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P, 4 . ps i~e eo Mmlioa &apmidw In tlw Pusuit of th%mter Somut by Ae A* Asbuwo V. L Kronshtadtaklys 246 pp, RUSSIAHO wwg VnahebrW Kontroll pri ksm9aft ggt~dw sp-ar-tome 1WIl 2w pp, JFRS 57439 Nov 72 On the CMnge In the Mtlon Reglm and Drag Reftetion Daring Insertion of Plarticles In a Vlacous Fbdd Streemo by B. A. Askerov., et al. RUSSIMp perj. Izventba AN SSM* Mddrmika Zbid1maU I Gaza No 4.. 19Wp PP M73-, FTD HT 4mial BIPT-70 R (t - (.~,S V,~ spr 70 405,9397 T. A. Askerov A Method for Control of Saprolegnial Fungus. RMSUN, per, &.t&m Khozygistyo, Vol 44~ No 10, 19689 pp 23-24 1 ,HC 72-12549-06C Sept 72- One of Lbe Methods of OrawldnL,,, Ue Iafo=tio.~, Stw*Ge Unit at a $ptem of ista P-Rtrievml and Ih-oomW by R. 13. Askinaelv 1. L. Paplm. 12 IV. fUWW, per, WAmbsoOTakhaicbealaya informt.,3iya. SCESE 2. laamtsionaW -Protsesey _i Slq~~y No 1L)p 1967a pp 37-39. W-PTD/."U-24-196-69 aci/electrMICS feb 70 1,01.,T[4 im ti tj . A , R s k) 0 (2 ~ et) s k-,9 ~,f 1. -4 1 -'~O, I n- - LgAtiul 'Ovoblolac ""w 4VII 7 71 g- Stability of Turbulent Ccmbustion in Climber, by S. K. Aslahov, FASIXI, per., EI%i-kgUgrmjjg i Vm=a, Vol 5,, Doe 19691 pp 554-558. FTD ET Special 409-70 sci feb 71 r o 1--,ao t~ v r J 71,4 i77 Z77 ASLANIAN, S. and others. Complex twin crystals and I spherulites and nahcolite (Nal-ICO,,. Kristall Tech. 3(4):619-27 (1968) (G13 39/Mond Div. / Fishing With Electric Current in Inland 1r,ater Bodies, By G. A. Aslanov. RUSSIM, per, Exb-noe 10ioz., Vol 47t No It 1971, pp SO-Sl. *Dept of Comierce i4i ITS July 71 road 4j Couilina-cion Stability Thoory for a Solid Pre- DC111ant Treated as an Elastica Body, I I)y S.K. Aslanov, 15 pp. PUSSL~~141, ~pdr. Prikladna. arlekhani;ka, No 2, 1973. Zb\b "~*S'X-iff--23-1303-72 Jui-ie 72 ills t Z~vili ty WI(I ;)ajpjjjq, of Deto-lationc, media by So Pil Oci '7C .iov I ul,-L)i: 1;uwicnal ~'Aauility of, - i~unal 'JuAi"l, J)y -D 110 lxiov. 4 per, vol Ij-, ,o 2, 196b, :A.) 298-301. F T 3j1,271 instability of tl,.,c Zone o-ZE '.'eurbulmnt imm- iln,4 ira. a !docket Evigine L,.elativc to a Chanije in kis its Lon, .4 1 WF .1th, by !5. K. Aslanov. )SIAN, per, VU~ Aviatsic;ana"~4 TL,khnika 'Clo 1, 196.3, yp 51-511. Y Jan 69 3 7.1 , I on the Stalbility of coolustion of a Ms- ersed Fuel in the Combustion Of an Un%'Anc, by S. K. Aslanov. P,USSIAN, ner, Inzhenerno-Fiz '71mriml , Vol 15; NO 1. 1,) 0 S , 7 1 - )7c ~S.I Tiie Tustafilit v 'Inchanis~.~ ol" tli--c ",ticceSs- ive Spontancou- coml~L-tiori of, r,14A in a hy pcr, Izv VII-7 Avitats TCLI), (1 4 9 - S 7-7~ 9- 691 7 a T 7g, r Criterion v~& tin liauxeollv~v of ~o of Defulgratict in tao Co"."blintiun I Clumter of a Racicet Z4,,izm~ viti ~',accnsslvv- 10, LAR, ~wr, IZVOZ&ILI Vyf,'8U,,J*1 ro'-pulsial Fw-,L~ Instability criteriwa oi a Developa oeflag, ration and the Analogy Utween tk.l.Vu,,%ti:va l1rc- cosses in a Detonation tim anti a ~?Vcyot !.~otcr# by So K. Ulanov, RUSSIAN, per, Izv. VUZ Aviatsiannau Ta~hpika# vol Ix, NO 1. Mr. _j7 15r.113 . Dept of Mavy/AEL JIM T*2019 r, Fuels Aui~ o7 3 5 2 Theory of Flame Stability. by S. K. Aslanov. P.USSIA.~, per, Inzhenerno-Fiz 7-hurnal., Vol 11, ~ic 4, 19(A, pp 472-478. AS1,11101, Sci-Prop 6 Fuels APr 09 3 7 8 5 2 11~6bLlAtsr _44-torlon for 'arbmimt Aslanov. -!A~ -or AzIM 2, ~.-o 4, 1 ~06, pp 13~7VIV3--- 1 !~t 0 V~, M.S. P''SLAt'~o~j ~) A-,,, r ~q Meet oC Hydrop1wbization of the, Surface oE Glass Fibers on Their Properties$ Lry P. S. Aslanova. 6 pp. 11USSM, rpt, Kbimichukaya Obrabotka PoverIthnosti StrekLyannogo VoLokna, 1966, pp 1.-1-14. -it-it So i R. C4 f) s Ln t~~P~ Spectral Proportiom of a SystemoDescribing Natural Vibrations of a Shell of Revo- lution# by A* Go Aslanyan" a as a C2 __I' ML RUSSIANO per# Do Ak _Nauk- - __ qex~v a"- PL*P Vol 201s No 29 November 19 0 P~ 300-303o Am Inst of Phys Vol 16, No 11, May 1972 11 Xay 72 t?.G:. #st4N?1O11) An Oncillation Theorem in the ?haory oZ Vibr.ation,5 of TIdn BheUs of Plovolution, by A. 0. Aslaznyn-n. RUSS'11'111, par, Dok ILP ITauk ="'P. Ojov Phvr;, Vol 19s*, 110 .9t Feb 19711 PP 1040-1042. Am Inat of Iraya Vol 16, 110 2v "Imc 1971 Sept 71 o.x. A&LA&)',,*A/ On the Nalga of Mmeuming Installations for Kshing Vessels, by 0. 1. Aalunlym. RMSTM, part Mppe xhoz., voi 47, xo io, 3.971, VP 24-25. *Dept of Ccm=ce it 70 t Feb 72 Dissolution Rato of Iblymrs. 1-1~~ V. Intei- fM,CnOtrjC L~easuremnt of Stationary DlMmion idth Solventz of Incrcasing Moleoular Size in PoIyj3tj=no, by F. As=,,.gen GEIMIC-19 per, Kollo~d-Zqitqdirift mid Zoltsc).-Xift fu,-,r P63,yncre, Vol 223, 196L, pp 6-13 JTIC 71-1610-A-07D r= 72 Vo 6virl eax~ P=er Davims, by ~~. A. ~,oizlova~ ve A* ArV~Ovt Ot alf J4 RPO ;M06 ~~kozmj per# VIAll 1,24atrall'a i Loaour-ol yustitut& ,~o (51 jq~jy.. je I/P.-Op aza f ue .4s r c lb TO 0. ~*Vvlv""Mt Of Proiuction Orel Vw C.P i3w-al Plertlifters In Rast Gerawky, ty !arrea mr- iatus Asj*roer., " S;p. GEr-Was Wo gmilal 1 . pp 525-'kl!'F- J?.-t "~tc 67 'Oflacumod, by ~,,IA ",knrnrllll~ no,, DroRcslia i`vr.~'ul IQ, O't 14*50- i0v 70 Compensatory Adaptations Reflex Activity, and the Brain, by E. A. Asratim. ~l ' IWSSIANO bk, 1965. -- Pergmwn Press Sri - 11 & us I-lay 66 301,211 ,Jlx~* ,%Oak** war-es, for uliminatta~,, !,~entt. of ~m6,es to KoB~ioz llel---bersp by 1e Asnoro-tit, Abiltillayev and E. Siaarirrcv, 5 pp. IL Li Ji"I'S 35)5) 0 v Jun cu" Measures for Eliminating Shortcoi..,inp in Pay- ment, of WrZes to Kolkhoz Members, by I. Asrorov, Z. Abdullayev and E. Sharipov, 5 PI) - KJSSIAN) i-ip, Komunist Tadzhikistana, 4 may 0 1 X", P - 3 - JPRS 35959 USSR soc Jun 66 303,193 I Lrief Studv in Mmd",, 'by Me Ass~, 6 pp. ~6, IUSSM17, per, Tekbtika.~Volo&-zhi, 12, 1965s IjP- 22-239 JPW 3V,03 /)) - )4~ - ljll~18R Sci-Eft" Apr 66 "~')3 :. : lv~ .0 0(l Lrw4dhm-*:lc,,a :Ivw;, -q7 z - -,.T. '63 ~iavos wad cloavarcs in, ;a(1 St. i 9~ ') - ver ir, ixrs !2VIS, Vol L 10456- 70 -S q,--, MI Paris Section all- 6th POX cou;~,reu A AS40 rwvlelm of COD~O (B=zfrrllle) Coaru- t-ution) L"y kwxap ~) pp* FMTVI, per, la Volz de la Rg,22~~ 1-4~~ 21, i, V: , ?- 6 Mar 1966 PIP * 3,, OTO - -urica-Cor'-'O (n==1.11e) JdY 72 Comparicon Tests of G-cox OUB in tbe F,7& Spurgeox and W, poid-Geca, Tcsting 142chinco, by H. Asmam- GMANI per. Z-V-D-I. Vol. 107, No. 6, 1965: PP 255-259 GB I,- .7 Sci Allur-' 67 33~-622 Advamed TrainiM ror State Viinctiomries r:.=. andedl, by valter Asmann,, 9 pp 4 (IFRMAIRI, peri, gt,#At und Flacht,, Vast Y~vrlino my 71 -Yn IMMO p ' 5 5395 .9 op, 7 1 kditl~ul Ltsia of USC Cmigross Analymcdo tV Jo=-.Pierre Assaw. 6 pp, 1,1EL-41lip pw,, Umba itozzaviLlas 6-13 'Zopt 1969s pp 39 59 So JOIS 49C43 Af-Cmi,go (itasm-vino) kol oet 69 1. 0. Assovakil On Nemsery C-AALtime for a Step Change in the Velodty of CcOuxUm of Condensed System. MML4N) perj, Zbumal PrlkladmA M*bamW I FIZIU, No 6., 1971P PP 57-64- IVC 72-13503-M NOV Tz iwmuva iwd ixPorimot !Avorlbo4 Awlyz4's ?I t 11 suf YGVI- Vo albolm# u ppo A 'Moscowu ~o 7, M. P-0 25-62- Oct 71 Problms of Prics Detoral-nation Apnruizoal by V. Yo. Astaflyovs 6 pp. RUSSIA`,?, par, Vostnih ~Wscomr,t No 59 71s, FP 77-01. jvqs 53,510 I~k All ?i M, Aot*f yew Effeet of otmtifieation of &%9ty on the wtion of a 00mmesibU Zi*J in opho-iml layers. RtISqIW# , LttgWikqftfi P?otwati na Mahon 35 *NASA ?Z F 140 $61 Jan 75 A. G. ASTAYMOV Elimination of Segregation of Sintering Mix When Distributing it to the bins. RUSSIAN, per, Metallurg i Cornorudn Prom, Vol 12, No 1, 1971, pp 8-10.- HB 8533 Nov 72 61. & aztx~~ Investigating the Return-Pines Regime Under Production Conditions, by A.G. Astakhov and V.I. Kirillov. RUSSIAN, per, Stal' 1971t (12), pp. 1065-69. BISI 10142 July 72 ~, J. Scientific Space-Station "Proton-411, by G. 1. Astakhov, 86 pp~, RUSSIANq rpts And of SCI., USSR He 2ort PR.10, 1970, 98 pp~ NASA rr F 13731 The Tenth Annive"ary of Tashkent Plectrotechmical Institute of Comunicationso by M. 1. Astakbovp 5 Pf'. RUSSIAN, per, Vestnik Svyazi, No 3, 1%6. JPRS 36144 lr~' 1. ~1-'~cl\)ov !;RSR - Fckm 307oM Aq,~ 66 ~~..irrylng city, by V. A. Vanikov, Yu. N. Aat4!1~' ot al. W-33SLAN, per,, tit) 12, 'a~, Trans. ;.:-~3; JCL ~~Imotloil 0,~ ~.,Tdtal itAm ~ ('~- ~iiq TWO 6L ~~,4 `~~ '~ . q~~b \j (',- Lxpevience 'in the Use of Gyrotheodolites for Exploring Points in a Geodetic Net, by i"'.P. Astakhova, S pp. PUSSIAN, per. Geedeziva i Kartografiya, No 5, 1971, pp 41-414. ACSI-K-3058 FSTC-IIT-23-1578-72 t,.pr 72 Ca3pmtivo ELx=4.xmtlw xr' tha zPartilltiea of Vlmbu and CbvlcaXbur=, Aceliuatimd _Iu tha smaileyev Fmamir.9 mstrict Ot stavm-*I, Iri J,. P. AuWla~. L. 1. Sama,.=mo MESIM, per., Lmm R!!t So 4(51), IcW5, p,-,) 0, lb-.652. Dapt 0.-, L-tar xk/o,r,-, A-331jov 6910-9 On Loan Only Jan 70 V3 abtaining Pigmented Polyamide Coatings, by T. D. Afftanina~ 11. S. Mworanrn) 9, pp. RUSSIAII, per, Rozhevemo-Obuynava Prongrshlennost, rio ill, if')69. AMI/FSTC/HT-23-500-71 7". 1) . rl 1.- 4 ~, 1'~ . .Z - '.1 ~j". . I Jul,v 71 4x~Anjqim of cwAnt Indmtry ~Umtrato,.),$ by ~U- L-atancays 2. 1. 9 P-3. '-'-A "0 51 If ror* con Jan ~53 V"'- #9,stoq-peAjko qwr?l CillOmMlal Genes Contl-ol by A. A. p-,vto-ro"', lo No 1'r.1112. Ap' 'C' /I rl 3 -912 - 7 St Jan 7w Loordd ll%~ Mmu., by Astap,7deb. RUSSIA%. per, ' I J!, 1966,p p-p 24-371~22&. Oat 6c) 2))3,422 G. Astarita Catalytic Oxidation of Sodium Bulfite: A Method for Measuring Interfacial Areas. ITALIANO per; Chtdca e 111ndustris, voi 46, 1964, pp 1021-1026. NTC 72-13914-M Nov 72 J2t p T.- 111 , ---; i C.,~ / i r, / 1 Acadaddm S. P. Kordley, Biograpbys by Pe T. Aztasbonimv. 270 1V - RUSSM9 book$ Lk s. P. Korolev. 1969~ pp 1-208. AIVIND/HC-23-542-70 J44 71 Po Astashonkm 27;6 &VIgmw of the Ldgeaiaw n'.#8. 124 pp. 1970,0 pp 1.12,1 Jan 73 4 Now 72 in Uut ww Ultraviolet FluarascePre C-01% if u~rlichls P~zcitwt cucial"ir"I"k Durial-,~ i-ito5iz# t~y to Cv. Butc, 'I'P. i"06SINNs, iwr, I'ST, A. NGU4 ~iUI04, iclw.31~k-ya Vol VIZ. 3 'J .UJ ~Lc J. 0 opomlls !,~en to b,y Yoe r,,:, 26-3T-'* Jan A14ul ampmum of um ft4actories or '70 AwUd" Aw a Umdt Mwp by L V. AsUohkbas V, V. v4d"plaWs 25 W. mms r0p p"vjAa3t Imutut YWIWXI Fluu sbuwxw OW&UMIAl AUded3a liduk SM4 .ymWbUv4 IW. P9112MT Am dam frx68T .N. V. Astaslikina OsqT4 Sd - Math 3v67