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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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D"Imtry ty Nam of UwAdt's Glut Wourwop, 4ai cryst"O" by Us Seale 404 As %UarMM, 13 VP- OMA, pr, U1111MAU., 1b 1,p 1967., pf 15-20. JT81 J.P45 ID 22W31)67 Fet nt'zl, ado 5 4649. lavcutij~atiwis oi ilitusifiate f~ixatiuik in tow Juil. parL 26 UY iI, '.vr, L. Pil. btul~'. ksoueaL.' Vol lug, I~tSj ~214-U7. /,1022.27 (1JJ7) I~c 4~/ Investit;ations oil PLOsphae Fixiltion it) tl:c Soil, Part 2, by E. 11. Sckaricrtsael. CLAWL"'i 11 per, Zedt. fur MOM. 1AU11!* Budenk-unde. Vol IU9# :$'o ~. 19M), 1) 214-227, NLL Vef: D022.27 (1007) ~,mr 09 377,095 fob ?I Tbrmboals I~mftjujs wIth fjbe Wluwre of AeetyloUcyUe Acid on the ThrOODbocyte Aggre- OtIOD In VILUO *ad to Vivoj by 1. odbamr. H. ochevDina. WD"s per Mlidsfte Webemebrift, Vol 47, 1969 pp 3,33S-GA UTC W-13415-W. -~ 4 c-i ocl/b and a WT 70 Tw Problem of FelUbWty and Ditended Service Life of liwkinfts by F. Ya. pp. beloruseli, 50 It MA1966j, PP- 27-29- JPFS 35529 Sc ~10, St ~ I ve n ~(o USSR so= jun 66 301.,326 to i-,alao Conc=cr -: alitys by ck 3t Y I ~a OstvO 10 63 ~'!ationai4farketlng and Distribution Enterprise Describedt by jacobo Schatan W.,, 10 pp. SPANISH, per,, Ultima Hora., SantiaCo, Chile, P,4. Mar 72, pp F-7: JPR,S 55842 May 72 ill It uId?V: ot' tim ty.,f. io* o.P A&I've !15rd-a om 'Ale 1"O"ment-1, vt~mmcr f'-.~,Iatc 1!. GCMIM-i "ZE 'mm ~V' -C e- P, Cvoffivi,6vt i,cmitoca toe Lic uW ;mwi li~-i 6y &ajrv, toadlo "V.,-u-tud at 7 4 7.1 mw Caboptir. Uffea of calias" and Cassis on the VulutimM and 14voluticastY MOM of Ras,, by b1. C. Sch*ubo GEMMI, pars, US& Z, !~Zsielm Val CCCILIII, 19650 pp 139,01344 1 N ASA TT F-100116 U, S, GOVIANWNY USE ONLY Jul 66 304v289. SCAUBERT J GE HANORLOK OF EXPORT PACKING KAMMER FUeR AMSSENHANDEL DER D D k 1968 FSfC-HT-23-2369-72 jotj ~nn SodAUSt F4tjo"qjja&t4.M of pM+ . 2ftLks Vol t'0 2 per, a4soche T Fob 1967, PP. Pwo "'R ~Wn 'I -ay 67 I-A PI mw B$Puvtor, bY S. Scbmr. ' GNMO peri , p Vol 21,. Do 9. 190U., pp M-69-17jp-iX -,d,. sci_mwl Voli 71 0a Practic-a Appuembinty or sem PoAgistatic %ROU01M tU DiagWSLG of CMILd-x ~~Vqaesj by 1, sch-mlow. per, "err. Vkhr, Vol 152, 1966, pr, io3. HEW-91H 10-40-67 C- ~ aw 0 set-M Dee 67 346,15~ The" Hountain Tooops of Western'Europe (Conclus-~. ion), by.W. Schaumann, 13 pp. GERMAN, per.1,Allgemeine Schweizerische Militz arschrift, Vol 137), No 4, 1971, pp 247-253. ACSI-~K-2262 STC -11T-23-1591-72 F Apr 72 W + L t kek IG C, It II 'A~ I'r) 19 ti t'J Ski Soldiers and Winter Combat Through the Agesj by Ift1ther Schaumarm, 26 ppe GOVEMR-M USE OM GEM, par, Sebweizerishche Militar- zeitschrift, Vol 1359 No 12t 19699, IYP 7673-m. Ard.VFSTC/HT-23-1007-70 Oct 71 Repair by 4cldia,~ in the Metallurgy Industry, by (;. Eclutunburg. L,%!;.rjUj%GL WXXliu, Paper preseutmi to the French- Belgian Mectilly at-7-lons, U-lLiwa' oil Telding, AT-,r 19bb, *IJI-A 7015 Sc i-~'O t FO 69 Deftlopftnt of Towage Stools,, by 0. Schaminhold. GHPA&Nq per, DMeaeorschung, Vol 1, No 1, 1969, pp 20299, DISI 780.) sci-mat June 7j ,~) ,