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G- ~~, C , Intervim v1th Blanco Simator * rd Admate, by OdUe=o Cbif flett a 5 pp, GOVERIOWC USE ONLY SPAMUt nPt L-Atftt Ymtavideo, 24 lear 10,n. p IL I MIL 4141 IV 72 G- o C,\T%' DWAy ~;ays Tupam"s ~& Diderstandings. by GuiUermo Cbifflett 8 pp, GOVEFOOT USE ONLT SPANISH, nPe Anhm, Montevideo. 17 ~ar 19'12, .pp 8 v 24. JppZjL 4ug Apr 72 Sooka 2~ ... . . ..... The White Heat of the Pre-Election Fever., by N. Chigir, (DC-11235). SOVEWKAYA IATVIYA, np, Riga, 5 March 1965, *Jm IA - Chile Pol Mar 65 Structure of PeptLf-lyldiphosphat-idylrtyceroI from the Lmallaa of Bean Chlaroplastss by V, So Chigireve RUSSLAH, per, DoX Ak Hauk SSSE(j Biochm, Vol 131, Ho 3, jul 1968p pp 747-749. CB V. S. C~" -I '~ Q e V Nov 70 HydroamstIcal Nethad af Mftnaning Long. Ifte Pbrin ml CerWu Data on the Vertical Distriwum of %M w evomnsh is w Pacific Omwo by A. 1. ChIsOlowaP, 0=1420 rpwjl mgmammp 43s no so 19wo, pp 42444 *Dept of Litftlor rish w w1mure IMIM Ba,v of TOMIP vishwl" USSR FAon Doc 67 Hr1roaamwtic Metbod of WtermtnW UM&Wie Fozm ond CwWs Data an the Vertical Diotribu- tim of NIm wA SwrdfL& In the Pacific Oeemj, by A. 1. CbtSLrIn&W.# 6 pp. RWLW per MOM maknaLvo. 1-b IV le:u. RES 42556 Soi-W Eagr. Oct 67 ~u ~-Ircblar,, cl ~~L!xt.Lj:.~ tie (]vti-u:i structuru icx FiLvur llastic in iidii Vol 3, .'-Iu 9# 1967p ISO-134. ell A-13-ID/I ill-2 3-86 1~_1613 WF, tt- lqjoy fillie Need ~Iov , ;0 1 > riods for Cluon-ical ~,rojcitsp I- llatei Cbi~viu, 5 viata 'Econwi%tca, llucll- 44,,80!; GZ' IjOfsctS in ';MltlM=* Cast (Sto a.) Slabo, and Of Avowlrz rhom* by lie Go ch%vinov I A , AlyaAHn. pers. Vol 13,, 1~0 38 19C."C's fti-Aat am C-5 k1 at~c, th'-.7 1~: 'xi b7L f)-T Ll May 72 Omitral HmlltorbiG of PbstopmtIve Cacea 55 U a Recom7 ftwp ft Maltor Ommvl,) by Mikera Oyitm,, YazWM; A alp JAPIM16 perj, Awathe4gLom Vol M$ A* 3,P 196% pp 234-2XI. Dqt or AM Tmw, Z6/APL/JW T-1992 (~ k ~ Y, C~ ~- a- oy Cl yy) R, Scl-B&M my 67 325,,173 7 s. 5ixth rlost I~Gpojtcd m Wltorrencan ;-"ouverot by lig cdkbar,,hmt ppo Apr 19691, pp ii.'Pu 48135 C 0 June 69 4 333*6~9 blz-el 4(UCRL-Trans-10570) ITHIRD REPORT ON THE IN- VESTIGATION INTO THE ACTUAL CONDITION OF IRRADIATED PERSONS IN YAMAGUCHI PREFECTURE. $Ch1kazawa Kewlichl; Funazu, Ei; Yamaguchi, Hisromitsu, LaTransfiMo;~~i~v. 01 California, from gCollect. TreatiBBB FRO. HUM., Univ, Fukuoka; 2: No. 4, 871-(Mar 1971)- 2062P, 2dDep. NTIS. 26MOMeM, traMlatiOnS 2106 26MN-48 pP NSA 0 G,q- Calculation of the Dnmtlon of Operatioa of Ion-Exchange Reactors In the Decolorization of Refinery Byraps., by G. A. Chikin. RUGSIAN,, per.. Sakba=a shlennost, No 10, 1969., ya PromW pp 14-17. mc 72-i4iomu (3F K NSI,W HwIth officsAl Dlemmses I'm-? Draft Lau@ bY ~- cMint 5 PP- RUSSIAN# Imrs Aqita&M bosemro lio 24g 1969p pp 27-29. ,jr--R.S 49-,)%- ~iu Set I Kar 70 A Libu Princdpk In the Tralaima and l1rimm spoolalimUm of ftsioUngs 1w S* lat ChlkLN ? 144 guso-TA"t Pat wvm=AMLM r)013dmdm Emmtwao Ymmo NO 1 19699 pp 33-38o MRS tg" sa Qrams sopt 69 lie "l-AW-i ;-roblfxms in tho ,,'ant 5 per, Ka It I PP Ji' -T) ., 319, Ji)fr' ", lie Ilealth in Cseohoaoialda, by S. Ya. ChlUni 5 YP* lumm., per., MWOOLI'rngqnj~2 mdemtmo Vol go 1-b 3A. rb,r 1965., Pp, 31- T.- JPM 333M soc a a V`6 295s135 Tminiag of Phyalcium in Medical Higher 6(r Educatiowl Institutiono of the YMno by S. Ya. Chikin and B. M. Cbekw;,*i, 5 PP- Federatisli No 2,, reb 2966j, PP- 39-42, JPFG 34915 USSR scl-B/M Apr 66 -093,972 \C z ashidov Dimino Rusdan influence mi Uzbek R f. Developmem's by V. Cbildnq 13 PP- RUSSIAlig ript joyetskW )~-oqsi a, Ioscaw, U !lay ._.~ 1972, pp 1-2. JIT'S 56163 J=0 ?2 an om4a oc kwwt of Amy qPoscopso w Vo As cjdkiup i4w AUXMt.#c,# P* isglp~su ', L?eib* v4 4# so 0 lip at vt-(~4 MA Tr-,62-2=- m V004a AD-267-74a I . ~r '~, $a 46 MAU iwr 67 3Po3a Plant Indicators oZ Sons, Rocks and Subsurface Watersp Edited by A. G. Chikishev. I EMIAlip bkp 1965j, 209 pp. consultants D=mp N. Y. BCi-B sci .Tul 66 304o419 An Intexpretation R=tine for Trmslation Prob- lms (BER-1-4)., by G. B. Gilkoidze. 6 pp. RUSSLAN., p AkarlgELU flauk Gmsinsko_v SSR. Soobshchen;L Vol 54., No 1j, W69, pp 37-40. 23-527-70 71 -59 Vol C r~~ Li C~; Cmw tlotbDd of TlWa3wtatlon or Almgdthis of i-A&AA0 TrRnslation, by a, B, Chilooidne. w,4~am, per, Pil GrOSSR. ~Mbsbtmd . -v01 1~0 *2-. 1967, pp 2-93-2913. *r1wx% 2L,641i'm '21M sel."Sall P-nd Soo (A I-S tell' Jzl IntupretiM Progrm for Problems in Trandating (DM-4)o by 0. B. Mikeddze 6 pp. MUM per.. 0 Gruam-6 Vol 54, so l.. 19699 pp 37-40. AWrADAu-24-150-70 Jan 71 Lake Bel" CLOW ;A the KUIVOW ATUfteld pammirt 1w V. b6 mkovs. BMW per$ &We ~ Vol h2s lb 221 T59, p 29. Dept or is"rior via OZA VLULufe Sonice =I alreem of TMIP nabodds um Uft Oct 6T 341,2135 -Av L-la~ To Pature Engineerr. - Econonic amled&!e, by 14. Ch'likin, 5 IrP- T)-np, Pravda 25 Jan 65, P- 2- JPM 29944 USSR Econ May 65 Is- "Y(9"M Auto~,Mtio.n of lloctaAc ixive uvair--4~lonto, kV -'s U. k1bluldne j", I. ?6trov, 9 IV- !-.t tv -,m7, "~o Rclz~,jlk'jt per* ~.16 196,,*), 1-5. as, j; CM 353302 / a-, Vae ApPlication of Cociputer Tectmique -or tiu,- -AlitumtIOn Of 801cative Xake-up~ by G. V. Wt. kevich,s Y. G. Chilikin, M. A. Wnch-O=1o-,rri:jy ard Ve F* HabatWp 5 pp, Ww"IMP per., vakhmizats ~ I - vmgtn, v Vol 49-50 Prol 21, No* 2, 1967s DIX 41020 4�W*. CHILIKIq USSR Gel Jum 67 323,63,3 ~'hilor 01 1 A Lahmoan dors Clva 'Ion* by -vmihs chinip U Pp. pGr, Y19s 17 ~vp 1967. pp c 6ri Y~3*776 'me Party Pollejeo on CocpllM= vith IAV and (Mer "t be Eff"etivCV, by G- Chi=d7 12 pp- How".1. per., !~&m AnItTral, 110 9p Gept 1965, pp. 7-16. RIE'S 33930 d. poi rob 66 295 Q~~ Of V~~ %=n hqlwde by No (UvdLvvw* MJ00LIAN pw 'AVIM M UUn Dat,=,v 1,;o 4 " _ _12 1969. PP 5;36' JPL-ts'50542 ,~-, C X / 47C rV t Se, 7-e- Al 0,4~ft- F, ~-- Pol 41by ?o a, llicar East; Nothing 11cm or oil Inteltsificatioll? b. N"Isser as Brahman in tho Intra-ATab Conflict by Rudolph chiuclli CE-IU.Wl, rsg. 'Yages-Anzei er; a) .19 .ov 66, b) 5 Dec 66; b) 1)2 -, .1, JITS CSO DC 12927 NIE Pol -Jan 67 31,S11,105 ..olle oY rissanblit. ~.Itnn(Ang onnittocs .1 by ~-nd-.Aaq 10 pp, -Atoi-, ~,o It port Arj-,Lp pi) 26-33f J: W32/3 .01 ,],j2y SmIabst CometitUm Impma Wsboss i*n%pwnt# tv D. chlaWaill 3 PP. iKWGOLUH,j per I 0 LlaM Am d"a. Ulan vatore No 90 19681 pp 27-3D. JFRS 47o256 R c USSR Eem Jan 69 373,676 ',bwrito%w7ZmIuVlor,*r7v by mtdmv~ (M COJI 4"I53)t ? 9 " . p CT Rb-p:w4al ppe 2, Yb I'Aix-a "roblems of the Chinese 'Comunist Stato Council Rovietted, by Chin Ch'ien-li, 27 PP. CHTNERSE1, np, Esin rzg K'017g, _g-tao Jih-pao, Ho 11 Jan 72, P TTO- 12 NE 72-,--in- 4; 13 Aun 72, p 1,1; 15 Jan 72, p 1~.- 17 TF-,n 72,t P 4-) 18 Jan 72, p 4; 19 Tqn 72, p 4; 21 Jar, 72, 1) 4y' 20 Jen 72, p 4~ J?RS 55321 Mar 72 Will TrIvi2b in IbCL so of fricslsuai~ 1, Af'ZmqwlQt To rAlva C4m.--,,zztrj3 Ln-j M-In Ualli, per, OPM 313450 1-6-chirat 4 J (-, H I N'~ K U A N -~ K U S LM c N F R A L P Z U P E P, T i E S LJ F I IJ V Y CH i S L I T L 1, NA YA i P R I K L A L N,~ Y i M A T I K A S o L I \I i- v F S T T - -,' 3 - 3 7 June 72 ~ 4 'i, ~ 1~ Case of Corneal Abscess Causod by PS. Aeruginosa, by V. Chinaglia. ITALIAN, per, Min2XvA-Ofj&1mo1ozjgav Vol 100 1968v pp 200-208. HTO 72-io946-06B May 72 C,oi-lkiy Antomoldle AAA LrDrovingt bY Y. 11. cl-dneh--mko, 7 PI.D- 11, per$ ~ASIAno-Stroltell. '~Wcow. iio U. pp 4()3,517 ir i t 4,!,U--v-uaa, el) Pao, I Jul- if 4-:1) 32 5 4 c; r ev.,nil u 1 a x Fen-; 3 . 2, 5 Tram" Ato= In the Harals 01, Ag4cultulvl I-Zi hi min vow:a (,06' L wy~ 09b Camp P(MIJ, DISIEW-0 !~,b ?1 5 "I"A Ix-ot PvP ". XI's 3170) 9 Sept 65 by 17 M, id- ~.hllt n-em per, 23 "M3 24 p aco/zemb-bi ~""at 67 34-13,735 A W ix ~Jj ; rk~'. AA io Commnist China's Nuclear Base at Lanchow, by 3n Chin I-liw3g and Huang Ju%-shengj, 20 pp, CHn=., per,, Chin.jih Ta.1u, Not 241.. 1 oat 1965.. PP- 8-15- JPFS 41810 CA 1A,1 -T - ~ V1.1e- FE-China Scl-Nuc Sci Aug 67 3331P348 O!L Al - Pkmma Ilaw iieatim-j by cull i"Si. per, *Nbn 7-'o 4 cit, 1964f p 74 := I I A~Sl J-,n6.7 1D 2204,055167 ka-~ "Olt It.1s Necessary to Cm-* Out Ideological Work PenetratingZy and UetioulounZy. by Chin Ou, 6 pp. HUNG-CH #1 1, Jan. 1.. 1973 ,, No 3elections fron, Chinaland Main&md Magazines feb. G,. 1973. Feb 73 Some AWsical and Cbemical Characteristics q~ Or liocuiall (Ium-tlai-yu)., by C11111 Shmn-tse (6-155 7311 349). 6PP cimm, rptj T'ai-2' - Hai--rAl YU- h Yen-chiu Wei- hUi Ti- h'i-tzlu Chluan-tli Hui-i Lun-ven-chiL Feb lg(Y,)s P.P '~75-2177 JMS "0:706 Sci - Biol & IL~d Apr 67 ~1,~e $.4,.4, - ,Q ~JMV oil 't-Ura of, too 0-1a :Mxr).. ,AZ i Oki) 5 -T) L-7 LIP m I 311*7 "AL,, pl= W amseath In sciant4f4c vork) by 4 No Chinake1j, 5 99, moviv per# K==l NO 5s Mr 1966# PD9 73-75- aFS 35e5T N, a X , A) A etql- USSR P40A ft 66 3W,247 Sow Pxxioblem of WrAnar, ociw---G, by M cbbakal* U ppf voki L;o TUE. 3=3 U-SC R B:--V-- teal t~ A tm~-t V.4,03"'. sound-Statteilik; Were as ImUcaWra of laternal Waveo In the Oceta, by T~-j- G. Chin- d=vz and V. A. Shalepmj, pp. WMIM. per., geeml -a, Vol v-, No 6, Doc 1965., Pp- l0y~-1042- JFYO 5417T C/ rq 0 V USSR Sci-M/A Par 66 2,c,5 , 9 10 Rolation of the Acomay ot Sainityt Twpenturo aW Npth ,bammmenU of tho SftUow Sm to the Celmantion of Sea i ater Mnsityp by "M Chsn-4=9 8 pp. CU"-'p pors, A-chi lu 1A~ HomIrT Ao FOUM,p Vol 4g No Is Jan 19550 pp 25-31s JPAS 50012 Sci-+~ar Sci & Occanog :tr 70 ".1htetric Fich! ;:Anti "t .lUl :;Ion T, 0 -I IS 2`n4l,,",41t'~,~,-) " Ch Dec., 72 .1 1 Hueto-Patholor,Lcal S'tudi4icn the TIOUGO LUng Oontinuously Expocod to IR)2 Gas (0-7-08 Ppm) for a Month, by Shing-Tong ChinG. JAPANESE, por, Nihon Eisoladiva Zaauhij Vol 211, No 1, 1969, pp 147, !ITC-71-11971-06T Nov '11 im 1-rinciplo 0:~ ldflaa '21-R."form--tion f'o--,, i'.GvU- t)!ng mrial k1wttrp.-Apha rvul Itz ApplicatAcX1, by Chbie, LQ 27-4~& 91 fall fit Guided MUAIO Dwyof by Cift TWO MOM* part ow an otdh SNUL Val 1966,v PP lj?-13* *nD.M23656.66C Sdwk4lano N6 Feb 68 klaM;!, C4Q-Lnt.Wst by trIve To -'o lottor In ProOluotion "r ovvum-i-vit of Pan lbo d Cmps, Der. 'njoi ~~u Pho Yljo Doc 1%6, pp, and by Chirdli 2 3. un 67 325.75? 1-~Iqic Pol-Itical TTaining for Ucaw Party kimbera, by Chinh Trac., 5 pp ~ VIMMOT, Per, Tijan If= lbf 19(All PP! Ap, r G'I w coruli"mimo., t-,-1-- coal mid Ideal of 4U, Vic";a::. Labor Party, by Truong CIIAPO, I-) pp. VIFIVAIMM:.. Inr, 2~~),en lruan,, pp. 22-34. J-rli;S D035 T~616~16 01111" Soc Jan 67 .3i6o o45 Me Railroad Battlefrcmt, by ChWi Yen~, 5 PPs V MWO.. np., ap Dem, No h4OB. 1 May 1966,, P. 2. JPRS 35788 FE-Vietnam aon Jun 66 302,831 Departure the Lxterests of the Working Commmity,, by D&v1d Odnins 5 PP HUM up.. Dayar 6-Ta-n IWO P: a. JPM 3~394 ME-Israel SOC mar 66 297,,871 6*04* a ILOOOO as c *a* 44* ego o