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-~ 6 ~ ~- C ~) T N ~ b-, S" First Tear of Revolutionary Governmnt Chronicled, by Pastor Cabrera, 7 PP. SM415H, np, Verde OUvo, ilavam, 16 jan 1972, pp 25-28. JFRS 53378 ,Ar 72 6 (l) wone ,!;M Conbmi carngmys lister Ealances by Po Be Cabromg 5 ppe SPAIIIM6 PWO Vey& ou'Wo flowlas 31 AUG 19699 pp Y4-36-.- JPRIS 49215 /~ e Co-pu'AlIx, Soi-Lar Sol a OooQn% Jov 69 396a219 I i L, C-11 rl~ tass ort !Wustric-s# 0-vtTmt Dez: ribex b5r ppe ML,hl, pore Lpr~:?q 1#0. Cav=a. ? - apt j. 4~228 LA-(;Uba ,.Cm ;~Ilov 6c, rovime i-cadi Oede~t ~~4ttaz, txaltra 'ToseClUff Ano I by factor ~-Abrorao ~: -Al-1, -,',4v. 0- pp 33-33, 6(7y (/ L). lbSE, $corarl for Czarist JADO AMdzst Cl4wo by ~arendy Cabrorat SdJ4M,f np# L~LMIAI, wuldoo, 2B ar p IGO J146 47939 ,-01 V. .-ia.v 6.,% 33lo5M Ura,pAmn Leftist 11pports oil China'S PI'01)am- tion for tl-.e kassibility uf V-ar vit.4 t."I-e Urdtod Stat,-Sp by Saraoly Cabromt 6 Pip- GUMFUSM USE Omly SPANISH.. pert ~hmha Vol XXVII., M-) 2294., 4 14ir 1 p. 14. jr-fl-9 GTO 1194 519 r,) q m d y L~-Un~awj pol jun 66 30 It 5'~?) U. f~ubOt 19 pp. por, jano;7ob ig6oo Pan iil-. Oat 63' ,~o V-zt L. Ci4o-Rx7-ig First Result's of Experiments Concerning Water Distribution Into the Soil by rm-row Irrigationp by L. Cacazza. ITALIM., per) La. Ricerca Scient=2~, Qaaderniq 110 50, 19R, PP 1~6-157- *HTIS TT 72-53088 Aug 72 J, . e. O~ C! C, L~,- L-. Autoradiograpide Hwearch aa the Matributim of Pb2lO In the Bwy Timue of the Rat., by S. Cae=-I. FMCH,, per., FbUa ftaca Vd 50o 19671 pp 116-125. NTC 71-14158-,06R Feb 72 Parametric Amplification of Hypersounds by the Brillouin Effect Stimulated in Quartz, by G. Cachier. FRENGH9 par# Aggdeale dog Sgian=. Paris, Comnj2g Henduap Vol 265, 1967, PP 1442-1444 NTO 72-11632-20E N ft S R77-F ?4a / CG u- o) June 72 "IM-, 60-11-4~ latrogenic Jaundice, by M. Cachin. GH~NJAN, per, i,luench Idled 4ochschr, Vol 109, No 38, 190, pp 1962-1970. AT5-1545-W April 72 ~A , ~2 a t--k L V- GllacA Mudjr cif a Protwbive Hadcaticm in Gastro Gastro-Dxxlewa Pathology$ tr M. cachin . FMCH, perp 8083m2 Iberw2mams Vol 45., 1969., pp 985-986. NTC 71-14129-060 Feb 72 The rrwphputicc vae oi, Oval coj iatlu ~~Ilratu iu tho Treatment of M. cachlnj C. Icrii I,r.-rxus p0r) W W-Itwlu Vol 196.c,$ y,,p a0% T2 66-13035 T Jun 67 2 9 G-) 19.rA,-1969 Froatwtion of ~~t"l i~,Ilv ionarnado by Is :~I*Uomuw Ae Cacims 6 pp. alolzmato Vol 210 tiuz 1969 on 4c,451 69 3 9 910 1 Yl ~iaenti,fic qgiene lbseamh for 196' ~-1968 ~Iiotodv by 'Hio k4dariu. 15 pp. itc,'XIAlis rpt. jagftj, Walarest, 1968, pp M-!89, jeir,2 4M6 .5ci-D andi I e b -' , 11) 374,40,2 :01volution and Preseat ?-.,)b llemz of IV, C,-.ene in (; ~- Rumwda, !yj Ch. Cadai-lu, 12 pp. IWAMM) per, Xglena Ito 4'. Apr 1966, pi), 193-201- JPM 36177 G~, cadcl~)u .M.-R.=nia Sx JA 66 3A,G57 ReBuital, l-'erspectives of Reaearoh In ilgionog bor GheorChe Cadlarlug 7 pp~ r0W41A!4,*. r-pt, iamettol-al SwAt wtnroat, Jan 1%9, pp 60i-B and 1-8 : r 69 3?4,821 CoccumW World In Fragwntis, by ChvyJja C&lart.. 3 pp. GOVZNM UM (My FESM% por4 to SWA zmr-m-temp lb 67, 23 Fdb-1 Mr 2.%6p PP- 22-25- M6 Guo U-s"A OPAE cf~jAk4 M-rume pol ft 66 3wjm Sd 0 57QaW ed%= Jd 67 M. Cadart 331XI6 Forty Ybars of tho Ducharost ILTimio Institatet /7 by Gheorgha Cadara, 5 pp, RUMIM!, por, '-~fmdtorul salitar, lb 21, 24 Illay 1967, p~=., ipris 41%8 GhOv,c6:-h(f CA1911AU B&.,%manin scs-Ml Auicir, 67 332 -, W9 krench zicUd-Wel Soundim hwket* iliscribedt iw do QOIOWMO me Wev 15 pp. 40L.W" U~ WU pario LS _fmo-her-cam- "Go fart-so SEF U*t 19wo pp 2D-7-5- JkW GOO 7.937 r/ 9 Jan 69 %t2 p 474 Z.27" c/o c *,,;it 11. 7 7:133 ,\~ -0 I~L Cowmist)~~y Offficia Discusses Comtry's Loonomy, by Jose Cadomr-tori. 14 pp. Fflj'SW41, perl, Igtinj~a Ante2dk -macous No 2v I ~_ ;&__ L, I-tr-Apr 1972v pp 9-24. ipas 351.190 ~Ay ?z Cadeautori AddftwM Chilma CamauWt ftrtr ftaungs by Jam cw1wartor's 19 pp- SPAIM,t f0j, IM lmlp.* 9 Oct Wv IV 3-5- JPM 43361 LA/Mdla se a pa is* 68 346th3h !ille Noia.Cz~,pjtaUstic C=se in Chile) by Jose Cadamr'vwiv 16 PP- M-'Imsul pert prancir , .r.A plp 4 -33 T-r. juay 63 5BLECTRON-IC STRUCTURE OrSOME BORIDES OF TRANSITION ELEMENTS. 6~agoville,M, C,; Daniel, E. 10Translated for Anies Lab., Iowa, fruni j5J. ',Paris); 27: No. 7-8, 449-57(1966)- 2025P- 2.1Dep. NTIS, 26physics (solid-state), translations 120L 28MN-34 29P NSA 0 Izeaction of cr with Go at Blevated TerVeraturest 5 6 by L. CadLou. FR-IM, per& Uoptes Rendus Acad Scip Vol 266, 1968$ pp 576-579. *Hat Our Stand Ti 70-57698 sci-chem Jul 70 L-, C A 1) ( 0 ~~, Elactrm Itteroom~10 Stl* of Spiwdel DemopoeltIft in cove AnVot by R. Cadoret MA P. DwAvlavottep - GEMJ p '0 pb"las Statle Solldis Vol Ps F 196go pi B 5p mz rief: gm-4oi (746-326) 404pogg Mar 70 C~ k n r ) e":' . 0, C, 6 0 L) ~' Three-Stage Constitutional Evolution Described, by Charles Cad = j 16 pp* pRENCII, n-ov Lumleres Pianarantsoa, 18 Fob 73,_ pp 5, 6. PRS 58450 14ar 73 chanew in Blood Cirogation at Feet, In PWactive HMawftp wirl In BIwd 01rculatim after Strus In the Form= Huwass Dulm L93mtric TnAnUvi by K. Caesar, Pe Sebar. 5 pp. G31MMM USE M GMW it "'~4fforacb Vol 58, 1969, ;r3MR X4SA TT P-12,507 0~ Hov 69 396,647 CAFFIN, L. Maintenance of constant tension of the warp in'Weaving. Industrie text. (March):197-8 (1960)(INSDOC/T. 10607) Ir.30 PCX mW tto Gav of 0 by Mato CaMoro,v 21 pp T71=1, pot-, con-i'mmdeam socluzilata, no 1, i= 65, Vil 6-U. =X= JP.Pus 0,031 T. -Itniy 1,10i 11 - .. lo.) I- 2- r, 1.1; " .zle Credit vim in tue am kvtom, ar a Lmtj b5F Jo-.Oalw C. It2crVISMEW1. UMSS Cz~,: UP., 26 var, 65, JFFS CUO 730 ~rtl.czfth Ecoll Elood aer= 11pidw of young man in relation to strwo and phpAesl activity, by A. Cagmova, S. Cagms et al. POLIffiv pwv ~L "tislMb Leb"k& .S~Zp Vol 50, sept 1968., P 321. NASA TT P 14,075 Fab 72 Considerations on Tlealth ~Zc'tion in the Transport of Radio-activo Mitorinla in RAI. Forrions by P. Cagnotti, et al. ITALIA119 Po-P. Giornalo di Figica Sanitarin o Prote"ziono contro le Radi=lono, Vol 13, No a, 1969, PP 145-1.53. Risley trans P-160 15~-ej aci/mochan engr Nov 71 -14, ,.-, -'- The Surface Strength of Papers, by L. Cahiorra. ITERM, per,, Fr=ce Gr=quo, No 252, 1968, pp 6-11, TITC-71-12145-IIL Nov 71 Marie Vim, a vitil,; luavercity by ~jstv 41", 16i C,r. niste" .vtw,V4eV I A Ionroy 40- 355 it pro"Um of the kumum wAft murbw mxddo. ematlea ftw: Ddomatim eLdftnmt Ingba= Or the Diameta *f tbo fte snd VjDU". bY M- WA- Pam) DWO NLLAM- -aAmo 1966s pp 195- 1730 MIS TV= S7 M% N. Caid 3ax'145 ibr 67 (A Wokim Lac U1, widi Iriart C2aWU. ~fy ~j. [~Pn. (~',tjhj. MMUD. Vol C."'J".46 ocv L4 Z,-,rvyi Tv vA13IP,;PL T-R,*ib r, 01'J Y) I .; inju"70, 110muialiation in Hemion DiscusWo bV Jaoqmg ChWas 6 rp, FW411 P-we Paolp"am d12MM:fto ftylav Jul 1968t pp 9-12. JM 46#805 () C,-f" ~Il - Aflftmdon soon Do* 68 3-'As 515 Structure and Mectrksl Con6ictivity of the U02420344205 SYstm at High Temperature, by ~Mo Caillat. R=R, per, Rev Int Hautpe legpr at Refract, Vol So 196al pp 173-179. *CFM Tr 70-5a229 June 70 tember posiama stma cmutiom In awn. m"t mu"Iss W V. claimm. GWWs perk Mwteabniscbe Berichtej, Vol 43.,, No 12.. 3.90t 0 "U-505: M C9-1%33-M me 69 0)443 Radlop Televivicm and Leisure Tim., by Jove A* Cal Sierra, 6 pp~ SPARMI, perp ER: flesuren Grafico, imo-L)oc 10, pp. 04.68. JPW 41027 JoSE !A-CA(I'vill, 1) LA-Cubn, Sm Jum 67 .323POU ftture. ?r-oom, VOV AUtogift C labo VVocribeld, opt Prototyl.)o Autogin nuht-Tesw swMeemilyl by Ilown Caitbwlg 5 pp. SYMAKv npo &Leas Eratisuva, 16 Aug 19690 p 54 MIS 48892 /&-ry~~ Sai-Acron Sopt 69 3929523 VC,,* MIN 321.74 -~q cap,$ S Iq MI. M) A.I.T. as,~ Ccieme Uvm, V~~,2. U', Qr ival, ~171 E. Cajthara 19,VAJR C19A!9 Z/9 jw * Ti law Edorcemnt Bodies fbr Pliedemawro., by '30, V- cwdc,, 5 Ppo SM=f# per.. Omtina, go 3p Mar 1966., PP - 71-76. JPM 35477 v - e )~ ~ ~. (I M-yugoalavla Soo im 66 ~Iaj'174 Fluoresence bdiation source for 9y Area Dm2sity ana Thickness, by w. eta. GWWjs perp NerntecWdli 1821 k und =t0oba Chemle. Vol U., NO 5" 1".. pFp 431-436. *HM TT F-12,005 6~lj (~AL sa-pbya Ja n 70 /It (ANL-Tran"26) REACTION AT THE INTERFACE OF CLADDING (STAINLESS STEEL) AND FUEL (MIXED OXIDE [U,Pu]O/sub 2 P-X/) IN FUEL ELEMENTS IRRADIATED BY FAST NEUTRONS. Calais_, D,; Conte, M.; de KeroulaB, F.; LeBeuze, R. Translated for Argonne Natlonal Lab., 111,, from Paper 17 of Panel on the Behaviour and Chen-dcal State of Fission Products in Irradiated Fuel, Vienna, 7-11 August 1972. 15p. (CONP- NTIS, metallurgy; radiation effects; translations 11F MN-25 P NSA C;-, floasure of Radioactivity on Hman I-Illh. on, Dones ot Mafomted Pettwes, by G. G. Callaqpa~j 'I pp. Amall Vll~g roblolomIn MLW~ HM-4 Cao E Mir f-- I -- 1967v pp 41n."ut, AMI L so i/B ull sc-pt '70 ArDng 31I.Qv. A-qainnt Cle calcaritc, 5 Evaluation perfomance of of c=wcial stoZ aircraft.. by Mario Calcam. W-Val'U'.0 XrArrAN. per, L "Aeroteeni gimig. VOz 606 jwze 1 1971, pp 113-144, WAIT F 14166 Gr -osis,*aIlr.,,-. to by L. Cafit;::!anu, 5 per. igiena.. Vol 1103, 519- 2 ,,.CST - 41, -'tM 71 LIongred Subacute Pulmonary Syndrome of tu e Infants# by R., Calderas EUROPEAN* per, Annales de Pediatrie Vol 15, 1968p pp 796-804# NTIC-70-13265-06E Feb 72 lztin Awricaq Crucial Test for Clulatian Civilization, lby Dr. Raf a-cl Caldera, 16 p1j. OMMMIRE WE 'In, rly lea 0' Section 31 No* 11 pp* 1-11, COO 211b Doc C 6, ~14p 161 Culturv ~ui' l,rowi Trout and skaiiibow Trout iu 44ter At 14J.. 'Icl:~,-,crjitures, by Lilrique Cal~jercils lti FM"i'XIL, !,er, IcmIletin Fraricais de Pisciculture, 1101 41 0",w 2s6p, -M sept DUE, I'l, 7.35. `umtax o' Cor-::ercial Fisheries Fishel-i" A-34-Ute 1.969-Nu 20 70 40,47S7 Determination of Carbonyl Compounds. Part 1* Potentiometric Determination of 4p6-Dinitro-3-Carboxyphenylhydrazones, by J. Calderon. FRENCH, per, Sogiedfid Egganola do FjgjRg U4410a Angles, SeXie B. gulmiga, Vol 62, 966p pp 1185-1190. NTO 72-10122-070 Apr 72 The Battle Against Rats and Mosquitoes to Cuba* by Him Rodriguez Caldaroo, 7rp. SPANISH,v usp, Granza 16 Doe 1966, p 9. JPRS 38c01 lee wCubo sci/bam r-ob 67 319.236 'ilio ?mbltm of Abancbned Axitonobilor., I)y ~;irtj calijoron. 5 go. 3PA.11"WI, PP. Crarmd, 19 Oet n. 8. jea-3 C,965 L C. I L Doe 56 31.5,11-3 momMal limumi ftato" ot Tm aAm q swouluonr$ "n"n, W ATWO" OMWI, W-rts &Aftms cbuums U W* 11-5, GPM294 pwo, AtAft 401 0r&= 12 Dm lIX152, Ppo 6-9f 13 3530 Vol :1 4", . i.orwtor of arm 0"~ i'tra l4tarmlm;& Q- 0 j C, P. ~:c 6;2. 27 PMMSS for the I)Wuttloa of ATQP-*tjC U CarbwWlic Acids, by N A, Dowdwao As. R*UoCaldvalls, MWWO ftteat No 1 136,394 (31 C-ra, IOS6*) 9 1 WMINT DO.n 0t IUVY rr abb/Ap IRS T-01717 a,q-n . u ~ Setamom Amay 6(k 299,643 ,,n t -crivan tary Ad%.isnr3 i,.,2czmad of 2ntGr. .--eymroo c 6 Pi~Tv Aze-hr-, 24 kv;7. VA/ 22 am', 1~!c P A licy of ,~I'xmni on C L 'ari"J VrL)rlty Lk2vel' 'Z'ent if y, `)-v .W,YaTIATI, per, C~nstr'.'.Ctia de sLp~a. N,, 5, ilay Ll 27 - E~ 7:.,c,.,n all a~- ^m tho W the -110211tiong 0-- Tntocral-, pot,# 'Iept oC -45-59 ";r. aravLlUn Dasalbas Haft Viotnamse iiar r,ffWb. bor AntWio WU&v 56 We PonWU6$Bs np# Jq!ma a2 ago Rio do Jamiral 19# 209 22v 23s 24 Uot Me pp 2s 3. JFRS 4,6g884 a A Viet POI Doe 68 3,%#600 , 1k zl~ ft W=Uum wm4ima watmop wi causo- 420 OXNOM W OW 516 OW 2Ap PMTWM* pp .1-4 me = 23M &,Zt/ Wawa sm ft 6T 325te-133 ccataml of the kolamtation of Illoas'-wes Cstnk- Ushckl 2br 14alsUg by Ch4, Vaul- lowu and to* Cliv-4m) FUMPRIP-7,v per# -.- .... w. 4,, Apr 1967.* 'IV- 70-74- 41430 CIA L -lily iG7 3M*973 rost icraim., '111 for 'lorciz- o~ oci-~ at 351.CCO