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,"L, 69-750-31024 A- e,A) ext ~t. Part 1 - uy I=aeu,.3z aulolfl* Ilide-tvil Z,'jc6l'1(;Czul lid )c 67-72, W014/7 Daxrips to PlabUg Crift, by Iremuer, PaLIM, p-r, Biuletyn R T- .ItW; lb 9s 99s pp 42,45* *F,Ml TT 67-56124/76 sei-Emth Bei oce,,mNmaphy 67 Estft-, Ito of Libw Accident Prequeney in the Pirst Wf of 1,966, by trewusz Bulski - PMM, *r_, RiuUtyn Infor,:.IUAMr Gospouarld Pdbz!!I, No 2.0(2~)p 1966~ pp 60-65. ;alffl TT 67-56124/77 Sci-Earth Sai Ocenwgraphy Dam 67 A Rapid M-crordethod for, Sulrur Dotormination in Or,,=ic Substmces, by J. Buluselt. CZECII, per. Pardubice, VZf3o%a Slwla Chomicko- Tqchnol2aI.oka,- Sbornik Vedockych Praci, Vol 20, No 2, 1969, PP 13-17. I N TC-71-10655-07c; 110V 71 Aadia zsn-~: d by a db, Ara -Oro bi -4 AlICIA~h-mllo. 1.4 ~ho~dal;Fa# k, I, AIN 6 p Use of Cam7,tt3ra In Retail Tre4e Amagvment De-scrihed., by L. aily&-a-v ata A. P.11zheyev,, Tjr~-c~;r, a P,,,, 4, Apr pp. 36273 L ~ R '2,-0n J,~ I 16 t, -) 0,1 zoo Rev A-Aft~ Ov,,WL71~ 'C-1 At ~l 2=14&- i~W A* E~,--ap:~smmut UM comvmtive Lee 02 mactrima Bacti= in Erfemt amums to omtr:Lfttml " CwUIWW MftcUt by I. A. DAy4n,, 0. Ye. SobgovWW. 13 Pp. =Sin., per., MIA~Wcbeghu mu=i sm imo 1. IL E~C~~. 110 4., 19*, pp 445-4532. 3 n 220400450 Jan TO 4oog2p j,~ ~Aal t4 45 -67 IntzUluctim of IZZ-415 Vlt~i=vj gior by MCI# t1o ftfte-4-vity 0e tho cc&.!=Ow t-.,cwm ror the IlAquid-Phwo o-P MOM bV 74='al of R=UM Vators, by Z,-Mchr- Team p lip PO 63 358,680 Mo rfff-tct of Vater m tho 'Ato mxl Diroctimn the liquid-ftM Cid&tlon- mr Batow, by 4. pCu". 40 Sol Dw 63 30s679 Use d Aviatica sinu W%ft Oke TUrblo Wft HY&Ol" by P. A, fidydt6 G. S. MOM* pwp No IA. i%!~ yp OKSO DIVt d NAVY Tr 4374/OMI IT M AJW 66 (~ SCI I FVdG & PrJDP a , "Iro 2990626 Unar5onle Pto:=* Of 14141= Dr~ /2,5 MeEng an U-31~pzd BMMS Oltranath., by Ye. V. BdFZUmj VA. N. Tudintiov. F.W31AN) porp Ta wil-Oar ILI 2,7 19%., m, !19-125. Cuber SalmW of a Data Wing at kvper- sale Velmitlesv by Yeo V, bilysimp 4 pp. MMAN - issh M- p Cal of Art.. &MtM I ObkASWftV&% Sol.. J, Pp WT-UO fliou9m-v 5-7-2 Set-Aeraw,AAce Fob 68 350462. -y v 3 iV 4(AEC-ti-7327) MEASUREMENT OF THE TRANS- VERSE DIFFUSION COEFFICIENT IN SHF PIASMA. GBA11gin- shiij Do G , V111dzhyunas, M. I.; PolosIdn, B. P.; UtocWdn, B. A. y(Akademiya Nauk SSSR, Leningrad. Fiziko-Tekhnichesidi In- stitut). 10Translation of report UNP-18917. 2011p. 24Dep. NTIS. 26fUsion devices (thermonuclear); physics (plasma); translations 248A, 201 ,8STD-20 2,P NSA REVISED CARD 0 of Ux Ura! CkdAvra-Puridotite Associatio%" I~y ,,or,, IjDi~ A ~Iaul: Vol 4, pr 361,;M; Dividmi of UnI Mtrobsolo HD*b Into AswcUUone; by L D. b4kLnj, N. K. Zolmov, HUMMW., Wj, Vok Ak Hauk S.WBs Vol 180j, 110 41 1901 pp AGI L , -b - 8 Q L Her 69 375#7U SOAet Vorkers t0 G6t POY I=rWw in 1966., by C-1 S. BLvzak*ft and M, Wlubevp 6 pp. WSSia, cy, yg~b 4 Oct 1967, P- 3- JPBS 43209 1 UMN h.. Um ftv 67 A8217 Lotter Cmilty eal Un reasea ioacy In Construction Vork., by V. Pua,=ea, 5 pp. per Vinta &o=dca, Fx) j$ 4 Mar 1966, P-p- 3-4- JPES 34935 Scon Ayr 66 293,976 qugLuty in emounmuml., ?rj V. Azft= Mki CI,,. I - , - slzft=., Z3 iv* AMMI(o, parj, Uz.A4.0alm... lb '~~p 4r, Ggs p. 71-a. p JPM 3D= Scon ,J~,= 05 a j- I., 3a ", Gmup Technolpa., An RMcient Flethod of producti(m org"Isatimp by 1e Bwalm.. 13 PP,, =mm, perf Promm Be 110 3s mr 1966, PP~ 73ZI-P apEs 35479 Econ j= 66 301.Me '71-. ;. P, nll ~ I;K ).5,- v'zyt ~ij nutaont swois or4 Dietribution - aW Pittiko .A in Apples, by G. Bunewun. GERM, per., Pflamenarztp Vol P-Is N* 12p 19W, pp 134-137. Cznofilo 9674 -I'd. ~ Sai-BU.", sept 69 392:6-0 b-,, G. Las,.~r licao t"C ONLY 03W,W1 "OT Sdhweist; Tecladkil Vi'll ?v 'I. Ulto 0 ? 11 - 170 M fl 6T)' 2. Ymltliugo Charactei-lotics ol, ceit-1,--mition ',n Nothanol ard Foxrmaldelj~rdc Mxtcaras~ b,.. V. A. Bmov, B. P. Melamed. M33SLO, per. g2mi-ya Voll No 11 19693, pril-41-11,4. DWI, of Havy AIV= T-',IhPq L4 r\j Jull 70 A C C' 4(RFP-Trans-93) 5CONTRIBUTION TO THE MAGNETIC DETERMINATION OF FERRITE CONTENT IN AUSTENITIC MATERIALS PARTICULARLY IN AUSTENITIC I WELDING MATERIALS. sBqungardt, K,; Dietrich, H.; Aratz, H.-E. jjran~lated for Dow Chemical Co., Rocky Flats Div., Golden, Colo., from 15Dew Tech. Ber.; 10: No. 4, 298-325(1970). 2075p. 24Dep. NTIS. 26metallurgy; tranSlati"B 2111F 2OMN-25 20P NSA Tha Davelopcient of StaLnless R. Hungardto U. Spyra. GMK%Nl, par# DRW Tachn Barg 3699 BESt 3149 sci-mat 3bi 70 MaragLag Steele$, Lry ~5 Vol 9, 1969, pp 361- K . a ~-j '~, C:T- A (,-~ ~) -- -k The Effect of Various Moying Elments on the Size of the Ga=a-Pbase in the Fe-Cr-C System. Pa:rt 11. The System Fe-Cr-C-Ifil by K. Bungardt. GMM., per,$ Arch Eicenhutten, Vol 39, 10, pp 863-867. *fiM/U=/NBS TT 71-55079 Available MS Only e . .8 tt A)A )g p- 9 -~ May 71 e 0i" Ollro~,iu . ~5 -.i in r-c i. Lr t c1 :i;eol `iTcl 7,j 6, 1957, *1 "472 0 8' 1 BUNGARDT. K. and others. Effect of nitrogen on the - properties of austenitic Cr-Ni and Cr-Ni-Mo(Cu) steels.' '' DEW Tech.Ber. 7(2):71-91 (1967) (CRL/T. 3950x) 171) Inallmea of 'Atrogm of the Pmporttea of 0 (Cbpr4r) "Itw1u, by per. zS&N 111go pp 71-90. nu 6~03 L-C-C ,~Oi h ~ a t R" rhm,"*dt -0*1 71 V-,r,, ro. 1~'67P (;S-O. A,A nf A 0 2 The !-co-Zirda'aire rA"havlor Or- Itw-Nickel Alloy" Czat Aniva Tittmi-w an..", A luminim. by K, COMIAkIl ~,cr, XKq,jc~fw.. Iler. Voi 0 No 3, 19G6, DISI 5575 o-- t 5 7 'the Bohaviour of Austenitic Chromiu"Ickal Steals in Cubon Dioxide,, by K, Oungardt, at al WIRM, per,, M-Tachu. Barichtc., Vol 69 No 40 19660 pp BISI S441 Cc 1z Jun 67 327gM Influmv, of Ooolikg 1- '-ato i*xirlng Tplarlmiy~,, on tba ToljeWss Of lbt-~.,blidrr Tool 'A001.9, by K, "AZX~,ardtv at A, NMI N, IIIT 36L V9. CA - -'atorials State of Knowle4ge aud Developmut Traft in the Sphore of Toil Steels,, by K, Bungardto 0* Mulder* GERM. POV4, Stahl Elsefts Vol $64, No 34, ftb. Id: F170IS&I60. BISI 4922 sci-materials Sept 66 3100355 The Carburisation of Plain W)OU arid ChTomiwb- Bearing St"Is in Hydrogon-Doozone Vapour mixtures,, by K* ounsordto at ale GERHM,, per,, Arch, Vol XXXVIv Oct. 19650 pp 709-7246 SISI 4749 iia", 66 3OOv949 Luarbwdtatica of Uaallore4 and Onromium Alloy Steels Lit Hyd"genoWater Vapaur Rixwes,j by go Bungardt et al. GEWM, per., Axth. Usenh., Vol 364, Nov 1965, pp 809416. OISI 4755 may 66 2990,753 The Ldrect Hardeabi of Cuse4lardening steelss by K, bungardt# et &I* GUIM, Imr,, IWW Tachnische Berichte, Vol V,, r No Is L465* p 24, BISI 4754 may 66 3000942 I-hemal Cmiductivity of Alloyed and Unalloyed Steels and Alloys at Teaperatures C~i Between SO and 700 OCO by 6 a mani4 W, spyra, GEMMM, per, Arch Cismb, Vol m. Arm 1965, pp BISI 4664 11-7 Pay 66 3000342 Mw Use or Cooe Havlened Structural Steele an Hateri" ior Articles Bequiring, Accaemted Trors.- formUm of Austenite Into Ztrrito and B=lite After 33at Tbastmentjo by X.. Bmwdt and B. Y42=c., G=-.y !!tent 1.183,&2 = I dl~ Mar TO 405o749 Texture Description by ft4us of Three-Mmusional Pole FiPmag by H, J. aunge. GERM9 rptt I? ina of ibe latamtLonnl Contareme on Taxtur", Tech Uutftrai!X Clauathal- Zallerfald, SPrjMr Verlaa,* Berling 1969y pp 24-35. BISI 8182 Sci-hut Y\ o Oct 70 Notes an the FrepumUca of Shoet structwe jjjrW&h 7hne Iny4ent Pole 511"30, bjy sans-joachim Bunp. 77 CIVA4. per., Z. Motallkde. Vol $62 -%o 69 196sj, pp 578-379 *,W-c OWL-ir-1297 EDC 7/21/66 Jui 66 on the Reprosestation of General Textures, by Ilans-Joachim Runge* B CEPlog pal, Z, Motallkde. Vol 56,, No 120 1965110 pp $72-874 W-P, *AEC ORNI.-tr*1329 EDC 22 Aug 66 Z-."- ~, SCIP&M Aug 66 Pressat GUto ow Dovelopmt Propumto for ths GM Moritim Mww&W, by W. bxzo* E. J. Riebter. 13 PP- POUM., pw,, TWobnUa I OoW2!?~Lo tbrolmt Vol Ia., Do bo 10715-94TW3- rapt of Uftr1w Bowu of CmmuvW Flsbwlos orace of R=elm Fisheries A-32-Oot 'L969~-No 29 On Loen EEW ~,) &tt7il, Eem Dac 69 V.1515 oll, Vntc- for an ast arriany :oDn ~Iultural !;'Viou nml LcoawAc I~avalop.,-mcnt in Sab-!~~nhmran Africa, by ~Icrrrc Cqtn,,,,etx,-r , 29 ppj ppt 2 42.4 25 3 f t,.R 6 4 53F7 7 "ay 157,68C, 2,.'-'!!, mr, :-tv ol 15,5. Jw. 24?6Z~, ZA 164*07. ja 6.3 Types of vetect Occurring in conanuous t"oqw,ri, by A. Bungeroth, R. vam !~ttem. perp Mannestumn Forschungsbar, No 465, 1 ~ 6.3, p 7. BTS! A59 IA e p 7 0 I I ..0, 6 Lm"L'J~ . Awelddaft mnds Sme Incenuves Ineffective, . by Pa. Bmdphe~ 3 pp,. RUSSIAN, npt. Ism-es-tinat. Hoscowc 9 Fab 1973, . .p 3o- - ~ ims 38374 ->4~., The Lconomics of Toobnical Frograss, by I i ~. 'Emich, 5 pp. RUSSIAN, np, T3~i JIrRSS 56290 4. zbscov, 14 I-V 1972, p 2. June 72 ',blv of ~Tcfit irt- Soviet Cama- d--- rV) -Con 41 RUS" 1 '-:2, r r - v a 2.z j3LL C 0 rt 0 Qu H I ethodola,rLdcall Pittlaro of Plmnirw_ PrW~.X- timl Okmeit-las., Vj Pt D"zich, 12 RXIMIARP wri Planvvoj!~ loloqwmtvq, No 0~ J= 1965s pi). 31-3). JPfS 325M =i ECOU Nov 65 Criteria Ar purmug uncim LvIluawt IV i.p p - Dun~ 23 w* RUSSIVI't Part lot= pp 46-58o no Lot Oct 196?9 if-R-S' 4%68 -1 ~ J-~, , C- A USSR Low Jan 68 3M9 M4 EconWists DIM=" PrOWAMS of Cost Ae*mmting on the &web Leni, by Po BunIch and V. sht"Aras. 10 pp. RMUN, yer., Plawwom MEmagmtroy so 91 ftt 1967i PP 29~-360 JPM 43177 UBW Be= Llec 67 3469247 tlic, C- o on-. nc~,U~ . jLj" jall CoBt Accoantin,,; Pral-lems in a aV (4-AiLal 21amimoz., by Pe Go Danicii., pQa MOSINI, per, EkonmAka i Vate-zticLonkta- I- vletodv, Volo Ir, 113, 60 Hcri-Dec 196b, P-,), ~w-,4 Econ Jan V~ . Greater Ratum From Inveded RuUez Desired* by R, Bunichf, 5 ppik. RLU"'npq Sotdali Ches U rim Moscow,, 21 Jan 1972p.p 2&_ jpr6 55a9 leb 72 ('0110ralizaticril of i~uskllv; of I-awsti-atim Oi Voil Cw-q-,m-mr Cascades at O'tb5cmic ~"J~eed" i.-,y A. 1. 6wifioVich, A. A. 6vyntagurOV. 35 N, .,or, Lvpntochrjyya_ Ashiny i, Struynvye )para~i. "bumik Statay, -lo 2, 1900 P"' 7 '6. ? i'd 114 Ff LIP-'T-2 4-69-6 8 sci/wrolautics f.0 '37G ~f- SOG