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um vow ost 70 ~C.. (~gggo~'vjcq Eloonaide Cqntiruos in ~Azalzhstan lulwtry, by- Ye. Asanboyov. Ill. pp. ARU661M. per, SZ%Lqt";~R Fzzakhstana. Q -- J rm-Atiao , c 1, 1972, pT ~Z31. J ~'R6 55304 '~-Iy ?2 Wfoct or zinc crjatai ftuAdim or the corrosim 02 Tlq~utes, bv 11. Aum and awk,41 am=.. D"', Vol 55s IT-0 - 2t 19690 pp 184-1w. *B3sl TA 144ist Mor 70 /t, D004dation, of MdUft Stea With Deo3ddiM Containing AludAUMI by K. Asaw. JAPM=j, per.. Tetw::!2~11-lo Vol 57s 1-971P PP 1943-1952 Em L Nov A-SANO,-.K. and others. Effect of ingot size and capping time on the distribution; composition and type of nonnieta', inclusions in large steel ingots. Tetsu-to-lia-ane 54(6):643-72 (1968) (CRL/T. 3935) 0 Mechanism of Gas Evolution in Ezimed steal, by It. AaaMoe JAPAMS2, perp Tetau-to-flogane* Vol 55, No 14, 1969, pp 1312-132a. *14SI a370 SCL-ant Juna 70 ~ - mechanism of Gas Fwaalution in Rimimaing steel, i)y it. Asano and T. Sacki, JAPANESE, per. Tetsu-to-fla2arte, Vol 5~), iio 14, 1969, 1312-1323. BISI 8370 V, Oct 70 THIN Wed of Insot Sin and Cvplnp, Tim on the MeWbuUous Coc~witlon and Type OZ Uon4fttslUc lnd=lon In larae RiMAW, Iveoul by L Aump et alL. 0 JAPA=,, per. 'V01 54,, MAY 1968D vp 643-6V BISI T171 sol/flat Mar 11*0 404064 ~4alaaizatioa and AutoNation la the Glucost lndwtry,, by A. 1. Asanov et aL RUS51ANO A. Avto:;Utizat * a ay 1-1 v PromyshiermostiP 196.5, 14 pp. Jul U> 500512 pp 126 .01 .3, 172 j 't; 0v. 1970o 232 JM 54U0 8ept 71 I I Hydraulic Tramport of Viscous Crude Oils in pipe. Line , b7 A* Shq twaturyan, YI* Chami-kim. W=Wij, pert NeCt K-wzj Val Up No 7# 19651 pp 56-5~. ATS RJ-W9 -,j June 70 On thL St4-4 a thC- LUCk'nOl,d Alf. ,ud. , , 02, the "n, ukmjne., TUMIA-li#per, P.1j., 4--,ay nil 9 I iv _IQ Stress Corrosion Cracking of 18-8 Austenitic Stainless Steel in Sulphuric Acid Containing Sodium Chloride, by M. Asawa, JAPNIESEI, per, Nip on Kinzoku, Vol 34, No 8, 1970, pp 871-877. BISI 9453 Apr 72 Uectrif icativa of PMethYlom, WA FbIYarrem, After 0*=,a RoUstluvo 'wf 11. G. Apch, ot nl- GE-Amy pm*) Vol XV-11, Uo 1 1 1566# rp 49-57. MIL TT- 66 Brittleness Phencumna In Commercial. "Oxygen-Free" Copper by Pbre Formation., by L. J. Aschan. GEWM,,, per, Z, Metallkde, Vol 57., 1966, pp 763-768. -x- ,U~/=S TT 711-55327 Available 08 Only t- 1~- " 0- ~' f~ r3 June 71 SCHOOP, J. and ASCHENDORFF, K.K. Influence of addi deoxidation with calcium. Radex Rdsch. (2):495-500 (1969) (CRL/T. 4087x) Awg rr au&t" lik viy;",Ofi lt~o WtNlli,~ Pit xroAt by J. 2J-i 4 J6 Effect- of Textile Structure n-d FL-,Iisj~Lilr%~ pjccoc-scs on Crc,. ac Mcovery, by G. Aschnor. MRIAIDB., pore lkZ-r Texiltcc~ Vol 14, No 2j, 3a..2) Pi3 76-78- CGIRO/flo. 7013 .33 Phase Relations Betveon Cireadian Activity Periods and Body Temperature in Man, by J. Aachoff. GERMAN, per, Pfl)j9gqX'g AEghiv gueg dje Geagmte Ehysiologig des Henochen und dor Tiere, Vol 295, 19670 pp 173-183. NTC 72-10281-06P Apr 72 Tho Effocts OIL' Patificirl TIG'ht-Dark ."Ycles of Varying* Lang-tha on flumim CircacUm Fliytluriof by J. Acchoff. GM-111AR, per, Pflue2ris ArcIdy Nor dic Gocanto Phypiolafto des Mens-chen imc) dor Tiore, Vol 30r,# Hov 71 ~J-, A), s C, k 1, .11 ~, -11, ~, Diumd Mythm of Orthostatic Cardiovasmaar Reapmaes., by J. Auchaff md J. Aschoff. ORMIs pars PAMM's hmUv her die Ges=te PhZsidIccie dw VAngehm und der Tiam Vol 306, 1969p pp 146-152. 14TC, 71 -13847 -o6p Feb 72 FuActional Sommiology of tho lAymVinyto 1"caction Corrolatod With Inv"ti.-ation Into tho lriarf-,ardc Componmt tho ',Electronic ")ondc 111icromialyner in Sone 11unan Dicewer; of Itn=ologictd Character$ by A. Asciono. ITALIA-11, par, Apatqloe~L Val 1~, It)'g, 1-21. 110v ?I 'Study Olf cortain Polyr."Ors with a Conju:,"'Ite-i'Ond, Sys-tel.m. using ITI? ri IR Spa Ctras Colly 1110tilud's, by yii. (7. -kseycv. ~IIOSSLVI,per, Vscsoyuznoye Sovcsl,.cJiini),c rpo lsslc(lo- vaniya Svoystv Tverdipo Tela !bto, 1967, pr, 408-410. 71 '*'~\-V"W'11~1~~-~ 'D - cicA\ky1' a Takes on Greater Economi '~i, Touriw c gnifi- canoe, by tAli Muhanwd al-Aefar, 6 pp. ARABIC, np, al-Thawrah, Tripoli, 6 Dee 71, PP 3j 5o ,T,ORS 54862 Fab 72 um LM opt 70 Feminist Movement In Lobanon: Old Struggles,, ''NOW DOMUdOp by-~ POUI AsboUrp 12 PPV ~IIREWH,, per* LTOVIent-Le Jour. Beirut,, 28 Oct- 3 Nov 72, 'PP 11-7,' JPRS 57613 Doo 72 r~vi(~ F - N I') - ff, I ~e I - Study Conducted to Determine Health, Btamine, of Reservists# by David Ben-Asher, 11 pp. WEBR37,T, per, Bamahanehs Tel Aviv, 17 Jan 73,, 24-25. pp J?Rs 58355 MtLr 73 -1-. um AW 70 40500 MAW$ 4 1 40 Wt rp 6o7 EST 70 7~, , Flaw RetaWants,, by N, Ashikeri, JAPANESE, per,, Plastics Agt,, May 19709 pp 121-126. ATS-JS-316 April 72 Means Of Stimulating Technical Progress Described, bY -Tu. Shneyder, T. Ashjer,.qy,--v, la, pp. RUSSIAN, per, Narodnoye KhOzynyntvo Kazalthstanal Alma-Ata, No 177777-PP-7Z-=%~- JPRS 52301 USSR/ Econ Feb 71 at Coln 4.oo,,,wdc EvoblTas in "mkhstan UtItI4110d, J)y Yo, AsanbaM, To Aab!Lnbayvvp 13 ppe "hU., I&,;$ por arodm ift=vatlvo, ga~&[L 0 Alm Atag 12, 19660 pp t~-15. aw ,-Sit Leon dw, 09 nt pp. d 7,~ U L --A~, ---tan in Licreasik, "'y To A" J. K('.za 't-AM 0"' ~Ollstruetllxi A,,t-lvltl- i- ~IL.;uoo per, "arodriove janz 3? 8, 33 4',~ H Q-T) KazakhsUn to Reduce l4nwl Labor In Con- stnation# ~y To As Aohttbkvovl 9 pp, AUSSICif part ,bkWd=Wn Stroitelostva. i4owme ~ 9* 1968t Pp 5-7. Jj?fLs 46g7W "aijv;oc~. lm. av & ,~v Vw ~Z; 68 354g469 Poo ft- 9^ USSR f." ?;; AUVI"latim of Phenol vIth -o1c-rLz,, by M . I. A. ASUMV. MSIM.. per) Azerb Milm %h) ;10 5) 111165) pp 18-22. LIU Fief: 5823.4F (in 13163) sci-chm Got 6.9 3)5.,10 Q. I -wsii i N The Social Functions of the "Mass sOcisty" DOctrinOl by G. Ashin, 14 ppe RUSSIAN, per,, jommunidt ,,oecaw* No 2. Jan 19?3, pp 103-U3. JPRS 58451 Mar 73 K. B. ASHIROV Control Of GYPffim Deposition In Wells During Devel- opment of Oil Fie, S. NEFTUMI IMMAISTVO, Vol 49, No 11, pp 48-50, 1971. ATS 22Al3O!R Her 73 N. ftship.0\1 M1uUcn of Islam b the by ~'Wz# AsUme 12 pp . RMSIVO per$ -1'AWM -- "to 7, Jul~7 1921. pp 20-25. J.N-16 SN)Z J%A 71 'e ,~X&+.jng of jalm in LL6.R Aa.WTtodo C lticfted. 4 N4 Wlirov# n ppo I ,-t' W* i0a illmour k-0 60. :Lgr-. pp 40-44. jii'-~' 53631 '~\ - Jay 71 'Nabdian of laus In Soviet uhian, bv''t.. Ashirav, 32 pp. &15~4 part x0seaw, '-4r 1971. pp 37-41. J?4~5m 4y n \\-\\ , "' ~dtlque of Adaptstim of IsW to ~~,mwiiazm In i .xi,t by L. Am-%Lm. n p-p. i - - .... * Wo -- ~, -,owows ivo 4# Apr 19n, pp Mp jvn~ 330m. /-,) /, 1 1 ?1 V Anti AirmaA Missilo kbrces and Anti Airmv-l-. Artmern. bi V. P. A&Wmmv: 45 rn~-, r a ~--' ~ it, E~ 4~44%2 Artua!Vap ACSI-J-'r ,)F.i ID nqxow'~~ -j- I :D T-C - ;q _3 Iva nov -T,4~. P&~MF~Rlft~ Combined WoOt of Histones and the Antibaoterial Agent Tubaxide in Vitro and in Vivop by I, P, Ashuarino RUSSIAN# peri Dgk Ak Hank SGSR. Riol Sol., Vol 201v No 2v Novouber 1971, pp 477-,479. ca June 72 NucleotLcia Composition WE and a-ICLarUi! '.Otogyj by f. ile Ashmarin. 'u k' SLAN, i-ar, Dok Ak flauk "m'~nj Vol. i7), 110 3, I'lar lvo-j, pl) V-5-7;)~. J U.. A. a s k Mq P- i of I by yllu~T ~Asbwln- )VW:kW, POW. Wl~ Hekb=lka. Xlevo Vol 8, Ho 1j JM,, pp ZT-34. No 72-14296-2oK Jan 73 ,~:.tress Concentration aroumi -: Circular ~Iolc in t^)j,tjQtropjc Cyjjndrjc~~l Iliell. by Ta. pp. MST, I ~D Vol P PP7 71-27. T"F)-!l'r-66-Tyj 3116 .j .451- 1w ,abor 'l.o&ce Soxplus I.-I st I -1c.' -a nod ,;o A.OWevo Fmlwco, by Sat d 3.3 ni-). A',,l,4F,"IrlC,, nory al-Toravhl' calro, Apr, '-I,. 71 Rew Bata on Paleocane Riummilltes of the Tadybi Depressiong by A# A. AsImrov. RUSSIA110 part Dok Ak Ilauk SSM# Vol 188, I~o 4, 19691 PP 875-M- AGI July ?0 ~N , ~- , A si ~ I I~i \,), i1i AM'S lav'stigatiol'i Oll tle 'I, . frUK 2 i:. A. i.rlr" Izv "'1k Rpwl. ta~"P' -20 ou~" V. Vol NO T - 2 f2 Z, 6 by JmIt(- arli- iwlti, 6 p~p. ifa. lninmn. 210 crt 1,,6~,,, .---odol L~dustrial ~;ontai, to bo '3ot Up in Asb-Shu'Aybabp 5 pp. AiikiNq parg al-Atml2o Cairo, ~~opt 19699 pp 2.4l 25. 7774 a'a 'Oeho :bxl, civ e, &I~r 0v 69 D6 39) ~7&f Aai' S. A. Ashurov Heat PA'Anos Tests an Boners aming Natural Gas Sim1ta"Ouly 'With other FMIS. RMSIAN* perp 9.8 . 1970p pp 42-45 AC= bNaAbba".1 I No 110 WC 72-1,1491W3A Oct 72 ,iAth ihotights d lanbe by i". Asinov, 7 pp- ftussxi, npo Lamm-rAct laddilgiown, W-shanboy 10 We 1969, p 2s MA6, 49729 ; 1, 11 , , i, '4si Pol ;~eb ' - eO 10t613 -P ~ I tj 7 t3m, I?1~ P.'-iT,-- 'i( I L ~ r EXU V, -I 1- 11 S I ~~-J I TLL ' '. YYi I wj~~t,ji i It,,y Y~%- ~, j ~,y 9 .,,be 12 T I '-~ -I I I P P . 1 ) - L ) I Ij (..-,IT- ) -- i -1; j_(3 1 F. Asinger Formation of isomers in the Sulfation of PoSition amd Configmation Isomers of Higher n-Olefins. GMMN, por, Che!dsche Berichte, Vol 100, 1967, pp 448-455 NTC 72-12780-0T sept 72 Ow Substitution Re=tlona of Paraff ins - Pt. 2. rite Sulfochlorination and Sulfoxidation of Aliphatic Aydrocarbowt by F. AsinGer. M-IMAN, per Erdoel und Kohle.Er -Petrochemic., Vol la~ NO 4.- -lw5p PP273-M- TC-1023 F jul 66 3o7.,618 An RqxwImwta1 lwmtlextion of the Cw=lclonto of MaCtrie Condl~,Ivity and libunal Con&zctivitj of Plasm In PIrp by gas 1. Asiumidy. jo pp. XMIAN.. par# Tup'na 3o 2) 1") pp 21-f-M. NASA TT F-12,~410 Lee 39'-", 494 lirnterrAnatio,.t of tO 630r.-.1ul cuWdetioll of in Ar"im Plasl,a, i"y ,"Sislovskiyo A. V. rt-.t, TrW; dz~,~o -At-JAWLIV., ~o Ovoistvall owl :ImL-) ly~, zi Q 'nsco; wur~~ i 'ivshoy i U65, L937. 2U-21-1)'7. Wood and Plectronico, by 1-1 Ask. MMSH, per, Paneri Pau. Vol. 47, No. 3, in65) pp iog-ri ITRC C-5748 /~. A -S A~ Sci -- Aug 67 R - 0 - p9 S 0~~'S k ~' ~/ Defo-mation of Polymers, by A. A. Askadskiy. RMSIAN, bk, Defo=mtslya Polimej-~o 1973. *IPST Nov 72 -aimtli-le institute. lbil Ila 5 21 1900, p. 4v 43457 -Amblar culf zran JL,I-y ir V ~ , -41-Ahsat EY-nainage and Irrigation 'Project j~ascrlbod3 by tAbdallsh bbl 5 pp. ARABIC, =?, al-Bilad, Jidda, I Dee 71, p 5- T-ORS 54965 Feb 72 I *Iwa Ual 4 ~k ~ larn by fAbdulllah ;,,,I 5J for '*ad "rojec"k-'04 l'Un TrIV~,oti,-r .tjo, tS !~~-)t 0.11 a Vinrogy Vol XV, 1411