charlstry Anr 67 14 ~. 4. Ao- % L P, 4t V Age of the Maximum Advance of the Last Glaciation in the Western Dvina-Duleper Interfluve, by Khe A* Arslanove RUSSIAHp per# Dok Ak Na pr uk �842 A. ~gitv Vol 196s No 1. 1971p pp 161-164a AGI Feb 72 o, r+p,,sLPA)r)v sw BAR as aw AP of tow -n"mm somawto in the x"-xw*A*lt nauuts Toap wom, M At AVolimb, MUM$ PWO sok A a* M& Im. Mv To, 1958 No !6 IMs Vp "59-4162.1 AS On V ~af tu Y&Uq fto A* AVV#2amffo Moms pw# 195,0 No 6,, ig7o, IV 13954398q Aff Ja 72 V. V, -*A8t#NOv Kinetics of Polymer Flow on Solid Surfaces, by V* V. Arslanov. RUSSM, per, Dok A Wauk SSSR, phys C110M, val 1981, No 5, June 1971, pp 1113-1116. C13 Mlar 72 Eiample of a Hamorda F~wtion Bounded Outaide of a Solid of Revolutim and Inaleasincl Inside, by Is S. Arson,, Mo A. Pak, EWSSIAN, perio Dok Ak iiauk SSSR., Vol 177, No it 1967, pp U-13. Am Math Soo Vol 8, No 6s v6? '~J Rov 68 334035 :0 "0l0 o ~.-.,Ifw co!i :r. ~ 4. 4 a -~- a ?~ k~; tu 4 Mlact of Water On the Oxidizing, nnd. 171,eaucin,.- Propertioa of Chlorophyll and its tnaloV, by 1,, Yu. Artankina. PUSMIVU, Per, DOk Ah- SSSIR. 3ot SCI., Vol 1-96, Ho 1,1 Fob 1,371s mo 980-933, Jnn 72 Compensating the Reactivity of :qiuclear kca~tors with the Help of La~cred CoiA-. ~-'ustihle A,)sorf)cnts, iq V. N'. Artamkiyilp A. V. Voronkov. IZUSSIA"t', per, Atownaya Laerriva, Vol -12 -ic, pp J-6253 ;ici-'Iiac~z Sci v.) P. iq P--f: 0 m o lz C) V ~'67,chdogdml UpooU of ilight Ljoca2sod, by A. Artartmov. $ pp. m , , W, xm'jo ioscow# 19 ~,Cqt 1(7as ~,iL~IWS,p np# AS p 2. ji-z 54406 Irov i~ 71 Al np, V. Flavj*-)" , ) 1~ ~ ~, 4 c c, - 71Z p&gkaoa; Fs NW"LUND AWAS's ap't sept 1967t 'z,,?,-, C",ytic DsqftvMVUm or Coupmu4sp by A. A. t.-Nknowv. Dog; IU; 14M. Vol 6o ZCWM* Mm Traw ST 3-W &mj,-A,Adylcthylst ion., 4 As A. Arvl=,i~wvp cl, al IWISSIMIj. part ~sb i So-adinquio Vol 1-j. I-% AC; r a -,4 t al a cm TeA-) ;~ 42: -70 i! ov Inforostion an 1-t-wasbUk, -'Fwftva* rpm spwo Aatogmpms tW kilo A. &Otfoonovs 6 M3ANo poro Vol 3*91, uo I i FF5 54204 cat 71 ow am /, Ad 70 -,,t~at'i- !'mi ~,,ojj Corrosion, "'fol. 2s 22 71 1/ -1 - 1 3* ~g sill- too?* bjects, by V. Y.-~. 71 por V -1~1 1 IM' 11 k. , ~ - , system of Incentives for High-Quality conBtrue- 4- tion in KaWkhotanj, by Is ArWeyp 6 pp. R=IM... per.. Mmomika iftroltel I stvat not 7.- July 19670 pp. 25~-32- RES 42217 USSR Sci-I*ch Lubin Sw Sept 67 333#999 Electrical Strength of Polymore, by J. Artbauer. GERKAN, per,, und Zeltachrift fuer Polymers, Vol 202, 1965p pp 15-25. NTC 72-10444-07D Apr 72 V ~\ik~ ~ Testing Tampered Tax-Bouded BOF Bricks for HigIt-Temparature Properties, by P. Artalt and K. Ronopicky GEMIM# per. Touiddugtrie-Zei!~M, Vo 1 94, No 7, 1970, pp 179-27r.- HD 8575 140V 71 lho APPUcation of t110 Schrddt Ccm=to Testing to the Tosting of 4ftaftdAm7 ~Tj 1, s Artalto Vol pro llorL au 1527 6 6ci/ at I'le s~ b6-8 N. Ya. Artewhuk The Sea Fungus Woebytrium Penillae N. SP. Attacking Planctonic Water Flea (or Cladoceran) Penilia Avirostris (Dana). RUSSIAN, per, Mikologiva i Fitopatologlya Vol 3, 1969t pp 356-358 MTC 72-60513-06C sept 72 Agency: AOL,/NY P. 0. 72-2127 / ir /~ ~ - ~1~1- a4y -7 'Title-. RapiCl Method of Isotopoc Analvois of Radioactive Gases and AerOSOIG Autbors: To. V. Arterwmkova, Special Instructions: PI& translate and type one copy Agencyi AEC&Y fl- P. 0. 72-2127 Ilitle: Scintillation Beta Detectors for rapid Measurement of the Specific Voluam Activities of Water and Cases Authorsi V. Artemnkova, PLS';~Iial instructions: PIs translate and type one copy ?relirdnanj 1).-3sults of Investigations of buni- nescence of -11anicton in Davis Arait ana tim Carribboan Sca, by A. S. Artcnldn, I-. I . i3aldrla 10 pp. RU56IX!, per, A!~~dc nlorskoy Gidrofiziches~l~.Institut. ISA-aclovaniym v Atlanticheskom UkEae, w -mtq~~ du N , v, No 1. 1965, pp 81-91. J~-T.6 54251 -at 71 4,X -Oly~sobo,,-- Zone -u a c 01 vr:rl. B. N. ArtemenkD The of the content of beta- irdolyl-aaetic.scid in plAmts. sas I.SirsTyntm BIMDGffA. Vol S, ND 1, pp 117-122t 1970 NIC 72-15312-06C = 73 The Cryotron as a Logic Element, by 1. A. Artemeako, G. A. Ilikhaylov. IZU.SSIA:i, per, boklady AN UkrSZ'5[Z, NISPIK. Seminar po Fizlk-o-Takiinolo'-gl-c!hleskoulu Voprosy Kibernatiki, No 1, 1~6'6, pp 3-13. AIR/Frb/MT-24-404-69 1. A. Arte;~ic~rii,o Sci-II-Aec Apr G~j 37r~ 546 0 1 . P f-L't c r-). c r-'.Ii~ (" Rolle of LtWid Ti&z in the Transmission of Bovine Anaplaman-orsis, by L. P. Artemmlzo. MSSIM13 per, Veterinari~nz i No 63 ICIO~ PP 76-M. MIS TT 72-51095 Aug 72 PQdiOE;,'t-,,y of lodines by L, Vo Artemenkova. rot', 0 State comAitteo oil Regort of 0. the Pcaccful Uses of Atmaic Lngr7,,y. 140, Dill Poscow, (XP;451045, 8-P-P* *AEC Sci/iNlucloar Sci ~-41Y 66 Tests an 330 kV Sup Diverters for Urdting Siwitcbing Sages., by D. E. Artmlev. Ru&qim, rpt, PMEOZ Postavmuxm A P2tg&2m Tokm CD.C. and-AsC. W= tranwds- sim) Im NUPT, Sb-,-13, jgggffad:--Izdar Eh2Lda~ 1967., pp 3-26. CEGB-5276 Jme 71 The Reproduction of a Set 'IthyUn o5' 4-o eovements from EwAry, 1,7 Z~L', Yu, Arta-lova, E, D, 4homskqa, Rw'SW4, per, v0pro9v 19659 pp 110-114o liLL l'off 5207 (1288) vu Jan 0(,) BioloGical Bwea for the the Be& Ve=l by N. M. FRMUI rpt* Dept of Navy M tr 2443 1~ I Ile i -I Aill r,ec 6,r Therapeutic Use of ArteL-crvo 43 pp. 3 41 Ju Calculating the iliv&dlity 0i 1:10stic J;cmrill.ils for TurbovacNines, by Ye, A, iirtmav. 110, lip. AUSSIAIN, per, ltv VUZ !aslinostrvyaniye. '~Io 7, 1968, I-q-) 43-S-4. "ar 70 askol ow 9 Jae ?o -7 e~ll, I 1~ , ' 23ummsftl aud Analyuaa jxte=u*u= w log tba nwqI Of MMUO 2Utim Bftrin,~Gjp by Ye. A. Artemv. Www.. 0 icv VOZ Avist IMBIdi: VbI as Ib e~ W4., Pp Zf 15r. ~ Mr-49-19965-131 /),C -Ite, rr-)C)v ftt 394253 ,Letter jae of aterW -bicontivos lu. Artemave 14 Fv, ii"AA.;, ;mr, Vo=gy 5# PP mis, I~C3,)q Uri.,Pd, Loan Jul I=2ati-vtn, Yu. Artc. av,, j Cc!y 0~. by 0 6 pps coil 4, 'AgtemovA &mouted by Yadnesof by A.,Artemont Ls Bar# )21 ppp GOVMNM um uu RUSSWO bko KARA~w Sumssheawlyam, Fnxkflurt/ Ykin, 1971t 508 pps JERS/L 4316 NOV qlz UL ~ . -4 - P, P--t e m 0v pt f va"ll 71 N. YE. ARTE140VA Some Featum of the Prevailing Wind Directions over the Soviet Won. RUSSIAN, por, Meteorolojiya i Gidrologiya No 3, 1972, pp 62-68. NAVY/APL/JHU-2687 Nov 72 -ioloclcal '&Aow for t*m 'i hors,.,-O~atlo I'se. of i00 i MO-19 U Artome, 4;5, rilto -AIS -.101 ,A3 D~t of tr 2w, I=-ttaziac; 'W0 a;* Loma cbumill" 2--cm-arm by PD ~9)' ~~- Isostatic Gravity Anomalies in the Black Sea Basin, by M. Ye. Artemyev, 10 pp. RUSSIAN, per, Izv Ahad Nauk SSSR, Fizika Zeniii, 'Nu 10 1971, pp 4S-5d. ACIC-TC-17S2 Oct 71 iicau froo Ati Anomalies; Sourews of Iniorvation wi iieterogenoitics in the 11artit's twitle, by ~'.. Ye. Arta0yove IWISSIAINO 9YU110ten r'.'()SLGVS Obahchestya T Isi.sytatelay Prirody - (j'tdel Cap XL, Nn 69 19650 pp 93-105* ACIC TC-1216 Sci-Ear Sci Aiqg, t~7 5Z,,~47 C7 R*U. of. plamin Md C-loat ft ukalssUm, of BOOM& 10 P** FISUVW-M Kom* Bo 6a ignt JV17 72 -1- r ~ k Credit and t1w Sphege of ;aid 6ervices, by S. &-tp~mlyevp 6 ppw por, L)InIAL-r2g- -"Oscow, NO 1, 19729 pp 21-25o J--~RZS 555y-- Yosr 72 V* 1~y 7 pip. It ry -,c1 llov