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T, baeats to Culnm SocWl=, by Robert ,C-ornevin,, 6 pp. H,, per, Le Honda DI atiga- V101 13? lic, 146, Apr i9 Ws MRS Jun w" Yrs352 Thirteen African Coups d'LUt in 7aree Ymrs., by lbbert Comevlz, LO ppe GOMMINT USE ONLY L, H,, pers Pro4et No 51 May 1966., prp. 5,35-597. DES GUO 2025 Africa Fol jun 66 P3.434 ,7;*1411', Ti -,:rnf- ar 5 Yolitical 'N" , pri ! Gham's Achievewnts under ftrmsh w7d, Iler Rev Direction, by fbbert Cornev"n, 3 ITp. rimwpl, rsrx le., lbgdo DinlomUQUOO Vol r1lo go 1"', Mar 1966,, We 43i Mm 34M kJ, Africa Pol 66 ir. C v e t~ U- Side Effoctsg Complications and Intoleranc* ~)mptoms in Psychlaftic 11ox-macotherapyl by F, Cornu EUROPEM, per, Archiv fuer bachiatxie und NemplawAheiteng Vol 210p 1967, pp 97-U2 % IV V 71-15570-060 Feb 72 C/0"t? L~ e- ~" ~ ~ Interactions Among Various Carbons in the Course of Heat Treatment, 1)), 11. Cornualt, 38 T)p. FRENCH, per, Carbon, No 6, 1968, pp 85~-876. AEC/SC-T-713060 Nov 71 5-t lAtwmctL= of Cut= Pso&wft in the O=mm or Gzmvmt4=tlw# 1w P. gummats PO do owf"o M. Y"Ma A, Pubtros 3D va M%q ll%=h67 AEC LA TV-6762T P. Cornuault M1,11Z SrA - P90PAISIM and FUOU Jul 61 Interaction of Carbon Products in the Ccurs6 of Craphitization, by Po Commults F, du Chaffaut, J. 4ppeasau,, M. Yvars, A. fillam. FRENG1,6 per, Carbon* Val 4, 1966,, pp 411-24, AEC, Lh-tr-67-= '1-)4 A -/I- 6~~UUIAZ;~- Sci - Chan Oct (47 342o297 Cwtribution to the DateraimtIon of %m11 nasuc Ww=tims bV Memis of a ll-,hpotic I*aeurIM Methodo bly A, Co=t* Ilio 101 GEWANJ pare mtwuamLfwr,. vd go IL96?t pp 381-Me 141 110f, (0?5.461 (1974) Ook AJut Jan 69 3ns6Z5 S040 fv~'f;ults Of a VirOIOGical StUdY Of B100d frm- Patients vlth Breast Ca=er.. by V. V. Corodilo-va, 3 pp, Rul"JISIM per YZro�Z 0aplogill, No- 7) 1,966, ppt ItOZ4. JFRS 40"5 V, V. Lc,~uql LoVil, USSR Sci-B&Y'l June 67 artl synthesis or cont.,xtjvrj3 T.-kiltistroke Circuits, I)y i~io Coroi-aedeleu, 15 pp. IUSSIIAH., 1mr., Twrl'va MRII~~ Avtonutovt 19G5P Pp r)9"210* P100341P(17 Sel-Plectronies =1 'Factrical Jan 63 j46, 463 UTwts to Better Latin Amu-Imn Relatims UTpdv by kbMquo V, Cmmlmg, 7 pp. SPAUS110 npg & goitoo Bacnos Al"s. 139 p 5. ll~T /V P- IA-Cuba POI Apr 69 378#279 Rl and bdAms of lAtin Amelow Mdg bor WkW Vt CaodMal 7 PP& SPANIS14 apl, FMP 3D Jon 1969,p p 5. jjtggb Bums Alm# JPRS 47o68? 2,? L A IA-Argentim Pol Alpr 69 corcainas Analy2es !ammi"-4wrl= C=Me-to by Lmriquo V. Corominaso 5 Me SPANISILIt Me PE2290itob lkmos Aims$ 3 Apr 1969# p 5. MiS 48M V, LA-peru POI imi 69 382,,053 Pm Wbichs Steps AsOmat IL ommdo Agmadml by &wlque Ve CaTiAmse 6 pp. VANISas npa bWdIM Daenos Al"so 13 Far 19699 p 14 JM 48DI? IA-Argantim Loon Lew Aproach to kalklands Dispute DamwAed, by &wlquo Ve coroaLms. 5 PP. SPANISIlp npp Propooltag amms AA"9# 2 oot 1%96 p 2. im 49189 LA-Argentim Fol I-lov 69 Ot 151; Goals of era's Revolutionm*- ;Ollc~ 11sewsed,, by twigue 've Cormmmp 6 ppe npp &Rpa#~-Ojj, DUMOS Aires$ 3 ju3v.- 196.), pp 1" 2. je;is 4B539 !Awicru Pal Aug 69 31909366 Mali -AOIW`571~. OeAs- ~y Some Relations Between Gravity Anomalies and Elevations in Mountainous Areas (Western Alps), by S. Coron, 10 pp, GOVEIRNMENT USE ONLY GERI-alli, Aus der Geodat-ischen Lehre und Forschun Firstschrift zum 70. Geburtstag von Prof. Grossmann, Verlag Konrad Wittwer, 19G7, pp 20-2 ACIC-TC-1672 c Jtui 71 .100)0,1964 Population ftowt*b in ZamA. DepWMMmb" GMtemSU: by 110b67W 8- cor MPJ 6 pp. OWIRMW USS a= SM3Mt np., PMU rAbre, 10 Oct 1966t pp. 59. JM OW 2205 IA - OURUMOU Soo nov 66 313sT06 A - Corradettl Duration of the Resistauce of the Infectioa With Plaamodium Ber&W (Istisan Straln) in the Albino Rat After Vaccination With Irradiated Homologous Strain. ITALTANj per., Pamsito12#a 134- , Vol 9., 1969o pp 129 NTc 72-13829-o6m NOV 72 CORRADETT1, A. and others. Resistance to Plasmodiw berghei of white rats previously immunized with irradiate Lsmodium berghe . rassitologia 8(3):133-45 (1966) (CSIRO/No. 9904 PAasons for Recurrancea of malarial InCectLow 151 in Man and Monk I by A. Corradatti. 12 pp! ~ 473 MSSUN, par, Had Paravit, Val 34, 1965, pp 673-677. Dept of NavylWS 1519 Sc i-B&-S June 7j P-tol&m. of llaoui=2 valvemitj Dim-swc coiwu= tj A!!T=I.) P- Pal j~,m 4k Ad&vvs Delivered by !Aonear Arraldri Crmnm an Ue A=iversary of the Hational lifiter BBSOMIcel; Ingtituteo by Arm1do Correa, 7 IIP- SPALM-Sil, per, Volmtad Aidmulica, Vol 3, Flo III Oct ,rms 3-1374 4p U-culs E'con oct 6.6 312,531 Me Special liater Improvetiout Plan for )rierte, by Arnaldo Correa, 9 pp. SPA Mill, per., Vol-antad ilidmAlcap Liu, 1965) No 10~ im. JP M- ST374 Econ Oct 66, 332,530 ~7 Speda Pl= fbr Water POwer Uproment In the Pmlnee of Orientet ty Arasl& Corma, 24 pp. SPASM,$ per, Volmtod HidMdl!~o Auj; 1965, pp - 24-37- JM 34534 IA-Cuba Econ mV 66 297t024 by np. L.D, 1y D-mmIulpent and Analysis of Ow, isriMn. by Eduardo Escribens Correa, 5 PP- GOMIIMH USE Ow SPAM,% mpj~ la Pivwa 2 thr 1)66., 139 JPN.. On 1145 LA-Ptra POI thy 66 2)9j, -j'3'3 3Ao I-, o 91 vco 61? tut,& General itI&Aos Li him Anister of hinw. by Repel Correat 6 ppv SPMSH. np, Ls%. ClautUgo. 5 IV 1-9n. pp 100 114, JM 56245 Jme 72 I* Subm'sita at Cosipas AeUvitics of the Dirmtorof by Roberto Correa,, 16 ppo P0111,TGUESE'.. np,. 0 Eg 0 22 Jan 1965 s, p 10~ GUo 626 IA-Brazil poi "ar 65 Z76mO66 A Contribution to the Mcly of the Amcaju JUva of Influencep by Fbberto, Wbato Correa$ 24 U.P. PMMMrr,w-R.., part Pevista, Rmdlelra Rzwmaall, APT-J,= 1965) SO 2., VOL M. II., FP- 233-256- JP-R-S 35907 RO Lcp-~v 60 c 0 LA-Brazil GOO,m''-01c jun 66 302sTa') to rr INO -ater-z;w:)Ply Its Onlationsh-lo to Othor Or thO ~74=0%,y, vly Arnablo pp. par, Voluntad 'Adrvulio. Au- pp. 757Z.77,~-' do ,,:t *"7 3' 51 -15" Colombia Avalto Cbristian Democracy Hope for the Poor and Downtrodden, by Jaime qq;7~dq?r, 6 pp. GOVEIRM USE ONLY SPARM.v up, Pueblo y Libertad Jan 1966,, P-2. JPFS GUO loge LA-Colombia Pol mar 66 296,,7,8 Colmbla Awate CbrIation Dm=rwy HaPe fOr the PDOr and DD6mtroddmo by Jalm Corredor, 6 IV* GOVEMMM = OILY SPAM.. op,, Pmblo- y. Ubert&I Jec 1,966) r.2. PT J a GUO Uk-Colombis poi mar 66 A, C&IUW4~1 Contribution to the Study of Zones Favorable to the Genesis of Petroleum by Miorosoopia Observation of Visible Organic Haterialf by Ms Correia. PRENCHp parp BaXgg dg 111natitut Frangaig du Potggja at AR11ales dgs ggmDuatibleg LiguldaAl Vol 240 1969s pp 1/+17-1454 NTG 72-12146-0$G July 72 ~Wufto Trw4pwtatJ= wd l,rb= lronarit "'YAW lxr&,&b 4 Ltr !~Mol Comia do M 'a~o wim eti.m 0 ca .gMM&_ Rio do Janalrot Vol 2?1 flo 202# Jan-Fob 1960, pp 11-17* JPRS 48)?g c Owu I/U 0 /,'d D Jul 69 " I Wucatim in AnpUt bY Kano C4rrdst 9 PP- mirruawgi Pat 2awa,20mmlo i~,o 140 jan- t~Ar 67. pp- 53-58- J M 42450 hlo-~Cto Co P~I~C-f C~ AF-AMOU :300 sap67 34,D,5zz 1 , .Zt,'t '-'Zi LACCtriC VMit.r bk!UZtTjt-~G Correls, 13 G!3*,,Jh1:V.71&-%!m u6i. %Tllj, p~:rj Induaries cL Travain .avist V101. 1~5 1-i;,, !~A, lbov 67, lyf"~-~Ls GO& f4i-L'nergy ~-.onvorsicon 'y'--fa 6,3 isome Aowtg of albuorgim in rmulmon Guinn$ by Luis rwimndo ISSS Cm"Ia da Cruzq 9 pps FORTMU&SBO Wo Llobwo Arr-im ilmo PP 125-147- -'-'-P?rW.m,oeo Gulmn fl~u Possible Relations Between the state of Preservation of Visible Components of Urganic Matter, by N. Correia. VRENCII, per, Revue de I'lust Francais Ju Petrole et Annales des Combu-z--t-rIb-f;a-i-s Liquides, Vol 22, No 9, 1967, pp 1285- NTC 69-10920-OBG ~-In - ce'-tAt-t~ Sci-Lar Sci Hay 69 382,543 Iv, !)y GFJI~VAN, Faser-10foresh 1'extTech, Vol IS, ~~'o 12. s 1967, -,1* C~*IBO/Na 9571 Toewa=l and nemor4c mw-aeboeiaticc e the I!yW*jaylo Civil T~ort$ by V. Co=nti. rvmuv-~;3' l%j)tj Part I or ~~Ort Lo tho tO.J.4N.ilf Uork. im Crow AM ~*swroh m. I~mzAg Pmla= uni,~~Gg46t4-2 1967;-5301. lei Doo 63 PxtwApal TeeWcal and Ecoamic Maracteristics of the %Terwnic civa Tftwport,. by Vincenzo Correnti. 65 pp. ITALM, rpt, Ric MLI V*lo lperaonico dal M.. P&A 1% 1967s 53 PP* lam TT F-12J,470 Mur F=n ion TO 3991010 ~ i t~ ce t~i Q'o P, p, ex V, First Two YoarS of Presidential Cotmoil ExIng Ralativo Stability, by Vincont Corrazo, 7 pr) - I Crolgiance don Jaimos llatio, FRF~.'70F ~' p, 0 1 j 'I . "13, Paris Mav 7,1-7 -pp VIL-17. P TS 5 ~ 3 T J al 72 ty via ~01 4 fan I J--w" A,-.r 6~5 v?f xporivwntal Givll Doltm Mn ~.Nmtvlt Fero 7 June L968, pp 14-1?6 &RS 459916 IA Win 1-A I 14.A. AUZ (31 Hangganese in the Seafloor Depositim of the Northern Seas, by To to Corshkova. RUSSIAN, monop HargatalM MeatomMenlyo MR, AM Nauk SSSR, last Geol2gLy RuEpykh Hwtorozhdemiz Petrografa minergl_%4 -L G2!.*himiv 1967, pp I I I- 134. Dept of Interior BC"7/0!?F A-37-March 1970-Ho 40 On Loan c, q j,) Sci-BW- June 70 Cor:~a by 7, *1W, 10 Jan 15~319 7 CORT, J. H. New phenomen in the vicinity of the Galactic centre. Symp. Int. Astron. Union, 29th, Byurakan, 1966. pp. 41-5. (CSIRO/No. 10231) Electrolytes, Fluid L)ynamics and the Nervous System,, by J. It. Cort. mai, bk, 196Ss 228 pp. NLL (Academic Press, London) 4, --H. C~-tt Sept 67 341,301 I , ., ~: I.- - Id ~b 3:.. R7-hk Pro wt Con of PadMa Poetry Amrd iTosentadg 4 Julio CMU2art 11 ppe SmiWit per$ j~~# F=tovideog 25 Apr 1969p pp JPaS 48104 cc, v '2- U-Uruguay Poi Jun 6,9 3,32o196 use of the Mute Carlo Wthod to Solve Intar- Palation Problem$, by Go Cartallessa, (;* Fardii* 1-faime Vpt" 13tituto fterim di S=it4s Laborataki di Fisica, ISS 65110 Rom 15 Apr 1965 9232717 AK ORNL-tr,.1100 -Sci/physics Jun 66 302,518 icti of an riurial -hotozrei,~:-h -ir ~,Anmct cm-~, -'esp 0'l ir". Im C Hemodynamic Aspecto of tho Coronary Circulation, Part II, Effect of Angiotonsin, by C, Gortosini. ITALIAN, por, 2aadaL MRWAa-Chirurrda Vol 17; - -;;~t 'To 5, 1967, mo 541-547. ITT;-1-71-11352-060 'Tov 71 Me 72 CommisU Ask Aid In Winning Popular rjomrn- 0-? ~~ mento b.7 Uds CorvalAnt 7 M~ SPAhISHO np, LI Si_&,Iq smtiagov 13 Fob 1969s P 120 ins 47g6>,7 4 U I ~ CC) 10- V,-.1 /0- /d LA-Chile f01 Apr 69 378*276 i,I? Secretary. Ge. nara I ~.cldveases Senate, t,y ~-uis -~orvalan, 9 pp. s2JAIll"Isfi, per, 3aatla,,zo, I April 68, 7. RRS 45,459 LA(~Illi ~Olitlval I lay - -A thot DY Aids v'Or'-CQAL* NN V? I py L A-; s oRv o- oL ij O:t in3tit-Uto fo%- L.JaMdrt Zl~tLV14 e~, _R ill LOiS pps I-) Aw, 1-91,67, MNI~ U-,.Chile o ,C 0 a ~bl ~Ict 67 by LAC, CORNI'"'I P SHOCK FPFS~l,'LJ,-,'r:' SPUL6TION i-,ITH -',LLID VATI[f, C M, WJ S T I C ~! CH A A b E P, S PP OC E L I il,';S UF THE TH I RD IN TERN' T I ONAL SYMPOS I UM Jill M I LIT A k.Y APPL I CAT I OF. F S TIC -',-i T-2 --- - 1 565-7 3 Analy*iz of Connecting Problems in the Case of Protonic Aissing, by naim cory, 6 pp. ~ge/rdiVftd*N', per, Comptes Randus, vol 268 :~ 1969, pp. 985-988. CIA X-)243 "~ ckt~"-j Otn'l- Jun 70 a. the soofterott-a NOUU or a z TW - 7(~- rwt pwl"" submu att 4 Fima A%VX"l V; IVY V,. 04 Nu. 0 T. Qj r4 a - miumo 9w0 Alto mum=..Ip va 36,t no lxq,t vp 3lu-3m 4 (2453) z4 PoffiblUtW for Cost !WwtLwo :kn UmU COcstructUn WawtzaUont~v by T. 006co3ita wd Xt VWztm;bo 26 Wt. Amm's pw Probbm omadoe ml no 3j aw 0102= JPfS 330 'Tun 65 J 9A..264 Ait~ts..Ofl Rii; oqy~~M`o On tue :,janufacture Nolds of Spherical by C. cosmeanu. of stoulplant Inot Graphite Cast iron, RUMANIA'N, per, N'etalurgia, Vol 230, Nlo 9, lip ;iB 7691 S Ci - June 69 333,282 (4 LC, 4w,-tr-7o) 5IMPORTANCE OF THE "SURFACTANT SYSTEM" IN THE PATHOGENESIS OF THE HYALINE MEM13RANE DISEASE IN THE NEWBORN. aCosmi, E. V.; Condorelli, S.; Scarpelli, E. M. 10Translated by Hemming A. Atterbom (Lovelace Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Albuquerque, es N. Mex.), from 15,~,cta 4na - th-Seand., 21 Suppl.: 69-85(1970). 2014p. 24Dep. NTIS. 26b'omed; translations 2y06 20MN-48 2aP NSA 7777;.: COSNEANU, C. and others. On the manufacture of stee plant ingot moulds of spheroidal graphite cast*iron. Metalurgia ZO(9):527-32 (1968) (CRL/T. 4060x: Studies About the Casting of ingot N,oulds its Nojidar Iren, by C. Cocneanu. IIUMMIAN', j,er, Ilatalurl,"ia (Wcharcst), Vol 20, 1,41 9, 1968, 1p 527-532. *14i 7691 USOW61M Of IASUUU*n AffeftlM Mvm of A"WUIU# by Dfttra Cmovm, 13 ppt RMOMIAIT per$ no go 66P 10,67, rp 1240t Boo DLLMr-iRLA- C050V~/VU- vw 67 346s774 -7~71 77 7 i#:,- 1-7~6; 77. a co-S cr~ 82 Report on Marketing oP by Alcino L, da Costaj PRENOP., nps Le Soleill 30 Doe 71, In 0 P 5; 4 Jan 72, p 59 JPRS 55229 reanui, Crop Givon, 34 PP. Dalcarg 29 Doe 71, P 4; 2, P k; 5 San 72, 7 Mar 72 Layout L ju) T,,rccoss, I.-Y J6 7 a CQntrci and ja I,