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r2 Roal Valm of Umgwkrari Um-4= i4a-I'Lleds by Carlog i'ara3ass 6 IATs SPANLO11I pors ~Ar&p. '.~mtoridao, 2 liny L969. ;p 14-15* Hs'o 4,0104 ( )CM, 09 SystemUca and asture o:V oudG=w o" the swgww cobumum In the Aaw Basin, by P. Ummam., T. ftlbant. Vol Cl WBIAH v Up No 4(5,S, or, 2m lm&Ll~ , 196J.- pp bas-t3b. Dept of LAor Ber1wrl A-331Uw C911-00 (b I'm only Scl-BWi &n 10 4 A 56 F. P. Banas Nicbrom - Molybdmmi, T~xWten Composite Materials. A~~~R I MUMMA OBRAWM WALLOV 1b 8;-l97L-pp--6-M-. NrC-72-14613-JIF Feb 1973 suay of uigltai Couversboa of mation in the College eo France G. aanasiL, 131, 81mb, ot al, FRENC114 r,)t,, V~0-66-1. 1966 *iIEC 2374 66 Nflotographic Infor- HPD Aqparatus, by D, Effect ot S-Ome 110110amine Oxidase lAhillitors on Coronary Blood Flov, Pmrt II, -T-'ffnct or t1he Coronary Vescols in Studies in ~it,,I, by '7. POLISII, par, Acta-DgyrAolmlign 2,010IL"Ilv Vol 13, 19G7, pp 311-819, 71 "'Iffoct of lillothemie on 1;oronary-7~ijood pjr)~,, 1)- W. nanasn-tdowicz. 1 1) POLISH, per, Polold- PP 512-515. 7TC-71-11353-0'JO 'lov III sone Aspecto or Scientific Organization of Pm- duction and Vork in the Choi-deal Industx7, by P. Bamteanu, 5 PP-, RUMAMI,~ perk, Ravista de Chi=e Vols 18., Nas It.. Apr 1967,, pps ).91-192* ipm 415h4 BE-Rumania sci-mlem aig 67 333s111 Cr-mtral Control f~)r and Oil 3uriiQrs, 1"v --,P! -~j .1 1 `achric:,t*~n, i.o c*LG'L,' Al-lo..;t C.A'-. 4G8.' -ec 37 ii 3- wffoct of Sone lLnticoa:- -~ulaiit Drit, a on '~orwvu Blood Flow in Situl by 17. T,mazddavicz. POUSTI, por, Acta Physiologlen Polnicn, Vol li"~, 1967, pp 117-120. 'cTT',',-71-1 1344-060 Rov 171 pe-volopwnt or Oittical Irldt-stl-Y sa"Al by Androl 'Mnoj, 5 mps 10 Aid Re fa 0- tlay -l`cr,,vmfj3 an ka ty ~ I A, . rvf r .14 m., 13 r.!)* '33 e. BnrAc..kez Investigations of the Reftrence Numbers of Fats and the Composition of fttty Adds in Palm Oil After I=Wation With Gamma PAp,, by 1. Bancher, 7 P-D. GOVERNM USE OW aERM, per, Aliment& No 2p 1971j, pp 75-77. AE4/raTCIM-23-141-72 Jwie 72 7,112-7-54. v On the Role of the Akaline Halogens in of Cu into the Crystalline Sustam of Anc, by M, Bancie-GrUlot. 3 pp. ISSE(A-1, per, Comptes Plendus Acad Sci, 1,454, pp 1216-1216, *NBS TT 70-57507 Jul 70 the Diffusion Sulphur with Vol 23:1, A /A. k-troduoUon of bow Todhnoloriss Dawribadg by Aurol amcilas, 6 pp. lU li I I il"Wis porp t;Me4!2tia d `-uaharosto Jo 106 Wt 196- PP 5W-339- JVAS 49W- CL A/ i~ ~~.Iiumnia 1~0~1 Itr 70 402 V, 1 Views 4ou th*:Rhoology of Drilling Fluidshy I.SauciuO RUMAN, per# Patrol A Gue. Vol 21m, No Ss, 1970s pp AIIV M-HIC-23-835-70 my 71 d Cutter, by B. F. BiarldalOv, 7 131) - ;'S -- 7 3 '1"o a I AUSSIfd4, pov. stroitellm7ye Doro:,,rmy%7e k. :, I -T4-- 1-6 6, 1971) I-jp ~~CSI-K-20211 FSTC-TH-23-1485-72 Julie 72 In AWl'-"w'_;~:)'-,ar 77. Tf) 7 V-3 ,~,.qb 190 I ~p j~, ll,olts ~Avluk 'Vito latortiol cqmv*rq;va avats wl ra4iatica al tl~a fuld L- 4y L. A, SliVt 1, Vo lpt" too C) \--) . --,K. DS-73 Iloot Cutter, by D.P. Bandalov, RUSSIPUN, por. Stroitel'nv,,o i Dorozhn-lv(:! f -Y"Tf -, mp-shiny, 'No 8, fTTT pp 14-16. -- K-- 2 0 2 4 *ll'STC-I!T--2 3- 14 3 5-72 Fcib 72 i~L Cowbined Lxtrusion and Injection Press ~iivlout Valves for ~Moldin& Articles o-IL - 1-taterial fam Powdon or Plastic ,iy ksbregio "andam. 0 1T)MX%;i, Patent No 474,S90. Wpt of COM Patent uffiw 527,27~; v - 4. 8'4tjjea 4 k 1~ ~ I Thermal Ionization of Singlet Excitons In Organic Photoconductors, by V. A. Banderskil. RUSSIM, per, Dok A Nauk .SSSR, Sov P!v, Vol 199t NO is July 1971. pp 53-61. Am Inst of Phys Vol 16, No 7, Jan 1972 mar 72 Phavulcoutical. Specialties Based on .e rypsin and Chrymotrypsin. Part 1. Typical ~,Ianufacturinrg Nethods, iq -F,)'7 - 21 14 . Pratica, Voul 23. ZT'6-4p I 582'Z66 Ziay 6v . 4" afteyo 30-2-c:_~-F Z(4-tl)bl I a., A"'~ ~ a". 21b"tr ptn -1 AMW fa a IOW AMP=ws, by A: BWALU a ad Sq, -PAL OF=# pwq 1W lll~ addso 72 Yd 24l 19700 W 11M230 00 71-13W--2DI Feb 72 R-5ma-cita = Cu2tural 11olley af lt&li&n C~P uld c6EIr-4kl~ Fart-~" -'Clcia nall, p ITAUNS, par, frd=eita. ltc jl~ Brill-Symvers Disease, by G. Bandini ITALIAA, per, Arch Tisiologia delle Malattie ApparatoRespiraturio (Nupoli), Vol 24, 1969, pp 110-128. *AEC/OW4L-Tr-247S Apr 71 jollpllj '*fri4~A pot AlleVd Rmleme of Mmopolies In Pwing c Forecasts an P&Ise Asm-rption of a Victory in Class-Warfare, by Dieter Band-la, 5 pp. EPANISa,. np, Cuba Socialipta, Jan 1966., pp. 100-105. JPBS 34205 IA-Cuba Ecou Mar 66 AUe6ad baol4we of mmpoUto -,-, OcaxXAC lbrocufta m Euw karuq;tlau W! rA M-Atoary ERX'Mrlis np., Wba &xIshow, Jazi 4(EURFl%ll--963) 5SIMPLE PULSE S11APE DISCHIMINA- -FOR. 6~aiidl t, ornforseliwigszotitruin, Karlsl,12)o kWos~ ,_L_ I ~,Y a,rman)). liastitut fuer Angewandte Kurnphysik). rGport jj~FK-145~. 2~121). 24Dep. NT16. AWork performed wider United Statep~-Ew,atom Fast jtt-~~tctuj, Ex- Change Pz~ogram. 26instrumentation; translations 2jiM 2gMN-37 29P NSA REVISED CARD 0 A. L. Eand=z aul 0. 1. par, nAl truun p :2- c 13S~ I 7 4 ', , , 091 muln ~m I~ov 70 (AEC-tr---U25(Vol.3)) COMPUTER ELLINILN"I'S AND SYSTEMS. VOLUME3. Proceedin.-s of a Conference in Novosibirsk, June 1967j. Band- man, 0. L.; Skorobogatov, V. A. (eds.). Translation of Vychis- litellnye Sistemy. Trudy 1. Vsesoynnoi Konferentsii po Vychis- litel'ilylli Sis(Lnum f-rokhocTIT~fi-ci V lz. Novosibil-9kc. '~-ICI lyunya 1967 G. Vypusk 3. Programmirovanic na Vychislitellu.%kh Sredukh. 107p. (TT-70-50013/3). Lk-p. XTIS. Computers; translations 06B STD~-32 P NSA co-,!~Y,utaxtion Systems. i?i--Ports, of tiie First !Ill-Union conferunce, oll co"I )litiation -~;y~Aevs Aoldl iii ...uvosibirz;% Junr~ uration, i-q 'u.L. .33-nd!;ian, Config Prekiodiv-~iei V it. '-ovosiidnil~(-, I Lqt 9 67 Vvpush V-jcni~;Ij U-1 t r - 712 5 Vol. 2 -- GC -- 3 2 '2T 7~i--5ok!13/2 Iran 70 3 9 7 3 5 M-Mtso, Econ j!~, ~~ays Fropoged to Louar Kazakh 61actric Losts, by I, mndullovs, 'Fir"V, 6 pp. RUSSIA`4t POPt L4-M9RMEb2MU9W L~anWjLtsm. Alm4tss Jo 10t I'Me PP 50-52- JM 47#175 USSR 1~'Oon Jan 69 372,472 rMplaltUe 1u the SUVaUsla PgoPartics %" 16,117 mqPWAS or the am zorth Rulmonu in oonwatioh With the strutuft or Umdr Atams by G. A. BadmIL14 B6 V. V& a IV, abata"4 A MAN, Ws D*I- W?l 168, lot pp M5-1316. Mom ABC IS W*55 G. A. Bandurkin 3MW~ act -w ramiur Scla= J~m 67 punatio" or T-V"ty seetiono *t Local Assomblies Vzp2stneds by A* Randvikoch, 5 pp~. xorimltuff P"" Ar4ri Tor,, Tllan R!o 6,j 2970p 63zm"O"~ e"k Effoctive Chow' 9 of Local Govern=Po are Ire,Wg by 13. lla~gph# pp. Axlmlar ~- uatort ;t,o 20 196199 ray i-iodillcatiew of I'Amabim Production urgod, i)y Avrol lAnelar 5 Pr' X01-AAAAe ops ~~tol~a i-mbarants 212 Apr 1969t Pl' It 3- Jeds 48131) lzdp (Av ex '-Ar Jun A)d Z QA w Tran-'as, I~Gvalqmant of Stat by 11. d Z: r a at*.,, i4o Or~XWWWS Oe WAMI-14 Sta0l DaM fOT C~X=04,0, MR-Alit JW; A:r.U,. 37i A ~ 1966t 'ma 61).61"fo. J cc 613 civil;, a.-A ~,Wtw Lnenearill'; . r 611 An iL:woastr,mt.lon 14:mPurent in lWriliz Dro,"ll ~Wt.lj , ~5 / (id=poldvillo).. by Abbe Valere Eoz~,~a- Apr IX-6, pp~t'Eit3~'F- T? J 1, oi, a t;;~aian .."'s Visit Li BANGERTH F. and MOSTAFAUI, M. Influence of watei ipply and fruit weight on the mineral content in(] pittina, in apples. Erwerbsobstbau (6):101-4 (1969) (CSIRO/No. 9885 Applicat of Synetetic Plastics in Pharm=- tea kagingg by 2. Banhalmi, and G. Benko, 17 pp. HUNGARXM,, per. SLOM mezereszet, Vol 14, No 5, 1970, pp 173-180. ACSI-K-0939 Nov 71 uhmed Tmfteut of tha varims cutzut -7 Aqglfler ClmdtAis )w A, ft*. 6 Gump, Fr# aft LLIO lk, 10 1965p ]v -,3.29. ItACS1 T-.UVi ID 21~516M N .-i~ 0- -~-) I ~, Sei-Mm & Elea DW Dee 65 3.14j,',i6 V. C... a 'q ti ; tj News masm arraft at low rime sootmOn -I -dl' .'n dn ft, t: . ~ * 6, =rl -W- M". " ,Sort 72 ;x, Lnia, Czil L'AlMr7 3L ~7 'j-,, tj C L:L~ of Hama Dun- IV 0 C ..Con Derzocm4tic Centrallm -- A Lasic PrIminle for Vae Direction of Vic National Eco'nomy., I by Hasan pp- AMVWIs np,, %sWcbd 5 11hy !Y,30~ pp. 2-3- Min 35905 Jun t6c, J03Y 157 tic, al Comericom of tl)e muectivc,.ess o,.," by Laszlo Bauup Feren" UWrI. GUM MiT m OULY mriwwmp pa, 140i,.,Ar FOL-ILwok 142mial Vol :;G I's 19K, 13.0 6-9. 699 Readts aW krobloms of Nou L-conomic ~msms LUMS96do tw Pal isrAd* 8 pp. ilUaC4,UAl',, perglIN142W S~RV,12.0 iudapostv 6opt 1968, pp 281-284o aas 460?93 we 63 394479 Cozi:~arativo Lxperimoat:i in the 1,!xtractica of Irop(III) ClIoride with Or~,,aaic Solvvnt3, by E. Baikmanuj, 11. Speckar,, 16 ,-s. (MRMIN, por, Z. t'uial Choo, Vol 1620 19580 pj! I& - A E C/OINN L.Tr- I= e" Jul 7U ct' p, , 6' a ~) ".) v ~?, 1