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Simi] ty of the AUOMSU r1laMe or UA kmace M=tW,y Pdr Tertmmture Lu the Northern ik-mAx- pbam* by 9. A. Vanyuhmp 11. 1. Zverav and M. A. AvtqQV;6.p .5 YP* RWIMI par$ fteMigga L u4rola Zb. pp, JPBS A -T 1- 1) c i'll e '-I um Sci-Atmepherio ftl Aug 67 333.,Wl 'ibe '-J~nuijvt~mbility oi ilquLtic by V. Zuz:v, A. V. -,or,, Vill,rosy Vol ~,~Lqt ui Interior of Cw-!.Crciz4 !'ishorie's, of ll-orcd-~); Pishcrics Squids form the Gulf of Adeng by G. V, Zuev, 61 RUSSIANO pek, MM Khat 0 Vol XLI9 No 1j, 1965s pp 224 Dept of Interior Fish and Wrildlib Service BCF,v Wmau of Foreign Fisheries .Q1-OQM JUL 67 3325972 Atmospheric Trans*pLarency in the Visible ~jy and the Infared, by V.L. Zuev, 215 pp. bk, Prozrachnost' Atmosforv dlya Vidi,~qkh T InTr-akrasnykh Lucho 1966. CrSTI TT 69-55102 Sci/atnntos "lay 70 5ow Properties of Attonuation in the 47 Atiaospliure, by V. L. Zuev, N. V. Kabanov, 5 pp. RUSSIM"O pot Iz Vyssli ucheb zaveds Fiz N.9 6s Im pp 175-177. P200047367 AMU T-R-627 " z -,- t V~ Strngth Characteristics of Slastomers at Small Deformations, by Yu. S. Zuev. RUSSLUA, pers Dok Ak Nauk SSSR~ Vol 1399 No 69 1969, pp 12SS-1217. Am lust Phys Vol 14, No 12, June 1970 "I o. C- . -2 ~,-) F-- v 'T, . 171) amUcatiLm Anaudy CwAsd by a Stn&-j Pole $A a UW= MVMU rj*IA4 by A. fttre W D. ?Aamvom. zwjm&n, perv VbAM id -C-MO.Wts do 2-w-u-ifty 222mgma gagim. sma egat;m Vol 5,, 1b 1# 1967# pp 121-132- ACtC IC-VM a 1.41-ram Eel ft-b &) 3W*613 The Fine Stimeture of the Vibrational- lotatimml Spectram of Water Vapor# by V. E. Zuev, 1. 1. Ippolitov. MISSIAN per,# Dok A I-M& SS311, riziki2 T? Vol G:.110 is 6, PP 51-54. Me Am lc-qn Tnsti of Pbysics a Vol 13.. ',"0 3s Sept 1968. Z. Q Ev Oct 68 368p379 q. ~C,. xkev Analysis of Trimsnissinn Line V,)ItaF-e Drop aud Power Luss us a Function of the fleactive Ilarancters of the Line. by L. Zuev. RININISIA"' izv, A!.' .5 Eller,._ !_Trv~psj-, No 1, 1967, UL Ref: 90211.09 (4697) 41, L -ar 69, 377.092 vies - rojecUms Tervd UW to 1m, by ~-blfLW~g Zublog, 32 pp. par, 1,ortm yAom, -.~Dst ~Arlin. ~Pr 196,,',# pp 132-1'36.7 i LAY zic;arch for i-quilitrimt 11-ohits ruf Cvwavv, t4w.oss by 1. ii4.Wvicldy. rcr, bcr, Ak "auk- VVI 185, l'o 1, Vol L"I -'t~ ?J, ic-it'D The Deporylance of tba Polznwmatim of StYrom in the Pmmm of a lIxture d! Ionogenic and limionic Foibim on the Du2k Ptcgerties of Their So2utimS . by A. V. Zuiko7j T - S. Soloveva. =I&I'l. pir., Dok Ak RmA SSSRt Vol 179,0 i,.o 6s 19689 CB V, 2- rise '08 3719207 Preci-Atation in zaloy stce-ds, Iart 1: llreci~ylitation of Carbi6o--, L. DU Ml, rpt, r:ctalen en an-lore T-iO, 1966, pp 42-47s BISI 6464 7/f- Sci--at May C-9 3 ii G , 31,~ 7 Approximation of Periodic Functions by Linear Vathods of Summing Their Fourier Series, by Ve V. Zuko RUSSIO. per# Dok Ak Nauk SSSRs Vol 1739 No to 1967, pp 3D-33* Am Bath Soo Vol 8; No 20 1967 V, ~, 7 L4 K Ii ov 68 370tO ad To lMro;d-,mtimi oR Periodic runctiom by Uwar ~bthocls,, by V. V. Zuk. RUSSIM., per, Dok Ak 'T=k sl9sn 9 rath..? 701 179~ '10 5s MSs The .1-mrican 1:athe mtiml. Socloty '7o1 9v !:o 2g 1968 DA 68 60121~ toonodes Affected bW ll'~Oraljgn Trado, by RW*U Zalt.1, 32 ppo ~Sli (AL-1, GzkQ4 per'r gwm"4k lb da Age) 19690 pp 30-33o ir J;. OIL 3010 tim* Autst 1%zebange of Crowns Disaosede LT Doc bg Rudolf ZUIMI* 11 PP* GMEUMUT m Wa CZECHS perS, pm9"q DW 1968s pp 72-BO* JYAS GUO 295t~ KaL a-coach Sam Feb 69 373*861 ~,MkrlE;o DP A Ebortordets Zuk&lg Tomn Defend Ota Sik Ide&sl by Iludclf Zukal. Josef Tomn. 6 pp. CZECH# rpto &onqrdkR Revae, Prague, Doe 1968, pp 534-537. im 47515 Bi~-Czech Leon I'Sar 69 374,873 Bxchange Rate of Czechoalo7& Cromn,, by Radolf zutgas 27 pp. GOVEEMM USE ONLY C=Hs per$ Rmt~ielm M=Omie Vol xvo No. 69 June 1967, PP- 539-552- JPR3 GUO 2510 Econ Sept 67 339,135 The Proillem of $I**- sad Its Linitatious in Prolonged Space Flights, by V. P. Zukhar. RUSSIAN, rpt, Paper Presented at the 34 International Symp on Cie Bag C Euv Ton- Uent Problems of n in Space, Geneva, 15-19 Nov 1968. NASA TT F-12,096 69 378,590 ltx liffits in Lwb" spa"Motat ~v v# A*Wl 9 UMMO an MMIWAMWA~jj- ' LAMR- AM 0 jp& WOW Sol-spm ~Doch Feb 69 374o023 Featurou of ~Odalll :ilr6er Ccalriam, vi O~A&o trovt ""as 11"lio 2J., LIQ Am Matbods for FIrAftg the EquiLibri= Poimta Of CMM n-PIVW Gw", bly 3* 19 ZUMmltd*s R. A, Pdyckv 6 pp. Aussluip rare Houk MR& Amim I _-i Omme Vol 1650 sio 19 1969s pp 24-27* JM 46038 Sa-Cybwwtios J= 69 A Problem of Nonconvex Frogmmmings by S. I, Zukhmitsklig Re At Folyak, RUSSIAN, per# Dok Ak Nauk SSSR. Vol 1790 No 4, 1968, pp 786-789. The Am Inst Fbp Vol 13* No 41 'Oct 1968 C S 2- u sci/BM Nov 68 370o?-21 Ablative-Coollag T*dmlque by Ho No au Kocker, GE-WiAN, per,, 2, -PlIsLigras pp 440-40. NASA W P-100912 GOVEHUMMT. =i MLY Sci-Prop & Fij*13 Jul 61 for Rocket Engines,, Vol KIV, No 10, 1966, 332,860 Line 1-'r% -t3tin8 gzll - by B. ZulOM'U, 'C' OPt p 4.15 40 3 POLL-All f;V. LN EctlE t:lU by Y~'AAtl, I-AV, 1771~4Kja UA.,~Utort bY -ii - loll a c m 199. IT 399 ,~74 CoDipaWbility 0-2 lwehimm In a perucular Coza- putine Catupl=o b7 W, X. ZAa'f4PWtzd& b.WAkVWQA'n- T Hum, per, " Imettva min K2 W-4okbnUb AIM 1 mV Aug 63 ,,*Iy Sev" Kawt by thlo Pace., Pietro Will" POR OMCIAL use ONLY IIALIAX* apt Ir-acas Me 761s 12 S" 196S& pr 30-32. F0 YX no "pie, 61, '/',, ~ //, IV a , kB - luly n7l,733 pol Apr 66 hmmms fm fji*kod PIAx lntwJxrvds b7 -H- zw-J=d** 7 Pp- ;5MUH# Pwo b~RW& 23 Jim 196-it PP 70-71o opas h6lu* IA Pal Aw,, 60 an aw=mu sa a - W3 .. Lahl I I, w J. Mew ad P. 20ma mm owt Aawy*j, ft-,L ot go 0 2.v4m. UL ftf: gma.06 (67m) NVOW ir I" ~, VeNcl- or Alistalaft" -)--) 1 lqa~ sudamb ~,~ - , . "~) . - J4 70 rdoo G~Iau ` idtod, 22 4,mth -P, f ter, 'by ~ruclmo YmIS, pp. np d s iuvttt, 5 -47K' 70 Conveyor beits, by T. Zur. CHUMN, -mr, t4agjel !Ingiatny, '-,r, sci/Mech July 0 2, 11,16b, c%wg" in Fuel Wswe a M34dw MWIUW# tw 14. asebms X0 pp. RUSSWis VW. EkanccdkIL. 22--mmimp Kiev* 140 4, 1969,p pp 6tJ-7Z* JM 485W4 . _1 zueasov M IN Saj.amV Cwv (nai-pmp) ,Aug 69 389009D IVY~).Jalu~-&Plll ~ ') Misoretical Bois for Treatment of Iamther idth Water Dispordons of PaVor, by N.M. Zurabym- RLMAN, per, Inestiya VM Todhnologta legkol E-resIt".nnosti, no- 5., 1965j. pp. 74-T6. = 71-UM3-lW August 71 by :Lto, to ,D= %F 14 46'~Ol la rv,.~ Z G alfictra"a P&Ot*dlm adto %ftigmp by L ZMANd Go=$ 'G Slommn"t*"*# Ybal vp 379-39-r sm SO.- 'W74.5 0") ,F SP4/klm & z1ft ftw mw 70 ~ t-j, s K't1 t tu Firwin ib 4,, ig6g,. i-7. I/ An AtteWt to Distinguish the zones of the Pirst Lml of Ground Water to the Wilkopolska Lowland, by M. Zurawaki, 105pp. POLISH,, non*,, Proba Wzielenia Strof Piemseego Pox-lCs-u Wod Podziemych na NUNN WL~~Iskie' 1969- NCRTT TT 70-55090 Sci/ear sci Apr 70 ALIM it --Qrt Te" lbt~cza i %b1 22g. M7s L I I ~, , ~v 1: 6 13 1 lis I nov W: -I"-- C, L- A, 7. , (~!' t~~ The Bursting Strength of Plain Weave Fabrics, by Witold Zurek, 19 pp. POLISH Zes NwAome Politechniki LodzIdel ., per, 27ty No 14p 1966, pp 69-109o mas TT 7,L-54o67 Jan 73 ("o: -~ 0(~~ I '~-' j~' ~--. i"I., The Use of Micratetlmiques in Assessing Fiber Properties, by Witold Zurek, 22 pp. POLISH~ per, Zeia?yty Im&ow Politechniki todzk-ieJ No 15, 1966, pp 93-11b. Ym TT 71-5066 Jan 73 The Busting Strength of a Pkin-Wom Fabric, by If. Amex. POLMH, per, Bull of raft Tech Unly Textile Chem Vo 14,, 1956, pp 89-1090 *7M TT 71-540 6j - :z U- P- e, t,-, JulY 71 & N - . Coefficient of Yam MiAnksp) by W. Zurek. POMM, p&r. ftzaglad W101deadezy., vol. 23, no. 11, 1969., PP- 523-525- Me Tl-llz4-l3z (on loan Ozay) Augu,st 19TI Principles of Microtechnology at the )~ssesment of Fibre Pl~qpertiea, by W. Zurek. POLISH, per, Sci BuU of Lodz Tech UniV., TeXtile mem., No 15) 19661 PP 93-116. mis TT 71-54o66 W ~ Z "L P- e- r JUlY 71 bxperimcnt,;~ Inc V. Nl. zurikrv, 5 pp. flosam, 11 Apr xy p 2. Jt--,'c 56051 ~kl ;-z.y 72 / L Z~- Phpdcal StWies of the Circulation vIV, a New -I-- Sympathicolytie,, by D* Zurvebre OMM, par, ~~bd~tt- Lgiveh. Vol 117j, 19671 PP 310-313- WI Fer: 5828-4P OPa'30) P, sol.-W; July 63 360ofto Now Hepatic Textured Alloys with Induction Linearly Depodant On the Fields by A, 1. Zu8man. 3 Pp. RUSSIAN, per, Elektricbmstvo, No 6, pp 77-79. AIR/PM/HT-23-36-70 a. J. J Le 11) SC1440t Jul ?U The affect of Nucia-mr Erradiation on the iroperLias of OrderG4 Soct ftp2tic Alloys# by M. A. ktuilhmkiy" A. 1. zumn. 6 pp. UXUAINIAN# per# Ukrgim'kxg FLSZS~m Aurailp Vol 14t No IQ, 190* pp 1737-17391. At P41TDAT-2 3-360- 70 NBC an at ALI gill P, -4 1 9. To iftem"Wo oxamm = =r XWSM4 vwjp IV 1310-13UL am 69 w 0 anow RAM* tv Vag go UD zoo wo ft3W studying tile Causes of the Attraction or-~~ Fishes to Light, by 1. G. Zusser. RUSSIAN, bk, Povedeniye i Petseptsiy Ryb, 1967, pp 9S-98. f-Dept of Interior 6ureau of Commercial Fisheries Branch of Foreign Fisheries Sci-B&M Mat U19 ftaulunum of raw Tortic" Hi6mum modd4a-utim Flas by S. 0. ZMW. MUSS DWO Mae Vol 45P SO U# A), 20.1001. pp empt or Btu Bcf/O" TT 69-5mlu Jw 70 ftolagu*l stvaeo of sawv " its comwbraial ,~Uhw, (Comlwdan)s tw5a Go tweers RUSS109 pme mm agLiatemb Vol 43, lic 79 We pp 84-85- *Do;t of hitalor Fith ud OlUite '4rdee of tondp I'lahwiss aw bov 67 I'l-OWIC-al ~Aucdcs of the t4ury and -its MOMIA, Asiling't by 6-jo ~i* zlamrs RB~~. ~~- Dor 61 "-~*A SpeclaUsatim In Intwmtlml saviess Urg*4 ty Ivo ZuvoUo 15 ppe Maw-MMS pwa Umble Z&Mbg No 39 Jul-Aug-ftiA 196So pp 519-530. iplis 47g2W ion 69 ANDU d AMMI -.#YttAIS AS 4 Aftat of LOILI-UW AGUM or AOUVO onall by 5 * is MUM & a* So Maftlaw A "-rYAI* -,aAk,jA 5# im An Ind FVO W41 120 v-* 60 too 1%7 6', -2 MOM ZUYEV, A. RU DIVERGENT IMPLICIT DIFFERFNCE SYSTEM FOR THE GAS DYNAMIC FOUATIONS TR. VSES. SEMINARA PO CHISLEN, METUDAM MEKHAN I VYAZK. ZfilDK(.)STI REF Zli M FSTC-HT-23-0983-73 Donqu caftwAsts ";tr*ss AN by A# Ztvwo 6 ppe RMSUN'j logiodw Galmle No 440 i* yp 14-1.%* Mts 46#963 I'd, Z W-MOON wo civ & M" EW Doe 68 3M*659 f wilblem in the ffortheast--rn P.-nonmic tv A. 7-uyev,, T pp. WSSIAN* porp 1,-aterlallo~~Lechnichesk=.. Snabzheniye,F 3D 9,p IT-7.. pp I z Scon Jm 3wr,oj3 )Amts MQd Voleanoes of the Gobi, bor A, V, ZUPVO RU&SIANj port Dak Ak Nauk ssm. vd i86l No 4, 1969~ pp 901L.O.- AGI ~ ~ X~ / - ~t , ~/ Ju:LY 70 Z~l Jj lOw"Ach to ~D"Owlt or tj t1le Aujetj,~erobjUty ol A ! , patic Suye*."t A. I udry'ashcrv, 10 6: 1963, pp l()5'(wiO62v J~ 43314 V. Jul.') 6' -~ain&Lsq by a-,)* .-.76 Low lkta on the ftoloa of the Cephalopod Z~ syav3ft!4w"~ asigalfwa f= the oaf of and the ProspecU for Reamadc SVloita- tian of Stackis of the CephalcliM., by GV, %imv,. MWIM '0 Vol 3s Bb 1., -p-p 40-46 JU ftf 6U3*199 (1218) July w 360.013M 57 ts V4, Vq Go Vo ZTWP 13 M39 yam &AMm U0 Vol go m IZ919 6 Oct 392t5?:) !Iew uata on the "ology of the Cophaloliod 3 11 SynplactottiOthis OWbaimmi3 (Lesson) frw the Gulf of Advas, by Go V. ZWev# k=Ms per, Wrobiolajisskiy Lumal, Vol 111, .40 1, 19fir. PP 0-531. *Dept of Interior Fish and wildlife Service Bureau of Comrcial Fishsr-fies sci -W May 67 Um Caffaalopoa B04 As au Alei~oilj loy C. V._ 6 pp I "JMW.- Wo . - IA mo 2, ~.g*jp rip 22-25- RM 29(W =11 It sdl4tys Apr 65 L7~3tolt, illana to Pl~odw~~ INly ~kUr %febic!6 YUnt i;,.evealed, by I. III. Zucyaw, B. D. Ilatletsov, 10 pp. RUSSIAN, per, hIcnnost, . !"Oacow. LAC-]~~-L.ln&ya -- No 1, an 1~)72,g pp 4-7,P JIT-9 554?5 P*r 72 stress w3tribution a the vertax of a Growing Crack, by " B, Zuyevs et -u1. U65INA, porl Zh Prill Wkh Tekh Ra. 1966, ;7p -16 MIT. NIASA TT F-100,668 ,t.4r 67