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lurouty. of &OC"Ust Form emmum, by FIL"'UN AN ~,arlq# WOO 14264 70 SPP pp. ul-Caba ~I-c ull, Tj Rejuvenation of Spruce Forests in Skane, 1V J,11. Carbomier. SWFMH, per, Svenska Shomardsforeninggns TIldskrift, VJ17-54-,-i~65, PP 265-271, M,Wn/ffe-f - No. 1123 '7'- H CA 11, 6 Ot/"V'/ sci - AuG 67 337-o66 Pe"lopment of XinM Inducti-jo Fwgress in GeolQgiwl Fosearchw by Adil Carcani, 3.0 pp. ALBAM,, np.. Zeri i RmQ&t, n sov 1965., ps 2* JPr'B 33095 EE-Albwia Econ Dee 65 2Ac0459 Wvolopmt of Slli~o Tednolog Urgedp by tkm comao 11 pp., ALAWMig Mg ~M-o La3:11go Tir=t liov JL9699 pp 11-21. Has 49??o (-~, ~l , L C ~4 '~- (-. 0 t~ , W~-Albanla Fd Fab 70 4010991 1? 4; L C)q P-C P t,) i Coordinetion of large anld "'ImIll Prod"OtIoll Called 'Teae3sary, by Adil Carew"A, :Ul~ PP. ALBAT-7-41P, per Rx"u"m a Partise, ~.'irvna, TIO 21 'Fob 7211 6086 5 T Jun 72 c_-- Q, Foreign Zournaliat '"isits Gubar. People, s Court, by Brnosto Cardonal, 7 PP. SPANISIT, port '?tmto Final, Santiago, 11 Mar 72, pp JPRS 55923 MW~Y 72 tile ibiAnic-on Corm-unista, U,7 Florark~pal Carlenas, 12 pp. "inora lb 1431 15 A-iC I)k-All pp. a-lis 14-Lk#t,lY1 ~IolejeAI'19-s 5,5 Lh-illxdmican RQp.lblie PA ~Xat tt, 312 , 3 J 3 lho Pontagm against the T in the DomWeau Crisis., Cardemi, 7 pvo GOMTVM USE MY SPAM. M., per., AWE no We 3.11, ipys c;uo 1o61 etate DeparUmn'. by Flormgel F, U7.. 24 jan 1966.. /-/Clr'f"9)v e y IA-DombAcan RspubUc POI s mw 66 296;m --7- ~~enc~o~ PRI Leader UseussesUo ~;~tv '~ by Fnucisco airdenas Crtm. 8 pp. SAFMH, per, IgS24ior, Mmdco (Aty, 13 Fob 19n, pp 1-Al 15-A4 i M. 55n0 Apr 72 N. I I Utiliwtion of Trla%rdo Magm In Sammic Studleap by J. Cardenoss. BRUMU, por, Lev iast Imst TOCIU101 Bouap Foo 53., 19G3, Pp 21-31~ NLL Ref - 5823.4p (m7603) Intin Pz=lca Econ Oct 69 30.445 CL ~dC Microbial Degradation of Synthetic Detergents. Part 1. Degradation of Linear I-Alkyloulfonatest by G. Cardini. RUSSIANv perg An4�11 41 M10roblologla ed Enzimologigp Vol 16j 1966, pp 217-222* NTC 72-10839-11K Apr 72 Checking on Applicability and Effective- ness of the Lovell Smith Index to Estimate the Needs for Gingival Treat- ment# by Go Me Cardoso* FRENCH,, per ReZjat& do-Saud~ Publica, Vol 3# No 2: 1969p pp 117-131. NTC 72-10378-o6E Apr 72 Otmted Couple Tells Story of Gideon Xv=- gelleal Beat ("Batiblmoe)., V Heriberto Cardoso., 7 pp. SPAN=, upy Sierra Mmstre 29 Dec 1965, p. 6. RES 34762 IA-Cuba Pol Apr 66 29BI16o Otwted Cou;U %U& Story of Gideon Elm- 3 GelIC411 SOCt ('mBAlbUwoW')j, by fforlberto CaMow.. 7 Iv. WAS= rpo, �Lerrs 29 Doe 1965j. p. 6. * JPW 34762 IA-Cubs POI Apr 66 293j,160 -. , ):f. ~! I-r-.I- !. I , - Bat6balla R';S'~Istm d, Ca?-A 10 cien~ le'-p$3 3 Fisaarx.en' a 6 !)P 9 tTAMIII, per, Mary Pesea, Apr 1,)a, pt). 1;3-53. J?17LC' LA-Culba dal Of itioh.:'a a _c 1 'h H"' dii M'- Ad 't 'ti W& S_ 4 a a a -on or, Bio Lab. T-564-1 Metabolimw del triptofano via acidc bambini con convulsion febbrfl-i By: Careddu From: Acta Vitaminologica 4:135-1)Lo; Itallan - est for wds: R-W15-D 13 Oct 67 n1cotinico in 1966 8 pp Please translate and type 1 camera ready copy. Documnt era be cut. Please make cover as sample attached. Mm,s Vwk ord 2rmsVortuUw,, w Told lay tus Reqwtor. Coe dW In "TwWdtd Mcmte'.. IV pocaa CAMIA. 90- G.VMM 0 Verde ouvol Vol 7$ NO lai, a wz:7"r -- WA = 655-GG-C 1.) Sci-Nech Imtlatria Bw Feb 61 319;14/1 Ar-]~r Opon's If."he Joao artl Cw-.Altor of 1. ~:~moUonco, by ',,afacl Carala, oor, Ownbatioritt-, I ;::oT)t '960. LVCuba Fob 617 3' 5,,r9') mtrat NAOUX6 0.f.ft B"Ith 2kmlw control of 7f the Sawtm Audew CWboft by U. Corno 6 VD, numt pwt ask Ww V42 12) 204, pp 429-430- AEC OM Tr-AA4 N. carf i wpm Sd a B101 & Ybd Ja 67 A Critiftl Vim of the Ubde Tank MA M AltUrS, by Water CarSOUD. ONE23M ME o= GEM, pero Ej~lwqt Do 1 19631 VP 233-236- i - 4 - mvft/IR -%5-W Mur JUIV 69 3a5,319 gli%,& GVlm an Colombia-ftiommla Burderp by Germn Capin# 60 pp. SPANISHe nP, Ea liaoicW Carm=~ 15 Aug 19699 pp A-16 LI-201 16 ftg 19699 V 3-161 17 Aq 19699 p D-16; IS Aug 1969# p D-18 19 Aug 19699 p B-121 20 Aug 1969, p D-?j 21 Aug 1969g, p D-21 22. Aug 19699 P NN 23 Aug 1969o P 13-16; 24 Aug 1969, P C-11 25 Aug 1%9# p C-10j 26 Aug 1969t p D-16s Jffw 489E4 IA-Vommela Fol Oct 69 394o6383 dth Tim vonoruslan Cbmmdst Leaders -ftmt vm)ppor- T 'arias so, 5 mm, by (7,ernan C IPjkxj,js;i, m)v Ll ndejonal. '217 kor 19-5?, pp. 'D-12* J7,R13 (yx) Pbl Jun 3yj Cariati, F. Complexes of Copper (1) With Triphenylphosphine and with Bis (Diphenylphoaphino) Ethane and Their Reaction Products with Sodium Borohydride. GAZZETTA CHIMICA ITALIANA, vol 95, pp3-15, 1965 NTC-72-60395-07C Jan 73 Complexes Of The Metals Of I Group B. Note II, Gomplexes Of Silver (I) With Triphenylphosphine And Their Reaction Products With Sodium Hydridoborate, by F. Carriat-i, L. Maldin-.1. ITALIAN, per, 'Gazzetta Chimica Italiana, 19~5, p210-~'. SLA. TT-65-17072 F. C C1 r- 'I C, +' t 344. 80'~ flay 7 2 A.L,ho UntorizG iUnt at tba 'karumnto by 14 A. Chlavcwini. par, "rete ?'o, 196-7, P.z 6U9 35 .Strengthanika, the Spanish Communist Party, by Santiago Carillo, 5 pp. SMISH, nD, E~ 5 Auc 19 " ' - "Rana RMlacana, I u.~, pp. I and.2. JPRS 38002 LA-Cuba Pol oct 66 313.514 CA Variations of the 2.5-0V kmiaracteristic 11norcy I,oss of M-ectrona in Gold an a F~njction of s"mpic Thicknowl, by A. Carillon, r-PIMICITO per, Academie J-pa Sciencos, Paris. Comptes Ronduss Sories B, Vol 267l 196 1 PP 332- 335. UTIC-71-10790-20L Irov 71 Ciroups with Complemnted Subgroups, by V* So Carina RUSSIU, per. Dok Ak Nauk SSSRj Vol 173, a No Is 1967o PP 50-53- Am Math Soc Vol 89 No 2t 1967 v , 5 , c'a P-; ~ Nov 68 370,374 ett''4,6 x Z/ 4 - (Ieeltl~ ,~~ zajor Pmr klant Constrmtton Problems D19- w9W& by R* Carlos 5 ppo GOV&VI4'4ZjT USB OHM Mwat per# MLOM d'WbrmVI-9n-fk-~oIGPXME2 et L s;. CEA# Parise Jun 196-91, pp -C-8, JPRS/L 3167 jo Sci-Nuci Sci & Toch Oot 69 3949833 "I e a The Complex Activity Reflected in the Circulation of Substances in Plants, by J. Carless FRENCH# per Progroo, la Nature, No 33570 1995Ss,2iPPeR1cQOA-13- NTC 72-10630-02D Apr 72 j. UITIes, 17 Oil. pors, J chrozat~~E, Vol 350 lv`b6, fr-,p 60.11E oi Feb 71 Taupten HOjmnuOrjW,,.by 14auKee Carlos. 26 pp. am=,. rPt. SEA ~BIB-~t Sept 19W. VMA TT P-12p662 .," Satz= Jan 70 hoo..4oo Moiri., by Nourice Carleo. 23 pp. FBWM, rpt.. CU.,-BD-124,p Sept 1963, pp 1-25. NASA TT F-12,, Sai-abon lbb TO 4M,693 Quasi-Analytic Functions, by Torsten Carlesman, 68 pp. FRENCH, bk- .. Les Fonctions Quasi Analytiques, Gauthier-Villars, Paris, 1926. AEC/LA-4702-TR Jan 72 ProperUes of 09 Sattaptio fttrU of a TU). 711, Port PmIve BeU=k at a Fixed ftquancV,, by " (-) E. Caul T. Corawd. nums, pwo Alta MUMLAO Vol Ap No 4, 07., 0 3191-3w am per: 9M.81 (2h5o) 6 - 04k Li' sa^act mar 69 375P679 Electronic Digital RVipmat for the ReguIation and Optimization of Chemical Pleats on lChe laboratory Scale) by R. Carli. ITALIM, per. Inge9n. chim. it'll, Vol. 1, No. 5 1965~w 150-152 GB 39/ bbnd, 282 J? . 0,A 12 L i sci - Aug 67 337-122 'A \ QX~jx ~~ A)~ ,-)J- intorviewl rA c6h Now RMI of Untary I nufacturing Orguization, by Juan Carlos Uriburu, 5 pp. GUViPNMWT USE LINLY SFAU151is per, An&Uzd Buenos Aires. 7-13 kpr 1972, pp 16-18., JF157t 4148 FAY 72 Vedical Uare,, by As kle Carlos, 0 sMilslj, r;t, ii-studio Ot Ucursus ijiuaiiusi,arv La Salud y ".cal"Cis botoi"n Publica, IU68a Im. 5.41. E-32-69 C. Auill 69 79L, /4 2479-GJ THE SIGNIFICANCE OF STANDARDS, TEST DATA AND TEST METHODS FOR URE DESIGUM OF PLASTIC MOLDINGS, B. Carlowitz, Kurststofftechnik 8, No. 2, 4G-51 (1969). 4700 V; 2 T; 9 F; 1 R 1. -- --$19.25 ($3.00) CARLSSM HANS S~ NEV., CIrP, Pr"GILCTIVE MEASURES FOP, WAR PUWERS APML- NYTT rNti 2 19'12 Pf, 6-15 FSTC--.HT-23-~J831-13 r Hans Carlsson smect, bpi cam-ade urimi carlomr 2 pp. qm->STNj,, np,, Pravda 7 j-qwil 1966 aPPS 35,0593 -Iqjggl~ U j9 bA A' Q ,) Q- ~ -s -S c) 1v US$.R - Vol 3D3v452 Jun 66 Snificance, of' 14 e-, r q c. d6 r a C, ilaal-~-Or J. ",'arty, by 120Mle '&" --ava- 'm'd a.-.,tor a v ,To! 21 jwl, 62, 6"211. JPR. 21 N`L: (16~-aello P-ol itical I , 7 ~! 1 ~Avil Avietim Dmlopmft In lmd mocusam, 30 b5r &o9M Carma, 5 pp. &WO46 npo (Supplemnt), Tel Aviv, 3 Jan 19699 p 2. JPRS 47t6ll Mar 69 3?89186 In 'CaTT-dobsol SIXAwh at Unt 4440 lor=o, by tAokali cardebsol. 32 67 73 RemolutianW Leftists Win SWerlt bY AUguato Calmmop 5 PP, SPANISH# par# Panto Flua-# SzmtUgo* 3 Des 1968o pp 26o 2?* JPHS 4?o2l3 Asle 01-7x /;;V 6'1~ et- Jan 69 374516 Pa4mr- suppresst-,s INws of Opproudcn, i~cboMcxj, Autr..-~ito A, Car=.a, 5 p,.)* np, tAtim.. Ifora. Santlazo. tlile. 3 Aug 1085 L h d c o C( 61 cc ~ r0 A. (_,qe M tit r~ 3A,815 Cuban Dismess Bood Shartaps Armed Strugglo, .3 1 t7 Auguato Cwwns as 1 8 ppe SRUISHO rer, Pmto RMI Santiago. 30 Sept 1969# pp 16-19* JFRS 49115 JtU(j"-w'h, LA-Cuba Boon Oct 69 394,930 political W~sv of Chilegg SAU&A Fedentione by Aupsto C&rn= A,,# 6 pp. SPANISIII port B!Pk NOV 1%8& pp 28-30, ifts 47o087 IA/Chile Pol jan 69 3729241 Ile !~q 3 3. A 1 tZ 553 CUIC To fte Wg-est AotimraLical Obearva- toi7 in VA World, by Eimsto CtIltzmo 5 PP- WjEa."IMIA" USE amy WARM.. npp a-Mas, Vol *.,Vl, Ito 4, 633, 25 SePt 1965p P- 7- JPW GUO 973 IA-Cune sce r*c 65 2Wo533 L'dt Official 1,Awried an Foasant Stmale. bl, Augusto CUMM A. 9 5 pp. SPL-41SHO perg Awto LIMI 25 Veb 1969* pp 6-7. j Santbgo do Cidlep JPM 47#641 C, (a [I- m C, rJ, L~- L IA a e Fol Apr 69 378o231$ -'-:oci, louth i.;s;ato to Its Cmwsoo, t;y Aucu3to uwmrm At 6 pp. Slklk isii jpp V-13. pw. Pimtz FL-alp 21 1 145 U Chile POI Aug 63 a to ~x y. by PR* 10 1-tr 1972, pp 16, 17, 18, ~,-2. j L-,RS 55653 Apr ?2 Interview With Wdsto 0A. cation rpio &ocaormp by Gerv= Garnero Faque. 6 pp'o IPANIST por, ~i_fts 1"o ? 4an 1972t pp MR6 55()79 Feb 72 Tmipenatture Man-sammnit B. Cmutol mal" -~. ii;aly~, it. C MMI.. per, Stlehwaci TeebtAka, No 21 106" np 50 - PMP55263--v oc t O=ta.-U,3ua Apptrutw for t1in 114-cuummat of Ziickne3a aW Mectri=l Resir>tp=cj lay Doha= culgDlo p'-p-r-0, Bozdowm m3ric TLOUAky e. me"k. t6gi4io-Odporus Aug 19.65A TV 5)9-601. ACSI J-15C9 ID 2204001767 sai-mactr & aeat &w fbb 67 '419"0% Praparati(,q and -ehnivlor I-Indionctivo C~old Protactod' wit!., VinvItlyrroldike, by il". A. Ciru. P 1E Il C; i or. h Colloid pc.1y. :.zv 6i$' In the ~.,,Vxlk CC Au-ty f&t"at, "IDUUM A Ulucatim., d" tt'..Q Pp. (Al /Mi 0-cc 65 I \ Interview With ITZ Secretary General* by Mia Cardl# 21 PP, SPANISH, per. &_bgd&x Havmav ? Jan 19?29 PP 50- RO Jas 55653 Or 72 lr-m d-h-mation La !-:d~ pp. '3d-vx1a 6 tu- SH ~-'O ~6 Date=iuation of the Color or Oils. Ptapoml for a fttloml lict-bod, -by 0. Q"Ia. IDLIM., per, Rivista Ital Delle Sost Gmse, 1b 45a Ib 2!1 1968 P-P 83-9b. HU RD;r: 7576) Nov 69 395s693 ItylXWZIM Elelft In SQUaler AIIC~Mp by /Op B. Caroll,, A. Mandin. PFWIC% per., Jourml or PbYalas and M=Utr .IV. of SoMbs Vol 27-1- 19--66 ' '5D3--~~U- TIMAW-IF AF (M W91 Sai-fts Oct 69 395o160