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13 17-26 '-w-.statioziary L. bvstrov. I 'SL. -, Vol 1,50 74,~L~ Av 1.-.;.st ol~ Pys L*Cpt L , IJ Q ,~Ct oc ixPeriewa of lWiml L',ordeps at the irons. cAmi or cont4nental bUtlon o4, ostok in thf, J. the 1%0 Antarctic LXPOe4tion, bY N. I. . lVat rov Me m-- sim. NPo Antarktichasko 4:pPe 4-taU. 2~mAMmd. A :L~6?. pp 342- ~46 O'Cl-13 and k1 A,pr 69 The Conjugation of Ethylenimine Nitrogen With an Aotivated Double Bonds by V. F. Bystrov. RUSSIAN# per# YgeaoZMzz1oe "Imichlokoo Qbgheetvos Zhuruglt Vol 10, No 2, 1965, pp 229-231. NTO 72-10116-07C Apr 72 CalculatAca of tile Dibye ll~~=tlwe f= Orystalc of Arbuitasarj Sy"tryj, by B. G. mystl.%IWR- MMV,X,, per, PS WE R. VeAld.-Pari-va ftylka. ~, ~tema~ NO 1: Bert Al it. or, i;~Ol LAU6, L Li u 1. Influence of Boron on the Structure and Properties of a HighwTemperature Strength Stoel Containing 16% Cro 25t Nio 2% No. and Awo by 14, A, Bystrovao D, Ya. Vislulyakov. RUSS1ANv per,, Inest, VU7. Chen Notoo NO lit 1966, PP till 2060 '70 Sci - Hat Aug. 67 3380556 !.~tadio olisurvations of flljrcue~ ous,~cct%-;~l 11 Supamova ~-,eruiants, V. Z;y,,;trova. AUSSV~14, per, Izv Glav V Pull-ov~-t, %,o1 24, :,'c, 17S, .1965, pjp 202-205. I'e-f: 8732 (.~E,.C T,t',,1323) ~.'ay i " 3 w"i , c 7o Quantum Yelld of the Photoreduction ot Chlorophyll and Related Compounds, by 1, M. Byteva. 12 pp. RUSSIAN, Vpt, BiOfi2ik-a Vol 14, 1969, pp 441-446. AEC-ANL-Trans-M Sci-Bsai Sep T) QMwlca of the Optia MUM of an Airasufts ,- 15- - .1 by 0. S. Byuoba=. MMIM,p bks DlnMdlu% M!2gevowto WZ- Dieu" ~~ s= , mr, 2a PD. HAM TR P-555 "o, ->,J. 16r ~/ Stall-Aaro July 69 38712Dl lnstm=~z for lzrtllal Ccncentrationat 'rw4mt=s aw. Prosmms :~l tho Uppr Atwopinrof by t-a N 4mop G. V., ~';alyamao pcr, Trvav-!mm&m!lnu MAD-ro-l-carL- ~10 770 1907# PID JPIRS 46,r2,(, D - 6,Y 14- 9 0 i-ov 68 37001-145 ~SdO GrItOVU IIXftnb;I; tbo kAmisity a itrbulww in a i~=UU AoaUm. by pas. tftd t 1. 1022: &gdag. Wv. ;10 !-till 50 PP 32,;;3-7, BYYKOVA, M. Ru ACTIVE EFFECTS AND RAI)Ak INVESTIGATIONS AKTIVNYYE VDZDEYSTVIYA I RADIOLUKAISIONIME I SSLEDOVANIYA MOSCOW$, GlUkUMETLDIZOAT, MOSOW, IiiV. , TRANSAUT IGNSISSUE 103, 1971, 141! PP FSTC-HT-23-118U-7~ 4%,lerier.ce iv Transportiug i4avy Lquip-mit,, by L. Ya. byzer, L. V. Grisliukov, mfmtazhnYYo i si'tetsialuYY0 !-~ailotx v pp I s .Jon- 73 1. imism - v, sociaUst urb=izationg by Yu. BzhUyimifty, 12 ppa A, ftscow. tio 4. RUS=ls pert Y2.Ltro~k Aqg& Apr 1972, PP 15-23. JMS 56253 June ?2 Lletter Correspondence riucatlOn for Soviet 'Alitary E],113ineers, by No Lyzhko' 10 J)"." per, l(amurilat V-0oruzli Feb 6., JFRS 45,260 i t 63 3.57 61AD Eloctraphy3iologiOl Studies of the Rotinas 37 by A, La DYZOVt WSSIANO bis filcktrofigioloj-L~Cheskie Isslad- ovmiia sotib*a-fa.79664 Imp. i7pt Of Ixe 6b rUlectr3p~ijslulogdcal lzYrastiL,-Ati,'m9 rbtinao by- A. L. By7ov, 37 pp. TUSSLIX, I.Ar., 31ektroMLAo4le~.eskiye 17-3~ jpl~s V33) USSR Sept 66 So= MactropbpUaOO"l MaUca 66 on tAo ftUmi, by A. L. Ru=k bkp atd=W~Cbmgk 1 - 242ZMEW2 G*tcomtk.S. l9bb, 3 Dept or WvY 54W/lw 1b n57 set-MR 67 Some Pasults of Ovissuremcnts of Tempera. 30 ture-Field Characteristics in the Lower 300-Moter Layer of the Atmosphere, by N. L. 3yzova, Ye. Yo. Vyalltseva. RUSSIAN, per, Hietecrologiya i (;idrol2di-a. No 3, 1969, pp 99-102. JPRS 48190 Sci-Atwos Sci June 69 394,550 'frausactiona of the Leninuad institute a Applied Gwphyakav by N. L. Bpovat 33 V. L, Kltnovp et al. 44 pp. RUSSIAN, part Truft LeBiWad. InatItut PrikladM Gaofiziki, 1967, pp 18-38, 67-74. AIR -23-14-69 ScL Dec 70 ly tl* !,.'wjy ~alUrAes -b1 U.- Levor -i"-jor o'1 the Atnosptere writh jmvai-simzro bx Tvr (olpAw-'~'nor ~Afjw~wt A*Utz jxmt PP ....)-L lwf, 5324'.41' `597"~') ,~, ~ , e) j ~,, 6 v P, usm .0 A Z 66' 293o179 Uri 71 '",'STC---,iT--'3 -).422 -72 72 A Set ae Medumlm Or SuggeStiM., by 1. T. Malwal 12 PPO =SIM.. per's Lqm!m pommWit No 2v 1967) PP le-50* JPRB 49762 J-'~ 7- r)-z~a~a()a Sd-M get 67 p~ 342P902 9"' -1 ''-j Cyberwtic AspoeW of the Psyebdoo of a Satp by I* T& BdmUvag 13 ppe aussigit POP* vgmw PRIW91=0 11*0wmt 110 5t 1968v pp 33F-410 JPRS 46*819 ~f . -F. Sol/GybMatiats Dac 68 354,549 PaycholW of Sets =d Cyl*imties,, by 1. T. Bz4a],~waj 65 ppo fUSELAN* bh,, PzlhLq"oi,,a Untqwyki i Kiber- 65 PP, JP M 0522 wx R Sci-F&I, June 67 323P472 721: btudies of SlocU4~bs in an ~ld Gowrator iw Y. s. B-4hozwsklt Yuo FlsWon, 10 pro AlMlkis bko 1~*-6, 1-16P. P1001939654 Z- o sopt 68 3641#853 Introduction of Plasma Technology in the 0% ",cal and metallunical Indwtry,. by V. Bzhozovskiy, Ya, Rvdao at al. 19 pp. N, bk, "V42hdUna of 'WSM roduyy SlLngoziwa PO SVOY Swam i Prime .1mratupp nealyu gizk2p y PloZVY- Pri XXO MAhdUa2rGd4vM Konvesso Po Taureti- chaskez i Prikladha Kh1wHO 19650 PP-1-27* -2 Jul 67 331,372 Survey of Operations of the Polish Nuclaar InVestigation Institute on I'leasurements of Certair, Physical Parameters of Plasma in Magnetohydrodynamic Generators and in Plasmotrans, by V. azilozovskiy. RUSSIAN, per, magnitnaya GidrodinarAka, J0 3, 1967, pp 3-16. Jan 69 374,162 A Boun&uV Valm PtobUm fbr a Mlwd Spatimal Of TAX, by a. G. Dzllwt~$ All th Babww7. MWIMp pw., D* Ak ~ M S=j, Vol 183, G* 2,, 'A.- vp 251-264. Mw An MM Sm Vol 9p Ito 6t 10 /~, 4~~ Z_,- 1-1,9TL c) V ~br 69 376,442 .:..fl a %J'A , ;&~N ...... .- 1-~:Cl A 1-5&tW fW Vw FUt Ya"M"nt Of tbS PeragaMliV of GUss llibWs# b.7 It Cabsks 14, Mcill PWO jw= FWhem MM '. to two pp 34* FLOO07YO68-V FAY 68 356o774 Ir"m Caballero and (Abino f7srximidoz, 16 )~Ug- par, i!rLr,-rp 67 Spacc iiecearch in Ar nt-Axia, by Oc-cw: Caballero,, J:( -iyp. GOITIMP ot. ;T USE ONLY SPA3153% ter, Primm Plam, Val IV, LTJ 1-36, 2 A-13 1)WI pp. 40-4-3. xi?.rc, cuo 2162 I LA-Arr .,ezitina PAL uct 66 W1335 TmxtL~n Senrice TaskG Acc3rd-lng tj the -I~Vj Timtobh~j by Ar,'tw,,I' -, caban, ,)W ~- PMISII, per, P'r%2pnd Ib 4, Ppr pp. 36635 u 'U &~WLU~- Title M&=Mp by G. Cobew. ftm do M-Ma Maw.* Vol I mm G - ~ r~ (-,~ f--, k) tI:,- Rw 69 Reversible Chemical Adsorption of Sulphur on the (11)p (100)9 and (110) Faces of Ag at Various GS Temperatures, by F. Gabaw-Brouty! FRSWH, pear, Comptes, Rendus Acad Sci, Vol 259, 1964, pp 40U3-4005. *Nat. Bur Stand TT 70-57714 sci-chem F-- Ju 1 7 0 Problems of the Modern mavy, by u. Cab=ior,, Is pp. FUNGI, per, La., Itovue Nwitinep No 2240 1965 's pp Dept of NavylW Tr 2185 C Sci - At SCI Duc 66 314,167 ParUcipatitut of Filmc~x Navy In PaA-Afic ~mqt Coater, by-*t*%k C Cabwform 13 Ppo -QA~Tinp' per-,, La Fbm.; It J-P,rS 307W kill ,y f b~ c ~ - Poiyvinyl Disease, by V. Cabasme. 1-11,EIN01, per, Ann Anat Pathol, 'Vol 1,;, No 4., 1909, pp 419-439 ATS-1534-rJ April 72 Reflaction and Emission F&C-tors of "'02 at High Teappratures, by F. Cabanne9l, et al, FPFJ,*,Clv port Comptes Pond Jos Seantes de I'Acadesio dej 3"R;Mcet, Vo*l 26"4m, No It 4 F6 =ary,, 10t lip 8 -048. WINDSCALE Tr,*333 (LOAN) Sri - Chem Sopt, 67 3418394 Intoxicatific* Effecta of ldvin); i,y Pierre catarrou. i -~4~h"T USI, UtTLY GOV.', 17REAC.H, per, La itevAic-, !-:ariti,;ie, ilio 24o, Feh~ 1967, pp jail 6 9 373,S27 Feport on the Effftt oV Underwater Evlostons Carried out durlog OU rTospectim 1u the Sub- PAIAntie r*4ft of h3a4us"I Iq P, Lv O-A!be- SPAN=., rpto 1966, 14 pp! lept of Interlor T.-Ish and VI,=ft ServIce XF., Wrenn of Favip Fisherlm &%I-L,xr Set Oct 67 3422#9960 ZIllit ln vono:rjj)ja IWO bY jlLU' 0 C4bello. PP pore ~~too pp 20-2,~s 4-9672 70 rmncb Space Procium Achiews (~uatfiea Sumeas,, by l'O.,,er COMM; 7 PP- GOMMOMI, USE am _iw Intermtioml, rfb=, per, ALVwlation l1r, * Intermtoaa _9: No 432p 5" Pp. 913 jan 66 krGaidellt of SILP IntervietvAp by Ropr CabUco 10 ppe GOVIIIiIiia1z"14T US& 011VI M&i.Ckit porp Aviation Paria, llo 525, 1 imv 1969o pp 20-23. JZ/L 3214 sci-scievitists 'k Sci Organ.", Jon 70 VMn Grwe Is Vital., by R%cr Cubiac,, 5 pp, GuffIRCIN USE ONLY FM, Vil, perj, Aviation Mp4-Azine Internatioml No 440, 1 Apr 196G. p 13. JPM cuo 1195 e. M.-Fr=e Sci-AL-In, ,ym 66 30 1., C- Q 3, A Rapid Method for the InVoStigation of Saud Phase-G" Reactioas, by J, Cabicart U, Pospisih CZE01, per Chea List Vol LX, fio 4, 19040 VP $; NASA IT F-10#228 Sci-Chom Oct 66 512,244 M W yt G L C4 a i tl OS 0 a N C.) S Rapproachement With U.S. Cn Copper Settlement Decried# tV~Fmuel Cableass Donoso, 13 ppo SPANIS , np, _P%to kLz H A. Santiago, 16 Jan 1973, pp 26-32. JPRS 58194 Feb 73 Cormmist Yarty of Chi2e Actions Attacked, by i4mel Cabieses Donwj 6 pp., q MIA, Santiago, 25 Apr 1972, SeAg5h, np, Znt F PP 2-3o ir"m 56102 June 72 'Urst UwaKle of f0al-m 11-lavolution Amuol Cnbleaos Donovos 22 pp.6 It ""antie-gos rpts Dee 11~63. pp 8-16 of I.,lupplamento &Tz~ 4?576 rn,q,x) L Q IA-Cbille Fd i-~mr 69 Violonce Swm as 00y Cmmo for Chile0a Fassoog by Cabiws Donosop 17 ppo SPANISH# Punto Pinal, SantlaWh 28 Jan 1969v pp 1-8, JPRS 47*553 ol 4 to u -5 C) IA-Chilo Pol Mar 69 376o104 Pean,at Price Proo Lxplained, by cat'ju, G ~r)- FRL,"~;C-Afo ner, ),e Moniteur ;,,,l,'ricatn, Dakar,. 328, 11 Jam 60, larl6l, %TPRS 1,14,551 rica ("C"71 ef-qal) Uboatift A J;~Wdd by 0.0nd COMIOSA" by - AdUar :r ITAUM* npp 3-M ov* 23 JM19M 49806 Fth 70 1409929 nie Third World and ldwlog, Pa Been by 1611cu 8 Cabral, 11 pp. SPAMII, per. El Calm= Barbudo, No. 2; may 1966p PP* 12-160 JPfG 40405 1-)M / L 0 2 /~' 0 A 6? ell-,)L L','%-Cuba Pol My 67 323.,357 and Ito -,-ranlnl!-l f.-jr tio SlVra!,7zlc fjr I'lati .,naj. 'Ir U TOO by 11.1c. -per, S - i 1! .,ovc)luti"jn A-- lealne, 5-1 l'(JI Y 7.7 3 1), S3 T Amilear Cabral Reports on Progress of PAEC, by Andlcar Cabral, 15 pp. MMUHt part Trigontinentalg Havana, may-Jm 1969, pp 5-16o- JPRS 48980 " U-Port Guinea Econ Oot 69 394p671 &Lt-&-atim lb4m=t In (1,4-LCC) Potgo 19% Acnimvm=r",~ tV G Poo rim-w-J, PM10 con ala."wo 1-:0 243o 26 t1w. JP,S soc Jifl 65 R m'% L c. q (~, C " P- P, L Is Portugal Imperialietill by Amiloar Cabral, 5 pp. GOVERIMENT USE ONLY- FRENCH,, per, Afrique-Asie, Parim, 2-114 MaY 723, "OP 314, 35- -YPR5/L 4198 ,Tul 72 ,sca C~I nca s=icoz on Cape Vwede Islandul, hy V "o; .Ato:do , maz I L . Cabral, 8 pp. per, ultrwmr. Vol 8, '.o 30, 1967t pp 165-1?2. JPI~~, 459677 (.1 0 - ' by 16 Jol J, Partupece Guima Called I United Front Against Imperiall=fs (Al!rim)s by imis Cabmit 6 pp. EIM=4j, per, TrIoMMMIntalf Uvamo 110 150 11ov-Doo 1969v -pp-74-146. JPRS 4M3 /ai S e6 At-porbigW30 Guinea Pol ~!ar 70 402v223 J~ Demonstration of Tetqpor "ri ttletic-so Lj- sts in the Presence Stress "orrosion To of lilydro-gen, by U. C-?. CaL.-ral. FRENCH!, per, Comptes Rem', Vol 260, 22J jur,j., 1~165, j.-,p--VdffZ768qO. ii:M 5717 Sci-1-.atericals ~!ar 61.) 2~~2. The Ufbet of CmImsition and lWat 1hrmtment on Amas Cammdan in Low AUoy St*As,, by 0, QuaverU Cabr4, MACE# pro R91, I'Ma- A. =50140 Vol 641, jMy/ Aus pp 613-623. asi scib.-At Fab 68 34-9,W6 AWysis of ~rdlo fint Thm YcArg In IW A165"ro Cabrem rftv*Ala. 19 pp. Pero ~Mtl iciv Vol 330 149 16rLe I im 43631. C a 'Fol Jan 61 ,losearell irportant ;,,wt or Asdm Aeuvitical by Derta Labrarat 7 pp* bl'ANL451 pore ilr I -~IwAl ijw;=g 1~-69.s pp 10.1?* jLr~; W742 q1 LAO .can Sept 6~, Levelopment of Irishing Industvy Surveyed, by Barta Cabrera* 7 p-pe .1 0 ;;armat 17 fec iky'lo, ~v rptl ling 4-5. ~r,l~i 47296 Sal-. ~Ocll Yeb 69 3?4o5),3 U,,4vvn",,ltV Sipw-mors LUX,";us;5 iiPil iTm-tints, LY cabriall cabrem, j,F-3 45Yr, Ott imle 1 2~ National. 'I~oxretjiry Jete. Fc)rl-,i of' u."DILA Youth,, by G-iftllori.,.-D Cabl\wra) 5 1),,)- .11F,ANII.L)H,,, npl, juventud. 12 ',',-Jpt in. 5. il'al 3,3343 U-Cd.a 44-3v ~6 313, YO c,xstal Gamrl az,~,Inst lill'iltrattwl le; 1 b-*,* Cv.dillerno CWur,-~Vllj, V J-~venta-1-1; U.S. Ranger I'steran of Vietmn. TeUs lie vlar,,j 5tory in Cuba, by GuMemo Cabrera AlvareBs 29 pp, GWBM4.~I~iT USE CNL): SpAiasliv np, Juventud fisvanal, 6-16 Feb 1972. JFES/L 4141 May 72 The Laministration of Justice in the People I a Courta, by L Use Rolaudo Cabram.) 3 pp. aAW3p per,, Eqbgk, 15 -"eDt 19EPf r PP 33-43- JPFS 43667 Cal rercc -) UL-Cuba POI Boy 67 344,073 I The OzidatLon of Al in a fluaid Atmospheret by I's~' N, Cabrera. (q FRMC 11, per, CoRetes ReMus A-cad Scip Vol 2259 1947, pp 59-61, *Nat Bur Stand Tr 7U-57716 Scl-Moterie4s Jul 70 p , C _ f\7j:~ k~ C-- -0\ fA