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,M-11.1', ~,16,01..., 'r .! '~! ~ga ft2i . ~.- - ~:-., 'U'l, ,".- 2 . q I.. I... ." F* Uuidellnes for rodrwUon U4te -Weenteeg by Tbanh ran, 3 pp, per, Xbgs p;r Tbm '4t) 1~" 62, .-Z rawtv ;io 5s 1969s pp 140-143. J ~~ R~ 4)3~6 ~ACI-Api 1)w &) ,.rJ,'lrdziM awd UMUskig !Abor for iarv*3tiiX,, 5thw mth and im4dng 10th-i 4Wi Crops, tri ,bat*. Lan!, 10 Pp. 631 19671 p1p. 163.166. jf-16 4252L Awmw 2--zenk ac Y; 0. 5,,12 Vidt'fralm i~w Canbatantes go by Thanh Da** 5 pp. VILMSSE, npl, Jqjg RLi Nhas fiamit 6 Wt two p 2. JpRs 461,929 /j ~/ /) L~ e- kB-H Viet Ru Doe 68 3M0502 LVorUnce of Armw, -mal LconorV tuded, by Thanh ;-081, 10 pp, 0 Pert lot A -19639 pp 37-429 jp:,~,, 4?265 40t ob 6-) W3914) lliomiwn of Viatomm Air foros, i,2,ots ;;Ited. ty ftnh L=. 9 pp. aul 196-0 3, 4. JPfLS 46.239 Acut.9 Shortage. of Vgsol~w~ uld! to weather, $o4ot* by Tbanh NW,.* PPO 1196 IMol g 31 Dac 1971p lip# Apo P JM 55419 Bar 72 9 oat 71 Abraml WOW UGUft continmau Wontodo '.- f-' by Thanh PhoMp 5 ppe Viniamm, 13po Quen Dal iftn DV4 Hanou to Oct too, p 2. jprG 46t884 T/1', Al /Y P Y L) IL~i L'I~/o Viet Pal we 63 354s6OL A rev ProbUm of ClatbW la Our cmru7j 45- by MAO 6=j 15 pp, VAUMMMM,, per, INS -m MM- UP No 34 P*b lop PP-t 47-52, JPPS 35583 0 T k ~\ v\ \\ -~) b f".~ FE-victnem sm Jun 66 3(a,,583 'T~u ilk -Ti &11 A Doctrine Unable to Find Vitality, by Thanh Tint 10 pp. VIETNAMESE,, per, Hoo-Tap, Hanoi, No 1p Jan 73, Top 33- 0 JPRS 5-k 472 Apr 73 J3 US BaWAUM-1 Stratma D&xiwdg by Thwh Tins 9 pp. VIUMWSSES pwo be- ftnou So 2* fob 1969& pp ?"h im 47853 IS-A Viet Pal L toy U -7~ ct "Y itv ww~ The U*S~ Imperialists AM Lost In a Arficult Lparose But Remln Stubborn, by "Ibs-iQ Ve,, 3 pp. VMXEM, por, aajl~g, go. P., FWI) I~Xi(p i)p- 73-80- JPFO 40542 FE-florth Vietwm Pol June 67 323,,43o ~10 ~:ttvaics of the streit t1,. in a ieduciiij, iaisisIliure of Cold-Imulld and Sinterw Irvil Vre Pe~ljmjcrates' by C. Thanil"g. perg jerilkoll IM ILI, V(jl ISI, 10-11, 1967s ptp 705-748, LJSI 6785 C, n Jull 69 ftioxxia, Mat". is-vlat= ~4 EC119% so7t~ V-4*WlaUm of Odfadlaodde p-eyftvoW- Adndmzon&"9a=dd* Iv liver Miamemess by R. 1. 7haiwp at ale OM . per,. Kmvm-3dmdoddx=lo Arobiv DH Val ~526 1965s pp X-42. XTO 7i-i4m-o6A Fab 72 Thoom I~mic of cowmist iAmation by Tho -a, a oi C-laoi i 25 on b*n fa !963. 2# 3# 6o is 63 Discbarging HOPPer Constructions of SM Binti, by 0. F. Theimea, am".. per. Powder Technology., Vol 3p 19691/1970, pp 235-245. Bin 8654 ,I"\ , ---./ - - 1, \ I \N~ June 71 THEOLIER, M. and others. Fatigue tests and measurem of plastic stress in steel wires as a function of the degree work-hardening. Existence of a critical domain of work- hardening. Revue Mdtall. 64-649-52 (1967) (CRL/T. 4066x) . C. 1?//, / I I ~/ '-, - ~/ C, WAS SPSCI&I NO& fOV fillUCiRf HI&WAY CMGtnKtlWj, by J. lUdleo 19 ppm Polk OFFICM Uss OnLy FMC,i* Part RVA" at d" Aer"Tomelp ftb 1901, pp WE* DIA IM 281-M Sci-agr ~ - ~JOLX--, Jun 66 340,123 ,,uqpzy ew4aads Iiba zwi& VL-'-ll-.~lwli-S--,'# pwe 3. -br tw--t, ~T, 74-78. ji~As 455992 T L 61,31 359051 Burst COn Detection in a Heavy water moderatev ftactors by J. CrLaollet# Go Thagftr. MCI$ part SucloaLre, Vol 1--i9 Dez pp 502-SUS. W Tr4ns S24, June Tl' no axwl BUM Voltms by U. oftems E. rhou. 1-3 pp. Go"War = ow OWN Dw, ZOO AM i~ VOIL 57, 1b 4"t Imp 79 WYJ-M* am ty P4944p . I ~ -// ,~ 'j ~J.,. soll-ma an 71 4wsus A-"51als in Pover B&xrwe ftr Ilatric Pmmep ty uIxich tmdlz,, 14 ppe GVA% Prf iva"Gabo t-smajo Vol 64a 1b 9v 1967m PP 346-357~ AMI J-09 ID 212,0405367 sci-Al tiLillc,-I~' .//~', F, -b W 347#47 ~ Pwor 3wrein for Blectria-d ftses, by Ulrich The i Ia - CMIAN, pm, Webrteebuisalm Himt"afta, Vol 64, 11b 9, 3-967 p Iv *AM J-3749 D 220"536T Dee 6T L', A. lh~. iv At 4L~~; t Planning Methods for the Ortinal Power Construction, by K. Thellsiefle, 11. Wagner. COVE RNMEINT USE ONLY CERAM, per, Clektrotechnische Zelt, Val 87, No 3, Dept of Navy NavShips, Trans No 1166 All sci-Mec!l tr olft 78 awma fts JU OttO Theimer 34*963 at Azu'-"' Prd)Um in the Fabrlmticm of gmt Tt"W qy nue crab sumtuina fteass, iw s. mais O&WX, per.. Schwelowm Sebnni&m No 7v 1963s P-PW3-3W- ___j Vol 20,, 491816853 I sci-mterlau Feb 69 Um Abo=VUon of B. Malsoup L 0 38036 pwo lukroobwas A&Ap imp 164%. MC 69-UI50-07D AP . 4 C ~~ X-ft LiMes by / ORMISM" 21 196To salmalm 4f hmn"kim krf~4 by An"I pat ?+4 Qot 11WIt 4w* C'a 477 Val 73. ~44- 1965w 42n, 5 A p A Ify, 5 et 2,1 C np P114 315.010 rnfl=om of Ingot-Arawled Taqmsbum on the StruaWn of an AWAft 1 Ulqj Wd On the Bewitivity to Imw and BtraW CwTasim or the T-Ift- slo by 0. BUBIO Z. J. Tbolor, IB pp. am ow ammo Prs ZoltscWft,ft Notallkoft Vol 01 10,691 IV 179-15k. MY 71 ThuWmall Imptobm of ftedlUn .0mbUshe"t br ~Ztm limws 13 pp* G(.IVBui4- ;T WE "INLY AMTOGWL# pwo beliMo ME 1967. pp 15& 160* JM M., 2564 Ko ymv 67 340o80 Thoftail "'ketches of ilton Lh&wr, 13 Pi~* AuV 1%,?. p? 1,12- ,6o. AO 319t6V ad - Owlw sdam Apr 47 Go-j.if)arzitive Study ot" Psyc'notropic Orut! 'i liffect on Autonovic Functions in 1----cute ka iL, al Experimmt, by T, Thcobaldg_ GER"Wi, per, ArmtehLittelforschimps, Vol 150 I,o 20 1965s pp 117-125. 5-5S-65 (On Loan) Jul 2G3,673 -jcxt),, -Tkeccjho--~'~ Pension System Applied to Cooperative Members, by Jani Theodhosi, 7 PP. ALFAIII&N,, por., RE~gae Partise, Tirr-ra, Wor 72 PP 37-429 PIRS 56273 Jun 72 . Aug 71, 1 I--- I------ -. ~ ..; ~~ q ~ - :- 'I. s CO. , I W., , , I ~ ~~i- Az Plano Ax, llx~,Stry w1i ~dnqs 1):ftiscrilw, !,y Noce lhoo3hosip 5 pp. jlU!AA,LLlp np, 7-ort I Popullit. 14 ;-,'ov 1,)6q, Minister of Industry and Mines Discusses Industrial Development of the Country,, by Koco Theodhosi, 8 pp. ALWWj np, Zeri i Popullit. 22 July 1966, pp* 1-2* ins 37605 EE-Albania Econ oct 66 312, 503 Fatigue Tests and Measurementsof Elastic Stress in Steel Wires as a Function of the Degree of Work-Hardening. Existence of a critical Domain of Work-Hardening. By PI.Theolier, et al. FRMICII, per, Rev. Met. 1967, Vol 64, Jul-Aug., pp. 949-652 BISI6261 fog. sci/mat Nov 69 396,076 : " J -/ - / /'Z -_ ,, " - .,. . - I Nuclear Explosions for Peaceful Purposes, by P. TheTene. FRENCH, paper, pp 1-3. AEC/UCRL-10543 Aan 72 News in Aluialuum Packaging - "Cebal ;, by C. Thorizol. FAL-11Q, per, Revua do I'Aluminum at de SOS Ablications, No 325, 1967, pp 434-- WC 69-12687-13D S C i - Ae Ch Aug 69 3890480 CU.AiC&l Applications of t1w MMuroMt of Yl~ Aldostamm Secretion by a Pothod of DoWle Isotope Oilutlan. by F. Thervez. A@ 3al"s 9% P4, EM4010 per* Annales d Ea*wriRQl2A18,P Vol Uvip No Is, 1965s, pp 161-167, MT1 TT-66-10739 Sci - isim Jul 66 3020408 C. -r ~' --r- R ~ Shock Wave Attenuation in Tunnels, Emanolon Chambers and Wall Linings, by C. Ther7- GOVERMMT USE MU NOTE TECMaQM - T 30/65, Franco-Germ= Research Institute Saint-Louis, France, pp 1-25 & 29. FBTC-ET-23-968-68 Feb 71 ltwq*wlc Refractiam ind Reae6lm in Sonic Boma,, by Go Zwye 22 pp., GOO 9 lpts Broe, Cp atgas &dme upias CA Sonic Bam No 42P MW 1969. NASA TT-F-IXM C, - C~ - July 71 The Behavior of H%SOL*iAl= Stwl Platea U.'Afir static 8TA WWLQ Strmp by Mr. Thu7s Ch. Jobe - GJVEE=iT WS Om VMCHp rpts. Note Tacbr4que - T 20/65m rranco-Wromn Besearch katitute Saint-Louis; Frarices Sept 2., 1965j, pp 1--2)- Pbb 69 354P Al ~, W A;4-aKa yr, pp~ 3-5. -4 COUtribution tD the Study of Gw*mlan SO(dety, by :3olango ThdM. 25 pp. Fil'2101s, per, LO 19651 pp, Cl Jun 67 Shook Wave Attamutian in Tunnalso ExpansIM Chombwa and ~ftll Ltalmso. by C. ThMe Cho P*tboe-L#Mjvmto lbu=4 rpto awaism wom kwuUfto sabt 6 lkmp T"W"I NO T 3D/65* AUSI J-4920 FSTC HT-23-16848 sai Doe 68 3"o468 viffrection of 6 ShWA wm Aftmd a Pressuro i6mming Pn**, Application of tho Ow4mtettemal Tedmiqw of Lu Ting,, ad ludleffs, by C. Mwry, C. Rmthme.-Laurent,& It pp. ERN-Cum, rpts Diffuction d"Ww Onda do Choc sur uae =a do MERS, S PmSioda &Vluaum do In mmxw do m 11r. spi; pp 3-14* V7QUT4J Navy/ 001 Tr No 2183 Sei-Mgr i= 66 Bapsodis Pal fhadling, Pint Sabo of ToSts in Sod1m or tAm Onk Cbr on Um Boactor feawl Ymk,-Upt by L. OrMots 23 99. FRMt pro CWAM 411mm spoissires', rpt Mp/$CR-b"lp 2b 40 190. AEC SWM-14P L. Thevenot 327,M '101 , - Nuclear Bel&-= Jun 67 11w ,bolo of the BUckarit0h in ::,oat Africa. b 80diol lhi%', 5 T) . ~ ~I;c - fl, per, m to's Aw"caines, 'b ill, -IIII ~J-~Js 9?-!Wo Af rica ",be oct 6(a 34 11031 Bases for Ma* Ablao IntWMUGMI loliq# 1w Dmftl Tht^ 15 fwaxHo pwo Bmw- FIMUM Farift Jw 1%9# pp 70-86o ins 479434 Fab 69 The mesuLng of E--xopem Intesmum for Arl-icaj, by Wud%~ lUan., Mm, Pen. Val V, 140 103, 25 Oct 1965o 12-14- ME 32302 0 Africa soc jen 66 A-Criew ram to 80daUsm, try I!pLb~lb~ 9 pp. IMME6 raffdolo as Ae. aw twmp Vol M~ so it m qm~ lgb5,t 44(-,.455. JPFS 3VW All, Pdb 66 295s&n 20 mrim red to axiouses tv B&Vb riblamo 213 99. pows vw* !03" AgAgolm No IMP 93 SWpt I"p MVPU"Mtv vp- 1-46t 40d ft IC92, 30 soot kop BVPAMOI 1& 1040. im Orl Africa Pal Oct 65 '17 171- Prospects for the. Trailementation o1, rour-year i~aan, llhia;.is, 21 pp. Frenc'a, iAa mv-pitc-ur ~dricalv, Dakar, I.a 14* JPR5 -17r ica (&*nS,2 al) -rxo=,Ac darch 68 A Valimu J&armlist Sees Opportmima Ae the 23 Gam&rene oir Rmlutionery Paetieo., by Seydou Tblano 5 PI), F~Iljj npp L ~Wr %bdcEpd roo Vol. 3', Ib 346.. 14 HaT 1966.. pp - 7 & 9 JPM 3h388 '7/ POI Apr 66