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December 29, 2016
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A. I. Bunimovich Aerodynamic characteristics of plane caq)ressur rows at a high subsonic velocity. LOPATOCUM MUNY I STUINYE APPAIWY, 1967, PP 5-3.5, -15163-nlA I NrC 72 mar 73 Aerodynaidc Uiaracteristics uf Foil Coi---,-!rosscz cxe,czl(Los at iji~,h 146sorkic Speed, by A. 1. i;u-,diAovie3, A. A. ~;vvatosorov, 34 1.1p0 Loputedillyze .'tTuyllqe 0 x 'O*borniv statei.. ''lo 2. WO. 11)"i 1-1W. A114117r0l'or-24-69-68 sci, Acro'n auti Cs -~ar 69 .57 S7o,() Froo-Molocular G" Flow in plane ClImInels 3,5' wid Grids, by A. 1, ouni4ovicho 14* L. Kagan. RWIM, per. Iz A Nmj SSSR ~jekh Zhid i Gaza Vol x10 ms'y"Zme 1966. PP M.-M. 37MAOT-r 'AL/ Sci-Phys Har 67 520,807 t7y As 4-6 4v~, ,tpi.~-p TZ rq~ Sauk V4111'AM UZ ,-j4rat4-O-,,)AI RoUabiUty of .4. Fmninj 10 pp.,. por, Avta-,%t:vm. pp, 352 onutth of i.-eat-ljrwt=vt. by '66"Zo iw_az~~Y~ (67/CU) spharomution of aypmutoetou camute in WKta cast Irm, by A, A* kArmms r K s P* BM!dA* f=SIUO pmt SSSRS Val V96 NO 6p 10* pp 1 306 The Am bat Ph" Vol 11 so 4g oat 1968 u to; Sol/awe Nov 68 370*2W Cz tho ~t'tal)Allty of AustwAta In ~lAto Caat J-.-=, by T. i. ixnin, IAMLL-Cif -J-4TI A i-O 4g imis 68 3583 246 I/F Effect of Themocycling on the Austenite Transforma. tion in Magnesium-Treated Cast Iran, by K. P, Sunio, et Al UK"INIANI, Imbr, DWovidi Akado NwA* bkr RSR, 19660 No 40 pp 463-46b fi~ No 6738 July 67 322,822 T~,e 'Oevclopccat Ycaris, by ?;.V. au-nlvi, 3f, tt nL' N) 1W Thermification Turbine for ITuclear 1-7i-at and -L.l.-cctric l.3c-..,je2r Plants, by V.S. Dunln, 12 T)D F,USSTAN, -Der, TeRlo FnerFetika, ~Ioscow, Ho 2, Feb 1973., -Du- 18-21. JPFS 58464 Mar 73 \~ nan for Eaouodc and SwUl Development of uiininski7 Raw* by v. BwAu, A. nlien. 13 PP. RMIMI nP', dat Unimad, 22 tAr 1972, p 2. 4FES 55995 haY 72 ~o the Transfaumti" &iAotics of tile Auslamito in Cut Irom Alloyed i4th Omium and gickell by Yu* Nf Urass Yt6 he Duoina" kuBsllo'k per# Impovidl Akad lisuk ukks:~~Ip i0 10" P658 Fil ui r---tt,3r D.-oimdc I;bWc;,-,ant of prises Naaded, by P. IAnizIus 5 R USSIAN., np, IREpItils, 31 Dec JPYG 4,CO71 UFSE Eem t-*~l % r (it -~----f4rloct Of ::Itrogon, on tho of 1 110 an4tla trr-:iT4 nn-d Stools., by Buncardt* "n, loolmischo x) 73 -90. .o1 To "Ilo 2, 1,967s T T. ~"-, 1 7,56 0 s,o Jan 69 stwus an a Ili& $trongth StAtaoss V~am,-T Steeig by K. LXwsuodt- UMi. pgrg Vol 13o lio I 1967io PP53-670 *mi 68io soi-Mat /K /l/P o 6i ,~ j&n 69 V(~-- C, t(ORNL-tr-2648) BREPORTS ON THE RESEARCH PROJECT ON PRESTRESSED CONCRETE REACTOR PRESSURE VESSELS SPONSORED BY THE FEDERAL MINISTRY OF EDUI- CATION AND SCIENCE, &unke,1N , joTranslated for Oak Ridge National Lab., Tenn. from German report. 2039p. 2,Dep. NTIS. 2greactor engineering; reactor materials; translations 27181, 18d 25NIN-80 22P NSA Is Effects of Chemical Soil Treatments Upon Plant Pathogens and Soil !IIcroor4cRanIst,)s, by Bunkichi-ro lintanbe. JAPANESE, per, Phyto athological soccity of Japan, 1965 *ACST 3-6142 PSTC-IIT-23-268-11 Sci-Agri ."or 69 Effects of Chemical Soil TToat;ueut Upon PIsat Pathogens ane Soil Microorpaidszs, by Bunkichiro Ilatanbe. JAPANESE, per, Annals of the Phytopatha-- logical Society of 31, 'No Det 1965, rp 427-43(.1. ACSI 3-6141 FSTC-dT-23-268-W-68 w'u P'isy 619 382,322 ", r . ~ , --- 71 .1;----~ , - .. I ..I , ~: " Itto p ,I- W1. - 'r I .~ 4 " I JIM* .Vb ~ U.9 -- - -11%. L Ice MA-Po s it rtm Pairs in ~er boL Ak foauL Vol 1.~;7 ~~u July P)o& -S41---'iT4-. ILC At, Inst of Phys Vul 14, ~lo 71 Jan 1,M F- Ci F4~,b 7(, 39 4 The Information Data Search in Autoi:iation of thi Calculation Processes with a Subscriber for Long Distance Conversations, by V. V. Bunkina, 4 pp. .RUSSIAN, rpt, XXII Vses Nauch Sessiya, Posvyashchennaya Dnyu Radio. Sektsiya Provodnoy Svyazi, 1966, rp 33-35. JPPS 37515 Sept 66 LaWr f-roblem In Pl=lzr, a Five-*.,)Av Uolt ~,eok, in Itml by 11, DLr2ulw aml NmOkovj, 9 Vy- Imeat1w,* lio. As, 15 Jan 1991P USOR 67 Improved Vibration-Proof Wreury Mirror as a Standard Plane Flat) by R. Bunnagel. GMUWI, per, Z. Instrum Kde. Vol. T3, 110. 8, 1965 CBM01-HO. T953 R. i_30 A)k'A 6-C ~_ Sqi - Af, 67 33T-,T-9 AWU20-. E':zOr1mvito on tTz -ilf"Soct, of :,Id-It on tim i"'izAe'ldi= tz: r" A UISE Ully PWS p2anto, "'o-I 1~'G7. nto .95-107. Doe 60 fte lqprtwlce of Clr=dUm Imf Wqamnft fbr the PTWA81M of DW-IMSth IUMUMMEMts by Ervin Dmuls. 10 yp. COVEMM USE am GMM., pa, pienu voi 86,0 ig6g., pp mq~-ay. 'Z,M' 4m Tr F M fy L'A Sai-BMI Jan 70 40o,,hM to I!j, - ftaolocicall clock) bi &44il D=Irz~. 0 EOU4 cr-la= N--Wvss Vol ~os 110 15j, BID -67 Sol A Tr Cec: Le G w- Iv'o J. i a k e, Data Banks, by Cecile Bunodere. GOVLTZW USE ONLY Tuly * MM DE MMME NMMALE, Vol 25, , L969, pp 1246MU.- FSTc-HT-23431-70 Feb 73 -, - - A.1W - t I Pro""pids, Ow Mdto YAuldr! of ]Aft Z6 A- SOW" 61 ft qpjwll Oords 4w, 04~0 Neme d Dop -,DDk. Au M~~ ~0. 1314 VU 198 VP GB Study of Isotope-Exubanp Ydnetics, by Ko Bunzl. , Vol GERVAIT~ per* Z. Moik ZMLN.F-, 612 1968 9 pp 322-325. *IqT /USDC/~BS TT 71-55W8 Available OB OnlY e. 6L L A) 7- L MY 71 TW Flwzlmg of IbUr In RM &%ballMs and .jr -L a3g- kjro f'tCUd*Wj, JW 0. MCUU., Y- DM2a. IMM., Dar# cbm3 a3m V-01g, Vbl 51, no lm# 19wit pp 41034T GV-'rao"w B.;Ilatluj) Gwpglllc bT SL)ruz mwtcmt, ~.; CEIVA-I'l - ibmd vrl Toolm. i. Der, vol Qt,-,j ~io J. Durbach. MVIU~, and "lar zbc 1166 611,5, Prospacting for Fotrolem, Gan Doswibod, by C* itreeag 11 ppe RUHLUTANg por, Potrol si Gaze, Duchar-ost, Aug 19699 pp %,8-572, mis 49M $ci-Bar Sa & (ftawg Nov 69 3%#284 1:1-11-3 Air F~~ r i 4V T j" ct If 77 7. 1 1* IGO ci-t. Ate, s 3-." vie vjnmaca of Aerosols In MIw WfUngn.. by A. S. Davhal*v ana E. H. mmb "Inim, 57 pp. R M LO i b kj. U M.Mft. e M. .01.ex x & 2 a vvrabotbwl. 1565.9plif I-We ipps 35X4 a - ~ , WNW Sci-14wai i'm 66 4~0'st extro.. Z-n and "I y IF!:: Tt-. ,,, - ~ ~--- ~.-, *0 .rAc: n 11 tin i,,, bl~ I 62n j.jtor,,.,ctjcyjj c4-,7 a iicau oi~ %,,imaray /37 Stellonitor, 00 with Chu Pl~,,;-.a in a T. vasilealko P sciPlily 618, ,li'mi2val't of Cie Nagnetic ~,:Ysttm- ill "Sirrius", Yc. i~vrc'aenkriv II. T. Viisllcnko. NOT I -f Atmrnayahenjyn, Vol 23, I'c NLL p ya e) ic "Cl Z'S 7Z Iftp ulth a wical I Uld 1v 0, V. ilnukor -Ya. r I-V;4 A-IV Us CIOSQd 43,pozic Trap win .1wilcal Fialds by '04 A. dryuAQV0 V idnka et ya. ourch 7 per,, AtomUYA koorgivas Aug 11048" July M~ Y,7*059 wftot&4aa plotbatim of 4 Mad saanoidia Systbot by N U- UMbOubUts 8- D- VOIXOVP A. V. GOWSUMWO V. S. awl I" lb atawflady't D~ P. p V. S. 874uabW4 5 mwwo pert A "Mof E IT t AIM IP P. Ya. Burchenko 326483 ray 67 2: !j