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t Mqvrt ~rltidses Lowtion of 1.1mr "oat Flantg by Vadat ilawglu, 5 pp. TWZDd, par# SaRU AnImrat 6 -`*ar 4699 pp 2-5o ipHs 48053 --7 Jun 69 Immsti,ption ard Lavlopwnt of an aootmdoop Tochmiqw at tho psychiabric (Iixdc lm.-,14- Se-S. 4or,-alww# First i-bo0ou "adiml Zhs+Atktoo bY Vo 1~,* LWISh&UWO " Ife lxmtovul MTAI~ 1M,-AA1,-,,4Cbo AUSISMit pors Ise" sr-~ taw Lm- -MIM - an nm amstozils 1408=0 19690, pp 19-213, PIZ -5 V Sol-. !A, p e 'ay 70 ."tetivity, by V. litoliato-v. R U ~i, S I AJ , ner, :-.cvro')at i i,sls i,1liat, Voi 5 , 1"-fOiG 4()4 -8. July 3:; 7,4d' L ~u v 12 Z!ct /* 1~ L I J. I Dzt,-n=*6nsu= ol, tb-e tamwitov goiistanta o.' 1: -, p 4 rjmAtJm it, too ~ktalytla !,Olx8r-'wvL*n 1. itMadr-M. vol I J, fwp I 13r Aspects of D&VOLOVIOUt In MAxt FurfiDAS Coke CwmmD*m; In the Irm and Steel. WwM, Galotio by S. BOW. RWAWAj, per, Vol 23, no 2S lm.. pp 95-w- =I 9654 41 4 Dw ?2 Moose of COWAMUM 0t Nomxtallic ImIusiam In Liquid Stftlt by V. 1. PBUM3ansklyj SWIM, per. Ixmt1n *.I Vol 12j, No 3v 1969 v EB '183D ~w TO S. Banya -f-fect of Si, Cr, and Mn on the T-q,ii.1.ibriiu-,i r,47 rar's,'O'n roxygna in Moltep Iron Saturatc~ with Car~-cn. TETSU-TO-fIACA,T-, Vol. 44, 195S, pp 643-6:10. x 11, -IS r-1 0 8 61 Ileb 73 on or Polations Jwb In 'IV Coll Pediatric Minima Test of Trisethopris", sulfaastboxasols Combination Therapy* by To Bassaso SPAXIONO part ZUMA.Miaa APRIAtAut Vol 57t 19700 P 1202-1208. 970 172-11071-010 May 72 llugo :11mer Suarez, 6 pp* SFANISh, np, Presemcla. La Pan. I izY 1972, pp 1, 4. j FiRs 56169 72 nomPluVialwy Jun In CommmoratLan of V2 a 150th, the BtAh of tba. Mriotle 8r Nguyen Dinh chisu (I Jay, 1822-ol.: JUy 1972) 1 A Oreat Pon, a Great EZOV18jo by B&O Dira Gi",p 13 pp* . VrETRAMESE, per,, ROC~TM# Hanoit 110 7s Ail 72s Ipp 69-75 0 .. J?RS 57059 oot 72 G ia! doz P, WSEW Dispersion of PaUutants and the Hicrwll=te of TAcq. Llu~m= - XrMS (ET DES C&MUNTS) PARS. No n, Ipp 21-30. 1970. = 73-10381-13D Mar 73 clower "tations wid SUbs-ations, by L. L V. Tarasov. i Pollstailtzii, Jul 7 2 Protection ofuranim With Metallic Coatings., by P. Baque. FmicH,, per, cm-R-3638 ln,68, pp i-qm '-IM TT 71-5305-1 Availablo M On~ i 1), C \~ , June 71 Protection 0.~-' U=alum by Natenic Conti4k;o., by Pierre Baque. RWMj. rVtj. CFA-B-36Y3- *ABC &-A.11lL4-/ Sai-Vaterials rac 69, b.; Laialr- z4qucilzos 16 pp. 41.11 or o! .,q- , F. 8 r4 t, ~A~ v~'- kz D - - Cl - f~ `,' .' ' " " ", -" Tnatriant of itscdlne St=-ility, by P. 3aquero Gonzaez I I-lumil'iXi, por, ReviaLa Veriezolana Lie urologia, Vol 15t 19659 pp 215-219 4111TO P--lGO- ~-06E .Mr r,- "XI I-,- t 235 kv Ctblw Ifor a D=o=o Lu Altitude of 430 us by G. Bart GMU, perj, MeLt Wints, va 67, r4ov i,,466~ w foo-717. C=/C.E. Wam 5151 xj Lio-,~-, Sal-Mee sopt 69 3 r,-., W I r. of tile clifi"tst all tile 6,YtItflesis Ox ill iialiaatAuS Allnuu.%o bY I*dll ~Mv Pero physicle, in Plantqm~!p Vol lop 10,6st pp 10.517-1043. WSZ761 ABC ANL-tr-291 JdAt", Jwi 6 6 ,Eioor,, of imm, i)iffracticaa 'o(I'Llu it lyi 7114 -,U: ;I--, , . 1. -- I : I ~~ - ---- - . , 29~-306. ITO ~ri' 23-70 att a v~od,, in a . Vol 12, lo b, 1-969, f!:~ 1) 70 40d)jO93 / . - It E~ 4(BNL-tr--509) 5NIEASL ~ I E N T 0 F T H E (lit )SS SEC- TION' FOR THE' REACTION SKr (n,gamma) b'Kr PRODI CED BY THERMAL NEUTRONS. Gllarabanov I It ; Poinanskii, A. A,; Rvasnyi, 1'. G. 101'ranslat a--bY oi,.jkJ)a%.Un Na- tional Lab., Upton, N. 1'.), from j5Zh. Eksp. Tcur. Fiz., Pislill". Rea.; 15! No. 11, 643-5(1912). 051). ~41kp. (nucluar); translations gph~ sic 2011 ,,P NSA L, 6A P- F+ 6 iA t~ "" Ww boa AM ?0 ",3w "La lo I.f jv, pcjrp - - Sam ProbU= Ln the Desigu of the Doe-khotma Of Loden 5hipso tv ~i. V. laremmv .Russlus pwt swodm!4-d~o Vol 3, 1967, p 9. id! Rof : 9M*065 (2594) scift~s~ Imass civ 4, aar Fab 68 rx-be of 4drothemal -,icins cind the problaw of tne source of ,.Ie m1neral aubstmac Vestn,".k Ser. Geol RO. MCC C-8-(r X9 A Case of Straight Relationship Between The 2iineral Composition of a Veijilet in Granodiorite and Minerals it lias Inter- Seq,ted, by V. F. Barabanov 'SIAII, mono, Mineralogiya i Geol,"dilliva llolframitovykh Mestorozlidenil, 967, pp. 65-68 :ITZCC C-8004 ,.,TC-69--30516 Sci/!;.'ar Sci Dec 69 397,546 Al-t. I's C, Illn. BARABANOV, V.F. Genesis of hydroth'ermal veins and ProiAeim-'of the S'-O-'Urce of the mineral substance of the vei Vest.leningr.gos.Univ.Geol.Geog. (4):5-16 (1968) (NOR/C-8302) 1~ 0 Of Sbort4em ftrangth,, and IRMd Totlgbmm of GrIPUte at 3W-35 -K- bt- Prooeam and Powitas w NO ri, Derpm wwo ve M* Bagamp at d, 10 FPO fusams FMo w4dalm L ~34- ukumm" Alffmam Hea ik~~ of matwials wd Str"*4nl lle=tg)o No 5v 1969, PP 354-361. ALVnDAM-23-89-Tl JGIY 71 n \~" Future Tiucioar Power )*volo=ontt*, 'Peviowodt by 'v ..arel Barsbas# 10 Pp. c7p'0140 par,, Rove Vzysl, Iraguo, '."o 12., 1971,, P,,o 11~70TMU71~ Jr?Fs 55070 Fab 72 ~W of CaftLing Abamitedan IABQUwcdp tW C-Mabavm# 10 pp, RUM* pwo ~Ascw* a0 1* im 0?9 %Aolinal- ov n- L in, Uma .4amiM of Cmsmr Cmd Pmducticno by A& iAmb"4 5 PP* Apvt ~,bzcows ,Y,Z* , pw4wo per# JlFmm Sept x9a, pp jp.,zs 54264 A cot 71 7 Ew P l-`-k52 Bole fj~, Literaturo and Art in Ideological ,q4rugglet by Yu, Bm-abach, ? pp. RUSSIAN, rip. ji~yi~stiy A. l-ascow, I Apr 1.)72, pp 4-5. J i'T'S' 55,997 1-AY 72 e"o i-aUonal Chamoter in lAtomturo, by luo Lurabasli. 15 pp. Rt6SJA-Lj 9 pm. ~&.ommniat i-losaw, zio kiy mn 4.5-57. "YV USSR Aft : not 70 Investigation of Typhoons Entering tho 'Sea of, Japan and the Frisorskiy Fray (ilwitlecs) by A. P. Darabashkine md Ye, A, Iesl;ova, ROSIAN, per, TrWy gallnevostochnopa Nauchnoo (4drometeclol gldicskol!~,u rnstituta, No 1, IM; pp BIA Ul 464-66 60 -91 The Phase Dependence of Integral Brightness of Mars by N, P. Barabshov. RUSSIAN, per, Astronomicheskiy Zhurnal, Vol 48, No 39 19718 pp S81-S86. NASA-IT-F-13g973 Oct 71 Li ur, Circul,-.'r to:l~,, On the Distribution of Brightness on the Disk of Mars and Its Stellar Magnitude, by N. P.'~&arabashov. RUSSIAN, per, Astronomicheski), Zhurnal, Vol 46, No 2, 1969, pp 430-434. NASA/GSFC/ST-PS-OA-10841-69 Sci-Astron Aug 69 389,526 an, 1 P, IOf r-n-aUm&I C-1, ~~i icy iy, 'J sc.L L 14 talc' r] "-Lt~; t C i% I Z~. . nxing-wasbinG Aggarstue i~or ?vwnoin~,, Sltaclw~ by V. V. BUWm- MSM, per, 2burnal Rauch I !Vlk Potocz I iunemtl Vol Z, Uo W,~, ml) 212'.214. sci4"eva ~I Equip No 70 md-cp*nmftn /, ~& -abor ~.isciplino :~ttj:~4_0" in JIU~Cmt.-y. LV -,Atka Is 196.)o IY;-138- j 4711,~ 3 A 41 ni- Ic.4.:h ,ictiovi of Ultraviolet Rays and X-r-'Ys 01, by V. A. baraboy. por, Vol 14, ..~o 4, TT F-12,354 y J. Baradat Evolution and Trends in Aircraft Simlation. FRN,MH, per, -Onle bledrIngem Vol 49t No 5071 1969t pp 663-67o f= 72-12656-09D sept 72 Tho ~iilaw function of 'trals- mission 6yatom 0g Or-641 t7 D. I=-ai,,. ULU# port jqbmi9ka-.Tachgka, "10 too pp 17-20. Awl J-2070 1,3W iIT-23-23f/-6B ~;P,i. bv Ia vpv, W. F. BAP-I~ki?014 im 71 vlobla~,s ilt suvrc*-~ 'Lor & -qp. .X'131~1.-'ip ?ere, ByLaroa 196,7$ 219-A. ki SM. 10 ucoza--,x~. Ems rata an the BIOIW of the squld of the southe"Urn Plat of the Pacific oc"no by Ae Aw Baralo WNL*So pws MM maw-tyo,, Vol 43, No 80 196T# Pp 15-ITo #Dopt of Msterlor Flwh =I MdUfe Eervice XV., Vxmu of Foreip Fishedes Dec 67 f" B%p'~arevorj TF'ahlan.,~; mul SccraL~',r4l,; by Yt!. D. A. A. Bmralo 2.6-) DaterrcUntion of the ACtUal load-:Varlng Capacity of Piers Ro. 3-6 of the Fort of KUM&$ 177 41he 1. 9nvmldzo, 23 pp. RU~~r,la, part IMWZg Vol 14c 1966* pp 11-26. OJA Lllri* 1648 sell,-lo& Feb 68 A99 00 .~mcrmm off iSficimw of Coumdoatims 1*260- twbw Uzws with & lim fAvivion of Uum-siolev by lq~?Jt pp 19-200 ,"OA 71 vistributica of Adsorbed particlaso on the Surface of Silicon p-n Trusistors by Wan,, Eremokop 8 pis* MWAIAN, 1mr, Ukrainakiy Fiziclmiy Zhur,, Vol X$ No Is 1905p pp 141-11.3, = 1.9356 C ID 2204014766 sci-b lact 1%)r 66 299#574 Xnaaame Of -,;acxjGewc and Doilggmxy of jMfenila'al 0y ralwa, 3 ypo mmom=M., Part Jan -1965., pp. JPM no-yu,ms'-wila Co~_- , -1 , - r, g o 5 ot e, /I d, Trima. 71 i~l"tita P~t; U~l f,)f VIC I:eluiu, C P, L-A-! Ld J I L L 12, A. S. %rmeukm DbWbtltice ad loqft of ths Lino Od Tupritup of vw 0004 (MLI],Gt= VLUW= malar) in the bzmu s"o RMUNS, pwo ff"Alm " - Ubt No 16l 19V# pp 11&131 me 72-6030-*' sept 72 A. S. BARkIP.NKOVA Distribution and Drift of Barents sea cmmercial Fish Lime in June-July of 1967. por,, PINRO& Vol 140 19700 pp 26-43. *NL)O-Tr-578 Nov. 72 k4mic ftogmidng and Umllnear Pmblew CowumW 2do-Bod Statleas by V. A. Ibmimahoo YU. 11. pochtmD. BM,qlMj, pars Dak Ak liauk SSMS. Vol IE2, No 5, Oct, 1968, Iv logg,.;1031. Abo Am Imt of PlWa Vol 13Y UO IOP 19C9- I-IV 69 332:W6 YA*t4lvl air Boot SAY 70 2z; C~> 6' Lillecess- o-," ".xvrillant liscusst-~. by ,io ,,Arancnl-,.ovaq 6 ospe pp 6:j