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December 29, 2016
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A spectrophotolftetric Study of Solutions of the Tungsten (VI) and Molybdenum (VI) Complex Compounds with Pyrocatechol in the Presence of Complexone 111, by A. I. Busev. RUSSIAN, per, Zhurnal Analitichaskoy Khimiy, Vol 23, 'Iu 9, 1968, pp 1348-1354. F-12,270 sci-chem ~Iar 69 The Soviet Land0linCTS0 by Keith rmsh SPANISH, pp 1-2 Servii)res no.. 135, Oct 66 0 np, JPM CSO DC-12874 "A I Pol Jan 67 316,756 Sularics and Prices in Soviet Agriculture by Keith ~_'ush SPX,IIS.'I, bulletin, Exclusivo (E-xclusivc) 28 Nov C-6 pp 1-3 JPR-9 M CSO DC-12874 EUR Pol Jan 67 316,755 14athod t,)r gmluatinG Prof;,-~3cts f,)r F'W~Wlcticjv jjtj.ljzQtj(>n of lwy i3t al. p p , per, r,";Orwz -VA """,wetskoy UUainy 5., ppo 15-224 RIO 1~13?4 IFCOU 5 TO 'ets Of tho i'miuctinn aq--,l Conawiptlon of A~)es, 1 `~* V rilasheits et alts 12 pp# "Itli, por, 'tkonoA4 --bvoto !,-.0 1kra I , 196 677P ,JP"U' 11355 Ov 31 2 2 V *pm M?Ol Sci/ear sci CQ- - \1, , --- ?-) K k -,. - ~- May 70 (U MOSPOritas Of Asla aal J14ir 1.10nozist L-y par% Amk.Afmd"..Ivm t~auk 'Lot. pp. al ,~70 afect of Ionizing I'laOiatim an Ucmar4aui.,,-,* by T. S.. r--"-,, r1fie r-Jlx&-iolcK!v of Lccd 1',ra!ur--Lc,, 2nd InbamtIona! i Owymess 0l? Py-ya Mcme Laid, MMM71" TI 2, 1969; Tp 7r-91, 0 A) 4~ -Atal `~-aruacien 51".006 ':ac Cmat ~emnttng by VJI. 33uoO-~-~,wvra, al, 6 'Per Arsa,,A2a, ',h). 6, Attiur. UOU60, Utw-i.~ec '67 3 `7 Titanium Content of AMWbole and Diotite from Granitolds as an Indicator of the Conditions Under which they Fmnedp by 1, A, WslayWcovs RUSSIANO perl Dak Ak Hm&-SSSR Vol 186, No 40 1969p pp 924-927, AGI July 70 --/ X, - 1&1(-a IL-ZY41-11~ j Ualculaticn of tie W~wnetry of a ccxl taie of a 'ajietic Circuit of a.Cnmi~-.Mliase Inducticai -ietdiy ia~iic Izvastiya M 3erlya fividieskikh i ribkhidi,,Ir.W-i .,JaV,~v ."-10 4p 1967,, 1-05-110. ~-79 4 469-69 'IL "j 69 h8,567 PIdolW-.B in the sciem) c;f Ut,~matarc,., by .11, Dusnrmin,, PPI r ramist, No 1)662 11,TJOISIAN, par, ~7106 LYS, III Sopt 66 iticti(m 0 HILL, ij i(,'S Cli 0j, cu 7U r-vV 17, -lip Zluv.,il:i~u_Atol,Hl(jl JjjStjtUtC J.'jZjL~j 70 Production of No,otive Particles by Protons witli Lnur~jes of u,,-.i to 70 WOO by h;, 8. tiushnint "orl-1, 13 n") AIIUSSIAN, rpt, All, Sci/phy Apr 70 405,697 5scientifte On!anization Of Labor &-d :"anvo,iont iW-my- -led, by ftshuyav. 5pp. ,.- 'U" 1k"0 Per, ~Ltroitolf m i !bM== !~i iiD 9, Swt 1966. p?. 3'~-32# jpili~' ~p' 1,94 p Ll S o YL V U5 S Una Mvo..Oay by Axs1ra7mr. ~ ppq RUSSI. tol I rtm J I' 5, V =9 7, USSR Pcon jul 67 3 Y 39, Prmlws in I-ortiliser itoductaon ascusamit by 'V-o Bwhuyov, 3 ppe iTub4b,is np. D&vA. ~~osaow, 15 um, 196-3, pi) 2-3. jpf4~, 4-1139 6~ ~~ (K5 k vL X C- I/ ~;Oi-cheel ion 69 372,729 ftftat*b Lea la ftok4 Uftatrys, by V. Djobwavi, 7 wt mmmi, 4h 94 AM Wo Pt- It JPBB 42W L 17", dl/ -",I, Zv~~ um ft= Xw 6T 343P971 izxv, - aiO "-n, ap i.,y V. P. IAk;WY(!v* . j= ". -1 I t . �jK&, Vol 13. .;_j;am,m Lif C,~~,-r--rcjaj 11L - o fice. 0-- f cal a - ~`I)U ~- 4 C9 ibadifisi: Ant dti- .. ~ --- :- %.,. ~: wit Vic jlvqlas oi! Zbe FGroatiur, of ~~onc M-scirptijcm Lines itt tlie- Sular Attnosjqtor(,%, -..y v. NUSISTIA~: per, Izvestiya Akadc,-iy L. I I I,ryms~~Ityz,. u1servatorpiya--m- 'vo5 1191 517-324. IIAUVIL G- 13 C4 V SIC Veb 70 Foria.ition I)eT)tiis of ,kbscraion Lines in the Solar Atriasphere, I)y V.G. BUSlavsky, 17PP. USSIAN, per, Im Akad. Rauk SSS.Iz. 4rTmsnay a Astroriziellaskaytya Oijaer- -- -7 - --R -- - - - IT 0" Iqbq' pp. U7-3-247- march 1970 AIR/APCRL/70-0198 sci/atmos J un 7 0 A St* of the AV&OlpU of Titaidum Tatra- fluorlft by tM N. IL R4 Miad of F191 by Ya. A, Buslam. MWIU,, per., DoX AW Nm* SSM Vol 1700 ]No 4, 1W., pj-19~-84T,,'- UUM (lomn Onlv) CA Tr-14T Oo4ag Sai - Chemistry 1w 6T seen, und--'8Chuoiden-::Afbl- 22 lwli., 19700'4~pM2~327j" Cod IA 0 et j~kstijl oat ell'o Sebuttalopow Mite for Frapaclon MA Control of Dzedgm and Dymdc Pasition1ng of lamtizig VMII Rips by 0. Doeemkor. GDVMMOR USE O= GEWWJ, pwi, Ham achiffabrt Schirrmu Hafen, 'Vol w6s 110 ITs MR 1969), pp MLT W'. Dapt of Davy BdWUpa Tr No IM5 Fbb 70 401,659 lieu Data on the Age of the Lovozero Sedimntu7 (Ooloanic Suitep Ko3A PordnoulAt by I. Ve Bassens. RUSSIA119 pwt Dok Ak k4uk SMv Vol 188o No It 1969# pp 170-172. AGI Q - 91 F- 1-~ July 70 M. Dassian Test Methodo for Blw4imilAed Hollov Paticles. Gum, per, Pieste und Kautscha vol 14, 1967, pp 6&t~Cql.- - order from Re as RAm 1576. ~3mo MC 72-60657-1311 Nov 72 1:~? -kl ' ~ I 1. Autor,,~atic Sutpler for Fines or iii-anulated Coal and Colke Dust, by R.D. 1jusso. FRENCH, per, C.D.S.Circ 1967, (11), pp. 2,15S-2462. 131SU 3467 Aily 1972 AutorAUG SmIlag )%vUw zlw -'bell Coal or '-:,) Ommaoted CrAa and fbr SovxTAng of Colwj, by -,' a. a. Busso., RM., Pa. C.LS. Mft.. S* U.. 1967., pp 2455-2462. *B3r,I M7 ' ScOat Aug 70 e k 2,ls~yo The labor Force ana &XIOyroWL, by iV, J,)E;e A. D'astmwtop 5 rp- SPANISH, np, Grama 2-- ollopt p. P. ans -,361:1 LA . ala We U,b 314p215 41 v Constantsq Variables in Afrimn J:Mign FolieYo ty Waiard 1-tstinq 12 pp. I'T-aacils AMOQ0 LO~t~301 Jwi-Fob M96 ', pp 63-72o JVAS 48148 C) u C~ -,~- CY- + IntoDr-Af Aff pol im (.-g Th'. 7 57 rutum of fttennioal of cradit t3 Mac 16-1 I Une and I-rTactor Stat onaj b~y H. P-4maixcanal aml G. DIfattroccu, 5 pp. "low Lnante fli cm WIN, pur) Fl li it Vol xli~ No 2, perb 19166 D,:~* 52-56. Pi ~3s "Fe 61 66 4 355 llA;uLvic1z,,!, Chanfps I'm State I'sms Acmrtods try O'Ahai 6 pp. L I port Lirssa -pi-2Q&t Apr JeRS 4-%945 i"I I No u i c-, C L /i/V 361v527 HUSYGlN E P RI) OPERATION OF A THLRMAL EMISSIDN' CONVERTER 61 T H A b~VELUPED CATHOUL VOPROSY HZIKI NIZKDTF-MPE-R.ATUkNL-JY PLAZMY NO 4 1971 PP 554-556 F S TC-H 1 -2 3-2 11 t~--7 "I C? Gas, tjnia 5.a3yk-Tin and p"'. ISS' "tie, ao T and VW70,'~W~ 1)5 c-, 107eeds M thod of likinloved Road Construction Outullined, by Etigoniusz Buszma, -16 pp. FOLISIHi per, Dr25oifnictwo, Vlarsmr~ -,."o 1, Jan '?2, -Op 2-77. *m- M, - s. 5 55 , 4 oj Apr 72 Realization of a Boolean FwIction of 11 Variable by Mom of a Network of UrZshold Elemonts with n Itwutse by Ye. A. Butakov.19 pp, PLUSSIAN9 per, 7robLeig Patedachi InformtsH. V01 Is NO 10 1965* pp 41-SL. Ff!) HT 66-29.1 Sci-Eloct Jul 67 33194S4 stiaftaim a Uv QW11V IA Q0 Wk4AXY-Ma v. D~ EMU The Effect of the Weight of a Gyroscope on the Nature of Its Hovements in the Presence of Dry Friction, by 14. V. Uutenin, A. H. Lostev. RUSSIAN, per, Izv VUZ Pribor, Vol 11, No 5, 1968, pp 74-80. PTD-S-562 May 69 Ele=nt33 Of thO IhWr7 Of NOZI-Linear OuciUstions, by ff. V, Butcalm. MWIAH., bk., 196$.v 226 pp. Blaiede2l PUblishin Canprq% London.. lu /)/ I~ ~ ;~~ Z- J'-~ SCL-B sci jui 66 304s43T ~~ . r~~A " 0 Nature of a Devd*W SodsUst Society DIscussade by A. Butmko, 6 pp,, RWSIAN. np. Isvestint Moscow, 19 Fab 19721 p 2, Jr-RS 53481 liar 72 ~b the Foris of SocieUst Pr&hotlon "'olations Also kpply to Our Intemational !,co-,wUAL- Attivity?. Ir Matou W-wilco, 11 pp. (;'.?.)-~HA*,Z',, part- BIO-IML pr,,~O 4, Fob 1967, pp. 2-3-211., /A N ATOL I T Vny 67 ~2 5. 5)14, 6/7 han ;'A 0l, 't 110 aft-Aim of Astral,- rain, 0c vith In continuolls part , m-'s-ac"U'04 ye r"T.,triko - p; 12* os..Vlo Lt-taction of bf~Wific Antibodle3 to i -eat illo .drus in Inbabitants of AztraWmn ~,blcst ~19a !;At&.#* by Air ii. l3utenko. Lhumkov, 8 ppe per ~-Mmdchml&q U MWYP M . WO~ 10-6-,F ""-- vioscaws Vol 12, YA-402. Jei.~, 4,X54 0'. .ld-B aW, 6'.) ~Aterrlals on the ~,-'erollogic ipid-wiolorg of best Ule 'm~er in Astrakhan :-blast ~1966 Lata)q by A. .-l- AltOW-We .1,1* -~* ChwMkOv* 7 PPO ct WUL,,, per,, .-Ademichesid~c Viruwwvc- Infel mu ol 12. 1:,l 8 m pp 4 zici-L~ art-,' ,et 69 - 3-)39623 ceroloeic Identificatim of the Astmhan Ili-,k Stridns of ~.%st Me ~,Irus, by A. "I. I~tenko, 16 per. -,~adedahcany!j Arum -44. C."Oscoul ".01 12s i*'9--6-374-338- 49054 0-- "ci-a arsd - ~~ 6~; Two World Syvte= GDd Timir Dmlopmt TendeWieop by Xo Po Butm*os, 14 pp. RUL45* per.. L02M DLOO.*-'U- 140 90 1965., PP,, 3-13* P. BS 33594 UMB, POI ibe 66 2)3*Tlb Patteme and Forns of the Dmlopmnt Tbuard Socialion., lby A, P. Buteakop 15 pp. FMIM., per., yourow Mosoful No* 20 1)67;, .po 3-144. p JP IS 41024 17 A- , P. PO i rL PJK 0 USSR POI jum 67 321-634 Contradletim in Dmlapwat aai the Pmblou, Of uut6v or the SodAllst Comtriesp by Anat*U P. fteakos 21 pp. 0=9,p part Bm so 19; 1967., pp 6-9 u. JPFS 43510 -7L,) U-Bast Germw POI Jan 63 3470 -,o) Kinin Activity OZ MItruots fivri PlumOlus W~11,1010' Gram in Lig!-It of Diffemeat Spectral ComyY051- ticm, "o"T '19. 1B. ZpdUolmra and R. G. Butel DoR. Ale. M.111r. X-.1 Val 17 An hp Oct pp cr, C, r3 C-t POWs Jan 70 cpjm 68-T-1 R-8516-D 67 S-treagth of Ice and Ice Covers BY: I. P. ButiaGLn 1,Tom: Published by "Nauka" W,)J-isl-dnG Rouse, Siberimn Dept. 11-10vosibirsk, 1966 pp 1-154 2,P) Russian - eat for We: Please translate and type 1 oriGinal copy. 2 coples are providcd. Please mit, only one copy for paste-up and return the other Intact. Clusification and Metbxbloa of rerivatior. of Dlilemtlal Fbradw fbr Geograpldc Goordimtesp IW Pitf e Adolf Ventauiwvlch Butkatch., 19 pp., GOVEFRM USE MY CZECII., V(WJ, 2mtgau a M,%rt2Lr pbzcr So llt 3w 1965j, ppe 251-2u(., Vol 11. JPFS GUD 1109 RE-Czech ecai-W/A Apr 66 296,003 kdiW ftwoom bxrlog Owltchtm of Mmtrical Mrouits, by 0, V. Butkodeb. wow's bk BELIE -mmalmz .1519 19873,196 vcrm Tr BaPt 70 How AI&Aouch to FlamEp-ment at UL-rainian -Ebtorprisoo,, lxj ?a Deawvicb~ 6 IV. MWMS, nv, P-mvda M-ralaz, 11 ivu. 1966, po 3 & aio A ussil Econ Apr GG 299..197 The Problem of Calculating Wall TaVerature in the Presence of ChwIcal Reactions an the Heat Transfer Swface, by V, S. Batkos 6 pp. RUSSIANj, per., Eba*ovt PolteklmicheWdy luld I EhgM2dche*O-vQ Mashinostroyeni" No 50 1967p pp 20-230 AIRMDAIT-23-548-70 April 71 'jl/- no 20-yw Drnaovmnt of yovietry in C~K CmUst by fttej b-MWiAt 38 PP- OEM=, Ters lamm... ME& so U-290 NOV-DM i9of PPO 475AW- JP93 35353 h A A~ 4r--f Pt) ~ko v I-0- M-AwalAvla RM fty 66 3wpril I'twr A- on U* . 'Paw 74. cm*lrxw4w to Ocode4c Comdimtws by A# vo MULMIche 7MISIXIS Per# G dw iMhrb%m--w?U% r0 60 1%7,0:1#2~ ACIO TC-M26 A V~ /D,/-, ~/Z~l cl, .rCjpc,at,4 .5cU4 63 ~107 , %3jts34 S-drams 2?, 46, firdta Control of Distribatod Ltmr Systomso by A* Ue Wtkmkiy, 7 pp. .&Akador,Aj ~ffi% sS%o RUSSUW# perg g2de MosmTs Vol 188,, 11o 3s 19699 pp 5 %1. JMS 49457 /c/ Jan 70 399o?-53 Finito Control of Mameto UnDar -'WWmsi, -5~(O by A. 6, aitkovskiyo 7 ppk RUSSW , pwq ~~ AkmderAi Ijag& Sssa v~mcwv 'Vol No 4o, 1969P PI3 762-765s JPRS 4V~55 Jan 70 399,?52 lk~ 'Zito control of iaxnmr 43tms ,Iitjl Av-mqttwos~ by l"dw ? 171.*l. 0?l Soviet-fteeboslovaklm COOPeratiOn in Natural Resources# by L. WtkovWma,. 5 pp- XMIM.. per.. R=wdchmksya Gazetap NO. 28.. - V-440- - JulY 1967s PP 3 mRS 42137 EE-Czech rem S"t 67 339#068 Fwte Coutmi of Lima MAtributed Rptems by A. G. BeA-WWdY# wwwo Dw. nak* Ak. M& M 18%~ No 3s, k",, pp 538-5u- Am. lot- Of RP- Vol 14" No 9., im Apr 70 , ~~-k ~~ -~,I 406p683 Finite Control of Discrete Linaar System, by A. G. Butkovslciyl RUSSIM, per, Dok A Nauk SSSR, Vol 188, No 4, 19699 pp 762-765o Amerkan Institute of Physica Vol 149 No 109 1970 ~\ ~~ , -Z~~ II ~~-Otauu r-~Ml nwto Men, oi~ (i JA JrRl-~ 31417 6 65 Inflor-rution Derived ftw i4rAe lbsts on Tar;eratum, Gns UtiUzatian ud Gers ZUtrilru- ,timi In the Mast Fumme SV~ok.. by Do Dutler 0 mml, I-er,, Stp-hi &an ~ No "Peb ~%) 103-119. -n M 3.T 0, 3 5 o Sci-Matertals Jay 350, 3Y-,