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December 29, 2016
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G. )~ - act 70 ye. X. Ave*0 Model Stuftes of the Ufterence Between Pradoednant Frequen4aD of Nrut Longhadinal sad Tmmmerse We"s. RMIMp per., Geologiya i Gooftzlkap No 1., 19'111 pp 82-91. imc 72-iW64-ft NOV Coutributio" to tle StudY of 'forsian crties of ';extilc; Fibers. Part 11. jileter- ~jinaticji of the shear-Stra-in Curve Ly a T' ieory of !.Iong,ation, iq ocr, bulletin lust Textile clo rar c c, o 156 1 0,8 4 4 1 -4 74 . r.;C41o Uu I izik;t "'o1 4, 4l lJt6(;.)', tidal 55549 'f~ '70 9 70 VyLivlaic Re.,AfAes b V y A. Ye. Averson, V. V. ~arzy~dn. R%UziS I per Viz ii, a Gov tmiy a 1 Vzryv a, '0 1, FT 0- S - 5 S' 7 ay Ave.- The Rights and Duties of a Socialist Enter- prise, by K. Averlymm, 5 Pp. R=M., nP., Kammmist, 24 Nov 1965., p. 2. JPR5 336oo USSR Econ jan 66 293,725 Oil Fialci ~-,uto.-matico in by X. aprlymn nad V. IP-vilawl, 5 K.). E", ~:Zr MEZIA, pers, ci, ~Itz. RI J,--n IXU33 190 ,Tp.m To-on CA ay 6 Inimuince of :T,, .ils anc pev.-Atijer, iiwroxvflt~,, by 13, cl- at Omic 6.) "t i.~L itial I v 1, 1960, 79-82. !.c5ults of V~O. Fint i, 'ecado Of "Ovict L Ove ') -Inctic !-~esQarciho by V. C. Avort -4r, In formticya Jullotin ci*the t c,'*' -'av". ~4- tr et e -I: Aj, '77 i ~Afl d -1. I.I nc-t Porri A ~~;altistage Process for the Salectior, of uptitaur! I.Umensiona for Hectrical A. tvetisyan, A. 1. Oertinov. P.1,61ilk4, per, 6, -74. ip 69 1). A. Avctisv,in ,46-4~lem Apr 6~ Direct S'earch for Optimal Transiento irt Objects with Ow Cmitrol Input, by !)Zh. A. Watisyon, Yia. J. umentlyeva. 17 pp. WSSIAN, per, 31ektrichutvoo No pp 75-Gi. AIRWTDAIT-23-623-6) June 7u adblav of ~Iwvdng ArAncial Laluca for RepubUos, U7 1. Avaticyan, 43514 Lem I)m 67 1. S. A"tifpn MrUbods of Imr"Alft the Stabi2lty of Latex System. linw; per, lktomAlv i Lb IdwUmur No So 1970v pp 74-79, VC 7243497-11C i Oct 12 ow=ft,3 or. .""V750t Arw, k'"Cem.'a Z~07tmvvdo T-E J-C.-O ~Cuucwtivm P.0 Av s, ve 5 t j LitQL- Vol ~5, ALP f(i Structkail 0i Alloys in th'i -'r-C-Ta Systc~u by A. 1. Avgustinikg 5, 5, Cfrd~m*yan. RW61A.N. por, Zh Priki Mdw, Vol XXXIXJ ,~I) 516 Ni'6A IT F-101,640 ~.zar 67 Z2U.627 :,~"Vjnt Atia.,YI-Li Jul 70 T-. C-, ~ v H Pk f) I "( T:-Z \1 Application of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines in Industrial Power Plants, by V.Kh. Aviants. 12 pp. RUSSIAN, per. Gazdvyye Turliny, 1971, pp 42-48. ACSI-K-2031 FSTC-I]T-23-1423-72 Mar 72 r,rj -601-*Aclo A"Viltt, 8 25 471-26 C 1(~ Id e f , k I :,ac? oi eolitical Contmt by ,-sopolilo AvIlat ? f"Pe ;:.I. ~ . , , - - A mi q -li-o '! r-lps qr, 14-1.19 4r,. 4?in AL-,'Ubo- in %I-itint; twana. 2J# ov ky~~Slq ~lettd of CunteLalan Fulice on u imization of ilia ijcpavrL-!,mt, !jy b Pp. USE 01wir Ile Prerm Lib Az I 1 7) C- ;s 6 J'~ s k'1 p?- )~.,~-Cuntcnlxla "3, A &nc W 5W. Report of Work -icooqilisbad by the 11--lamagr4tic Corrdesiot of the Gwph~ca Dapartvnt in 1,~'X)5, by S, AvLla, op"NISH, rpt, lAt 13 pp ACIV, SC-1235 SLA-Bhrth Sci Oct 67 -,by Weal AvUA,-Oroscot GMRMW USE bny 3PAWWH;p pOrs L't-s-knall NOXLOO:city3l 20 Aug 72t, pp ITPRS/L 4281 Oct 72 442d= Caumne chmh Fielorn Statod# by AlojmiCjm Av3.loap UUVULL.-,Ur~ u,"'S Q`a 5i'MUSHt Pare Visil-M 12 ~,'Grt 19690 rp 35-41. JEWC A63 14 t "Dun-lom JMTIJ wal Ly k`l pp. q?; ICA 245- 7" , ; I-WIE ST no Coll JUl"f tJ) Local AssembUes an lasis of i..,cgigolimi Uovwnmnts by L. Avirimcla 6 pp. k Jat .1140L!k~l pert Atgn or* olar, , or$ 6o L969a pp 2-t-z5. jL- ji-as, 50!Rl L ~j J J.1;6ii klol jul 70 AVL I t3, J L L k-:-j' T tj f- S I il Li L I I L L .'I I-, S T AV L I ;Od F I i, S K 1:%~! S I A L I S V A'-, ;,~ T I~T(,-I;ll z k r R R~ e, P \J N~ ~P- p, ~ Nfiamel pa AM$ 70 ~ m Ar~c- Alnel--l RKA" "m 4070 3 A-or 72 id^40i I 'A ?o Iri Anorl *-iritcs to A-:-atnh j4c-;' llc~siv by ri ,~mnci4, 6 G-re ~ aplan ~,arzahq -i6l 1: AUcigod Sapir-IONM CoMr=t,',On Oll 100ticu'l stmteag by Uri Avnwlo 7 T-Pe per# daplan 1-hwho Tel Avive 26 'ar 1"MO, pp 11-12. ip'n zko".):,73 --7 Pol Am 69 3~2*M 1.7 -20 -al ~ij,iulz, 1 to N; o?-' o ~ u 1)ec to" *sp~~ ftmU 6w SApo %omumAods sc . 1179 3 ,pp* = ~Iwt** 22ja lamn mooovo 31 oat 1974o p 2# XM RM I --~- - 6~111 sci-ftw, 4nd PUAIS DOC 10 m, ~' ii. %1 9- ~) k\ 1A r'-'. nalmh Member of Fneaset Decrios Mlltapil,ja- tion, of Budget, by M. K. Avraham L'Ovelforaun, 7 pp. F.PDRUYT, np, 7o. Hade.-clen, Aviv, Fj Mar 72, p 4. JPRS 55760 MaY 72 AvrenoV Stresses Top:Leality of DUrd tmv, a Teaching, by Ruben ~vrv=vp pp. RUMARIAN, np,, Rabotniclheslm Polo) Sofia, 17 Apr 72, pp 3, IT JPRO 55852 mmy 72 I 1~ ~, - . ~aw\,V"%4 : DetmilmUm of tho burfam Fmorgy ot Trwaformor . Steel b7 the Reluatian HGthod,, by Yu, 5, Avra=v, atal, : RUSSIM, por, Izv VUZ -Chem lid,, No .5. 10,710 yp 120- 122, . Btsi 9556 NOV ?I Tag-tima Formtum US S~lcm Una llxwll,~~ lVIMU7,rem'stalumuo'.11; by Y,.V. S. Avra=v. MMM,ll Ears 1xv. VW, Urnn. i~et, ~:o 9l *66, prq BZvl ~241) 324 L2 -~Ci I-Ate W" !%,vp T,lc- 11-MAMi of Mpprajr ,ik,r labor in r %OL,t, I _LOzO,., ~4 by 5 pp. V Wpropy 11~,OnadL-q. PIP. Tattuva ~'=,Mttau itn S=(no, ~m-A AVTSLK'.07# Yu. S. Avraamov Jan uf Riusia-la pol~c, 5 r-p. 13 ritoolvi-cw 14151`~h `,rov, i a" !T~`A, I -P 21 1 5 lipi, 32362 65 0451 Rommass an at mwvqOA,,m r antratoo tk#. M**Um jot SiAPAUso W c. Lvrfa, It SL lip"MANI Pass MOUROw "1221 90 tOo PP 611-617- Mgt 9207 Noy 71 MASt rdnUo*o by WAUrylowbovAy Co: AWMe Rounwo pw# Ah limp- a Vol -220 IT6 99 Ims w BIST 92D9 NOT 71 an - *Jae wp4m4utlity: of lowri" tile Coke- Rat*. *A, b4mt-yMmac" by -*aW of Pro- iumtea motham Gas,, by C, 2kvt*at por. Cora. not. go li't Ing, pp 103-11S. DISI $984 Pab 71 Reseatch-Work on the Possibility of Replacing Coke Breeze, in-Sinteiing Process, by Other Fuels, by C. Avram, ROYMIM,, per. Cerm, get., No 11, 19701 pp 75-9 BISI 8089 Q- , ~KN imgmsq ta aold of Cast Iren iTodutotim i)escribedq by ~;. Avramp Do Dblawicip ZI ppe AD 6, mq, 1,916ge rtp 391-)94o 6() Of $~-"Ulob'otl indastry Asseasodt bar PP4 -iv, 5 30 D 72 ~j ~~tl "*Awda Sam im 70 Jo f ~~-Orj ro -ILC-06 A Indutry to ','~treas (ualty., by Ion Avrw* 5 ppp T,,~ Oxa W- T,, 'rip . 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