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Kir."ber PAw Is ftarded to a l0wict Sclentlet "For An Outst=Uzlg Saimtific Contilixetion., to CeWtieej, bY Be Ls Pstauxvl, 5 P-no per,, Pr1roda. wo 6$ ME 42776 k" -J f' L scl-golentists Scientific Oct 6,11 D. L. Astavin-Ruumin The Cause of Meteor Flexes. RUSSIAN, per, Kolwty i E4!I22rX lf~ 16, pp 27- 29. MSA TT F 14)475 0&,, 72 'A(SLAC-Trans--143) 3K2~ DECAY IN A WILSON CHAM- BER. Astler, -A.; Blaskovic, L.; DeCourreges, .11, M., Fquer, B.; Doret, A.; Rivet, P.; Siaud, J. jaTranslated for Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Calif., from pp 227-34 of report IINIx-11592 (Vol.1). 2GIOp. 23(CONF-610904-1). 24Dep. NTIS. 2517rom Conference on elementary 1xirticIcs; At\-en--Provenc(.,, France (14 Sep 1961). 26physics (particle); translations 2T20H 28MN-34 ,P NSA (L ("k ~ ~ ,- ~ . 4'. F0Decay in , ~qlsojj Cloud Chamber, by A. Astier. III='-'.'iCh, rpt, Aix-ea-,Jrovcac,~ Intcrn,itio:iz.1 Confarcncc w, 11:1cmeatari Particles, :,opt IJU.I, pp 227-234. *Af,,,: IkJuy 72 STIER, J. Pelletizing -final goal or transitional stage in Le preparation of iron ores. evue Ind. mine'r. 49:745-62 (1967) (CRL/T. 4202x) Remcrdc Aspecta of the Use of a Re6wed Charcje in tao Prauuctiwi Iron in the Electric Furnace., by PRMICa, per. Mat. Constr. 1-10can., Aug-Sep 1969, pp 415-4-M--- BISI 0'3;13 Partially of Pig J. Astier, Vol 101, S C i /Ioa t Oct 70 3-. -E - Ps L-; e-k- A Sunt7 of Pre-Redwtion of Iron Ore$ by J. 13. Astier. FMMCH, rpt, Congres International sur 1e Four Blectrig a Are en Aclere, Cameo, France, 7 Up 9 Jane 1971. *MD17WV-T,s TT 72-55023 March 72 ikonomieal ASpacts OE tha USO 0J." Partially naduadd c.-harge in the Froodction of Cast Iron in the Olectric Furmice, by R, Astier. RaMell, pert Hot Conatr Macan, Vol LA, Wg-S~t 1969, pp 453-423. *BISI 1135'3, c I -',: i I t Jew 7,) Speach by LduuUm mUdster oa WuuUm ammUigt by l4rio Astorgas 9 ppe Oulilizm~t w1l; aia SPAY'rill"ii, nv. A kn*roudo. 6mtluo, CUles 23 Jmm 1971, p 32. JM/L 14r I instr"ate ror ib3allcal vWtoars=try" 1-17 Bn= Astal.. 23 pp. GOVM UICIT USE ONLY isumil rptp poenotting D3118 swiets Di IvIalonta Itall&,* Di 15 3W., 19w,p Dl) 03-97. AMIAMAM-23-LIZ-69 1-141-16 J=Iml vifts Italian cf, M14 E17e crz ~fi CMGMSt by fbaco Ast4M'J, DU. FIT=: per$ Rot at oimt Vd-1 L. 12 ).2.51 AU6 mar 66 lie -Z -,~l imu-cammiat lkluazim Diccura-ma ltaLtarn CP and of Unity of lntcima~doral Cmamist Newnt '*w by pp- t OV;Mt~ 7016 rXUCII., por., Bst e 1-15 1--ay 1M., ~,'Wp. 3-1-14. OX-3 41516 Fol Iluly (311, 11 13-~- Dwlft~. of the hvt4a Dmo by 16 V. UtrOwl V. 7 DWS&,v n VP. . zu~;t pwo imeologlys Vol 15s No Ts 19m0 vp 55-M. AiSlx.n77 M 72 Function of Thyrcdd and Salivary Glands 10- 20 Years After Radiation Treatmut of Cancer of the larynx, by B.V. Astrakhan. RUSSIANIper~ HedItsinskays Hadiologlya, vol. 13, no. 9, 1968~, -P-P-.77--53. WX 71-IP740-06R Olivomycin in Therapy of Patients with malignani Tumors of Testicle, by V.I. Astrakhan, and A.M. Garin, 7 pp. .RUSSIAN, per., Antobiotiki, Vol 15, No 91 1970, rip 837-840. ACSI-K-1064 Jan 72 Savir.- Irkutsk e4tor Aesmrws kr= koUuticei, by V. 1. Astmkbantsev, 5 pp, AUS.SlAdo per# %~lldrotekballkm i lalioratstqq i-vacove ulo It Jan 1969o pp 104-L059 47908 30196~4 ,zy 69 0 no ImA Lsko 1-,y try v. 1730 7 r. 4(A. I rl lim)ltlovGir~-nt Suggczted in Lithvmliar Valty imeetiaigsN by ki. Astratiakacp 9 pp. 'AlInyus, SWAA;~p per., Kom-aw-rdst I 1972t pp 43-49. 554-15 7 2. karty Linumce on Utbianiwi 'indo lir-Ccdo )V V. Astrauskast ? pp. RUSSIkif per, Eqz~n~ Ultnyur"' Doe Wo, pp 43-48. 4706-1 V /1' ST'-,'Is I~a -- us~;il rol Uob C,) 37 3. 90$ 0 - 0, cub-ovikx-~(-6D wuhwtml* I&M Amwiam ioUqr WrinG ~~ War kWdAds kW A* A. AtaodbvibDl, 16 pp. &W-14AN't pmt 0*4"n 0 l4bom, ib 30 IM* pp int 53M . J1217 71 Lh aW~ L'L Tir., 77;:I~,. Aa -,rf, TA L II I i aoftow i - i lba .4&t,70 "A '?--I~ TLrbo-Generst-cma Mwrzr=tlu-cd c2r ii, "I r t,W "'G=" "VIXIS; IV Dr. Peater AoZta,-,A. 317p. MMMIMp port Ll~ngski net,, VtA 7., J~A'Z. DIA 1116211-65 r6b 67 Statistics Reveal in Turkloh s, ?10 Villages, by Irdal Atabek, 5.pp 114, TURKISHr np$ -OimhMEi-y*t 10 Sep toober 1970$ JPU 5231.3 fu NE/Turkel Soc Feb 71 I.G. Atabekov, REALIZATION OF GENETIC INFORMATION IN VI ATSIYA GENETICHESKOI INFOZIATSII VIRUSNYIM RNK), approx I. JAV 72 v Multiparmater . Autanowus ;i Analyzer for Operative Testing-of the Functional conditionel of-a-Ruman operator, by A.I. Atabekyanta, 8 pp. lj,- RUSSM, per. Fixiol2g4oheskA SSSR,"-j -x Zhurnal. V,ol 56,.Mar. 1970* pp 443-446, ACSI-R-0225 Oct 71 fibrb-laot~~ nuencs and Norph*2*V of CroW lizatLa 1u. ft2pwa Durint Dv1arwU=v 1. X. Atach6dmm io? Omws pws - amammm sm IMID NO 40 19700 IV 145-152, =c-71-10030.,11N by,-,,j Vol 21,Wl/i Nov 71 Ataev, Z. M. Isometric Excercises: A Ileans of Preventing Muscular Atrophy in the Treatiaent of Fractures of the Extremities. VOPROSY KURORTOLOGII, FIZIOTERAPII I LECHEM01 FIZICHESK'01 KULTURY, Vol -'L7, pp 140-145, 1967. NTC-72-14369-05E Jan 73 Linew Network Tbeory., by G. I. Ataimtkov: 624pp. RUSSVJI.. 'oL-; Presal Lond-cn- 1965. MI I r7l, - I ~ "/ . I I ", /., sci-Enc, Apr 66 299,770 AD idagtmtic 1-onsibilitles O-P a Rafto Talmmtry LMmtlation In Ghronic Intosunal lAsuar,05i by Es 1. AtaU, =wro A. ~. illaratlysa. C, -IT. , .. RUSSIA,ig rAr. i~at& Sbora i lumlim ilpio- 1-0,~iclvo-skoy sill rolif)-Iw 1969& 173-17?o Zee "-~ar 70 "02 A,M.Droving, Work Of i-',*-*I-tY (A-94-tylizatiOl1r, lismisecd, by p np, Tarlhkcmt. 29 Feb p 2* ~-~ar 72 rw so 7 $"Sao *,SAW$ 74 WSR tbLU4G Equipwnt Catmick- , alyl by V. A. AtamnchuL-. 22 pp. - RMSM-p UP, 1963: Part It 'aL) 3-4, indom., Pert 2., Index.. : NAV/liIC/Tmj.Z)4,T.6q Sol-,,-XIC4 Feb 70 1m) 4-" .lu V. R. - Atawnov ~ -/ As development of the squipment -and teahnique for welding the Zeada of inWMted,eimuits to P-C boards.ij~. I pp. , -~ I/ RUSSIM, Pribory i siatany upiwalexiLap No Jo, lg?o,, pp AlRIPTAJIT-24-9111-71 nov 72 F. A. 4t#9~MveA-aDYR phylo-Outagenstic Regularities Of Maturation of thi Corticopatal PKojections of the Visual Cortexp by 7. A. Ata-Xuradov&.,-- I-C. RUSSIAN# per# Dok lk jUk SjjR1 B121 SQL&P Vol 200F No 6, October 1971, PP 1483-1486# CB May 72 :1 F. p . 4.t p ~ M (Le 4~ovp -M~b mapti". ompomt of -, the aptu ftWatAdo by P, Ao AW-Haudwa, /., - - sm - Bial- act,. RUSSIA" pwo D*,&uk- a Vol W) NO 1) . FArQ4 1971 s, YP 230"2414 OB Jan 72 1~3 ::nv 67, f)7 otate of invwtmmit L-Toject-, all kwporativn 34 jC43, G. At=uiu I. Trip" iLmewch on the use of electrical energy in blut V, o ftumoces' ad-rig at the reduction, in coXe consiWUon,//,,, MMANWI, per,, Core-,_Net. . No 12, 1971s, pp 81-90 ~6 2- i= 9924 may 72 A - Q. q--I: s rO R s c) 4 Protein Confornatioa and Upid-Froteh-~l Interaction in-Mitochondria and 4~ Membranse-of Endgplasmic Reticuluz,c)3- in Uver of Normal Rate and Rate With,,Y,~ an Induced Zaidel Hepatomas by A*- Go Atanasovo/bc- RUSSIANO-pers Dok-Ak Sauk 65�R, B1qRhygq*;;..ic Val 2000 No 6j October 1971vxS~ pp 1456-1458. CB July 72 6"md grotim. Lffects- in- Uliantr Raml i0knulatim 'Y by, Atonso Atmaa*vp ]L~- ppo 7, port dON&VIs MUl 11-.0 It im" feb 19qt 16..V. 'I Apr 71 Economic and Social Problems of Mnploymnt of the Female Labor Form In BuIrpriao by metocii Atanasov, 14 pp, , - , EMAMM.,- per, Mosofekanima, Noo 2, Mar.. Apr 19670 pp. 23-7. ins 41766 A EE-Bdlgarla Econ AW3 67 333jlP BuItAi'lan. Develorx=t wid problo!!, by Putodl Atalaso-Y, 14 r.-V. 21-32- JIFIM 33hp -4 Jar. Mld rad'anti., Y.f Oct. ,~A 'o. C, u~, ~,Atf,T a, tn Ar'.0" l4rlka Atamsova. -~=Whftijk n-a A-Itat=0 !o 19LIS9O 17) J Jul 619 I Am.,commom sm Alw 70 "5~465 Dielectric Rela=tion in Wtan-I-OL and Batan-2-OL at High Preamms. by Yu, A, Atanovq 4 1* Shakhparonov# RUSSWil per# Dok Ak Nauk SSSRt Vol 179, No 3t khr 19680 16. CB Q 17't L V1 Sci/Moth & Equip Nov 68 370P'259 l9w Lemormic Davaopmnt Or IMIGarsa "~O- viamdo by Atanas Atwumt pp. ajj~LA,Hulip npp 2 Jan 1969# J?r~S 47t474 375j#V9 'iur L-on Ufficial Speaks on Eitato of Ropublic, by Cho Atsyevt 9 pp. xussui4, per$ Turkmnlismiskm, Ashkhatad# 23 ~!" 19( 59P pp 2-3. ,jP,i6 43,wi ,,/ , ~.! I 'If u3sh i1ol i.~ny 69 38 19 177 3 Lvvelol-mant of filgher L-dumtion in thr) -AtWkmen :;Sft. by Ch. A. Ataym, 7 p-p. hWt;, per,, ~pAaL ligaheA &MIX, 1-4 5. 1967, PP# 73*77* ,j pi~5 424% U.) S PC ~30c ~~Op 67 114 SdonUfto Problma for 'Awha&sation of Con. straotion, tv S. 3* AtAMv 13 rr). RUSSIA.% per, 'IAftnil"t stmitolt stva. !~a PP 43,471 !;an 341,94) 'z. M. A - -~ n Y r, ~'/ Isometric Exercises, means of preventing muscular atrophy during treatment of fracture, by Z. 11. Atayev. I - lzussw, per, Voprosy Kurortolopti Fitioterspii i Lechebaoi Fizicheskoy Xul'turV, Vol 32, March and April, 1967, pp, 140-145. ITASA TT F 14,096 Feb 72 The Boview U"d VA ax Sm Ageotp by Eva" At". T=fmt IWO-49426i W m (q. JPRS cao By IS-139- /~,/c, ~' J-23W/67 # ~z a_-I 1 -1 MR pol Jul 67 531,702 ~\,J\ ~~% (~~ ~\ \ suss ~3~ to Comftteo ~ercrparlng TrIm, c*nstitution,, b7 -I=al al-lAsitifl, 6 Lip. APAIRIC, upf Caift~ 29 My 71., p 7. .7- a 5NW. Sir-i 71 LIM to "A"AlInte by a. 5 Y 7 1 fX orcen~t Over c1 1 MCI I, 25-UP ieft (A 70 soebust &=mwt br 14 Atl"o pp* per# 0-ma-MAMONmowt no 10# 19729 pp R.35, ims 5???6 Doe 72 a4e of Bank toodt In Socidist Ectmov, by m. AtUs. 13 m. aussiAl."q per* k$ , ~Wcm ~o *1 Jda."'PaA. *~ 0 .00 19As pp 3-12. JiTs 3A60 ."Ay 71 L, "I- t' -,, -., /~ . ai-z4- a,) P*Pro&,Wtior, "'ist" and pxvp=tims,, 1971-3,975, by '-io mus ) PN' q !*UA' ": scowo, '-,o 50 m~ Al~i, P"4, LumWev "o n - LAM 1971* 7P 97-104- 5:A59 Jay ?I I uwry o" 'irofits, bommut losuws 1w ~l 1'4.# Atlaolp lie vinokwo 22 ppo LIEU 1%69 PP 36-51- jpic-l W50,31 ussii i~ccn Jan 69 370059 a of vni~ 1~ Economic Regulators of Production Diecuseedo -,3 by 11o Atlas and I. Zlobin., 5 pp. RJSSIAI7,, np, I stiyal 18 mar 1966, P- 3- JPW 35332 ))). k) 7-z 'o S USSR Econ jun 66 301,892 .5 1:.., jtV-~~ Q 5: . .~ Immm smruontmx Jm Book on ~SwiaUst ammes. by Me 5, AtUs# 9 ppo . RD="* pisrs amm SMSSN h*Wow* No 12s 1972, 90 30-548346 . Apr 73 Lenings Vinws on I-Ionetary Policy Rov-lm-md# by Z, Atlas, 16 pp. RUSSL4146 perp Dengi iKredit. MOSCO'L-1. We 1969t pp .71-21, ipm 49901 r USSR Econ Mar 70 W2,20 TI-le F-wic w1d Its Llj Va M-ULAG7 .per., --P-T - -y ~,i. U51 fk ; as a. mn pp. JPL' ~S Alan. 57 pp. cccoo 1,6"t nil It on the pogsiWitylof the weation Of a ffilarooUmab om, a pot,of the - kmim xmpfao, 4 6 & MUANo rpt..o MughwU sox&nilla mik"klimft na P-F* (IMI" ff P Ju4 n I- e c tc f s fj 7E' C) N' I - _ M C, flJ IIA C) ~jd" ~ 0 X4 Viet m