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ip-Imr ro.,u,,,tt4t,,, in lant lrj~nstiv by Lrtluctviya cmi by pp. H 1%.. ~Toduotion Growth of LUSR Mmt Industry, by Pi. isrbasbin, 8 pp. 21,15SIAN, par, Yx asna a Wustriy '~KR ow y _Z L_ _, ~bac , No 2, Fab 1972, pp 1-4, j ~pz 55640 Apr '12 A I - k - /),," --kK i ', i ) i A-' 1973 Decisive Year for Soviet Dairy Industr7t by 1-,.. K. Barbasbin, 9 pp. RWSL41,1, per# ~Aoswla lnq~tl, "~Oscows , 0 Emwqge - No 2, Feb 19?3'. pp 1-5. JMS 58541 Apr 73 q-)-)i le, I,X.=don,F 4,clodovrAsat4on of' ltlry by Larbaemns a pin't ~'Spt 19"''l. pp 1-59, ~oc ?i L*velqm* of Lalv Imintriascuomo, Lu ~, 0: K . X. Beft0hial UP,)* - P.ZSW-;. pa-, ~Iabvmvutg~--AMMMOMLI I I bacmil NO 40 Apr l9al, P-0 1-.% iiiPs 53197 i* ?I M - '~ - 8,9, P-,b,9 -S 4 ; t~ 44 aL t r yr, i "U"ic:3 -tt ~e. R. Bom 6A skits :raarmov Fmati=- for N=-Unear Equatl,= of the Fourth Orders by Ye, A. Barbashin, 8 pp, ~MWIMs bk, Funkts& Lymmova, 1970, pp 13p.137. AR-VMTC/RT-23-937-72 AtI3 7P 4e. A. 8RebFISkijj A General Sumey of the Methods of ftstru&ting lv~mpunov Ametions for Non-Linear Systmw, by Yc. A. Bafbashin$ 21 pp. RUSSUN, bk) flunktsiy RMMova, 1970, pp 64-85. AMOMCIRT-?-3--9'3T--7P- Auau 72 I!C41c).1 I~roll, Uld iulgiospenas hl Tertiary Deposits in Some FAr Eastern DiStTictsv 'L),y V. N. !;arbashinova RUSSIA, per, Dol, Al', Nauh SSSR, Vol 179, P,,b 5, 19608, p-1) 1167-1170. Jan 69' 37-1-646 T m4w ccmmt aar-Ir"', G-vwsta- ~yl twol Etna 2n rats &bvted to :~Walup L-y 1-.. As '#5wr&w* I* it naeAdl=m an-a Yuo IMe Moudealsop 7 0.0 SAMetrA A. M'S -,M16431 roto MMA12 E", iDrai negkmpm V"Tol X-1 - ------------ % ~~ -- Dymanics of the Increas in the Resistance of an Or W is= and Its Adaptive Reactions at the Cellular Level in the Course of Adaptation to Hypoxia, by Z, 1. Barbashova, 32 pp. RUSSIM, per. Usgekhi Fiziologicheakikh NaukL V01 1, JUl-Sep 1970V pp 70-88. ACSI-K-2794 Sep 72 _e4 ,0-~rjCAt ~ kt Lark by can Chamterization of UlWlene-h-opylene mid l.tb,ylem-111-oWlew-Dieae Copolymers by Different Fractionatioa Teebniques, by P. C. Bmrl)e.9 IR. Za=tti. NALUN~ per# la Chinica e 111nduztria, vol 47, No U., 1965 PP 1204-3207. CT.Gl (Che-)3j Sci-Cbom Aug 66 308p4506 IS CaAlligt ilQFL'M MXIL M7~j F,V-~~- I)Ilt* 23 at pol i_ PP-7, M, =So, ij7~11i":-,S" ]331,49 Africa J2, 4, act cula gla (&', MAW ad 11 1 DANSM.* by Room pw.. *-" Mutsu &1 Vol 990 19pp pp 4ww"&* we 72-VOW-06K . Ju 73 Ulc lau T I. ALA:', CommL,Ast ?&.Vty l1riter CastiCptos , rorml-asive Soclotyt t by Plorm, narborls, 5 pp, MM~~10-11'fp M, # Ill-lur-anitO- 7aris~ 11 Jan 71, p 7 1 Forged-Steel nolls for !IaugftLn6 Mills, by A6 larbetrac. FIIMCH, per, C.D.S. lCire, No ,', I ~6), V~ 2J37- 294G. *Mst 62T) 6c"L-41at 1-L-y Tj ~\ . ~) tft'\svr_-_ C.. Bwbi#r ChMIM Tods at, Noc L, Mast ymmace at MdmdU* UdM DIffenat Q=Utl" of Sidor. NMH#,, per#, QUIn do eggggadim BOSLUDIM, jjwmAmq 'No 50 1970t pp 1239-1 IM 72-0325-11Y fli 51 q35,6 50ome Quatione Concorning 'I?yawJc ~7atwork. Stability: Comparison o~ "tudy IWIela lljlith Actual Canditiona, Improvoment of Nothocls, Inveatigations in the Field of Oynchronism Postoration, by 0 ,, Barbior, ot al. EUIPOPE-10" por, rcovuo Ganaralo LIraoctr,-*,c:Lt-2* Vol U-Op Draw 1971j, pp 413-1,35. SIDI Trana 25030 Jan 72 TechrDlOgiVa Aspwft and Techniqpdes of Using HLgh Top Pressure in the LiMits of tht SUS- tained Spee4 of Bl"t Fmace Number I at Thionviller by C. Sarbier, FMCH, per. C.D.S, Circ., Vol 27, No 2g 1970, pp 43543F.- DISI 8869 c~ lugoalm-eift '1zlimces ~klviAnd. 16 Pipe As. '41Y 4~) .4 LY u-) c"Parls" Ik"M the Wssion of, Oxygen =d the fivission of Ludaocance After a Series of Saturating Plashms, by G. Barblovi* 16 pp. .,-FRENCH# per& Photdchemb Photobiol* Vol 12s, 197%, pp 197-206 AM TT F US02 GOVEMM MD GOVERUMT CWRACrORS USE ONLY =g 71 Aluminum Cans for Prd"rved Food, S. ROSSOO 5 pp. ITALIM, per, ladustrit Ceitservo, 1965, pp 314-3TT7~ ACA 1-9304 ID 1.204011966 'lay 66 by (s. darbiert 97 Vol Up BARBIERI, T. and others. Some results of research on automation of the blast furnace at Piombino. Metallurgia ital. 59:861-8 (1967) (CR L/ T. 4198 x) lncreuain~; laportance of Ciimicad, Inlustri to &-Ational Econmy, by Fr.-.utL-:c--tc jl>vfbirek~, 9 pp. SWVAK, up, PmvJa 213 Eept 1967, P 2 - J?r.f,' J I Econ Nov E-7 Car= lNualyzis vith the llaerm*~~Ianm, Dy G. -%roiroli, cmi~-m,t J*X. alkochin. MA'S3 Apr '70 t~. ~ \ ~ "141, v i of=apacities in the Cranial- aiua~ E Injured, by J. Barbizet,, and C, Chappon, 45 pp. FMCH, per. Acta P!Xchiat. beil" Vol 70, 1970s pp 157-183. HAV/STIC-Tran-3254-71- a - -q - Sq e- ~ C>; Stability of Coacmtrated Lyapboble Sole and Their Coagulation by Eloctrolytes, ty B, V, Darboj, R=IAN, rr ssm 1. 9 Doh A Nawl ~.. a. pkm 02A 1, vo:L 196 t 1,10 4* 197 t pp W~631o as Nov 71 2-0 im ,;OW ; tr,., UArr, =z1 L\,,cra-es in Tlx.,:-,~ Yeam, by -Wio Darbacc,,, 11 prie GIMMICIR UGE MIA POI-ILMUESE, nj),j j", 11,11 dO Braollp 12 k'-Ur 1j, ,7, P. 3. p"'VOI, DJXftLon of 3 in Alsp by 11. Baltouth. BEL14 pers 2951m Fando I"d ~41 Vol V~ ser C,, 1967: LV W)-1031- W,W T-L 7-3-5r:~m scl/cbm Jul 70 I bw\~)ON lMrovir4q, the Unified Transportation Systen, by Toma Barbov, 7 PPr BTJW,ARIAN, P. or, Goo :mqfiya, Sofia, No 6, 1971v pp 1-4- JPRS 55127 Peb 72 77Z, Roop_60V ~Avalwsmt of WITood Tvow*rt -in aag*da, by T.6 S. I*rbov. 5 pp. par# .414 *do "Zscowo u-nd't 34 hay 1971. pp ?.,9moo ?I U.ftlmnd ,-, -A low I"* two Gf t; .-Q, 1-InfQritor~, --.f no a ,i 7 Taz~--. Carr-, Vor T~nnccirut oi, und l'i(ILAUi -,j "A it '2123 J-2?; J, a. $ In 4ilrm iransTwt by Jikl&p porg Lb ...0 36 Con 11tv oystmi of it~rit of us natlaml Eqm=7 and Profit ara rAm ==tjj3g in Wad by Tma B,~ =d niyz~ Latbev, 12 pp. TAJWAW,'ff,F perp i k."At ILo 5p June ix-lip T* "41-33. JI-In mz-Dalp'l-L', I"Can OC410- 67 342 rj-ite D"ejopmt of the HelVigerutor Car inventory of AtIgarius Stmte i~~, ~, by Tom Barbovo 8 pp. MWARLAS, per,, VUBabna tumorkwl NO J-, ftpt 1967., pp JPIM 4361:1 pz-balg~.Ila BM jan 68 347, ik-52 JIMS, WWUVag Of 7? rAKMl&ASrl,, COMtrIO3 Proposedo, by V*Ao Olbom ~svbozt, 9 ppo 'AO 30 Cat 19a. p 9. i i?L 54556 Righ Rate of Expamsion in All Becton of Waal Husbendvy Requind to Increaso Its Share of Overall Output., by U. Barbu, 5 pp. FUMMIS, per, !iricultura Socialists. Vol V. No 14* 19671 pp Is 5. JPRS 40954 -2)~ vg-a-'d~ Agri May 67 324,21fi6o lffbw Trends, in tAe Devolo,-cont of "bandarli- =Uon ktivitler,, W~ C- Eerbu, 5 !-~,o , MUO-4-M, ocr, Standm-dizwlWll* 'N'o I., Jan 1966P -PI). 1-3. R. Barbu Design of High-8peed Teleprinters and tapes reqm'red by eZwtrhnic omputem. 15 pp. ROWMI, Posta ai TeZecowticatiiP VoZ 1, Ifo 7. 1971j, pp 350-366 ArP,IF,TD-EC-23-1053-72 Us,5* GOV'T USE OHLY, COPYRIMIT 111PORMT1011 nov 72 A Now Nethnd for DoterzAtAng Cable Defects Ushr Pulse Tedhilques. bY Ing. Eneta '--irbu, 7 pp. RUM41UNIAN, per,, Talecomunicatiij, 1101 1XI No 10, October 1965, PI) 410-414. M51 J-0166 Tf) 11,204053"M Sd Indust, Civil Sept 66 "or Be v %ter QrSeavatieng, Avxomm,~ of Dw.-AsUc Ind4 by r--h"Wlw *VW, 8 ppe R(I"WiWepwi 0, Arlwasts x%0 20 i~ob IIYAv pp 00,44-ilem jz:r~s 5 M'O The Use of CWm Briquet3 in Anodes for the glectrolytic AIUMinM, bj 1. Barbu. ROIIIINLO, perl Rev Chm, Vol pp 209-213. ATS RU-5433 the (4am3facture of Proeuction of 20, No 41 1969; juna 71j -k k, mg 21* Jrh- :ad- at 1~,4e 'M. Barbu investigations Regarding Quality Improvewut of MO-Cr-Al Nitriding Steel b7 Additional Alloying .With 1% Ni. METALLURGIAO 1972, Vol 24, No 90 pp 616-31 *BISI 11011 Feb 73 9 Ani t!!! ~7.r~ latl-Nr"r, 7~11 c~ c hi .-5v Acbicn-c-mc.nts atul tv.,Lml kv Nicolac, -~"Mrbul, V no. rpto 'I. -17de ai "JoCidna bur -.arcp .eterL-ora, ,I Ap Jan "'roam .49 Qad Trends of MWom, 1",ma-dan Pn~i~e- tift, OrgmAzation., by Constnntin Dirb-.aft--cu, pp ,X WE 42731 5ct 541 Isolation of '~3almella StwiloyvMo in AmwilA# by iArbulemm, Lucia Szo- Ito 5 pp. AU;--:AJlAzJ# por# Idew zix-barest. Jan 1969, pp 25-28. JPaS 47g610 6: c ia i'l (19 c!. .0do";4k ~tomxdc ildomi, by Luct"no :4-Mcot 3 pyi, wLklyl "o. 47, Zlw, 43s6,41 5 - ;-~~ Af hi" 2~ July 70 A K) D ~( C- 11 ~ rn> A I ~, c R t-,,e- C'Utural Lind Edue,,%tlullal ~ctivitic-o of iouth) bj pp- T-f jum, 67