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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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Fl/ M-I~ ,t,. An IntrodticUm to the Technoloff of HeaW Oil DemaftdzAicn; bV K. Matsmoto., 14 Takawra. JAPAHES% per,, N&Mo A:Mv Vol A No 3s ig6g,, pp 16o-17o. nc 71-14156-20D Feb 72 NCH-200 ;46 Field 7c Matsumoto, Ki MAWS. T., N1418" N.- SYNTHESIS OF MALEIC ANHYDRIDE FROM C4 HYDROCARBONS BY MEANS OF CATALYTIC AIR OXIDATION, 26 Apr 66,13p, 4rds. SA-KICZ-83-6-1, order from SAt $22.00 is KKZ-63-5-1 Trans. of fjoRap) V03 p734-7 1060. Arkather tram. Is avidjabLe from ATS $13.55 as ATS-69M44J, Op. 1. scizaburO Aoki. FujigawR (Japan) i.k.,rio,aic ~-tructure in unildraction-aily liviot, .;;. j. JaPan Init. 12, u68, 8~5 -00b. U'! vim of now tkvulo cuvtaw Uft (XE). i;iitus yt&*tw ft M*4 IV I. aldowm, as HKOMM)t M ntlWh Odid. Aims dthl- sibmw 7M71;[, 'Vol To rx)D~s AM-6d9oj Ad 67 ml+i suolito on the Tows"= of 3410 in the lattal Grovtt Stop 8, M;tlillow* by Y,. mmauv I-V JAPARMP Dwi. be lzgw.-% V6, No It 17a) 'WASIOWIL ;'7 JOB iqM* Tr No. 97 Wr 72 Stucaes of, troirlot size ~i~raycd froj~, !ic;llow cfmj(~ ~Iozzlvs, iiy iiiin !-,atsupoto, 11 1y, VoI Au~ TO / -)-I 'U~ ',>e , c c ,QCe- immunoisuppresaive Agentst A ROV:LeW, by T. MaLtaumotoi, JAPANICS&C, per, Takoda K2WSyuqhO TIOMI!R, Vol 27, 1968, P-n 197-246. NTO-71-10713,-060 ITOV 71 T, Mtsmto Pblymui=tiou of vinyl mmumers by solvent percAbso" ~ Pqvft NN 2. BdavioT Of tem- kydrofurswepeftXi& aS polymrization initiator. JWBUNSM-DrAM, Vol 28, no 3150 pp SS7- NTC 72-ism-ni mar 73 lob 1973 (p An AWUC*tlm of ULUN Spwd - in the Dtectlm of r*=% Mdn GurAm CoutuArs- tion, by 0. matswkilk. aBUOMp pwj, Holm DAmurl., Vol 9,, So 196T', am.-Ikr. ~~ sm Ber: 4U6.625 (au-tr.136) Sept 69 390..343 V -laboUtX with 85Sr for in Vi" Mmmum- mont of 9DSr - An AttwTt for the in Vivo Lqnmvomt of 90sr MA 90Y in Intornau'v Emposed Antmasq by 0. Fatsu&a. &WULISils per# Vd 15* 1;0 5a 19669 rp 261400 NU 1-wro 4616.625 (I-ISJ-tr--96) ok~; Jan 69 W2o6lq td*Usvs vab " rw In Vw masks. wj4 at APJA An AMMI! Aw %a to Vivo MMUMM" of $D0 =a I." SA aftmal 34=4 Alba"# 1w own WOUX4 suft TAXAL qftftasl~ m fleff Itakfivologm va 5p Osanru MATSUOKA Avg Muccil-rne zlectriml obal axdlo"p by T. b*m ad T. Rauft, AM=% Dw. p va A im. 1994 vp 70-77 ME 7413 ~l set/pat \ - thr 70 4(*0067 ftAtr of nrwuona aulmsboat a I by TI, Matauoftt Vol % no lop OIW=s pr. 1966, pp 2633-163L6 BISI 7905 SCI/Mat \ , \~\z -) A-~, Her 70 4040 077 Studly op Direatiowl SiLlum Stmi Sbast. I .1 agoot of lopuatim an sownuw BKXYA"- UtIon Of SUL= stal M", by T. 14&UUOM- JAPAM, per.. Metsma to fto., Vol 52p RD 10s 1966# vp 1635-1.6350- *BISI 7905 Jan 70 3tady of Aractional Z~,Mcon A061 by TO WAM.k*.6'-.~ 'Am to ieuno vol 0 per, r,D.q, 1635-1633 *OLA V65 OUR .1tionul AGO! "hCet, ij* 'ec. at Toxiolity aM Torategioniaity Of ..Prostaglandin 72 f by~-Xe~fttsuoka* JAPARRONO per# jXMkuhjg JO&Up Vol 2j, NO 40 19719 PP 403413 MTO.72-12293-"f July 72 matsusbimag J* . . The coqmit6 Damage to Plants by Sulfur Dioxide Gas-and Oxident . SOVO KLIGLls Vol It W. 5o PP 2-8j~ 1971 . NTC-72-14785-02D Jan 73 tr. Hatsuohima On oompoeite ham to PUmtz by SuZArow AcM Gas and Oxidant. S.WGY0 KOGAZ V. 7 Z97% pp, 218-224, 49 -- a STC-72-Z4995-06F Fab 73 TT - u2~laviour of (;Etseous Su~fliurow kn(t in tho as hem md Sukiliur in -,tE!cl, by J. --Xitsus]Lb~ia,, et aL ,TAP,K-'--'Mt Perl Baillacku Gijut-;u,, Vol 18# 2,, JJc69j pi) 65- 6032 fc~j 70 ueolog of the Kinta %loney in Itlap idth lipxdal Refonnee to its Geor=Vwlogical Davelop=% by rktmMts Summo 19 ppe GOU'll'Jil"Id WE OW.Y JAkAil;afi, per, Tonwmn A v 5# -aim L2AMP Ao 2. Sept 1967, pp 93-105* JP&; G-U0 3D35 ci (", 00=06, Jul'! it. lit -!,1 27 17;--i T. jl~ 7be Pmmntion of the Tzansversal Cracks in Thick Stftl Plateso by I. Neftuddta. JAMMSE., rptj, Anmm' Bevort of the Engineering Basearch InaltitMe asm Of aaME.Im University of m3luo Vec 19bb, pp 170~-175- ~Iyi Sci-%terlals Jan 70 A Wtbod of MfOMdOg PblYO10ftnOt by R" matanumoc')cI JAPAMSE P*tMt go - - 19W - ATS-M-I& , /9 I. Lti-mem Mar 70 4012t6 of ibyrmdn, by Latsuara. lji, 11-2-293o, t15 413, a"0 6,3 High-Rate Operation of Large Scale Coke Ovens, I~y S. Nlatsuzawa, JAPANESE, per. J. Fuel Vol 48, :40 510, 1969. B151 8317 ') ~ 1-1 !--tar 7 1 HigA nate OperatLoik of Large-scale Coke Ovemy // --)- by So HatsUawao JhPAMZ,, per,, Jo Mal W Japan,, Vol 431 Uo 5109 Oct 1969, pp 754-765., *BL91 -13317 sci-mat 1:7S- . \11~\~-,~~ "-Q (, ime 70 C, I WoMing *f Pelywr FLhaj, by 16 It, MAtsyuks ~-,, A, Ve bogdasWvskiyo, et a1g, 73 pp. PMIMN rpto so pp ftsuv Ime Dept of Navy/SuUlps Tr No 968 n ~l V, jala V Scl-Cbom May 66 300o,786 JI/ Chile' s Hilitary Speak Out., by Ferrando Rwjes Ejatta$ -3 PP. SPAma., nPy siete FA 10 Huy 19G31 PP 16-1!3. rL Rs 45719 s ep t 55,2 f-xxisicr, . eanumc Cause Aise: in c4iaz~:,Aicmv tv .0thur "Attvm r0. -ic ay. 21). e4 Aotivity at ~$~:Cantrol.orpos Intealsitiolls,~. by ftims -Matth"t 6 PPi ,t mtWllno ~Am 71s 1-1!!Mtt E pp 710-n7# PAS 53958 lop 71 g%tnnt ill tale Ttoduction ltthod6 01' lei I,UmCo Leam in Univenal U11r., by H. liatthmel, COMM, per. Stahl M.O., Vol -',;"o 25 19,Q-1 p,p _!~rbjuv of rot Amin z'~,latosj by Y,. ~-ntthaam 2 - .Otnl %, im 1", 8 no '~z amaoxonu in the psoftmw or PMMURI. Flop BOW In admvml HUUo by Be Notthidt GEMO pw. Rjej glow# VO). p No 25v X969p IV 142-3-14ZO *D181 810D ftvmat MW 70 A" 71 Fortiation and Prolportics of Plosphoros per, C-AtnAsrhe Tetmik, vetl I-J, i 2,.,o July S ii 6 Clentral Norms D14tu*uees lu CUldm tAfer Therapy with the 1mg-uting Sulfaumde, Sulf- #pMnylpyratoles by A, 14dthos md 4, Kr*%*,, et a10, 14 p. GERMN), p*r, Arsminittal-fonchmAp Vol XVI NO it, 1965 0 pp $30M CFSTI TT 66-60321 Ina, Jun 66 303,702 1011- -1 a t9a Wbatlw 01.1 as Lvw '-urft mwwut, Djr,06 F14 F. hIMM. 9~ Wkl �mAMM Va 4s so at ft WWI. F. Matthes 3*09al soft ses"Um od ODOWNgoo,", , 7 :: , .. ..l - - I-.- . .- . -1-1 - 11 ~ 4 Problem of Comer 'Prevention. Tnatmnt outlined$ by Tho Matthass 7 Pp#. ORMAN# peril D" Dsutsob~ Oasundh6itawasm, Padt rArlin, W rug 717 55". Wr-lbyd, ITPRS546t4 Man 72 -1;U. Importance of tho Chemical Structure of Monoamine Oxidaso Inhibitors for Their Action on the Gatma-Aminobutyric Acid Content of the Rat Brain, by 9, Matthies, Ppm.r%, por, AptA lJoloden -at Modica Germanica, Vol 18p 1967, PP 617-624- NTC-7t-1?J02-06A Nov 71 2a msnnmm of *omdnio(~~ ActIm of PbsougmAd- Md on f4m adpft Acdd Omt" Of Ut Est & mausol~ IL pqw. Omni, Dwi "a NOW6" et meal" GM4 va we lb ~,'= vp 3a-yfo. 39116)7 P.N. Matwesen ..,calculation of Non-standard Pipes-Nomogram For Working Out Qwtations Lfur WIRT FERTI=Gj VoL 6Sp No. lit T -47 Jan 1973 NX 72 714 i-loctron Down, ~'eIOU9 Othor Id,,7il-intensity ~~IclLllin~~ u sv ljy -,.. !'attinog, per, Scoweisser, uxi,' Sciineicienr - C8- -;7- UZ) T'i.e Behavior of Glims Fiber Izetiforced Plastics( tindor a ,Autisticully Variublo md Udfovtly '~scillati-,qvl Load,, by A. Iattin~~j, N', t~aitzel, D tier, .56, No 1.78 190o$, 0 1 -unstuffes VC E55-boo., 11500317267 of :1u-vy1;'JC I't No .2472 I:ci-' ~Utartitls 67 344.694 clt~yj, CIO irotectlm oa,.-4 A, ~aIttli-qS w~d l."s yor, 70 59 Sprayaj Coatings of Steel and fimoverrous votala =4 Testing of their Adhesion Stmgtb,l by A. kattiagg H. D, S"Mas. GERNM,, per, Stahl U&CA48 Val 858 Oct. 70 L4652 j)P 8151 4609 Jul 66 P,iiicsioia of Aluminuw ccm0ouents. Practice at !,ome ,;attjn-, G. Heimiw-,. p e rAlauinium, Vol lift, 697-7 01. ~--TC 69-i2CLIAIF 69 Structural !,~L-3 ana Abrond, U(,r 42, JO Per, S89 44 8 ;1. )ZtCjLe-L Experimental InVeOtigation of the ~.,ffects of the Pressure Gradient and Free-StreRm Turbulence on the Uoundary Layer of a Flat Rough Plate# by E. Hattioli. ITALIANq perv Aerojecaia&p Vol 47v No 2. 19679 Pp 15-24 XTC 72-11-961-OIA P) Nsp, -T1 I- -11AA C, 0 0 June 72 Uneration of Tuftlenco in Me Boundary I //C~- Layer wiht Pressure Gradieut, by E. ~ijttiolo. ITALIAN, rptviio Ss 1%61, 47 pp. tNASA TT F-U0321 -41 Sci-Phys Vec 67 MN 72 bewineralization of Salt 68tarj A Wthod of Distillation lipploying Heat Pro* Atomic Reactors, by E* D, HatItsev, RUSSIMs, bk,, Qyrdsmwia Salmah Vodt ~btod Distillystsit s 13pollwymiem ,Iyjpla V;Sgkh F*akt2roy 1065 - 84 Jul 0 S07,514 'Z-' P~e AludrM In Polluted Atmosphere, by B. Hatteam SMIffis per., Talmisk Wakdft Vol 989 1968s pp 767-770- NTC 71-14145-13B Feb 72 latts l."o-I c; c -L: 1. iil IC -lit-11, Calculati I "t c) to ie V-4. 74, i L 7( ,c). 2 C; er LA f4 J- '3~ Problwm in A%Inlm Poloolyo UwasaWs lrj 4i, iMckoveldyt 5 rpo RUSSIAlot npe lmdub 19 ~ bv 19690 p 4. Mis 49531 Jan 70 YB13D4 Ian 1"'at-V oy L"'r :,asil4lar.- latur I) i~mhn X"Y' la 1 IN v Px i ) ~ luwria iWasurescuts vu Are Funiaces Jiurin;: Normal 01,5- Oparutioas,, by L. ~Iatula. POLISAP P"I Cos O"rka PaliwamLA &or ia, Vol 19 DO, pp 21-26. IiI.S1 a249 sci-iiat Juaa 70 E ~ au Luiculatiii,. cie looizatlull by 14 --,cr LietuvO!i I:Izir~us Vol 6, 7 7 -T, - Chilean ~6180ti in AyM hWinoo VIGIM4 bV Itroolo ~ktursmq 5 pp* SFANIsHq npo LEC9 Santlaps It Oat 19681 p 10. 4WHS 460~4 M AA Lh-ChUo Fol DDO 66 3209520 Mv Equipmwt lastaUed In PaUs Sorlaw Region Supr MiUsp by $6r& matumut 5 ppo SPAMP CPO SUM -maestro a2 fing 1967p p. 6. jpya Bel-Agric Oct 67 3420940 CC LTO I -Ee!~ I Ill iAICC: hi' I JC rlo~ i,! I '.l*T;~.tJL- 4. C 'A co 7~: c . , k.~ C - L N Vv~\ Llaras 4.yoxns rroposed Arbiter for Liberal (kdon, b.-,, :-~2j-as ~i-jatus, 6 pp. ,;i k" Bogota, 21 Apr 1072, p 3- , i islis npo il-Tis 56065 , mk7 '/2 Omsft"M" Ma 6 pp. SPANISH& Ve VJW#,o. B**Ut 29 kv Imp P. 7. AUK 71 of mUoral front UM* by licr~ tv UU9 Hatat 5 pp. SPANISH* npq Q BOVU& 10 tkw 19691, p 3. JJPRS 48149 c ~,m ~(-, I ~ ~ C'~ 'S, I C~ IA-A;olomlAa POI Jun 69 384o?63 rvm- viowls in Political 7L, 44 c7inlat reecribc:: o' ti of t i Ado, !"6;: , G L 07,qt gow Dmlopments in fmant cmaaas of stool Ath Good ftoiad Pmooftes, by Ii, q&tumhk-3. pqr, lov. !O~ t IM-1 62t Oat 1965, pp, 91.L.9211. R131 w51 36 1. 366 mudst4v or Vol MA. ~pww Itswile" "Ovisso bY.JbrVUdvM&tuMko U- pp. c?,trjm4 porp MDR mm2mv Prapet Ro. 36* 936P 74 PP 1# 3v 4-o 3M 54306 1 st,) v 7 1 Yield and AftgUl4T MMOUIOR of -49-OaQUI '77 14claaas Fran #In* Mields UW*r tw effvct of 66a Ltv Protcass by V*A* WshL4s 'Uot% 14twww1che po~atms Slits St COMM" on tke Mes of Atomic LaIray CZMMIV~ Insirtuto No so ms. P91IN450 Aug 6& Stu,iy uf Ei-luilibriaLi Carbonate-Bicarbam, te ~11--Ctrolyte in Vim Presence of Votazatur Forrate, by Lo A, VLatusevIcA ark! V. Bago'sidy.p u pp! WV,"IAR 11 * rer, Marml PrIklWmy MArtli. ~A US2 Ti;ic 0y 1/la -&Sv h-,11 P, , %I A SS) q63 -~Aationship between the True and Vean .~'Iopcs of Ishe ',4ave -Covered Sea Surface, i"%;. G. V. Matusilevskiy' 18 pp. RGI~;Sllltli, rx,r, Izvestiya Ak Nauk SSSR, Ilizilza Atmosferiv i Okeana, 404-415. jill.,,,s. 48753 'ci/ear ~3ci 1, re L 7 0 402,546 StOLUSUCII Anallds of an SAMWAI TWO- C~- V-r 1~~ ad/=am qw 70 405#m*j 'A, Hasats Ot &IwvVa Along DW SWsmia Sawdtw FftrJAW% tW 13. A. fAtabkta. ItuaMwe pwo, �gtd&M gggIgga I;* to 1967, pp M-133. ACIC TC-12% Sol/So .1d jim 68 NAM