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December 31, 1983
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K. -11. Maier Water-Soluble Filters and 12heir U,5e in Bactei-Rd Counts. GEIDIAN, per, "Fachzeit'schrift fur das Laboratorium" (G-I-T Journal for the Laboratur~T, March 1905, pp 119-126 NASA aT F 14, 44o Oct 72 ITI f esa Y pa Lint in Off-Sot Prlntlu~;, by IN. Walonold.. EUROPEEATT, per, Fachhefte fuer din Chomic-Graphlo, ,r,qT)li-,Lo_ und den T'efdruck, 110 3, 1969, lj.thog L [)p 139-11j"). NTC-71-V)"O43-IljF., Jan 72 tyro FACHHE~TE FULR DIE CHEMIEGRAPH!Eo LITHOORAPHIE UND OEN TIEFORUCK 1966 N5 P305-309 70-10054-14E The Behavior of Anodic Coatin,~s Under Thamal Stress, by J. iicij;cl' 19' pp* GTRI-M, VER, Faclibericlite Gborflacilentedl,' Jan/Feb 1967, p1) 23-26. AEC/SCL-'F-6&-253 I;,- , ", thoophating as CIOMSion Protmtion for Iron wW ateol, by H. Daum. GLMAll", pow, !;-'achber (-borQChantccyul# 1-tr/Apr 1966, 50-59. BR;l 5520 Sci-iAt Jul 68 359,929 The F- ff. Light AutoMiltle RLfU (C.A.L.) FRMp per# Fabdque Natlowl d'Armes de GUerre So A. Berstal - ftjfiLqMp undat.04 pp I-n - XSI J-3594 ID 22OW50667 WE-France MMtary Dee 67 346jA English Title Unknown, by G. Dean and C. l1elout et al, Dural, rpts Fabrication de Pastilles dl~Uxdes Mixtes d'Uranium et ae 'ITUtonium, -!T-t- No EU11-222M. 19-65. AEC 115-21 sci-(%Iisc Sept 66 310,606 'Investigation of Equipment for Purification of Water by Reverse Osmosis; by Bengt Martensson, IH. Kanebaeek~ 43 pp. GOVEFM= USE ONLY SWEDISH, per, FOA 1 Rapport A 1526-77(35)-, Jan 1971, AM4/FSTC/HT-23-48-72 2~wwmicoion motor mad He No Law for Measuring Atmosphemc Viaibility, by A. Hagard. 29 pp SWEDISH., rpt, FOA 2 Rapport, A 2534 - 52 ForsvareU ForskningamwtaTt -2970, pp 1-26 AIR D-EC-23-1539-71 COPMOET GUO mar 72 I ;i I L ( J I h (, I ! J !) N! i ~ j L t J v I j~ tiij ~ ~ i j~ I I I [ I , ( I L A 1'~ G U ii G ~ -- S ti (~ Lj (i N I ~ y - F~IA NrPul- 1 ".0 ~.3>7L',-,t~ JUNE L -) 6 '( F s r(--H T--.' 3-L I Y4- 7 ,~ On Telc-l,;'arfare, by N'lls-lienril, Mindquist, !)!) pp. GOVERNME1111, P;1; Olly Slid'DISHP PCr. FOA OrienteTar Oni, No 7, Jan 1967. Al"WFSTC/I !T-23-4M-68 sci/Flect Oct 69 393,215 On Currcnt Soureca, by B:Llr,-Hem-ik LundcluiL;t, 85 pp- 314MISH., per., FOA Orienterar ota Sjtromkallor~ no 5., 1966., pp 1-39. FloooT6367-V FfD-Hr-66-519 Sci - Eclect & ellec &gr blar 67 320..062 iop, al)out do 3 uniaoroator 5owad, 4:1 pp. 1%otp H)it urienterar w, HyLlroalimsti.1, "C'. ." 176) 1905, isp 1-30. ll~. )~ . ., k. 0 'k L ~ 11 vy Tr 4"J511h"A 201c, oci - 'I.' , j U V 0j' 9-J2,762 Factionation Mnomano In the Wooion Cloud, by B. Holaerg, S. Anderason, 21 pp. GOVEM9M USE OM SWEDISH, rpt, 4 ~DMrt-C 43~1-28, Apru 1968.. pp 1-25. MM/FSM/12-23-779-68- Sci/m= July 69 386.,529 ACM R-8163-D 3 April 667 Principerna, for dokumentationsanalytirk utvardering av en nations biologLska kri6foringspotential By: H. Markkula From: FOA 1 intern rapport cU294102 -April 1965 OPP) Swcdiah - cst for vds: Please translate wid type 1 original copy only. SPAMM CSO: &W/1874 w 15 MuTh 1973 6? Nn Pbroe? Ham, III, ruarIA hodores 9T Oct. 19V* vp 320 Ad Bw special type B DD UOt PUblI8h original plus one ~Tho 21st Mobilization Nucleus Awaits the l0th Brigade. .. FMCH., per, M, No 31) JulY 1970. DIA LN 264-71 Aug 71 Agency: Coast Gmrd P-0- #: CG-11,425-6B Title: Fxtrait du Registre et S6pultures, de la ceslas, (Nicolet) Author; Source: Language: French k - / -3 S-Y-D 7 7 des Baptlemes, Mariages parolsse de Saint-Wen- Special Instructions- Pleaoe translate and type I copy each. The Isotopic Effeebs of Migration of Na 22 and Na 24 Ions in Molten Nitrates; The Influence of Temperature and Compositions, by S. 'Wuhl. FRENCH, per, Extrait du Journal de Mimie Physdque, No 65, 19683 pp 488 gi. *NTIS TT 72-53113 Aug 72 Agency: NP-S P.O. JO 7) "1' /Y~ TItle-. Sur It. calcul de la mabae xfol=ique de 1'4'AU. Author: "corges Girard and Maurice MenaChL Source! Extraft der, Coziptes rtndus; tles q-,~a-.1ccri de V.Acadamie des Sciences, siance du 7 fe'vrier 1972. Languagei French 3 P. Special instructions: Translate and type one. copy only, please Enqjj. - '39 ull Der. Pontallcies, Vol 55 -" - . -1 I 1~0 a Ou-:)2 L,-CCIJ~ i'~tractimi of Acids Aidmic-sl 1)y lais ~Iatittano. Cli, rpt, 1:71raction oc ouelqu'~'-s Acitics I'vr aos OG union loa(lars Intonlit-mcd About Congress. 5 pp. SM11311, npq L#:ra_, lilontovi,1300. 22 ~'aY 1',Y)9, P 7- JPRS J0395 LA- t xi~gi my ~ .01 juiy 69 388.063 Chile= Worms Based on Keynsaian EcorwIcs. by Antodo Gambino, 5 PP-t I-Maki, np, Wkprr2Iff-q0 ino 54556 . Romov ? Nov 1971* p no . Doe ?1 Debray,, Wife Deseribe Release and Rolsted Events.. b7 Savorlo Tutinoi, 7 PPs ITALIAN, por., LfExpresso* Rome# 10 1 January 1971, -p-p--l--6;17* ITPRS 52308 U/Inter--American Affairs Pol Fab 71 Expression of the Guasigeoid Heights and Deflections of the Verticg.l for the Reference Field of the Equipotential Ellipsoid, by V. P. Yeremeyev, M. 1. Yourkina, 11 pp. FRE.NCJI, bk, L'Expression des Altitudes Quasigeoide et des Deviations de la Verticale pour le Champ do Reference de Vellipsoide do Niveau, 1971. *ACIC Mar 72 Havemann Criticizes GDR in Intex-viow Ulth Swedish Journalist, by Jan Mosander, 6 op. S~IEDISH, Der, 111~xpre-ssen, Stockholri, 20 Yan 72, pp 20-21. JPRS 55150 Ma r 7 2 CSOI 0780/72 w SWEMSH 20 Met. 1971 SP 1. High Point of TTip for Kmectri at Bm vIth 2. Dewastrator was carried out-but Kemedy intermnedt Release him. Stoekbolmp 1. Eares"Memn 19 Sept. 1.1,ra.. P T. 2. 198vt. IMP Y667. A Rod sp"ial type B 17o not Rubliab OrlgInd plus one ego: 00172 W 93 Ju 73 - Om arUcUs *a attWW kumapplM or &wut 9 JQU 197JL* U & -19 AV 19710 speill tm, B - 4k) not p*Usb tmoUtoor's &met plus me WN, WMISH &x~4. 4i~" CSO: 0099/72 W 20 All 71 Various ar,~Jcjes on attempted kidnapping of a Soviet defector in Sweden, 12 pp. Stockhol). f.Mr2.ssen, 6 & 7 JUlY 1971- JPRS/Special ~ / CSO:0624/71 , ~, ~, 1,-, 6 2t , - 0 ~, u 21 Sept 70 "Xprelssen , 25 Aug 70 Is he bluffing? , n 4 .- I ..'- / jec,6k,Lt ~,~& a~ ~X, 6o ,7-,-i~ t4c;i 17 ",Dv C6 Aieva Fm Cltd-*Bp by A3 CUrtue- a cuchl*Lt" 23 0&.ol).-r 1.0* 7.,,r,T,*, !~~ S" t--~ CYL ,.t~*eUj tne Bi trvml,,atW'o dMft Two CAC PIW cm CC%Y- cuppizo. pie= rft= t DP Now US Police 1,,ill 1,,'atch rwr !1.'; Spies, 2rp. SVIPI~Sll, np, Vx,presson, 25 Oct 1905) SP-972 Nov 6 ~ j-648/66 SF-3971 The Nobel Frize to Miolokhov ., p 29, Ex,pressen., Stockholiw,, 15 October 1965 SWEDISH SR Soc Special type B: translator's draft plus one copy. Please return clippings. T.D.-15 Nmmber 196~ 7 PP. PCF Economint ClarMos Joint Prorrram, by Roger PrIourct) 7 Pp. FRENCH, per, Li-Express, Paris, 22-28 Jail 73, pp 18-20. JTTZS 58174 Fab 73 Mitterrand Explains Joint Program With Communists, 18 pp. FRENCH, per, LIEmress, Paris, 1-7 Jan 73, I)P lt;.-19. JPRS 58134 Feb 73 Pe- coot oik4T/T3 w 30 Jan T3 sip.: Ruzuetws Diary at specua emw No# 10, Pwds., L$22ng 18 D*oemWr IgUg pp 80-86. (C) 1972 by L'Emg Goverment Change of Blectoral Law Hoportodp 5 ppe PRENCH, np, LiExpres , Port Louis, 2 Nov 72, pp 11 4* ITPRS 57691 Doe 72 VRI.NCII: LIU ress No. 1102 (21-27 Aug 72). pp 10-17. j_ DIA LN 205-73 24 CIO! 1972 Extensive Trials Seen as Genuine Oppositiont by.Goorges Henein, 9 PP. GOVERNMT USE ONLY FRENCH., perp-L,Express, Paris., 7-13 Aug 72, pp 8-12. JPRS/L 4275 Sep 72 Management-Labor-Government Conferenoe on industrial Relations, 8 pp. PRENCH, npj, L'Exgpess, Port Louis, 31 Jul 72., PP 1, 4- JPRS 56951 Sep 72 Nuolear Test Series Arouses Foreign Frotests, by Jean-Claude Halle, 5 pp- GOVERNMENT USE ONLY FRENCHp per, L'Express, Paris, 26 Jun-2 Jul 72 pp 12-14. JPRS/L 4212 Jul 72 Bishop Silences Father Michel, 12 Dp. FRENCH, npj LIExpressf TJaurltius, 29 Apr 72, -0 1. jiliiS _56170 Jun 72 FfmCH CSO: o248j./72 v 27 Apr 72 BF Innocent persons do not spend ten years in prison, by Michel Brojde-Trepper. Paris, LlEgress, No 1078, 6-12 March 1972, pp 27-29. Ad Hoc Spec type B Do not publish Gri inal plus one copy To go; I MaY 1972 01784/72 W CSO. 16 Feb. 1972 sp 1. Self-Portrait of a Hired Killer. 2. Scandals in 1971. Paris, Ll&press PP 10-13, 3-9 Jan. 1972. Copyright: L'Expreas 1972 Ad Hoe Special type B Do not publish original plus one FMCR COO S Ma63/T2 V 17 17 Dec. 19TI Sp race to no* at the Radical Congmss. Paris, L'Wress No. 105T, U-1T 00t. Mo YP 14-18 Ad Hoe Speolol type D Do not pubUah OrIgiml plus one CS 01090/72 W 0 MOCH 6 Dec. 1971 sF /Opp. The Spies. Palo, rirance~ LIRLmaj- 4-10 October 1973r 1v 11-12- Ad Hoc 8peclal type B Do not pubIl oh original plus one Louis Ap,;,agon r.,xpressoc Vlows oil Art, Litorattire, Politiesp by Frodorle do Towaimicki, 18 pp, GOM11-111111SX1117, 'USE 011MY FRENCIlp por,, 126x2roso,, Paris, 20-26 Sep 71P A) 60-711,o jpnvt 3966 Nov 71 Coruicans Dony Twolvemont in Draf.; Traffic, by jacqueo Derogy, 5 ppo GOVERTOTEITT USE OTTLY FRENCIT, pop, LlExpress, Paris, I-To 10,52,, 6"12 sop 71, "pFOTr77, ITPRS/L 3932 170 v 7.1 DML~ts: Mat la tho Truth?, by JeanrVv Manevy.' 5 ppr I. . GOWERNIM NT USE OIIT.,Y FRENCH, por, $ Pariop I-To 10501 23-29 A11971, JPRS/T, 3932 Noy 71 C W-- OT5T/72 W 18 Oct. 19TI Sp Precddent"s office The Unkwwn personin' I ties of the ayed Wace, by Michele Cotta. Parisp Ll&prrss, 23-29 AugUst 19n,, P.P 2D-M Ad Hoc Special type B DD not publish Origima plus one. n= 041~a. ;46~,~ CSO: M08/72 IW ,,A a pp -z Jay 1971 EW I&Ar4ow vith 31pr Yme. Dwiel LBELsai 5-11 JU17 17a, IT 72-78- OpmIal type B - do not publlah - Trwalatwls &aft., plus one copy. C80i 0661/rd V S-11i 5 Oct. 1971 sp OUvier Ifox=ero Govemw of Bank of Nan"; Bea PoUdess by Mabel TardLeu- PWA*, LIESMas, 59-40, IT-23 WY 1971- Ad Hoc spodal type B Do not publIsh origtml plus on T. D. .12 October ig7l. c8ol oovwa v OD OV 71 It I camamm Holm* wassas " law 29V6 pp u-0. 00" *no 1) - "Ougawle ban DIM am aws CSO, M783/T2 16idi. XW2 WOF An&e malroux. /r Palo) V Mesa 22-28 March 19TIP PP W-74. Ad Hoe Special type B not Fablish origirml plus one COMIM: Ign L'Eqweps France Seeks to Wild Gaseous Diffusion finrlahment Ilent, by Gerard Ba=otp 6 ppe GOVEMiua USE 014LY FMICH, par, gbmr-esa. Ruls. h-28 Ar 1971. pp Y+-)3 - JPP-S/L 3751 Sci-Nucl Sci and Tech Apr ?I jpgs 413(,20, MWCH CW: 01436/71 W. 13 jea 71 w InterAW VIUL defeum alldater Mcbel Debre. I padop h Sargent a iw,7,, 4-1o jammry was -IV 60-69. Please pWash In TM., and provide JPFC AD MC With wIth an advmm mpy vAd the momm for T. D.: 2 FebwAry 1971. (j)by LIESMs 1971 Paris and Alglwe En" in T*A of Stmgtb v (Auolt~s)* 5 PN Govism US'S GM FRWCH, perlp 1,02or"s, AAel, Ho 1012,~O Nov~. 6 Doe 1970, pp 22-23* ,jiw/L -Z46 AF-Alaoria .. kbi Jan ?I IZ091,3 Debmy ComlMts an flo JVAommt. by Oriana r,&lla(d ppb GOVITONX W, WE CHLY, "I"Cat np# L,,Mma, Parise 9-15 Nov 19.700 PI) 26-27. jftS/L 1668 U-Inter-Amoriam Afftirs Pal Fiob ?l asua Quaft Msm*ws as vlws 6 pp, Gousumm USE ow SPANM pmt kMM DUN$ Alms 25,Aug 1970o,. pp ?6-77. JMSA 352D oat The Bad of the nludem for C*ao tw Bicuad BWLIW* 7 FPO GOVMWM USE MY . FMCH; par* &!W-tgb PaAs. 2o.26 jay ig?ot P) *280 WMA 3488 UmCuba POI Sept 70 Ana TO U* amum nu vo Vok bw &!New 0-16 my pouch to m (am) WAW U*4uAftloo Affaftis- Po" aw W-h aftsm its-8016 3xpm-m3sm #w GEMWI CSO: o2r:81/71 1-1 7 June 1971 BY Austrian Foreign Office CowOfficer Alois Kab arrested as Daviet Agent for past ten years., by Josef Jager, Hans Mahr et al. Vienna, Kurier 25 April 1969, RTress 25 & 26 Apri I ic'4~~ Special type B - do not publish - Translator's draft, plus one copy. Aniator of Sciontific by Oerard Bomote 5 pp, GMEM11,0T LISL WLY FRENCH, rpts Ll~?Mress, PP 26-27- JFFSIL 2994 Research EXplains Programs-, Paris, 17-23 Feb 10,69, Sei-6ci and Sci urgan k.- K..' 16567 7 NOV (13 Why vw XOUDY, People chcosm Cho cuevarla, k xvnj:~i., nspr,, LE:q=sr,,Pm-js, pplb-17 T. D. tiov 63 t~--cviul Typc~1131'; 'kanolatorls draft pluo one PaGo- Vlot Cong i:moXbrmmao ',U'eo vdth North Revealed, by Gaox-oezi Chaffard. 33 pp. WE, oidl nPr- l,'L"re8s, 15-21 APr 1963, PP 48-55; 22-2-8 Apr 1967,--pp'39-Z5. JlDRS GUu ZK6 FE-N VIA Pol Jul 68 36o.m ..W~ low " Rmluml Effort on StdUng F'orce Anticipatcxl, by It-re, Uhmm. 5 pp. W"-T' LhLY Fl"-iC,li, np, 1.1-\ 'A j2p,151J4 28~0 --- Tras . 12-13 Aug 1968, p a. Al ;j e p 66 365,63.6 First Five Yeare of Algarion Independance ReAeved,, by Jacques DDetschp n pp. GOVEESM USE ONLY F=JJ., pert Mmse 13-19 Ow 196T# pp 27-31- JPFS GUO 2652 Africa-Algeria Pol Jan 68 347#392 Auntrian Journaltut Kum Knozbl Rc.cortu on His Experiencan "In the Jur4ylo mith the Viet conZ) 52 Pl)- GOVERMM USE ONLY FMIMI, per, L' Euress, 5-11 Doe and 12-3.6 Dee 1966, pp.14-53 and 64-(a. JPRoc CUO 22276 FE-Vietnmn pol/1--al jan 67 316,985 France I o Next Step in Space, by Gerard Bonnoty 7 PP. GOVEMCM USE ONLY FBLWH, per, L-RIres".. No 764~ 7-13 Feb 1966y PP - 58-62. JPRS CUO 1071 WE-France Sci-Aero mar 66 296Y741 Behind the Scenes in the r-Rn Barka Affair, 21) pp. GOVE MOWT USE O= MICH.. per,, LlExpreso, No 762, 24/30 Jan 1966, PP- 13-27- JPM alo .1047 Af rica-Morocco ~Con Feb 66 295,630 Acadery of Sciences Yomber Discusses French Potential in Nuclear and Space VjelAs, 6 pp. COVEFUMM UEZ Cm FMCII, per, L'Express, go 754, 29 Nov-5 Dec 1965, pp. 66-'To. JPM GIJO 1003 VE-French Md I Jan 66 295,014 Frc-.nch CIP to Devoto -,jtjorjj,,j to p , Prob. U-.m, Confrontin,-, Com:jimint 5 pI). np, llb 711, 1-7 Fob 11)651) pi) 13-14. PS 28957 65 -?-76 1 162f,) Georges chnffaydfa Repurt Oil I US VIVIE of 11;.c Vict GODg, 29 J)P. FOR OFFICIAL LISL U;,tLY FULN IIfj per, LI,Xj)rcss. 1965. Nb'&, 1~ FE-Victaam 1101 k,Ajay 65 280,242 Secret Soviet rase Trains North Vietnamse Pilots, by Mikhail Kutazanov, Is pp. SPANISH,, per,, ERreso Central, 8 mar 1967,, pp. 14-15. me W449 FE-Vietnam Mi Apr 67 321; 417( Jourmih.~;m Vlowed ws Une Causc, oA' Unck~.rdovulopment, by laulo ~;annabrava Vilho, 5 PP- SeAldSh, np, hXprE~~o, Lima, 27 1,;ar 1972, p 2. JilLs 55732 A-,o r 7 2 Salient Points of New I~ducation Law Swmrizr-d, 5 pp. 61ANIS11, np, j~Spi:eqo, Lima, 24 1,Ar 19?2, P 3- JIVS 55720 Apr 72 SconoV 1-dnister Briefs the Press, 5 PP. LWAIIJ~)'dj np, Lz~~iq~o, Lima, I'l Fob 1.9~Z, p b. Jll,':~ ~9~21 ,%Iar 72