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December 29, 2016
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Wav .72. . 7 study of the %,eciimical i~diaviour of Ircn CtLn wid Pellebg Uidm.- Tsothenva Raductim CcnditicrL-,, by 0. Burqiardt, Ki Grebe. CER-INq, per, Stahl idsen,, Vol 89t ',Io 11, 1969, p.,,) 561-573 *BISI 7844 ck~c G9 film fi384-20H Burgav, N. A.; Beda, JL G. HIGH ENERGY hfu-MESON DEAM FORMATION. Pribory i Tekhrift -a Fl:~perfmenta, n. 10. p. 20-24, 1965. BNI,-TR-25. Order frvi NTC as 70-13384-2011: IIC j 6.70. MF 15.80. Alkylatio* at AcOvIated taomatic Coapvwds by CYCIVgWooguyliua, soltall by fag F0114chl, Vs Oury.1a, VOY401,12iT OE AZLY -GLR~W-- , ;vro kUebi- a Aaaalea jet qLq:~~Oo, Vul lois 10670 ~;Zq4 67 Practical I-q, criut Im Turbire 01-c-ration, by per, ~nerglc,, Cl:(,!~~-Tr 4832"' c(mv Jun 619 witil ;D COIXTO Fluitt for Lind Vol 19,0 WOO, 384.492 L-3 Cccparatiw llests cn the Con-csicn litasisti-mca of- Calvaaized end lUu-.,hlizad 5lieet IYlr G. Bur,--aii, '.j. Sdi~.umk. Z p-ar, Ard'L. Useah, Vol 39, Jo 8, 1968, 623-628. 3131 7311 L -"Ili s /IlateriaL-'~' jai 'A- 3990,943 Solidification Rate and Shape Of the Liquid Core 10~ in contimous Castingg by We Durpsnut FROC110 perg nev Met Vol 66p Oct 19619, pp 663-672, *BISI 8369 Sci-Hat ~ ~ June 70 Cc;itribution to investi,, tion tf the iroir-sulpLur 0a I Systm Rostricted to tLc 1"eden of Iron 4"knostili-iJue .1 (Pyrrhotite),, by ii. 1"UrPiMilro, jun, et al. pirs kv I'doo Sci Vol 65, JUIY-Au~, 1968. "W"O W%RWWOA"IW *"NNW rum jw woftjll~ reveUmmt of the Cline Telaidalan TMNAMIO iu tho Z;~Rq by 'it 4 Pargav. RUMAN, per, AZ7 -~~ a 6~ V. j4 23 7 1. .2.0 vi j,1 9, T%7, 11,6 fl-,! 3- 3 3 3--G S 93 C.E. LIGHTNING PROTECTION OF TRANSHISSION LINES Trans. V.V. Burgsdorf 5388 Elektrichestvo, No. 8, pp. 31-38 (Aug. 1969) (Spic Code: Y9, 19 Dec. 1969) Transmission Line Lightning Protections by L)~ V. V. Burgsdorf. RUSSIAN, per, ElektrLehestvp 9 No 3, 1969, pp 31-38, C.2. Trans S388 sci-glec Jul 70 -a o (~- -z' C) C' -r~ i~ c'. ~. ~ Aj-, The Stability of the Central 3ibrim Po- sition of the Jownal In a Bearing With Gas Lubrication.t by A. 0. Buyvits and G. A. Zavoyalov. 10 pp* RUMANs Wtj MOMM MaWns Mrnik _SWU$ 19690 pp 82-88o mMi)lm-2449-71 SePt 71 Zinc A u k -~Xw www Ipj Eum stabLundum Or , Anion 9=bautp DMI In DJI#Ato by 1. tousort J. WrlorAko c2smil DWS w s vo--* 031, z CMUM~MiQDO so To 1967., tv J-53-3,50. m 7o ko3olo4 Tealmology of mwl~sing Notion Pictures, by Ve A. Burgow,, 20 ppo HMIAlp pers TekWU -UW i Televl&gn No g., 1967., pp 5-12? JPFS 43084 9QrC.OV, Sci-Navla.0 Colmnications Detection & Cawtermeas=a NM 67 344p3.13 UstenniriLnej tae Sij:~)orLbi~j 1-tibility of a Cm- 'llirmt 1~-,Ladng dth Spiral (lx)ums of Tabitrary Transverse Rmfilef by Pi, G, !-')urgvits#9 [>p. RJJ-.3Sr2.'1, j.,)arj, ",.L L ~'mhdnove(bniye I'm 4, 1967# 108-11G I-TU S-779 45 41-6 9 au"t 69 388,551 CL Co,I-larisort illetweea Gastiie Secretimi Aftex ilista;Ahic and After JUstalog Injoctod QAb- cutallcowly ill ifulnWal Subjeass by 11, 1.1un"101. BANi'SA, per,, J'ord lkk~d Vol 10, 11166, -q~ 27,21-271~. 10-24-60 (On Lom) 66 B-c:V1,"atific, Te&-nalogica* aid Ecawmic Bases f-,r the lknago-sent of Agricultaral Pli-Auction, by -T- Burian,, 15 pp? dECA, porp raconwAug 4, ~,pr 1,)66', pp! 7146~. T dufzia/~/ er-'i io a 1,xv ekia jai 6t.) 3,Q42a(3 S i-al ization of -AGricuItjra in &xti~-M.~x avian I)L-IC I anis b~r Jan Awl=., 17 r.,.,). G,7 mrr.1.1lu USE, ONLY CZTIH~, perp Pl=vmc Rou'lu-12--stA, V..)l xn, U3 5., lbu 1966-v Jow GUO 203,) ~ a\,\ ~ o ~~Q ~ BE-Cwc-! Ecm i0a 66 3~34~,73:1 Farritv-Core Memory With Se~dcoaductor Control Circuits, by ~4 aurlaa,, X. Kristoufak, et al, 21 pp. ALSSIA14. per, MoskasIGvenska Akadeule Ved, Ustuv "fateluatickych giroju, Stmi; ri; 2precavani Informuci,, No 11s, 1965* 26-43. Pi-OU22226 Auer>, 67 556,565 Vaccbstims in Foralp Armlos, by F, buries$, P. Hdayr at 41., 10 pp, FM;Qii, Pere Rev" fts Fa t* dss .m do San Ames Vol VIT. RM, Fab 196b. Eff-658 ID 2204029866 Jul 66 304,242 I-je k) The Present Statt of Sories Prolaction of B~stc Vacuw:-TedWqu9 CormV=uts to Czachoslmtkia, by J. Daril, 13 PP, CM, pr, Jam& MecbMika ~t NMk2, ILI 3, 1965, "- 89-50. PI(M):9-5767 FTD-T.1-T-66-562 In'llistri,,01, Civil em-1 7!~ riw Eagin"ring Doe 67 344,454 Coustructics of a O"p-Water Quay Out of 70 Caissons 6,S Motors to Div=tor,, by N* It Burin, 5 pp, AMIAN, per, Trauzzartua StraitelOstvo No 12, Daceab*71905, lip 10-180 DIA LN Sci-Engr Apr 66 Prices an- Price rormtIm in the Cotton. Groving Indunrys, by As baluMm., 6 Tjo, No 6p j=e 1967,o vq 65-i~ ma soon Oct 67 ell / i'YdVMwlm&.Al DrrAngo by B. Zv*. GER-AI'll port 'voll r(14. -'ALy 1966, !v 185-LAB " BISI 5278 30i*~At ( --- " ~:~ " f, 1*0 67 346o6U A=onalysis of Uranium lislidese 1, Amonolpis of Urani= Tetrachloride nud Tatnbromido,, by W. Burk, 0, flaumun., GERM.AN, per, Z An~rg, All&, Chem,* Vol 3440 19668 pp LICRL-tr-10097 Sd - Chen Oct 67 342s,698 of ums= saw" awmap" at qo VANIM Sao whaddow, 04 tly W. Dmdtx D. Nawom* 19 jj~. MI Ill, 0=44 swo 19019m, Aw ,-I'm.- Q-- AXUMAIW.Cbmo* va P40 I"# IV W. Burk M086 SOL 0 rigtorlau ft 67 Yv* k-anc~wLrViv, :-110 23 ZJ6 s ra , 'r ~~ jej '~eaam'144,y, TodEly -mid Ta"'OrrOu, vi pqy.,~ nli, lal L'coa li -r-: 5 ." W,- -- ~':-- - --fto~ hn ~.'U:Vlcrs of il-kilaine (~&mlnaign for Tec Ological rogre-ass by t-!. 1. ameml, '-,') pp. ~Ivuuotcmt "troltellon Vis mr, ,., NO 101 1,0~?# Pip 31-35. J 4,,)565 777 Jan 7%" 4w,4'q twaot W-Ion of t~A Turbaleme ;;r to Atwa- rl~;ere IV mms 014, an -awa2tic Awwmtorp Zvi YO V. a. TVQW7 WA Yll. B. lur~ztyjvs R-ILIMWS, ;e--s Uzi 3, Mir IX6, ppe 4)-~,33* J-PFZ -.1 131.-* ,5 1 MUIR De-Imn/A C~G 2))IST15 lmfttls&U(x*f Abmu&seim Two Serleaj, by P. BLukarft amd Po Gadow. GUMSO Vol 58, no 51 lop Vp 1, Beh. 8A3.4 OW M-East swn July 68 36W42 ~ioil , rotwtion and !and Use ~Jsawsoij by ~;* Wrkatakayas 5 ppe fJ",~sMie Par# jkoflomiql~~ (jLpp!& 1-:00COus .i0 lws J. ';~b IIV~,312 imatleatim. of the s;trietwo Wd IToperuo's tho ;~Jrcjo. L~~Btal ~Aatov vi too !~~Up pert htlailichO&M -PW-3D3. J., im. m.,2:asurin,,, tiie Flatness of notograoldc Plates, 1)y R. Burkhardt, 6 pages, GOWIMNIMNT 13.13B 0141MY GEMMAN, 1A. Bildr-nessung und Luftibilwasen, No 2, pp ci/1-lethod a Equip I an 71 Provisional Standard Tests of the Interna- tional SOcict7 of Photogranmeltry for Piictoqraicmetric lkleasuring and Plotting lnutru- mnta, by R. BurkAardt, 6 pages, GOIaRNU-ILINT USE ORLY rpt. itildr4rasumn und Lxiftlhildw,,~sem, (author Is off i7WETT-5-0 -1, 19 ;9, TV 16.f F.- I I erl> ort ~-iichc~m Varliag OZd)JI, ll.arlsrahe, West G-.-=k-Lany. F'cb 71 Caramission v. special iwtivities, by R. 6urkhardt, 5 1.~iages ~ VEPUNN-21'.T USE ONLY Gr'.IOWI, rpt. Bildn.astlung WIG Luftuilawieson, (author's A liarbort wichmanu Verlai ou-i'wi, RarlsrutNej viest ,!"XIC-TC-1695 Sci/Lar rel. 71 '~i:ury u .-u, vc, Liiiear Ai.-.; Vol "I", 4, IvO, 774.5 (18,64) Italy (~q PAo 11 An Experimental Memory Sta& Based on Hapetic Film, by K. auidewiczs ert 92- 17 PP- ESSIAN., per# &~Nm adarotecludki Vol 18., No 2s 1969, pp 269-303. AM/f,TD-HC-23r727-70 A~zj~j I mar 71 - ~JIU All-tblam Omfmmmo an the Applicatim *:r ~imoe aamU in Apicultmv art i.,,adjoizo (IrkuUkp 1_9-7.0 Aug 1000 by 1. A. huifts G. TAt. '"'biwo- Wri 4 W -0 Lm pp imno 43760 tied-L, jan 681, 3W,499 tivities of Q2 -Rr vostl by lbris Don4vxp I - -I ;Zr, vo. JM 31n( ) CM i;aPPW At 5me lry lio -~~Uekov. 6 pp. 40 port zilgzahAa 122M~M*I* 32* p lx-.r,t lar L:4lvy fru tv 2556 /01 O-L, Detarminatioa of tho Absolute Valuos of Geost1whic Cumnt Veloilties LU t1w OC93"O by V* A, Burkovt RWSIAN,, per,,, Okemalagiya, Vol V116 INO It 1967a pp 41-50. *Dept of Interior Fish *ad Wildlife Service Man of Comweial Fisharios Sci-Lar Sci & ocean Hay 67 Albwa cr.' Large-Scale Gruphs for Uis Date,.T.1- notion 00& the COMMUmal Derv-31ty of OcOan Water, by Vq A. Buhav~ 6 pp* ":MM rers 01=~'Iymp VO, 5, ft 5., '065 - JI"I'S 33359 /-J- USSR Sei-I,P/A ion W 294,993 Optical Activity in the Vibrational-Transition Region, by V. I. Burkov, V. A. Kiw1f. RUSSIAN# per, Dok Ak Hauk SSSR, Vol 179t No 4, 1968t Pp 806-808, The Am Inat Pbys Vol 13, No 4l Oct 1968 0 V 6 u (Z SWAYS Nov 68 370j226 fte 50.8-mater TIMVI, by V. IL babW. F"Wk per, FyhWo MM., VCjj 45p lb n., 1-gop vp 87-V- *Dqvt of MAW DopprF OCFM TT 69-59=111 ,v ..;v Y/ Sol. Hoch Jan 70 ov~ control or systme or Imlepewant Objects?12- ~p by Vp R* Dakovo 5 vpo Hissim.. perp I qRZZjMJjLDp 1967# M! 132-115? atemdfta RES 41494 .) u f, ~ 0 V V. /V F um Sci-Nath ibly 67 32%,920 ;-)f ~,ar6p, 6yaterz in Teci-inical C,,ftcr- znticr,, by V. U. Furk.)v, C. V. V,r.',niu, L. ti. jronfozt) Orul-mim:r'l, V. '2- Tizofeyv..m., and Yu. 1. WSCIA,71; bltp leklmic4oska lrU.~orwetl)m, I)G5, 7x2- J?i--.', 37-0-17 v /k 31'J,' "25 Causes of Ileavy Buffetinly. of a TU-1046 Air* craft on 13 March 1961* on the Tashkent-lbilissi Route, by A, VO Surkova, RUSSIM. rpt. prichniny UP= Goltanki Sazoleta TU-1046 ImIll- 1961 a* na Trasse Tashkent- TUllssle Dept ;f avy tr S274 041 tr 2363 m, V. 6 a t~ e0 V, "q Sei/Earth Sci May 67 322,S69 True to Traditions, bv G. ~,. C'Nernob-ay p. D. 6wriftelvenkc. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY PUSSIA',, per, ~-,GrskOY 5~)Oruik. pp Ap r 6 9 380,6S3 1% izkl Preliminary Chiractor Proesoning In Reeopitios IC)j System# by A* A* Burlaka* A* M, Shutkoj RUSSIM19 Trudy, Nos*"* V8080YU botilut N I TakhnIcheako-v Inrox"at 41122didyheg~= Chtenlvo Taketap 19679 pp 171-1774~ *ETD-M-24-307-W sci/nect. PIOV 68 C, c /C~- 1(-,c-, Preliminary Processing of Characters in Recognition Systems, by A. A. Durlaka, A. M. Shumko. RUSSIAN, rpt, Vsesoyuznyy. Institute.- Nauchnoy i Tokhnicheskoy lufornatsiy A v t o M a t I c h e s k o y e C hi-en i-y-e- -T -e-15 t a7, Fi-1-6n - 17-0 -. AlR/FTD/jIT-23-630-69 A. A. Burlaka sci-Elec Ap r 6, 9 379,568 4 /, Pawr Engbom of SociaUst States Comfere by 0, S* Dalak-so 5 ppe RU,13SIA119 par# &MvAtft I-Elcktrulkcatstmo Kiev# go So 1966#--P--P 55-56, im 469M o. s , 8 Lt z Lq k /~ sci-Energy Com (lion-Prop) Dw 68 370t699 I'm z-ivd - 1- ; Bwk On Imroving I eed uction ;~,Wjjou-e, b.V No Gurlak-ovt 7 pp. per, i-konordla jisissinq _hocyM&j~e -0scow, ilo J 4,..,,120 6oi-Agri 69 3:,3v730 i. I. . , A i , - 1~ ~., - NI --" . m " 6heep-Breading In Kazuhhstz-~n 36,e~'Lq Ir.1proveizent, by Yu. Burlalov, 5 pp. IUSSL-a 'az - , per, lawnwaielealt*n. G R) 15, M. r ,, if p 5 JPFZ 4568h. Li Thu Connection Wtween the RAdioprotective mid Anti-tmwur Properties of Inhibitors of Radcal Processes,, by U, B* Burjakova,, Gaintsevat Ot 0,11, Hauk, SSSR S pare lzv A ariza U01" 0 - 0-1 So 4,, 1966 UL M. 3890 On Loan Oaly Sci-114m, Jul 67 Me Wourdes of Orguala Matter Pkaom In Som mrlm or~~j, by z. P. Butlakova. 1T Pp. =S3Mj rpt'v ligua on= Ekol Vod 2h,.#v At Hauk WMI liks =B101 IWA Morel In A. U. 14=14 r0 196b# pp MY-21b- ftt oil Interior Bumm of COMWOW Flobu-100 orMe or 7breign Plaberies A-N-July 1969-Ho 9 On rmn Soi-BU-1 F.OV 69 396, 841 Possibuity of studying the 4estwArd Drift 61 by Archomapatic Duta. by S. P. burlatskaya, T. B. Rechayeva, et al. i tussit rljt,, M"tOya3hdwzO i *4 a roshim ""laimitnow P~ rya Zed", 1965s pr, 56-b1, ACrC w-1159 C, sci_wt.4 May 67 T--)ie Scientific Basis of t,.,e Party's Policy, BlirlateMy, 6 pl), j 6 sop" 1)W,, np., zar4 Vostok~ 3-1955 Pol R-wn of 3;~,Ylat, Jownglatal Tripp t~ laaa., /'2 by 1. qsl~upwj, r. rurutfLk~'. r!; ard 0. ske'rdo, 5 w. RX'xS'V-% W-. 2 'Tit" 353 2.1 FAV 1966j, 3# F. Gu r- ,4dm - The Thmt to eodetUam in ~hlm. by I-odor Burlatsidy. ?9 pp. FIBOSIM9 bkp 'Amoism -w 9m-M-LOP4-1lAm-Y In UiZT , 680 pp ae-s 47950 Fc L;bins 6), A SWIct rebuttvl to the CrlUcz ef SwlmUnro by Vlobr rusdaWdy., 6 pp. ll US, 3 W- "I V., DMW6 10 c t 19 6 5., P - 5 JM 32535 pol oat 290A3 Pravda Article Discusses 'fr,,=h-aaow o.,r' Exveriereeli k=n3 =11% and East. D=Nml Social-lat NhtiM~y by F_--do ~Pr ate A'Yo 7 pp. mbsix.i., up., Pravda, i4 oct 1565, P 3- JPM 32WO USIO, R POL Nov 65 291, T17 A-Bomb and National Security,, by Fyodor Barlatalwy 5 pp. WSSIM.. np, Pravda Jan 10.. 1 JPBS 35053 UWR Ml Apr 66 299,272