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N - % . 14.4 C~a t.~ " t4 Influence of the Temperature Field and the Thermal Stress Field Upon the For- mation of the Dislocation Structure in Gallium-Areenide Single Grystals Grovn by the Ozoebralski Method# by No As Aydonin. RUSSIAN$ parg Pok Ak LlijUk JJOA. Sov-Phya# Vol 200, No 2# September 1971, pp 3-1-6-3-10. Am Inat of Phys Vol 16v No 99 March 1972 Apr 72 A V OL) N 1 K I N~ U N R U IIUJMPUT~t, OLT ERM I N AT I GN OF P A HRS (;F 1,,.~L t. ~ I ILA OF 'A:AP' TO MILEAGE A V TUiliG B i L ' N ~,Y,,~ P R li MY S I i L F N N G S I ' ',, L I C; 19 7 1 P 8 -1c ~ JIU-HI-ci by RMISUN-4 bk3, Feb T. V. S. Avdueskii Numerical modeling of Beat Transfer by Radiation and Convection in the Venusian Atmosphere. KOSAUCHESKIE ISSLEDOVANIYA V 9, t971, pp 280-291. NTC 72-14967-03B -.~/ /~~ P, - -T-1 - F - ~ 5, f~, ~ Feb 73 V, of Inacocity oil bho ;,?10,7 in tile Initial Part of za IMC,,h3,,r Madaror-r-tndoel Jct, by V. S. 110 1, i2ir 1971, 13.D 46~071 lua Inr J. t of Phya Vol 16, 'No 3s Sol)t 1971 Oct 71 juvestigation of a Thrm" 86pratod now ArOun4 Sftd"A" PlitoOd on ft Plane Plato$ by V. S. Avft"sW. 110 pp. RWUANI pers'- WSR lu- "A I" & SR- tAu- Gamo He 6* Noy-fte Mos pp IWO. NAZA TT F 13578 Oct 71 .- V.S..Avauje\JsIZ;~ Problms ba Caladstiom of Tmtulw-. Bmmdary Is"rs , . by V. S. AvftymW$ 15 pp. MSSIM,, bks &ftb9~3M2&*M'nL 'MP PP 110-119- Am/wAt/w-- 23-105t672 72 Tho 'Uarr. Jaalktot of ,;Ilo iborts bY Vs So Avdilyevrddy, ota ppo RUSSIA111 per, -PzLrada 0110 17) To 1971 p pp ?3- 74. UASA-TT-F-13701 N Te - ?X -/ 01 sopt v Is Ji qck,~e-,izx I' ~ Thermal Proportioc of Lunar Hateritil Obtmtnod by Luna-16, by V, S, AvOuevakat PUSISTAIT". per, Doh Lt Zaul, Soy rLytl, 101 19, ...4 Up 110 4, Fob 19-11, r4) 301-801J. An Inat of IIqs Vol 16, 11o 2, Au-r, 1971 SOPt 71 P-) ' Ig - R \4 el R. ~ t4 V, ~ um xvm Alig 70 Vo ;rl)sy Psdk.'d:~t 12, 5 -;ul:t 7i! . a. (2 ~ -VI ma , . *W" -- At ~~Ialov IV I Ae, As Am#$=* at to IP* OAK". pw,#, "~. w& . 9461 No$ 15"s LIOTMO. AM 71 Calculation of Cross 604ons o.-1' Azatic and Inelastic 3catter of I~eutrons Uth Lnergios !!~ = 2-6 by Ato-rde Afluclei, by 1. X. Averlyanov, 29 pp. AUAL,i. per, eteni Tsentra T)o YadexWa Ato'A i:` j , Z~ 305 41"ct 71 The 2rablau of ole :o , C t row 'k. -yo. grap,uc %-"nvirzicteris tics of ttie -uj)erdLi0:l OLE .U,Z,,tTi Tjotor !i~x~-araLmq Durln~, f)Y Avaryauriv, pp. 8- 'r, lel-vi!2Za lysterua,. ~.o 7. pli A'~!k 17 F-12,jJ- t '. ~ TOO, cml!o sti, (vo -nora Astribution of -!AthLn-~ I-alti-oll . 1"w'5 in eel,-3,, %I.-tainlcDs ~,tcel art: ijtaav-,, Amtr-Ato luo A* iCT'Gro"re AT' TO ~,U ProopecLs l: tile I ul v.; About Ow Prablm m the AccustU Jkva MfVmftl= ZWWW ROMEWs IV D. t"m AVM2N=. BMMP pwp In Ah us* raz -SEEP GeV Flz-mt no it i9MR pp 3z. ;1- 0- 69 1971-19-75 Y~ovolcpwnt ~ot Tndustry Aaftlys0d* b7 S. SPIRBTATI, per., Glwmttj" I)Q, 74.0-7 v, tY. r ,TPP-S 514235 lJoastable Oil AvdaloVIOp 0 Pp. ~rlvradnq 'Oot 71 ~"hwaffvr veterminin& tho ~~cchanicaa Prop- erties of Materials, by Be A. Avttegv. IIU651kio bko Maika (~)nd'alellia Nukhan. icheskikh Svalstv Matcrialay, 1965,, 48S p-ii, m- 7 77,04 Jul 66 k AV v4Ci (7-, v i C Cantainor and Package Shipments of Qxreoes Uscussed, by V. Avdwicho 15 pp. I~bzcowg 22 I-eb RUSSIAN9 np# yg~~T ~qxw 1973, P 2. JIMS 58558 Apr 73 Tae Hftt-Trander Coefficient oV the Insalm- tion of Perruamte'i Holds Equipped k4til a, ?=ej Cooling Systemo by R. S. Avafty. RMLOA, per, k~aM MonatV02 Vol 0 N 0 's 1967P PP 31-32* *DL-pt of Interior Fish and 1wild[life SmIce Mr.,, Rimau of ftrelea Fi&,lerlea ,C (17 . A*01*oh a* ?o -0--, Z~Ptwa fl"ar 0. Cb~ Z, So V.U,-aW:A=, .301 Ild N . ~\ . ~\ \4 ~ P_ e-,q Some Features Associated ,Ath tli)e PlanninF, Of Contin1jous caGting installations in Combinatioa v.,ith a Basic Oxygen Plant, by V.A. Avdeev, FUSSIAii, per. LIejj1jufg._i Gornorudri Prom.-, Vol 12, INCI 6, 1971, pp 9-11. HB 8760 ,',ug , , 72 !Agal Control of Inusplant a LAman izi;ans and Ussmse by i~i. 1. Avdoyevp 3 pp. AWSIAiiv per# seggig= GOM!jmty0i pravo, ,,~oscov , ~.,o 9. 1968s Pp 83-93. iPass 46jW? DDa 68 354v513 zq.Lv pr*wuty wwu~ a va aAA: of Pardm MoswasmA &Tm m tbo Aetwowl of Wagatin the Wobw Flw MoU * Aver by tbs.St4kU#Uul HoUied, by V, Tl,.~ AvdVftj 10 ~,P. A Aug 72 k~o ja4aw-w1c ~Ositital of the - Ow ih,~tatiy. by 6 47-3,S4 16L-l &I 37' .739 Ot~vicc~ for U. Ya. ilwievev ~l -ur, Izvostlya ~Yssiij 7-C Do. ~ T. AWOOV &saardi on the pmliminoW displwowtt of wtal- rlv~ pain. ?pp. Pokow f iwszmo Pop, Xsvmo*4ta.V= Myh4valmum" So, S* IM's. pp 35-3r ArRIPM-112-24-1432-71 Ju4y ?2 ia LaAiLut, tv'ol 177, 156 7 .7371,5. 1y optimiration oT ProckcUan Stocks ftod# by Li. AvdqWo 14 pp, A&imio pas ."4zbzh4nbap 1~o 100 l9wo pp 1-9. JPtU 4?9098 USSR 1, con Jan 69 3729M low Lncorpomtion of Tagged Anino Acids in ;,uolwr FmoUon i7otaina of Cat L*ain Timog by V. fi. Av&ywo 5 PPV U-MALUMit rwo .2imr-Al uovt 55r, - tEp k,16 set-& . lay 69 _2 arwicat Alt I.- ol LA - A ~j ci .-- ~ e V 9 =F I AM Apr 70 4o6,wtw "pt- I... ra ct ~Vji ~ O-Ail-s sm Am 70 The Synthesis of Rpitaxial Gallium Arsenide LzUrem by K. 1. Avdiyanko and S, A, Stroitdev. 6 pp. W=Pllj, rpt,, Pravgmr Rosta i Struktura Plondkrist- 114 Slpyff ov, Trudy Simod=a 1966, IvA-vo Nm*a Sibdr4covo OtddEkye, Novosibirsk 1966., pp 557-562. LIRMR/1-2-23-825-70 April 71 -jb,3,nU--ed 3ethods of Galcdatim of SheUs and Thin vlalled GM~Aiono, by A. S. tsda". 494 pp. X=Xtij. bo*., bdjag= netodir MrAda Gbolocb* i Tonkoatenu*h Howtraktaiv. Izdwvo MaWdnoAro- Z" 196,91 pp 1-402o ALOID-1.9-24-162-70 gob 7 1 V. AvUl'. 1 IV. ~4, 1 S3-1 1 .3f) v Cl (-, fov Jul . n ler4erature., Pressure.9 and Dormity of the Atnosphem of Vemm According to Data 1-b-azured by the Autormtic InterplAmetarj Station "Venus.)V., by V. S. Avdueva1d.1,, :!. ~,. Tiorod-In. RUSSIAT:p per# Dok Ak 11auk 555R, ~Azildl* Vol 179,9 !~o 2,, 1-hr 196U- ., pp 310-313. The Amrican Institute of Physics Vol 13., 'o 3.. Sept 1963. v CZ V Oct 65 368072 levomao"On of 9 fluporo~* ~~,th a ~,rrmmmo Jet WeM, W flwo4li COft-Um Avd~yevakfv V, So XXVITS #W, An 'a a 0 t fag m t~ k f, 2a.mwo FOP no b., pp 2031497, 4 hysic~al - an Lure G~-` i, il-i X of -X~7, /u ear Vic For~-,ard Gas Flow ';ta~;natioll Point Of a Djujit ;;Ddy at ly..'erscilic Velocities, oy V. S. V I duavskii, A. V. IvanGv. AV per, A%adoviya g~:auI. I a v C S ta z pp. July U9 387,5277 1'y /4 v :f cc: mUP,Z 66-12/b (TD 22 14ov 65) it-6202-Ij ci Nov 65 Titlel Vhe effect of shock wave curvature on heat trans- fer in three dimensional supersonic flou over, bodles, Author: V. S. Avdtiyevakly Frmi: ISSLEDOWIZE LEPLWBINENA I POTMA~3-1 MUDIKOST! I GAFAt 19650 pp 29-54 Russizui - est, for Type an ori-Onal an(] I carbon copy, DO not reproduce any charts, graphs, dra,,)ia8s. 1)o jrIcItIde all forr~aslaf~ an,! I tables. Doctioant can be cut. plit captlopus at the ende 5uparatiQa of Throo-il.'jiumsimial oowwary L~yur. by V. S. Avdawevskiy, ot at. i ' t~sliu, per, izvostiga As t L Aug 07 Investigation of ",nar boundary Layer Sparatien ou a Cone at an Anglu of Attack, by V. S. 2"Vduy- evskiy per, Izvostiva AN' SSS140 ~.-ekh"ika zhidhasti "aza NO 3, ~~,Cekl volnus tl~o J atoi-atic Avd-."7 :-.-, ".. '-, a-Saw. I -ro- kroi-rint I ei 'SerAmt1w) of an lbiloe-~daamitmnl Tknyuvj I v. .4 - u p".- zw~ft~vslk-:,# re-Twod-av, V ]ffect oZ Flow T4rcp---Diuiansion,!LL'Ly on [J.bD:L'TIC' Pressure J.)rop in lateraction Bet-~.'ecn ii 1101i ii,~' JI-- r:,j, Layer ond a Slloc','. by V. No 2, P~67, op Flow of a Supersonic Viscous Undarexpaiided Stream, b~ V. S. j%vduyevskty. RUSSIAN, per, Izv ANSSSR 'Mekh Zh~dkusti _i No 3, 19703 pp 63-69. FTD IIT Special 281-70 Gaz;t, Sci-Phys Sep 70 at an of, ~.nnd,:. euaurn a~d Of ratur,:~, 1 r V, Al. per, if~LLnL'~ V, 1, Avdyunin 2ffect of iron oxide on combuotion rate of mixtures with different perchloratea. 8 pp. RUSSMY,O IZV. VIJZ. Khi=*ya i Khimicheskaya TeklmoZo-giya, Vol 14, do-5, 2971, pd, 666-670 AIRIFTD-RT-23-934-72 ?wv ?2 flectric A. AVeJ-(!-'Cu- Ct -,~v J~.Il w'j -Cu- . Aug 72 k~ ---------- --l -.- - - - - - - - - - SeMAM31 Higrzticns Of the Block 13ea Rouch or Toran' in the Littoral Zone of the rmov Seaf, by T. H. Avedikova. U)SMAN, per, Vokway lkhtiologiy, Vol 9, No 2t 1969, pp 319-323. Dept of Interior BCF/0FF A-37-March 07U-11io 2z; On Loan June 7:1) 0, SIIAObmetics ift 71 ormlization am'. ~ tam:'ar-,Amatlm o'~ .1 mict-A in Alltom-tic ("Ontrol ~-,Ystr-,-~St 1v 32 5s 1-6~io -12"' J , IR'3510 3,W;14 ol~ 7 33 Ali, a~Anj 303)0 Differentiation in Linear Topological Spa;.-es, by V. I, Averbuht 0. G. Smoljanov. RUSSMI, per, Dak Ak Ilauk SSsR, Vol i73v No 4, 1967, Pp 735-?38. Am Math Soc Vol 8, ilo 2, 1967 --~- ~ //j v - (-') 6 " 8 ~) I --L~ r- Nov 68 370,400 A..a. Avook" ~ Effect 0t at ow"000 of. Warm" upm tblk. 0% ulla at DA30". Vw"* I" 1, -1 W# . No A Ims 97-lok vp 4 72-1*40.0ek we Noy 72 L'Qwr &IUMIT'ses uperato wor Lemwic by De h. AverbtLkll,, 8 pp. porg o 100 t mw, 9 ~ov 69 "-*U 4matims at Wider ?canto Citedo by ,~6 AvutvAf 5 me XMILlis. npt WOE# '40sewo 17 SQ.Dt .1.9no p 3. JF7,,'j 54264 1 / , ,,j j"ke.1 k-~-Al ?~) :, Z~t oat 71 llr=bro ~or Lmvik w Vug; ?,kv0=0 L 1:3. Avwwab. na A ZI, x A Method of Measuring the Spectrum of Field SI)we Humnles Of Circular DelaY StrUcturess, by M.E. Averbukho 4 Pp. mwim, Patent 174,233. PIOYZ?8568-V FTD-IIT-67-12A sci/sav, con, Det,, Catrews 364,289 Sep 63 Production of Llemontal sulfure by Leduct- ion of Sulfur bioxide with Natural Gas, by T. D. Averijuk-h. i o1 per, ~.him Prom, :IoIO, 1963. ilutislA; I -C,~j--Uagiraecrijig International CjiFii]L Vol 9 , lio 2, Apr 1969 Ava-ilaAo froi Ais Inst of Chow Ewirs T (! 1 lpa'"wa r;m t 2~ - ('~ - )q V 'e ra b (i k-~ ~ II, om "M Am 70 k?olu I I Quallimar Squatlow in Limar Topological i r, SyQM, by Vo I* AverbUkhe fUWUN.s per., VnvUl MWatieWM)I~L Ah*j Vol 22# 06 3# 1967j, pp 2BQ434-- *DePt of "/ WJSU J-1073 5ei-Math Nov 67 ODRA-1304 in Opention,, by B. Averchenko. Ipp RUSSIM, np. 'PkiLV" -(Truth), 19 June 1970.- p S. AIR/FTD-HT-23__6_8__M july 71 Apparatus for Uctcrmininj~ Fatigue Strength and Damping Ability of S-Inplas Ouring Tor- sion in Various Nedia, iq P. A. Averchanke. RUSSIAN, per, Fiziko-Kitimichoslaya Nekh AateriRlov, Vol HU-S-459 liar 69 3780,618 1ho Single-Comumd Uncept is tha f-iast 1w4iorteat Principle in Building Up the Soviet Arwd Forces, Iq 4, 1. Avarcha, 10 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY MUM,, perv mm~u sboralk, NO 12t 196% pp 8-14* 9700350-V DIA AP 1-62-0-2-30-66-INT 'May 66 299,"g lavestIgatiolk of tile parasetors of 1xisymotris bdorMandod 14"1 Cal Jotep by Go It A'W*r,*RkO'wa(, ROSSIANO POP# wassiol 4 galills IttgALA piommIgm a. no 150 1970s PP 92-1016 IMC 72-10062 11 Apr 72 Litle ukaoii, L~, V. ~Vurlimcjv. por, ..arwlElya ia, Vol 7, 1166 12,998 70 - V . [~. . () v I- o ij C, ~-, 'l Detailed Charracterist-Jes of Seismic Saurces In the Par Ewt; by V. 11. Averlin-nova, RUSSIAN, bk3 Detallnoya Kbarekteristilta Seie-micbesizin 02hmov Dallnev Vostolm., lWK 'xill-Is TT 772-50037 Y~ 72 . LA - P, \j e R- " Q, ~ " q v4sh Am IV Joe?' C~., 17 ,,ituclf--its t--.) bo flce6 4A olo(,tjvL- by luo A7,ericliviv 12 pp, 1.1 peps ~,;a 32, ito 1"'0" F) 4M4 ,oc c I I \ " \ T)N-\., ,- i;,eth~s f or IVrovlng rre-Draft Alitary Training Useuased, by A, Averin, 6 pp, aWSLAN. per. NarocjnM Qbra ~V _4 moscou'. '110 1. Jan 1972, i>p .52-53. giap JiRs 55507 lar 72 4M-Dmft dMUO Trdaft Dwribsdt by A. Avering 4 ~ftddehwko. 5 pp* RUSSLUio pw# 1 MASCOWS 1~0 40 Apr IM# pp A"o a-am" JF-.--5 53139 ~Iay 71 0. swt IM* 1.0 XW* Jm %s0 A, A ve e, i `-%` 052 m WL 70 a "-' umill ma ift 71 ,3outham Cb'-Irtysh industrial .7evelopr%ent Analyzeutloy U. A. Avorin# 10 pp, Per, !~Ilest '~m C-- Ariva Oeogn-afictics lioomw, ',;o 1, 1972, _f:6. pp r ~2 Apr 72